Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Guide

Tomb of Fahir

The Tomb of Fahir dungeon is a massive dungeon that takes you on quite the adventure in the Shassar Sea. Make sure to bring a movement skill so you can get around quickly. You are going to be running all over to complete objectives while finding many Treasure Chests along the way. This dungeon brings a smile to your face with its unique encounters and boss fights, surely bringing excitement about what else is coming down the road!

Dungeon Overview

Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Map
Tomb of Fahir - Shassar Sea

Set Items Available

Amulet (Hell II +)
Shepherd and Architech

Rings (Hell IV +)
Shameless Urge
The Turnkey

Hands (Hell II +)
Hurtling Steel

Belt (Hell I +)
Issatar Contained
Boots (Hell I +)
Wind-trods of Shal'baas

  • Required level 28
  • 3-5 minute runs
  • 20 Battle Points
  • Moderate Exp / Loot

Solo Playthrough

  • The first objective is to kill the Icon of Rebirth on the far left side, then traverse to the other side to take down the Icon of Souls. Once both of these have been eliminated King Fahir spawns in the Inner Chamber. You can take them down in either order or even split up in a group and do them at the same time!
  • On your way to these Icons there are ten chests: two in the first room on the left, three in the first room on the right and five in a room before the Icon of Rebirth. Once you click a chest, enemies spawn on the left side of the room that you must eliminate before you can claim the rewards. As of the 2nd alpha it was never worth it to open these chests.
  • When fighting King Fahir, place yourself between him and the pillars to prevent being knocked back by his AOE attack. Avoid his danger beams on the ground and take him down slowly but surely. Once he's dead go deeper into the chamber to see what other horrors await.
  • Next, take a lift down and fight off waves of enemies as well as the Colossal Tomb Borer. He's easy to defeat if you stand to the side while fighting him. Don't stand right in front of his mouth or you can be knocked back!
  • Once this is done you've reached the bottom and are ready to fight Segithis. You must take down his legs first to attack his head. After one round he'll get back up and you need to break two more legs before finishing him off.

Group Farming

This dungeon is quite massive and takes awhile to get through as there are 2 mini-bosses on complete opposite sides of the first floor. At first you all want to kill each of the Icons as a team and progress through the dungeon the same way you would solo. Once you have a party with enough power to make Diablo quiver, you can split up for the Icons and meet in the middle to go even faster. The final stage of efficiency, shown below, is sending 1 strong player to each Icon alone. Have the other two stay in the middle to push ahead to King Fahir as fast as possible.

1st Floor

This is the optimal setup for the first floor when you have 2 players that are strong enough to take down the Icons alone (in a reasonable amount of time). If they're not strong enough simply have players 2/3 go with 1/4 and have everyone converge back to the middle once they're dead. The only time you should send all 4 players to each Icon would be in the fetal stages of your character development, as these Icons aren't that hard and are incredibly far apart. Keeping a player in the middle is beneficial to periodically attack a few enemies to keep the massacre bonus going. Doing this on every run adds up to a lot of additional experience.

Player 1 - Run to the Icon of Rebirth on the far left side as fast as possible and take it down quickly. Bring a movement skill so you can get there and back fast.

Player 2 - If Player 1 needs help go with them, if not stay in the middle and wait for the door to open. While waiting it's important to aggro enemies but not kill them until the door is open and Player 3 has gone through to hit the new spawned enemies.

Player 3 - If Player 4 needs help go with them, if not stay in the middle and wait for the door to open. Once the door opens start hitting the first enemies that spawn to maintain the massacre bonus as you make your way to King Fahir.

Player 4 - Run to the Icon of Souls on the far right side as fast as possible and take it down quickly. Once dead, get to King Fahir as quickly as you can.

Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Main


Once King Fahir is dead your team enters a lift where you fight the Colossal Tomb Borer between waves of enemies. Spread out into the 4 corners of the lift and converge on the boss when it comes up. Avoid standing right in front of its face during the fight as it can knock you back.

Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Lift


This fight is easy in a group. All you need to do is spread out in the first phase to take out his legs, then meet in the middle to attack his head. Repeat this process one more time and this boss should go down quickly.

Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Boss

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Apr 26th 2022
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