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Development Update

Blizzard recently posted a new blog article about the latest development of Diablo Immortal. Initially scheduled to release later this year, the launch is now being delayed till the first half of 2022 to further improve the game. Controller support and a bunch of changes to system like PvE & PvP are coming!

Blizzard Quote: Following feedback provided by test participants of the Closed Alpha, our team has been tuning core and endgame features. For example, we’re iterating on PvP content like the Cycle of Strife to make it more accessible, alongside late-game PvE content like the Helliquary to make it more engaging. We’re also working to provide controller support for those who want to play our game in a different way. However, these changes and additional opportunities to improve our gameplay experience will not be realized in the 2021 timeframe we had previously communicated. So, the game is now planned for release in the first half of 2022, which will allow us to add substantial improvements to the whole game.

  Here's what was covered in the blog along with Maxroll's take on what it means:

  • The game was delayed from end of 2021 to the first half of 2022.
    • We believe this is a positive change. There were mountains of feedback from the 2nd alpha on ways to improve the game, and Blizzard couldn't possibly get to all of it in a few months. This will give them additional time to digest and implement changes.
  • Controller Support is coming.
    • This is a gigantic win for everyone. Playing extended periods of time on a phone is almost never healthy, and this will allow many players to enjoy the game for longer periods of time. The only losers from this are chiropractors!
  • Helliquary's are becoming 8 player raids.
    • While this should make it more fun, it's less of a change than you might think. Helliquary bosses didn't scale based on player count before, so fighting them with a max party was already the strategy.
  • Bounties now open in the same zone in batches of 4.
    • This will improve your ability to split farm bounties with friends, and will also decrease menuing and server stress. Overall this is a positive change.
  • Challenge Rifts are now more rewarding.
    • Obviously a positive change. We'd like to see them adjust the offense and defense rating formula as well so skill plays a higher factor in clears.
  • Battlegrounds are getting a revamp to matchmaking, rankings, class balance, time to kill, and other elements.
    • All of these things can be improved and are the critical pieces of feedback we left. We like what we're reading!
  • Paragon Levels and Higher Difficulties will now reward better loot.
    • Another positive change for Diablo Immortal as Paragon Levels and Higher Difficulties didn't matter much in the Alpha. We don't want Paragon Levels to be anywhere near as strong as they are in Diablo 3, but they shouldn't be meaningless either.
  • The weekly XP cap has been replaced with a global cap, and players who play less get an XP boost.
    • The weekly XP cap used to be a detriment to the serious players, while newer players still never had a chance to catch up. These changes address both problems - hitting the XP cap will be a good thing (we think), and newer players can catch up to the blasters. Win - Win!

Stay tuned for more exciting news and updates to our Guides, Resource & much more here on our Maxroll Immortal branch!