Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Guide

Cavern of Echoes

The Cavern of Echoes is the coolest dungeon and is encountered towards the end of your journey in the Frozen Tundra. In the beginning you slay a path to the first boss Blood Rime, a fun fight that combines some mechanics from Blood Maw and Rime in Diablo 3. After defeating him you fight your way through another level of the cave before taking on the challenging Glacial Colossus.

Dungeon Overview

Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Map
Cavern of Echoes - Frozen Tundra

Set Items Available

Amulet (Hell II +)
Mountebank's Flourish

Rings (Hell IV +)
Issatar Undone
Braided Serpent of Shal'baas

Hands (Hell II +)
Bloody Hand

Belt (Hell I +)
Exemplar's Urge

Boots (Hell I +)
The Tyrant

  • Required level 50
  • 3-5 minute runs
  • 15 Battle Points
  • High Exp / Loot

Solo Playthrough

  • This dungeon has two floors to navigate each with their own boss. The path through is straight forward on the 1st floor. Claw your way through Yeti's and 2 Glacial Monstrosities, before taking on Blood Rime at the end.
  • Blood Rime has two stages. In the 1st stage he is somber, but once he's angry he'll break the floor, taking you down with him. In the 2nd stage he'll do a rolling attack and icicles fall from the sky. Try your best to avoid them as they'll freeze you in place.
  • Once he's dead you have to navigate through the next floor to take on the Glacial Colossus at the end. On this floor icicles are falling from the sky constantly so continue to be careful. Kick down the ice pillar to make it into the last area, then continue straight forward to the final boss.
  • There is a path off to the left but no one knows where it might lead, perhaps a Helliquary boss or something special someday!
  • This floor has frozen enemies that you can mostly skip, but eventually they are freed by one of their friends. You need to kill all the enemies at the end before you can open the door, so don't leave any survivors.
  • Finally you've reached the Glacial Colossus! The beginning is simple, clear out the enemies in the room then start smashing his face in. After a bit he'll go underground, spawn 2 packs of enemies then start shooting out 3 ice beams. Kill all the enemies while avoiding the ice beams at all costs, they do MASSIVE damage.
  • There's a good chance that it goes underground a 2nd time towards the end of the fight, stick to the plan. Keep avoiding the ice beams, clear the trash and finish him off when he comes back up the final time.

Group Farming

This dungeon is a decent choice for farming in a group with it's straightforward layout and quick progression. On high Hell difficulty the monsters in this one have high health pools making it feel a bit tougher than the others. The final boss fight takes a bit more coordination than some others as well, but with a strong party and a bit of practice the loot should be raining down like it's your birthday.

Floor 1

For the first floor, have 3 players fly ahead so they can fight the 2 Glacial Monstrosities at the end and break down the door to Blood Rime. Try to kill everything on this floor as extra experience from the massacre bonus adds up! With a powerful group it is possible to kill Blood Rime before he reaches his 2nd stage so bring it right away when you engage him.

Player 1 - Stay back a bit and try to kill every enemy as you make your way through. Make sure you get to the end fast enough so you're helping with the boss.

Player 2 - Rush ahead and clear out enemies before fighting the Glacial Monstrosities with the other 2 teammates, or stick with Player 1 and help them get to the end faster.

Player 3 - Go to the end and kill the Glacial Monstrosities, focus on the one that spawns on top.

Player 4 - Go to the end and kill the Glacial Monstrosities, focus on the one that spawns below.

Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Floor 1

Floor 2

After killing Blood Rime make your way through the 2nd floor in a similar aggressive fashion. Get someone to the pillar of ice in the way as fast as possible so they can kick it over and allow the team to progress. As has been the theme in these dungeon guides most of the team should push ahead to the end of the floor so they can trigger the enemies there and open the last door to the boss, while one stays a bit behind cleaning up and enemies left behind. The path to the left is a dead end that the whole team should ignore!

Player 1 - You're on clean up duty. Stay behind the rest of the team killing all the enemies you can while making it to the boss in a reasonable amount of time.

Player 2 - Run ahead and focus on killing stuff towards the middle/end of this floor so Player 1 can catch up easier.

Player 3 - Rush to the end and kill everything close to the door so it can be opened.

Player 4 - Rush to the end and kill everything close to the door so it can be opened.

Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Floor 1

Glacial Colossus

For the Glacial Colossus make sure that the team spreads out around the boss so they can take out the enemies that spawn. Killing off them fast is one of the best ways to speed up this fight, as he will not come back out of the ground until they are all dead. After his first round of hiding, use all major cooldowns to kill him off fast before he goes underground again. If the Colossus is regularly going through 3 rounds during the fight, you may want to consider another dungeon as this reduces the EXP/Loot per hour significantly.

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Apr 26th 2022
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