Pre-Registration open on iOS & Google Play, Cosmetics and Class Change Sneak Peak

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Exciting times are ahead for Diablo Immortal as pre-registration is now open on iOS as well as the Google Play store! A new blog post brings updates on the Cosmetics available and introduces a new system called, Class Change, that allows you to change your class to a different one entirely. This transfer maintains your characters power allowing you to experience multiple classes throughout your adventures! Combining this with a robust Cosmetic system creates an endless combination of looks and playstyles. Let's dive into each of these updates!

Read the Official Blogpost by Blizzard here.

Pre-registration Now Open on iOS and Google Play

You heard correctly, you can now pre-register on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play store! If 30 million players pre-register for Diablo Immortal before its launch, the Horadrim Cosmetic Set will be available to those players. The Release date is still unknown, but we anticipate it to be out in the first half of the year. The app stores say June 30, 2022 as the release dat,e but that has been confirmed to be a placeholder. Go sign up for your preferred device below and we'll see you on the battlefield when the day comes!

Pre-Register for Diablo Immortal in one of the following ways:

  1. Visit the Diablo Immortal website, click the “pre-register now” button, and log in with your account.
  2. Find Diablo Immortal on the Google Play or App Store, and follow their directions to pre-register.

Developer's Note: Sanctuary will need the help of all available allies to cleanse its lands of evil. This will only be achieved by the swing of an axe, by channeling arcane power, and by pre-registering for Diablo Immortal. If at least 30 million courageous adventurers pre-order/pre-register to download Diablo Immortal, then we will unlock gear born from light and justice for all players—the Horadrim Cosmetic set. To don this cosmetic set in battle, you must complete the Diablo Immortal tutorial within 30 days after the game’s release.

Developer's Note: Players from the following regions cannot pre-order Diablo Immortal on iOS from the App Store but can still download and play Diablo Immortal once it releases: Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, The Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam. Players from these regions may still pre-register for Diablo Immortal via the game’s website.

Pre-registration Cosmetic Trailer


We/re getting another look at the Cosmetics system and couldn't be more excited about how visually pleasing these sets are looking. Cosmetics let you change your character’s appearance without affecting your gear or stats. They are acquired per class, with every cosmetic set being available to all classes. Many of these cosmetics are available through gameplay and the others will be found in the Shop, Battle Pass and likely other merchants throughout Sanctuary.

Bloodsword cosmetic set shown on 5 classes.

Developer's Note: In Diablo Immortal, your character’s normal gear fits their anatomy by design. There isn’t, for example, a suit of armor that will make your crusader bigger or smaller. Cosmetics let us break the mold, and transform your character’s appearance into something different, even otherworldly.

Developer's Note: Our plan is to roll out a new cosmetic set for all classes each month, themed after the month’s Battle Pass. Purchasing the Battle Pass for a given month will allow you to unlock a cosmetic outfit for any one class, and purchasing the Premium Battle Pass will also include custom portal skins and portrait frames.

Legendary Gems and Resonance

As you start to level up your Legendary Gems, you’ll also see their growing power reflected in your gear. Every Legendary item in the game has its own unique visual progress to accompany your gems’ growing Resonance. At the highest levels of your Resonance stat, you’ll even unlock cosmetic wings.





Demon Hunter

Demon Hunter



Developer's Note: Like any living game, we want Diablo Immortal’s visual identity to evolve and grow over time. And we also want you to be able to keep varying your character’s look as you play, rather than being stuck in one spot. We’re inspired by a lot of these designs, and we can’t wait to show off even more when Immortal launches.

Class Change

Shortly after launch, a Class Change system will be implemented so players can experience other classes without the burden of starting over. When you change classes you retain all progress on Paragon levels, receive a new set of equipped items appropriate to your new class, and transfer all of your item progress and gems right over! None of your old equipped items or stash will be lost and your progress on Horadric Vessels and the Helliquary remains as well.

This will be a great way for players to experience multiple classes and stay interested in the game through unique playstyles and loot hunts. Being able to balance core character and account progress with the ability to play multiple classes should be an amazing addition to the game!

Developer's Note: We didn’t want to force our players into the hard choice of giving up progress on their main character to support an alt. We also didn’t want anyone to feel obligated to keep a roster of alt characters to gather rewards and resources, or to match the shifting demands of Leaderboards, Cycle of Strife, or other competitive systems. Class Change gives you the freedom to explore classes that you get from multiple alts, but without any of those downsides. It also allows us to give full rewards to each new character you play, with no expectation you’ll share resources among them.

Developer's Note: We want your original class selection to be a meaningful choice - not something you change session by session. So we’re discussing limits to this system that still give you freedom to try out new classes as we release new content. Because the process of collecting Legendary affixes is time-consuming, we expect players who focus on a single class will have some advantages, like a broader selection of available character builds. But the fun of freely exploring each class should tempt a lot of people into changing things up over time, like it has many of us on the team. Though Class Change won’t be in-game right when Diablo Immortal launches, we’re hoping to add it shortly thereafter in a patch.