Monk Class Overview

Class Identity

With the power of One-Thousand-And-One gods in her fists, the Monk weaves attacks together to destroy their foes, resulting in a fast, agile melee fighting style. They can engage in and escape from combat at light-speed, group enemies, and blow them up with an impressive array of Area of Effect (AoE) abilities at their disposal. Meanwhile their presence is always welcome in groups for their ability to shield and buff party members, making them survive better in difficult fights. The combat is action-packed, and you will weave different skills together to create devastating combos while dashing around the battlefield to strike at the right targets. All this is done with the power of bare fists and sheer will a Monk is able to muster.

This guide will teach you how to become a warping combat machine that outmaneuvers and outplays their foes unlike any other class. Let's get started!


Monks are a melee damage class with the biggest arsenal of group support skills in the game. This does not force you to assume a dedicated support role in parties; you can carry your own weight in a group. Your support skills increase your viability and adds more exciting elements to the class. Even without going full support you can give up a skill slot for Shield of Zen or Inner Sanctuary (especially with Empathy's Blessing) to protect or buff your teammates.

Cyclone Strike is such an amazing skill to group up big packs of enemies that it is even worth using in solo play. The overall mobility of the Monk is high, with Mystic Strike being an unparalleled tool to dash around in any direction, allowing you to control the battlefield. To go even faster there are more options such as Flying Kick, Intervening Law, Reaching Rebuke, and even your Primary attack Fists of Thunder that comes with extra utility. Meanwhile, you can dish out AoE damage with little effort by playing around Exploding Palm devastating on-death explosions.

In PvP, you have the ability to quickly engage and crowd-control your enemies, taking them by surprise with Imprisoned Fist while shielding your team from incoming attacks. All in all, the Monk is a well-rounded class with a great toolkit and varying playstyles in different types of content.


While the Monk has a variety of skills available to them, most of them are situational which leads to less variety in actual builds. Especially in solo content there is little variety because the DPS options are quite limited. While Exploding Palm is a satisfying and powerful ability to use, it's a standard pick that cannot be replaced. Similarly, it's difficult to give up on the great mobility given by Mystic Strike because it enables you to continue your combos across the battlefield.

Monk's main single-target ability is Mystic Allies - a pet skill with a long cooldown that usually requires you to clean up most surrounding enemies before summoning them. If they get distracted you can easily find yourself slowly chipping away at incredibly tanky bosses.

Lastly, you are required to sequence your skills in the right order for their most effective use, which both makes the class more difficult to play and vulnerable to interrupts especially in PvP. Luckily, most Monk skills have short cooldowns so you can get back into action quickly, even if you mess up your best wombo combo.

Great Mobility ✔
High AoE Damage
Fast-Paced Combat
Party Buffs & Shields
Pulls Enemies Together

❌ Melee Range
Relies on Skill Combos
❌ Requires Constant Inputs
❌ Mediocre Single Target Damage
❌ Limited Skill Choices for Solo Play

Starting Out as a Monk

Starting your Monk on the right foot is key in order to make your character as powerful as possible. Check out our Monk Leveling Guide to get to max level fast. You can also read our full Game Walkthrough for a comprehensive starter guide.

  • Find better equipment for your character. Your bag flashes when you pick up better equipment.
  • Upgrade your equipment at the Blacksmith. Turn on auto-pickup for all item types in settings and periodically return to town to salvage and upgrade your items.
  • Unlock Seven-Sided Strike, Mystic Strike and Exploding Palm (at levels 8, 15 & 24). These skills are great for blasting through the game.
  • Claim the Battle Pass Legendary Item. Earning Battle Points unlocks special rewards including an early Legendary Item that will increase your character's power. Choose wisely!
  • Hunt Legendary Items. Keep a special eye out for Storm Spirit, Rod of Echos, The Open Mind and Dragon's Indignation.
  • Find Normal Gems and Legendary Gems. Hidden Lairs have a chance to drop Normal Gems and if you use a Crest, Elder Rifts have a chance to drop Legendary Gems.
  • Unlock the Helliquary at level 41. Unlock the Helliquary as soon as you can so you can always receive Scoria from your Daily Activity Rewards.

Skills & Legendary Items

Skills are core to your character and the main way for your character to defend yourself and destroy enemies. Characters can equip five skills at once, including one Primary Attack and four Skills. Primary Attacks have no cooldown and fill your Ultimate bar when used. When the Ultimate bar is full, you can cast the Ultimate ability. Skills automatically gain ranks as you level up and can be swapped anytime out of combat. Charms add additional bonuses that enhance a skill's power. Legendary Items modify a skill's power, changing its behavior or enhancing its stats. You can only equip one per slot so be careful when planning your build. Finally, once you obtain a rank 10 Legendary Gem, Legendary Items can be Awakened, granting additional bonuses. Let's look at the Monk's Skills and associated Legendary Items in detail to understand how they work.

Select a skill

Deadly Reach (Primary)

Fists of Thunder (Primary)

Cyclone Strike

Exploding Palm

Flying Dragon

Flying Kick

Imprisoned Fist

Inner Sanctuary

Mystic Allies

Mystic Strike

Seven-Sided Strike

Shield of Zen

Wave of Light

Wave Strike

Deadly Reach

Project lines of piercing force that deal damage to the target and to enemies behind the targets.

Ultimate: Release Force - Enhance Deadly Reach for 12 seconds, causing it to also knock enemies away. You also gain a shield which absorbs damage equal to 20% of your maximum Life for 3 seconds

Best Use: This is the generator of choice for content with prolonged AoE-situations.

UnlockedLevel 34
Charms2% / 4% / 6% / 8% / 10% damage
TypesDamage | Combo

Legendary Items

  • None available.

Class Consumable

Class consumables are a resources that only drops from turning in a Bestiary page. These can only be used by opening your inventory to the third tab and directly tapping on the item from there. Monks have the Incense Candle which will increase magic find for you and your nearby allies by 5% for 20 minutes.

Attribute Priorities

Primary Attributes

Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR) are the most important attributes for all classes in Diablo Immortal. In order to maximize ORDR, prioritize the total amount of attributes on your gear. You gain 1 point of ORDR from every primary attribute point (Strength, Fortitude, Vitality, Willpower, Intelligence).

The Monk's main Primary Attribute is Strength, giving +0.3 Damage per point. All other things equal, use gear with Strength to maximize the damage you deal. Fortitude is also important early on because it gives you Armor Penetration (Critical Hit Damage).

The Monk's worst stat is Intelligence because it only gives +1 ORDR. If possible, don't use it.

  1. Strength - +1 ORDR and +0.3 Damage.
  2. Fortitude - +1 ORDR, +0.1 Armor, and +0.1 Armor Penetration. Armor increases your chance to Block, which mitigates 20% of incoming damage. This is a nice defensive boost, especially when pushing Challenge Rifts or Helliquary bosses. Armor Penetration gives Critical Hit Damage.
  3. Vitality - +1 ORDR and +3 Life. It never hurts to have more life, especially for end game pushes and PvP. Vitality is the best stat after the damage-dealing ones.
  4. Willpower - +1 ORDR, +0.1 Potency, and +0.1 Resistance. Potency increases the duration of harmful effects on enemies, while Resistance lowers the duration of harmful effects on you from enemies.
  5. Intelligence - +1 ORDR. Gives nothing extra and is therefore the worst stat.

Special Attributes

Because the total amount of primary attributes is so important, we rarely prioritize special attributes on gear. Still, several special attributes can make a difference, including Critical Hit Chance, Critical Hit Damage, Damage to Players (for PvP), Movement Speed, Cooldown Reduction or All Damage Increased. For more information, check out our equipment Guide!

Bonus Attributes, Family Bonus, and Reforging

Reforging gear is the end-game of itemization. It becomes available once a piece of Primary Gear reaches Rank 6 through Upgrading at the Blacksmith. At Rank 11 and 16, two additional slots open to be Reforged. Secondary Gear can NOT be Reforged. Reforge Stones are required to Reforge gear. A Family Bonus (aka Bonus Family Attribute) is unlocked when a single piece of Primary Gear has 3 bonuses from the same Family applied to it. With that said, you can have multiple pieces of gear with the same Family Bonus to increase the chance of activating it. For more details, see our Upgrading and Reforging Guide.

  1. The Vengeance Stone Family Bonus is very good for the extra single target in combination with Frenzy. Much needed to clear high Challenge Rifts as the Boss fight already takes around 50% of the total time available at high levels.
  2. The Tremor Stone Family Bonus is insanely good for both PvP and PvE as it adds both damage and crowd control to your Primary Attacks.
  3. The Wildfire Stone Family Bonus rolls Critical Hit Damage, which is one of the strongest offensive attributes in the game. The Hydra isn't all that useful, though, unless you desperately need something to soak damage.
  4. The Jolt Stone Family Bonus has some interesting potential with its Beneficial Effect Duration increase and Cheat Death stats, but its Family Bonus to immobilize attackers is beneficial in some situations, and detrimental in others.
  5. The Barrier Stone Family Bonus is a solid option for maximum survivability. It has a chance to shield you while being attacked, and has a Block Chance stat roll that can be critical for some builds.
  6. The Ravager Stone Family Bonus has very limited usefulness. The Family Bonus requires enemies to die making it nearly useless in PvP and during Boss Fights, and the stats associated are only good for Summoner Necromancers.

Normal Gems

Secondary equipment slots (the ones you see on the left side when opening your character loadout) allow you to use normal gems. Maximizing these slots can help boost your character's power, but should not be prioritized over the total amount of attributes.

  1. Tourmaline is better than Ruby, since Damage is better than Life.
  2. Sapphire is better than Aquamarine, since Armor Penetration (Critical Hit Damage) is better than Armor.
  3. Citrine is equal to Topaz, since both Potency and All Resistance are underwhelming stats. Simply use the highest leveled Yellow Gems you've obtained.

Legendary Gems

Legendary Gems provide incredible stat bonuses and unique effects. They are found as a reward after completing an Elder Rift that is enhanced with a Legendary Crest. Many of them are also crafted using Runes and Platinum at the Jeweler in Westmarch. Read more in our Legendary Gems Guide.

Starter Legendary Gems

  1. Everlasting Torment deals incredible damage over time after a Critical Hit. For a simple 1 star Legendary Gem, this packs a punch.
  2. Fervant Fang does fantastic single target damage. It can easily be acquired from the Battle Pass, without relying on luck from crests.
  3. Berserker's Eye provides increased damage in all cases, if you're willing to take more damage. This tradeoff works well for this build.
  4. Power & Command amazing DPS gem that can also dispel harmful effects.
  5. Lightning Core does direct damage to an enemy group, often wiping them out in the process. While the damage is infrequent, it's useful for taking down larger targets.
  6. Seled's Weakening gives a frequent damage boost anytime you kill elites, making it have natural synergy with this build.

Best in Slot Legendary Gems

  1. Blood-Soaked Jade is the best Legendary Gem in the game. It provides massive damage and movement speed in a single package.
  2. Seeping Bile has poison that is devastating in large densities, like Elder and Challenge Rifts. Any AoE ability will trigger it over and over again, making this one of the most impactful Legendary Gems in the game.
  3. Blessing of the Worthy is a Monk's best friend because you're constantly in melee range of enemies. Any damage taken activates devastating damage every 15 seconds, obliterating anything nearby.
  4. Howler's Call blasts your enemies from incredible range and is triggered by any Primary. This adds an important ranged attack to your arsenal that triggers off your already stacked rotation.
  5. Frozen Heart provides great damage reduction vs ranged enemies. It's hard to beat percentage based damage reduction!
  6. Chip of Stone Flesh has a chance to petrify a target and gives you a damage boost on top of it. Petrifying enemies can keep you alive in a Challenge Rift or secure a kill in PvP, making this an incredible choice.

Awakened Priorities

Focus on Awakening your gear with 1 star Gems at first (Trickshot Gem, Berserker’s Eye, Everlasting Torment etc.). We recommend Awakening your items in this order:

1. Legs

  • Companion's Melody - Mystic Allies cooldown decreased by 10%.
  • Path of the Storm - Cyclone Strike cooldown decreased by 10%.

2. Shoulders

  • Discipline's Weight - Seven-Sided Strike cooldown decreased by 10%.
  • The First Wind - Seven-Sided Strike cooldown decreased by 10%.

3. Chest

  • Storm Spirit - Cyclone Strike damage increased by 10%.
  • Breath of Incense - Exploding Palm cooldown decreased by 10%.

4. Off-Hand

  • Eye of the Strom - Cyclone Strike cooldown decreased by 10%.
  • Scolding Storm - Exploding Palm cooldown decreased by 10%.

5. Main-Hand

  • Dragon's Indignation- Seven-Sided Strike cooldown decreased by 10%.
  • Rod of Echos - Mystic Allies summons life increased by 10%.

6. Helmet

  • Crippling Insight - Exploding Palm cooldown decreased by 10%.
  • The Open Mind - Mystic Allies summons life increased by 10%.

Check out our Awakening Guide for more information.

Paragon Points

For Paragon Points, always prioritize Damage and Life. Remember to activate the Paragon Tree that you want to use. Vanquisher is the best for damage, and Treasure Hunter can be used for a small Experience boost. Avoid activating the Gladiator Tree since its active nodes only work in PvP.

Note: This path is used for all PvE content, but is subject to change on launch as we achieve higher Paragon and see the finalized trees. To see a PvP focused path check out the Monk PvP Guide here.

Use the Slider to see Paragon progression

Check out our Paragon Guide for more information.

Video Guide

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Monk Summary

  • The Monk is a swift and agile melee class with lots of utility and defense skills for both themselves and their party.
  • Due to Exploding Palm the Monk is an AoE-machine but also handles single-targets well with Mystic Allies.
  • Cyclone Strike is an incredibly useful tool to gather enemies, especially in groups.
  • With the right Legendary Items you are able to turn your defensive skills into even more devastating damage abilities or enhance their original effects.
  • Awaken gear and gain Paragon to unlock even further power.
  • If you want to be well-off on your own, experience fast-paced action and be able to assist your friends in need, Monk is the right choice for you.


Written by Facefoot, wudijo
Reviewed by Facefoot, Rob


Mar 27th 2022
Posted for Launch