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Diablo Immortal Blizzconline Update

It's been awhile since we've discussed Diablo Immortal, but you better believe that Maxroll is committed to this game! Although Blizzconline didn't directly make many juicy announcements, there were some key takeaways that make us excited for the future.

Content Avalanche

The Diablo Immortal Alpha was already jam-packed with content, leading some players to sink hundreds of hours of playtime in just a few weeks. The crazy reminder we got at Blizzcon was: that was just a glimpse of what's ahead. We could only level to 45 in the first round of testing, with the max level at release being 60. Since these last 15 levels will take a lot longer to achieve (they estimated 2+ hours of playtime from 59 -> 60 alone), the amount of zones, quests, dungeons and more will increase significantly. The best part was Blizzard's promise to regularly release additional content after launch to keep players interested. Yes please!

Endgame Teasers

One of the most important aspects of an aRPG is the endgame. It can help players set and achieve goals, team with friends, overcome tremendous challenges, and earn extravagant rewards. While we couldn't extract any specific details, the endgame has been described as "epic" for both PvE and PvP. Remember that the Developer Q&A revealed there are "larger plans" for guilds too, with achievements for completing certain activities. We're excited to see how this will all come together!

Additional Classes

While there were only four playable classes in the first alpha (Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, and Wizard), two more are coming at launch (Crusader and Necromancer). It was also stated that additional classes could be coming in future releases - be they familiar classes from other Diablo games or new classes altogether - so get on the Maxroll Discord and tell them what you want to play!

Testing Phases

More testing phases are coming "soon to a larger audience." We're expecting this to be at least two different iterations of testing that should involve the two additional classes, and more of the content leading up to level 60. With how polished the first round was, there are big expectations for what's ahead! Hopefully this will be an open beta where more players will be able to test the waters.

Controller Support

Playing on your phone is amazingly convenient when you're on the go, but it can be uncomfortable in long sessions blasting from home. Blizzard has heard the feedback from the community and is looking to support controllers. Wyatt Cheng (the lead designer) mentioned the main challenge goes deeper than movement and skill usage to menus to also include inventory management, paragon trees, NPC UIs, chat, etc. For these reasons, he stated "we would love to see controller support but full controller support may not make the release version of the game." More to come on this.

Release Date

No release date has been given, but we could get it in 2021. The success of the alpha testing was certainly a step in the right direction to getting this game sooner!

Stay tuned for more exciting news on what will likely be the best game on mobile ever released!