Crystal Control Wizard PvP Guide


Crystal Control is designed to shut down opponents and win objectives to ensure victory for your team in PvP game modes like Battlegrounds and the Rite of Exile. Ice Crystal and Slow Time are powerful zoning skills that can shut down large areas of the battlefield for a long period of time. All the skills can be utilized safely at a distance, ideally behind your teammates. This build focuses on a more supportive team-based role instead of doing damage, so it is perfect for Wizards that are lacking Combat Rating and Resonance. Make sure you play with your team and practice the ideal placements of your zoning tools to win battles.

If you have more Combat Rating and Resonance than your opponents and want a more aggressive build to rack up the kill count, consider the Battlemage Wizard Build for PvP. Otherwise, continue on to become a valuable asset to your team and turn the tides of battle!

This build guide assumes you have a Character at Level 60. Check out the Wizard 1-60 Leveling Guide and Complete Leveling Guide if you're not there yet!

The Best Zoning Skills ✔
Rewards Tactical Play in PvP
Instant Mobility Skill
Supports Team Play

Long Skill Cooldowns
Deals Low Damage
Takes Significant Damage
Lacks Group Buffs

Wizard PvP Build - Crystal Control

Magic Missile (Primary) - The main source of damage since this build focuses on supportive zoning skills.

Black Hole - Amazing AoE skill that groups and crowd controls enemies. Devouring Void allows this skill to push opponents off objectives or into Ice Crystal.

Teleport - The Wizard's instant repositioning skill. Save charges to create distance from advancing opponents.

[Ice Crystal - Freezing Crystal stacks a chill that can eventually freeze opponents. Use it on objectives or choke points to stop the other team from pushing.

Slow Time - Another massive zoning tool to prevent the enemy team from pushing objectives.

Untouchable Mountebank set bonuses provide essential shielding for survivability in PvP.

Check out our Set Item Guide and Equipment Guide for more information.

Any Off-Hand can be equipped. There are no useful Legendary Powers in this slot for this build.

Alternative Setups

There are a few changes you can make depending on your preferred playstyle:

  • Mask of Illusions can be swapped for Cowl of the Abyss for larger Black Hole suckage.


Crystal Control playstyle involves strategic placement of zoning skills. Here are the mechanics to manage:

  1. Make sure to save Teleport charges to get away from advancing enemies.
  2. Alternate between placing Ice Crystal and Slow Time at objectives or choke points during fights. You can also place both skills next to each other to cover larger areas.
  3. Use Black Hole if an opponent pushes through your zoning skills. Devouring Void allows you to push opponents back into Ice Crystal or Slow Time.
  4. Play with your teammates and wait for them if necessary. You're most effective supporting a group.

Check out our Battlegrounds and General PvP Strategy guides for more information.

Legendary and Normal Gems

Legendary Gems provide incredible attribute bonuses and unique effects. They are found as a reward after completing an Elder Rift that is enhanced with a Legendary Crest. Many of them are also crafted using Runes and Platinum at the Jeweler in Westmarch.

Read our Legendary Gems Guide for more information.

Starter Legendary Gems
  1. Bloody Reach provides a global damage increase that is easy to utilize with this build's ranged playstyle.
  2. Ca'arsen's Invigoration boosts single target damage from Magic Missile to finish off opponents.
  3. Fervant Fang provides global damage increase that is easy to stack up and comes with no penalties.
  4. Pain of Subjugation works with the chill from Ice Crystal or slow from Slow Time.
  5. Berserker's Eye provides a guaranteed damage increase, if you're willing to take more damage. This is a risky gem to use in PvP if you get caught off guard.
  6. Power & Command requires a proper skill cycle to optimize, but can buff overall damage even if you don't pay attention to it.
  7. Lightning Core can hit an entire enemy team for moderate damage.
  8. Cutthroat's Grin provides extra damage if an opponent tries to run from you.
  9. Battleguard provides useful damage reduction for PvP, but you should be using Teleport to create distance from enemies.
Best in Slot Legendary Gems
  1. Blood-Soaked Jade is the best Legendary Gem in the game. It provides a global damage increase and movement speed.
  2. Phoenix Ashes provides a cheat death that keeps you in the fight for longer or gives you a better chance of escape.
  3. Howler's Call adds a damage proc that complements Magic Missile spam.
  4. Chip of Stone Flesh can activate when an opponent stays in a Freezing Crystal (Ice Crystal) long enough to be frozen.
  5. Seeping Bile is more effective in other activities that have more density, but still provides some damage against opponents in PvP.
  6. Blessing of the Worthy is not as useful for ranged playstyles, but the damage reduction proc can save you.

Normal Gems

  1. Tourmaline is better than Ruby, since Damage is better than Life.
  2. Sapphire is better than Aquamarine, since Armor Penetration (Critical Hit Damage) is better than Armor (Increased Damage Reduction On Block).
  3. Citrine is better than Topaz for this build, since you will be using many crowd control effects.

Attribute Priorities

Primary Attributes

The Wizard's main Primary Attribute is Intelligence, giving +0.3 Damage per point. All other things equal, use gear with Intelligence to maximize the damage you deal. Fortitude is also important early on because it gives you Armor Penetration (Critical Hit Damage), but becomes less important later due to diminishing returns.

The Wizard's worst Primary Attribute is Strength because it only gives +1 Combat Rating. If possible, don't use it.

  1. Intelligence +1 Combat Rating and +0.3 Damage.
  2. Fortitude +1 Combat Rating, +0.1 Armor, and +0.1 Armor Penetration. Armor increases your chance to Block, which mitigates 20% of incoming damage. This is a nice defensive boost, especially when fighting Dungeon Bosses or large packs of enemies. Armor Penetration gives Critical Hit Damage, which is nice if you already have a high Critical Hit Chance.
  3. Vitality +1 Combat Rating and +3 Life. It never hurts to have more life, especially for end game pushes and PvP. Vitality is the best attribute after the damage-dealing ones.
  4. Willpower +1 Combat Rating, +0.1 Potency, and +0.1 Resistance. Potency increases the duration of harmful effects on enemies, while Resistance lowers the duration of harmful effects on you from enemies. Willpower may play a larger role in the future, but currently it is never prioritized.
  5. Strength +1 Combat Rating. Gives nothing extra and is therefore the worst attribute.

Check out our Stats Mechanic Guide for more information.

Special Attributes

Because the total amount of primary attributes is so important, you rarely prioritize special attributes on gear. Still, several special attributes can make a difference, here are some of the best ones you can find:

  1. Increased Damage to Players is an obvious choice for PvP. This special attribute is useless in PvE content, so you need to save separate equipment sets.
  2. Critical Hit Chance to increase damage.
  3. Critical Hit Damage to synergize with Critical Hit Chance for more damage.
  4. Primary Attack Damage Increase to boost Magic Missile for much needed single target damage.

Check out our full Attribute and Magic Affix Guide and Upgrading and Reforging Guide for more information.

Bonus Attributes, Family Bonus, and Reforging

Family bonuses are hard to change so picking a powerful option is important. Here are some of the best Family Bonuses available for the Wizard:

  1. Wildfire Stone[/di-item ] rolls Critical Hit Chance, which is one of the strongest offensive attributes in the game. The Hydra can provide a little extra damage.
  2. [di-item id=vengeance]Vengeance Stone is a great option for the extra single target damage. Focus on the Attack Speed rolls here for even more overall DPS and Vengeance Stone procs.

For more details, see our Upgrading and Reforging Guide.


Coming Soon.

Check out our Awakening Guide for more information.


For Paragon Points, always prioritize Damage and Life. Remember to activate the Paragon Tree that you want to use. Use Survivor as your active tree while leveling up your Paragon from 1-99. Its active nodes work in PvP unlike Vanquisher, making it a stronger option for players wanting to focus on PvP. At Paragon 100 you can respec and follow the example below to get a great boost to your PvP bonuses.

Use the Slider to see Paragon progression

Once you hit Paragon 100 respec your Paragon Points so you can utilize the more powerful Gladiator tree. Start picking up some of the the Vanquisher tree as well so you can use it during PvE activities. Even the most PvP focused player needs to do PvE content to stay powerful, so this is worth the investment. For Paragon 100-199 keep filling in Life and Damage nodes across the board and grab some active nodes in the Soldier Tree towards the end.

Use the Slider to see Paragon progression

Check out our Paragon Guide for more information.

Video Guide

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  • Dominate Battlegrounds and the Rite of Exile with this Crystal Control Wizard PvP build.
  • Strategically place Ice Crystal and Slow Time on objectives or choke points to stop an enemy team.
  • Play with your teammates and wait for them if necessary. You're most effective supporting a group.
  • Rank up Normal and Legendary Gems for huge bonuses while hunting for a Wildfire Stone Family Bonus.
  • Seek out Increased Damage to Players Special Attributes specifically for PvP.
  • Invest into PvP focused nodes in the Paragon Trees.
  • Destroy all opponents to rack up your kill count, but don't forget to complete any objectives necessary to win.


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Jun 18th 2022
Chill Control has become Crystal Control. Updated Skills and Legendary Gems. Video Guide added.

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