Pit of Anguish Dungeon Guide

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Pit of Anguish

Pit of Anguish is the last Dungeon encountered in Diablo Immortal at the end of the last World Zone, Realm of Damnation.
Similarly vital to Skarn’s plot are the Pits of Anguish—spawning pools for Abyssal Gargantuans buried deep in the Hells. One pit in particular serves as the dungeon for the zone; when you set foot on its shores, you’ll battle blade-wielding demonic cultivators and tackle a screen-filling boss fight with the most blood by volume of any in the game.

Dungeon Overview

Pit of Anguish - Realm of Damnation

Set Items Available

Amulet (Hell II +)
Burning Heart of Shal'baas

Rings (Hell IV +)
Issatar Enraged

Hands (Hell II +)
Mountebank's Shirking

Belt (Hell I +)
Open Gut

Boots (Hell I +)
Beacon's Urge

  • Required level 56
  • 5-6 minute runs
  • 20 Battle Points
  • Moderate Exp / Loot

Solo Playthrough

  • This dungeon appears large but is rather quick to get through. You don't have to kill any monsters on the way to the 3 bosses allowing you to stroll your way right to them if you please. Avoid standing in the Lava or else you'll take significant damage rapidly!
  • The Abyssal Tiller is the first boss you fight and it's rather early on. Avoid his fire beam and be prepared for him to burrow into the ground and relocate during the fight.
  • After the first boss run down the path and to the right as you make your way to Zolthrax.
  • Zolrhrax has several attack animations that can do some decent damage, luckily he's a bit bulky and slow. Keep moving around him and none of his attacks should pose a threat.
  • The last step is taking on Zaka, a giant worm that you fight mostly off screen. it's a bit clunky feeling but isn't any more difficult than any other Dungeon boss.
  • Stand at the top or bottom while fighting, to avoid its attacks up the middle. Zaka destroys a large portion of the floor you stand on upon losing its first 2 health bars. Be prepared to back up when you see these health bars about to deplete.
  • Once Zaka is nearly dead it eats you and the fight continues inside against the Heart of Zaka and the Parasitic Maw.
  • The Heart of Zaka is very weak but is constantly defended by the stronger Parasitic Maw. Keep up the damage and this last part goes down with out much of a fuss.

Group Farming

  • Group Farming in this dungeon is amazingly easy and requires no major considerations. None of the enemies need to die to progress to the bosses so simply run through to each boss as a team as fast as possible.
  • If doing a long farming session consider really stacking a lot of movement speed buffs in your party.
  • When Fighting Zaka at the end, group up together on top or bottom to consolidate the bombs. Let them all spawn on the group then just move away from them together. This may be helpful on higher Hell Difficulties with a struggling party.
  • Zoom Zoom, easy Battle Point farming!



Written by Facefoot


Jun 12th 2022
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