Destruction's End Dungeon Guide

Destruction's End

Destruction's End is the Dungeon that finishes off Zoltun Kulle's Library before heading to Bilefen. Here you meet your old friend Baal from Diablo 2 and be tasked with trapping him in the Soul Shard. There are many stops along the way but the dungeon guides you along. As usual, drag monsters forward to keep your Massacre Bonus up. Compared to the Forgotten Tower and Mad King's Breach this one isn't optimal for grinding experience or items.

Dungeon Overview

Destruction's End Dungeon Map
Destruction's End - Library of Zultan Kulle

Set Items Available

Amulet (Hell II +)
The Subjugator

Rings (Hell IV +)
Modest Urge
Hands (Hell II +)
Shepherd and Beastmaster

Belt (Hell I +)

Boots (Hell I +)
Issatar The Brute

  • Required level 35
  • 3-5 minute runs
  • 15 Battle Points
  • Low Exp / Loot

Solo Playthrough

  • In this dungeon you are fighting alongside Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha as you hunt down Baal. You must clear the monsters in each wave before Zoltun Kulle can clear the fire blocking the way. It's important that you stick with him and kill enemies so he can keep moving along.
  • You fight Baal in two stages with these two by your side. The first stage is quite simple and ends after taking away two of his health bars.
  • After the first stage you have 3 minutes to get to the end to gain a Bonus Chest, so get moving! From this point on enemies attack Zoltun Kulle as he removes the fire, so kill things quickly if you want to beat the clock.
  • The second stage of fighting Baal is more challenging than the first as he's more aggressive. He'll shoot AOE fireballs like the first battle, but halfway through they turn into meteors that rain down and spread. Towards the end he'll clone himself and bring twice as much fire! Pay attention when Tal Rasha calls out to get in his protection bubble and dive in for safety!

Group Farming

This dungeon is one stop after the next with two somewhat annoying boss fights. As far as farming goes this is one of the worst ones for experience and loot. Some dungeons have great ways to split up and increase efficiency, while this one keeps you all pinned together. If you have a group formed and are ready for some dungeons, look elsewhere, this isn't the place to be.

Phase 1

The first phase has 3 walls of fire that you must get past before fighting the first stage of Baal. As a team you need to clear out all the enemies along the way for each firewall to dissipate. Have 2 players be aggressive and kill what's near the firewall while the other 2 escort Zoltun Kulle. Leaving him behind isn't an option!

1st Wall - Kill everything on the way to the first firewall and Zoltun Kulle makes it disappear when you get there.

2nd Wall - Continue on making sure 2 players run ahead to clear out what spawns at the wall while the other 2 escort Zoltun Kulle so he can keep up.

3rd Wall - Rinse and repeat one more time then you are ready for the first encounter with Baal.

Destructions End Dungeon Floor 1

Phase 2

The 2nd phase is a repeat of the first but now you have a 3 minute timer to race against for the extra chest; luckily this is easy with a group. When Zoltun Kulle gets to firewalls in this phase he needs to channel for several seconds to make them disappear. During this time he is ambushed by enemies that try to interrupt him. Be prepared to kill the enemies that spawn before they can interrupt his casting to speed up the pace of these runs. Skills that do heavy damage or massive crowd control such as Black Hole are great for this part.

1st Wall - Someone needs to talk to Zoltun Kulle to get him to start channeling and take out the firewall.

2nd Wall - Kill everything on the way here and get ready to prevent the enemies from interrupting Zoltun Kulle once he starts channeling.

3rd Wall - Same as the 2nd wall, kill everything and don't let Zoltun Kulle get hit!

4th Wall - Similar to the other firewalls but now the Overseer appears at the end to put up a fight before moving on to Baal for one last showdown.

Destructions End Dungeon Floor 2

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Apr 26th 2022
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