Mad King's Breach Dungeon Guide

Mad King's Breach

Mad King's Breach is the first Dungeon encountered in Diablo Immortal at the end of the second World Zone, Ashwold Cemetery. It's also one of the best places in the game to farm experience and items! You fight your way through two levels, each with their own boss before facing The Skeleton King. While going through this dungeon maintain your Massacre Bonus as this is a simple way to gain extra experience. This dungeon is a favorite for many, as it's quick to get through and quite rewarding.

Dungeon Overview

Mad King's Dungeon Map
Mad King's Breach - Ashwold Cemetery

Set Items Available

Amulet (Hell II +)

Issatar At Rest

Rings (Hell IV +)

Shepherd and Mother

Hands (Hell II +)

Dozen Strikes of Shal'baas

Belt (Hell I +)

Mountebank's Bravado

Boots (Hell I +)

Torn Sole
  • Required level 10
  • 3-5 minute runs
  • 15 Battle Points
  • High Exp / Loot

Solo Playthrough

1st Floor - Is small and has a treasure chest on the left wall. You must kill two waves of Wraith's that spawn in the middle hallway to spawn Sir Gorash at the end. He casts Arcane Beams and Waller but is easy to take down.

2nd Floor - Kill your way to the end of the hall way to spawn Manoruk at the end. Many monsters spawn in the middle and towards the end that must be killed before he can spawn. During the fight he summons skeletons around you and shoots individual blasts that deal moderate damage. He also has a long attack that sends waves of skulls across the room. This can be intimidating at first but is easy to avoid once you see how it works.

3rd Floor - Has three stages of enemies you must clear before moving onto the Skeleton King. You need to clear out all the enemies before the barrier drops as you go up the stairs. For the top you need to kill 6 enemies in the center of the room, then the 4 Skeletal Guards that spawn after. After all the enemies are dead, the Skeleton King spawns at the end of the room.

The Skeleton King is a pretty easy boss with 2 stages. In the first stage he'll swing his mace around and you can dodge it with ease. For the second stage he'll mount up and charge as well. If you're a melee class you can let him hit you with his charge and he'll drag you with him, increasing your DPS. When in a group save your strongest skills for his 2nd stage. The amount of damage you can do in the first stage is heavily limited by his long animation.

Group Farming

Farming this dungeon is all about taking down three bosses fast, so make sure everyone in your group is equipped to do maximum single target damage. Even with three floors and some coordination required this is a fast and rewarding dungeon. Spread out on each floor to get the most from the massacre bonuses with one person hanging back and the others always flying ahead. Another perk of farming here is the close proximity to the Haunted Carriage. Time it well for extra goodies during your runs!

1st Floor

This floor has Wraiths that must be killed to spawn Sir Gorash, it also has packs of rats on the sides which can be used to maintain the massacre bonus while you wait for Sir Gorash to spawn. Have two players take down the Wraiths quickly while the others gather the rats and this floor is over in an instant!

Player 1 - Kill the 1st wave of Wraiths and help with the 2nd wave before moving on to the boss.

Player 2 - Go straight to the 2nd wave, kill it quickly then move on to the boss.

Player 3 - Run straight left to gather the two packs of rats, but don't kill them! Bring them to Sir Gorash and only hit them to keep the massacre bonus.

Player 4 - Run to the right to gather the pack of rats and bring them to the boss. Don't kill the rats instantly, they're for keeping the massacre bonus!

Mad King Dungeon Floor 1

Tip: if you see an elite on the sides, drag them to the boss instead of killing them where they are. This allows your teammates to loot the items on top of the boss without having to walk around the room. This only saves about 10 seconds per elite pack, but if you do hundreds of runs, it adds up!

2nd Floor

For this floor have someone lag behind cleaning up most of the enemies while the others go to Manoruk right away. Make sure someone in the party is equipped to move as fast as possible to spawn Manoruk. Draw and Quarter on a Crusader and Sprint on the Barbarian are great choices for this!

Player 1 - Take your time killing as many enemies as possible, but make sure you get to the boss in time to help with the fight!

Player 2 - Go to the boss and kill the enemies at the end of the room.

Player 3 - Go to the boss and kill the enemies at the end of the room.

Player 4 - Get to the boss as fast as possible, a fast class and a fast device saves you a few seconds per run here!

Mad King Dungeon Floor 2

3rd Floor

Run to the first landing as fast as possible, clear the room and have someone prepared to start running to the next landing once the barrier drops. For the final wave kill the 6 enemies there as fast as possible then spread out to kill the 4 skeletons that spawn. Make sure to have one person move ahead so they can spawn the Skeleton King right away once your team has cleared all the enemies! On the Skeleton King save your strongest skills for his 2nd stage since the amount of damage you can do in the first stage is heavily limited by his long animation.

Player 1 - Same job for both phases, go slow and kill as many enemies as possible.

Player 2 - Get to your spot in phase 1 and kill all enemies there to open the door for phase 2. Phase 2 is the same thing, get to your spot quickly and kill all enemies there.

Player 3 - Get to your spot in phase 1 and kill all enemies there to open the door for phase 2. Phase 2 is the same thing, get to your spot quickly and kill all enemies there.

Player 4 - Run as fast as possible to your spot in both phases killing enemies near your spot while waiting for the next phase to trigger. When in Phase 2 kill a few enemies at the top before moving ahead to the Skeleton King to trigger his spawn ASAP.

Mad King Dungeon Floor 3

Skeleton King

This boss has several seconds of immunity as he transitions to his 2nd phase during the fight. When your group is powerful, have everyone save their skills with long cooldowns and big damage for his 2nd phase so they're not wasted while he's immune. If the fight takes awhile due to power level of the party or difficulty picked let everything loose right away so you get those skills back for the 2nd phase!

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