Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Guide

Kikuras Rapids

Kikuras Rapids is the first Dungeon encounter in Bilefen and one of the most unique Diablo experiences you'll probably ever have. Who would have thought we'd be slaying demons on a raft, yet here we are! This one is just flat out fun. You get to slay all the little shamans your heart desires, hop on a raft and clash your way down the rapids. Lookout at the end cause a barrage of fire is coming! This dungeon is quite enjoyable and unique, with the penalty of taking quite a bit longer to get through than the others.

Dungeon Overview

Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Map
Kikuras Rapids - Bilefen

Set Items Available

Amulet (Hell II +)
Awakener's Urge

Rings (Hell IV +)
Broken Palm
Mountebank's Marvel

Hands (Hell II +)
The Mailed Fist

Belt (Hell I +)
Shepherd and Begetter

Boots (Hell I +)

  • Required level 40
  • 3-5 minute runs
  • 15 Battle Points
  • Moderate Exp / Loot

Solo Playthrough

  • Head down the path dragging the monsters with you to get that juicy massacre bonus. Click the treasure chests as you go along until you get to the raft. Kill all Fetishes around then hop aboard and defend yourself as you make your way through the jungle.
  • The raft segment takes awhile and includes multiple ambushes from enemies. At the end you have to dodge a barrage of fireballs before taking on the final boss, Ongori. Stand at the back of the raft so you don't take too much damage and die!
  • Ongori can be a bit tricky as there are 2 pillars spewing fire at you for most of the encounter. He also summons Fetishes and totems that complicate things, but with some maneuvering you can get this one down. When you see a totem spawn, kill it quickly to negate its effect.
  • Remember if you're struggling head to the Blacksmith or Jeweler to see if you have any upgrades available. A few levels to your gems or gear upgrades can make quite a big difference in your damage and toughness!

Group Farming

This dungeon is quite simple as you spend most of it on the raft just killing the ambushes of Fetishes. It's pretty relaxed and yields decent rewards per hour. Coordinate with your group during farming sessions as this dungeon can be a decent way to keep getting some progress while taking quick breaks. Just get on the raft and go AFK for a bit, one person can handle that part with ease!

  • Everyone needs to get to the raft as soon as possible. Someone has to pull the lever to release the raft while the other 3 kill everything around so they don't get interrupted.
  • If you have a Barbarian in the group, have them take Sprint for the team and stick with the slowest person to get them there faster.
  • Once on the raft you can file your taxes or wash your car because there isn't much to kill on the way. A few minutes later you are dropped off at Ongori, who should go down quite easily with a group.
Kikuras Rapids Dungeon

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Apr 26th 2022
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