Forgotten Tower Dungeon Guide

Forgotten Tower

The Forgotten Tower Dungeon is located in the Dark Wood and is the final area before transitioning to the Shassar Sea. A blast from the past, this rework of the Diablo 2 classic is not so forgotten after all. This dungeon is a favorite for many because it has a simple one floor layout and a lot of monsters to kill for an easy 100 Massacre Bonus (the highest possible in Diablo Immortal). The Forgotten Tower also rewards the player(s) with up to 5 bonus chests at the end of the run if you're able to kill enough enemies before the timer expires. All the more reason to group up, head in and slay this one quickly to get amazing rewards.

Dungeon Overview

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Map
Forgotten Tower - Dark Wood

Set Items Available

Amulet (Hell II +)
Wisdom's Edge

Rings (Hell IV +)
The Prisoner
Shepherd and Father

Hands (Hell II +)
Issatar's Open Hand

Belt (Hell I +)
Storm-Tack of Shal'baas

Boots (Hell I +)
Mountebank's Slyness

  • Required level 20
  • 3-5 minute runs
  • 15 Battle Points
  • High Exp / Loot

Solo Playthrough

  • In the beginning you need to kill the Shaman and his Blood Clan Warriors, break the vines and get through. To the left there are a couple treasure chests but they're usually not worth going after, press forward to teh first boss.
  • Head down the path killing everything on the way to clear the barrier and get ready to fight Bloodsworn Priestess Innaloth. She has many enemies with her so bring some Area of Effect skills for this one. Once you've taken her down, inspect the Dying Villager, then open the gate to the left.
  • From this point on you need to defeat the Bloodsworn Army quickly, to get up to 5 bonus chests at the end. This objective happens in 5 stages that each give you over 80 seconds to complete. You have to kill 100 enemies total, with each stage requiring 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kills respectively. Bring enemies from previous rooms into the next area so you can keep the Massacre Bonus up!
  • Be careful of the swinging blades as you navigate this dungeon! They have a massive hit box and are annoying to get around.
  • Once you've killed the Bloodsworn Army, take on The Countess in her chamber. Half way through she disappears and summons several enemies you must take down before coming back for her second stage. She unleashes bats in an area around her so don't stand too close. Getting hit by several bats at once can lead to a swift death.
  • Like most bosses. just take your time. Utilize the health globes and this shouldn't be too bad your first time through. Once you've been through a few times keeping up the 100 kill Massacre Bonus should be easy as well, especially with a full group!

Group Farming

This dungeon has three phases and a boss fight. Being efficient here is all about spreading out and doing your assigned duties. With a plan this can be one of the most lucrative dungeon farms in the game. It however isn't as straightforward as some others and might take a little more practice to get it feeling smooth. As always, Barbarians and Crusaders are great for getting places fast and the Demon Hunter and Necromancer are best at killing bosses.

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Main Map

Phase 1

To begin, kill the Shaman and the Blood Clan Warriors to break the vines. Once the vines break, have three players run straight to the boss as fast as possible while one lingers back, killing enemies to maintain the massacre bonus. When the boss is dead it's important that an assigned person (Player 3) clicks on the Dying Villager ASAP and that another (Player 4) is ready to open the door as soon as it's available.

Player 1 - Your job is to sit back and keep hitting and killing enemies to maintain the massacre bonus.

Player 2 - Nothing special to do, just get to the boss fast and kill it!

Player 3 - You're in charge of clicking the Dying Villager to start the quest immediately once Bloodsworn Priestess Innaloth is dead.

Player 4 - After killing the boss get to the door on the left immediately so you can start unlocking it once it's available

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 1

Phase 2

After unlocking the door your team should spread out in the first room to kill all the enemies that spawn. It's important that everyone gets to their spot quickly, the faster you kill the enemies the sooner the next ones spawn. When heading back to the previous room, two waves of enemies spawn in the middle that must be cleared before you can move onto phase 3.

Player 1 - Kill all the monsters in the first corner then go straight back to the previous room to kill the new enemies that spawn there.

Player 2 - Head in about half way and clear out some of the middle. Don't worry about killing every single thing as the other two behind you will clean up.

Player 3 - Clear out the top right corner then head back to the previous room to make your way over to phase 3.

Player 4 - Go deep and as fast as you can to kill all the enemies in the top left corner. Once this is done focus on cleaning up the leftovers as you follow your team through the rest of the dungeon.

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 2

Phase 3

After killing all enemies in this area, the door to Phase 3 breaks open. Here two players burst ahead leaving the first part of this room for the other two to clear out. Kill 100 enemies in this phase then get to the door to start the encounter with The Countess.

Player 1 - Should be the first person through the door and is tasked with going deep into this final room to clear out the enemies in the back.

Player 2 - Run to the top of the room with Player 1 and take out the all enemies on the right side.

Player 3 - You're the Clean up crew. Kill your way through the door then head to the middle of the room and finish any remaining enemies.

Player 4 - Go to the bottom right corner and kill anything left. By the time you get here the 100 kills should be reached so save a movement skill to get to The Countess fast.

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 3

The Countess

When fighting The Countess in a group save most of your big damage for phase 2 since there are several seconds of immunity between her phases. In the 2nd Alpha test a powerful group could sometimes kill her before she would transition to phase 2 but this method was unpredictable and unlikely to remain at launch. Spread out In-between phases to quickly kill the enemies she'll spawn. If the fight is going to take awhile due to power level of the party or difficulty picked let everything loose right away so you get those powerful skills back for the 2nd phase!

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 4

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