Demon Hunter Class Overview

Class Identity

The popular Demon Hunter class from Diablo 3 returns to Diablo Immortal with a devastating ranged toolkit. They can dish out insane damage to hordes of enemies while moving around the battlefield at a safe distance, making them great for leveling, farming and the end-game. They are the best class for single target damage, making you an invaluable asset to any team.


Demon Hunters can move while shooting their auto attacks (which can pierce with The Hungerer). This allows them to consistently deal damage while positioning themselves out of harm's way. The best part is Multishot can be fired while moving and auto attacking, turning you into a death machine. If this wasn't enough, you can simultaneously activate Vengeance and Rain of Vengeance with Skystriker's Pauldrons to become the highest single-target damage dealer in the game. Since most trash mobs die easily in Diablo Immortal, building toward a single target build is almost always the way to go. In short, Demon Hunters excel at PvE damage and dodging attacks from bosses, making them a top choice for farming and group play.

In PvP Demon Hunters stay back and slay. Choosing when to engage is the key to success, as we don't have many tricks to survive. Once you group up behind your tanks, which are a Demon Hunter's favorite line of defense, you can turn the battleground into a sea of corpses.


Demon Hunters lack crowd control, "annoying" abilities, and can't easily engage or disengage in PvP. The best skill in your arsenal is once again Multishot, which has great range and spread, but once that's down you're left with auto attacks and your quick wits. It also doesn't help that they're one of, if not the squishiest class in the game. You'll need good positioning and quick decision-making to win with Demon Hunters in PvP, making them non-ideal for newcomers.

Demon Hunters sport the worst movement in the game. Yes they can move while shooting, but it's at reduced speed. Daring Swing, our only movement skill, is horrible. If it collides with ANY obstacle, you move nowhere. The animation speed and distance traveled are nothing compared to the Crusader's Draw and Quarter or a Wizard's ,Teleport and can be impacted by slows against you to begin with. You need a fresh pair of tennis shoes on your Demon Hunter because you do a lot of walking.

Finally, other than the Tracking Kit] which provides movement speed, Demon Hunters can't buff their teammates. The closest thing is using Spinning Chakram with Slayer's Breaches which gives 20% additional damage after hitting 5 times. Luckily, their unbeatable damage still gets them invited to groups.

High Single Target Damage
Rewards Tactical Play In PvP
Fights At Range While Moving
Multishot Dominates Everywhere
Use Abilities With Primary Attacks

Minimal Build Diversity
Doesn't Give Group Buffs
Takes Significant Damage
Lacks Crowd Control In PvP
Underwhelming Movement Skills

Starting Out as a Demon Hunter

Starting your Demon Hunter on the right foot is key in order to make your character as powerful as possible. Check out our Demon Hunter Leveling Guide to get to max level fast. You can also read our full Game Walkthrough for a comprehensive starter guide.

  • Find better equipment for your character. Your bag flashes when you pick up better equipment.
  • Upgrade your equipment at the Blacksmith. Turn on auto-pickup for all item types in the General Settings and periodically return to town to salvage and upgrade your items.
  • Use Multishot from level 1 and beyond! You get the Demon Hunter's best skill right at the beginning. What more could you ask for!
  • Claim the Battle Pass Legendary Item. Earning Battle Points unlocks special rewards including, an early Legendary Item that increases your character's power. Choose wisely!
  • Hunt Legendary Items. Keep a special eye out for Chillwrath Mantle, Cowl of Absolute Punishment, Flamespite, Hailfire, Heart of Vengeance, Skystriker's Pauldrons, The Hungerer, and Vision of the Lost.
  • Find Normal and Legendary Gems. Hidden Lairs have a chance to drop Normal Gems and if you use a Crest, Elder Rifts have a chance to drop Legendary Gems.
  • Unlock the Helliquary at level 41. Unlock the Helliquary as soon as you can so you can always receive Scoria from your daily Bounties.

Skills & Legendary Items

Skills are core to your character and the main way for you to defend yourself and destroy enemies. Characters can equip five skills at once, including one Primary Attack and four Skills. Primary Attacks have no cooldown and fill your Ultimate bar when used. When the Ultimate bar is full, you can cast that ability. Skills automatically gain ranks as you level up and can be swapped anytime out of combat. Charms add additional bonuses that enhance a skill's power. Legendary Items modify a skill's power, changing its behavior or enhancing its stats. You can only equip one per slot so be careful when planning your build. Finally, once you obtain a rank 10 Legendary Gem, Legendary Items can be Awakened, granting additional bonuses. Let's look at the Demon Hunter's Skills and associated Legendary Items in detail to understand how they work.

Select a skill

Crossbow Shot (Primary Attack)

Explosive Arrow (Primary Attack)

Daring Swing



Knife Trap

Knockback Shot


Rain of Vengeance


Smoke Screen

Spinning Chakram



Crossbow Shot

Shoot an arrow for damage while moving at reduced speed.

Ultimate: Volley - Enhance Crossbow Shot for 12 seconds, increasing its damage per hit, launching volleys of arrows, and increasing your movement speed.

UnlockedLevel 1
Charms2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10% damage

Best Use: This is the best primary attack for Demon Hunters as it can be fired while moving. It is used in every build in every game mode with The Hungerer which makes it pierce. Use the ultimate when Multishot is down and/or you need additional movement speed.

Legendary Items

  • The Hungerer

Class Consumable

Class consumables are resources that only drop from turning in a Bestiary page. These can only be used by opening your inventory to the third tab and directly tapping on the item from there. Demon Hunters have the Tracking Kit which increases movement speed for you and your nearby allies by 10% for 20 minutes.

Attribute Priorities

Primary Attributes

Combat Rating is the most important attributes for all classes in Diablo Immortal. In order to maximize Combat Rating, prioritize the total amount of attributes on your gear. You gain 1 point of Combat Rating from every primary attribute point (Strength, Fortitude, Vitality, Willpower, Intelligence).

The Demon Hunters main primary attribute is Strength, giving +4 Damage per point. All other things equal, use gear with Strength to maximize the damage you deal. Fortitude is also important early on because it gives you Armor Penetration (which translates to Critical Hit Damage), but becomes less important later due to diminishing returns on how much Critical Hit Chance you can gain.

The Demon Hunter's worst stat is Intelligence because it only gives +1 Combat Rating. If possible, don't use it.

  1. Strength - +1 Combat Rating and +0.3 Damage.
  2. Fortitude - +1 Combat Rating, +0.1 Armor, and +0.1 Armor Penetration. Armor increases your chance to Block, which mitigates 20% of incoming damage. This is a nice defensive boost, especially when pushing Challenge Rifts or Helliquary bosses. Armor Penetration gives Critical Hit Damage.
  3. Vitality - +1 Combat Rating and +3 Life. It never hurts to have more life, especially for end game pushes and PvP. Vitality is the best stat after the damage-dealing ones.
  4. Willpower - +1 Combat Rating, +0.1 Potency, and +0.1 Resistance. Potency increases the duration of harmful effects on enemies, while Resistance lowers the duration of harmful effects on you from enemies.
  5. Intelligence - +1 Combat Rating. Gives nothing extra and is therefore the worst stat.

Special Attributes

Because the total amount of primary attributes is so important, we rarely prioritize special attributes on gear. Still, several special attributes can make a difference, including Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Damage to Players (for PvP), Movement Speed, Cooldown Reduction or All Damage Increased. For more information, check out our Equipment Guide!

Bonus Attributes, Family Bonus, and Reforging

Reforging gear is the end-game of itemization. It becomes available once a piece of Primary Gear reaches Rank 6 through Upgrading at the Blacksmith. At Rank 11 and 16, two additional slots open to be Reforged. Secondary Gear can NOT be Reforged. Reforge Stones are required to Reforge gear. A Family Bonus (aka Bonus Family Attribute) is unlocked when a single piece of Primary Gear has 3 bonuses from the same Family applied to it. With that said, you can have multiple pieces of gear with the same Family Bonus to increase the chance of activating it. For more details, see our Upgrading and Reforging Guide.

  • The Wildfire Stone Family Bonus has the best attribute roll in the game, Critical Hit Chance. The Hydra's damage is okay and can taunt enemies as long as it spawns in a good spot.
  • The Vengeance Stone Family Bonus is very good for the extra single target in combination with Crossbow Shot. Our ability to attack and move at the same time makes this Family automatically a top choice!
  • The Ravager Stone Family Bonus is rarely useful. The Family Bonus requires enemies to die making it nearly useless in PvP and during Boss Fights, and the attributes associated are only good for Summoner Necromancers.
  • The Jolt Stone Family Bonus has some interesting potential with its Beneficial Effect Duration increase and Cheat Death attribute, but its Family Bonus only triggers when being attacked - a big negative.
  • The Barrier Stone Family Bonus has a chance to shield you while being attacked, but like Jolt, only works when being attacked.
  • The Tremor Stone Family Bonus only works with Primary Attacks, but the effect is centered on you, not the attacked player. This makes the bonus virtually useless for Demon Hunters as you are always at range of enemy players.

Normal Gems

Secondary equipment slots (the ones you see on the left side when opening your character loadout) allow you to use normal gems. Maximizing these slots can help boost your character's power, but should not be prioritized over the total amount of attributes.

  1. Tourmaline is better than Ruby, since Damage is better than Life.
  2. Sapphire is better than Aquamarine, since Armor Penetration (Critical Hit Damage) is better than Armor.
  3. Citrine is equal to Topaz, since both Potency and All Resistance are underwhelming stats. Simply use the highest leveled Yellow Gems you've obtained.

Legendary Gems

Legendary Gems provide incredible stat bonuses and unique effects. They are found as a reward after completing an Elder Rift that is enhanced with a Legendary Crest. Many of them are also crafted using Runes and Platinum at the Jeweler in Westmarch. Read more in our Legendary Gems Guide.

Starter Legendary Gems

  1. Berserker's Eye is an instant DPS boost with a cost of taking a little more damage. However, being a ranged class, we can minimize this effect while exploiting the DPS boost!
  2. Everlasting Torment deals great DOT (Damage Over TIme) that can be applied to all enemies on the screen with big AoE skills or piercing Crossbow Shot.
  3. Ca'arsen's Invigoration is bad for other classes, but since Demon Hunters are always using their Primary, it’s good for us.
  4. Fervant Fang is one of the best single target Gems in the game and should always have a spot in any build. As enemies get stronger and take longer to take down, this Gem becomes even more valuable.
  5. Lightning Core deals meaningful damage in high density, making it a powerful option.
  6. Power & Command is particularly good for Demon Hunters because we attack with our Primary and Skills simultaneously, so we’re always getting the bonus one way or the other.

Best in Slot Legendary Gems

  1. Blood-Soaked Jade is the best Legendary Gem in the game. It provides massive damage and movement speed, ideally suited for our Sharpshooter Demon Hunter.
  2. Seeping Bile has poison that is devastating to large packs of enemies. When shredding through enemies with Crossbow Shot with Vengeance, you'll get so many hits in quick succession that this Gem procs all over the place!
  3. Chip of Stone Flesh has a chance to petrify a target and gives you a damage boost on top of it. Petrifying enemies can keep you alive, making this an incredible choice.
  4. Howler's Call can deal damage to players way in front of your character and can hit multiple enemies if they’re grouped together.
  5. Frozen Heart is good for reducing damage from ranged enemies. If enemies get too close, there is a chance to chill them, allowing you to get away safely.
  6. Echoing Shade clones can deal a good amount of damage and taunt enemies away from you while they are alive.

Awakened Priorities

Focus on Awakening your gear with 1 star Gems at first (Trickshot Gem, Berserker's Eye, Everlasting Torment etc.). We recommend Awakening your items in this order:

1. Off-Hand

  • The Hungerer - Crossbow Shot damage increased by 10%.

2. Chest

  • Heart of Vengeance - Vengeance cooldown further decreased by 10%.

3. Head

  • Vision of the Lost - Vengeance cooldown decreased by 10%.

4. Legs

  • Coff's Unrelenting Fury - Vengeance cooldown decreased by 10%.

5. Shoulders

  • Skystriker's Pauldrons - Rain of Vengeance damage increased by 10%.
  • Hailstone Shoulders - Rain of Vengeance cooldown decreased by 10%.

6. Main-Hand

  • Flamespite - Multishot cooldown decreased by 10%.
  • Breath of WInter - Multishot cooldown decreased by 10%.

Check out our Awakening Guide for more information.

Paragon Points

For Paragon Points, always prioritize Damage and Life. Remember to activate the Paragon Tree that you want to use. Vanquisher is the best for damage, and Treasure Hunter can be used for a small Experience boost. Avoid activating the Gladiator Tree since its active nodes only work in PvP.

Note: This path is used for all PvE content, but is subject to change on launch as we achieve higher Paragon and see the finalized trees.

Use the Slider to see Paragon progression

Check out our Paragon Guide for more information.

Video Guide

Demon Hunter Summary

  • The Demon Hunter has the highest single target DPS in the game and thrives when fighting at range.
  • Although they are slower than the other classes, they can DPS while moving incredibly well.
  • Multishot is one of, if not the best AoE skill in the game.
  • In PvP they unleash massive damage... as long as we're behind the safety of our precious tanks!
  • Demon Hunters are the ones who knock.

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Mar 27th 2022
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