Wizard 1-60 Leveling Guide


Wizard Leveling up in Diablo Immortal is a journey that you can approach with your own playstyle. Will you choose to take the fast and efficient path, focused on XP through the Battle Pass? Or will you choose to go on a relaxed and fun focused route filled by enjoying Side Quests, Hidden Lairs, and the story? Whichever way you choose, this guide covers everything you need to comfortably reach level 60 as a Wizard.

Check the Speedrun to Level 60 guide for the strategies on finishing the campaign quickly. We also have a full step-by-step game walkthrough if you ever get stuck along the way. Let's dive into the Wizard leveling guide!

Class Identity

Choosing your class in Diablo Immortal is a big decision. Your main character requires a significant time investment, and we want you to enjoy playing the one you've chosen. Read our Wizard Overview first to be sure this class is right for you.

What to expect as a Wizard

Tons of AoE and CC
Satisfying Skill Synergies
Rewards Tactical Play in PvP
Fights at Range or Close Up
Good Movement Skills

Long Skill Cooldowns
Relies on Skill Combos
Requires Skillshot Aim
Takes Significant Damage
Lacks Group Buffs

Wizard Leveling Build

Slide the bar at the bottom to see the skill progression

Level 1 - Magic Missile is your first and best Primary Attack.

Scorch and Arcane Wind combo together to create Firestorm damage. Use Scorch to apply burning ground and then blast enemies with a fully charged Arcane Wind for 50% more damage.

Level 3 - Lightning Nova is a low cooldown skill that can be used often for quick damage. It's also used to travel quickly once you get The Siphon.

Level 18 - Teleport is your main movement skill.

Level 38 - Black Hole (replace Lightning Nova) can be used to group up enemies before a Firestorm combo. Stick with Lightning Nova if you have The Siphon.

Level 41 - Meteor (replace Scorch) is another option to apply burning ground for Firestorm damage. Meteor is preferred for more damage, but has a delay.

Finding Equipment

Finding better equipment powers up your character. When you find an upgrade to your current equipment, your bag icon will flash. Open your inventory and equip any items with green arrows. Any other items can be salvaged at the Blacksmith, giving you crafting materials that are critical for upgrading equipment. Pick up and salvage every item you can using autopickup and periodically return to town to salvage. Make sure to turn on autopickup for Grey, Blue, and Yellow items in General Settings. Don't leave items on the ground; salvaging every item has value! As you continue to level up, you will find Legendary Items, which are the highest tier items for your six Primary slots. After you hit the maximum character level, you will also find Set Items in Hell 1 difficulty and beyond, which are the highest tier items for your six Secondary slots.

Upgrading Equipment

Upgrading your equipment is the most important way to gain power in Diablo Immortal. The Blacksmith is where you will spend all of your hard-earned salvage materials. Don't worry about wasting materials upgrading "bad equipment" because you can transfer upgrades for free! Even if you end up salvaging upgraded equipment, you receive 100% of the invested resources as a refund. In other words, the game is carefully designed so you can't lose any salvage materials! Upgrade all of your equipment to Rank 6 before continuing to Rank 7 because this gives you an extra attribute for each Primary slot! Read our full Upgrading and Reforging Guide to learn the details around upgrading strategy, attributes, and family bonuses!

Legendary Items

Legendary Items are extremely rare items that enhance different skills. If you are lucky enough to find one, equip it and transfer your upgrades immediately because these roll better attributes than any other items. Try out the skill it buffs, even if it isn't part of our Wizard leveling build. It may give your character a huge power increase! Consider yourself extra lucky if you find The Siphon, Windshaper, Galebringer's Leggings, Cowl of the Abyss, Shoulders of the Cataclysm, Starcaller's Drapery or Riftdancer's Stride because these are the most powerful items for Wizard!

Essence Transfer - When you have a Legendary you no longer need, don't salvage it! Instead, go to the Essence Transfer NPC in Westmarch and extract its power. Now you can overwrite any future Legendary Item in the same slot with this power! Collecting every power is important because this will enable you to quickly swap builds in the future. If you already have the power extracted, then salvage it for a Glowing Shard.

Choosing the Battle Pass Legendary

Early on in the Battle Pass you can choose one Legendary for your class. We recommend taking The Siphon because movement speed is important while leveling. Continue to level up the Battle Pass to gain even more power!

Normal Gems and Legendary Gems

Finding Normal Gems and Legendary Gems further powers up your character. During leveling, simply equip Normal Gems that you find from Hidden Lairs, pick Tourmaline when given the choice. Legendary Gems can be bought for Platinum from the Marketplace or by running Elder Rifts empowered by Rare Crests and Legendary Crests. You will get some Legendary Crests early on in the Battle Pass, so use these right away so you can equip Legendary Gems for an impressive power boost! Read our full Gem Guide for even more details on picking and upgrading the right gems for you.

Helliquary and Daily Battle Pass Activity Rewards

After reaching level 41 and completing Bilefen, follow your quests to Westmarch and unlock the Helliquary. This also unlocks your daily activity rewards, found in the activities tab of the Codex. This quest gives Scoria, enabling you to power up your Helliquary. You can stack this quest up to three days in a row, but after this it goes to waste. Even though you can't defeat Helliquary bosses right now, progressing it is important so you can unlock these endgame raids later on. The Empowered Battle Pass allows you to earn extra Scoria, so check it out if you want to boost your Helliquary even further.

Wizard Leveling From 1 to 60

Leveling requires more than just progressing straight through the story and every zone. You need to explore the rest of the game to get enough XP to progress. Once you reach a new area, you may encounter a message that says, "You must reach X level before continuing." Here are two different ways to gain that required XP:

The Efficient Way

The best way to gain XP in Diablo Immortal is to advance your Battle Pass. Two of the fastest ways to do that are:

  1. Blasting Dungeons efficiently, only stopping to salvage when your bags are full.
  2. Open world farming for Monstrous Essence and Side Quests.

The Scenic Route

Don't feel like spending your entire day in Dungeons? Hit up every Side Quest and Hidden Lair you see while leveling up. These give you a nice break from blasting through the story, and they give you more XP, items, gems, and salvage materials. By the time you hit an XP barrier, you will have less grinding to do than the players who skipped them.

Check the Speedrun to Level 60 guide for more tips on finishing the campaign quickly.

Wizard Endgame

Congratulations on completing the story! Your journey has just begun as the endgame awaits you. Check out our full Paragon & Experience guide to learn about the rest of your Wizard leveling journey. How do you build your character for endgame activities? Don't worry, we've got everything you need:

Wizard Leveling Summary

  • Read the Wizard Overview to know if it's the right class for you.
  • Apply burning ground with Scorch or Meteor and then blast your enemies with a fully charged Arcane Wind or Hungering Wind for 50% more Firestorm damage.
  • Use Teleport and Lightning Nova with The Siphon to move around quickly.
  • Make sure to turn on autopickup in General Settings. Don't leave items on the ground; salvaging every item has value.
  • Upgrade your gear often - it is the best way to Power Up!
  • Use Essence Transfer on unwanted Legendaries to use their powers later.
  • Read our Full Game Walkthrough if you ever get stuck.
  • Once you're level 60, conquer the endgame with our build guides listed above!


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Apr 9th 2022
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