Release Date and PC Client

Diablo Immortal Release Date - June 2nd

Diablo Immortal is launching June 2nd and along with it is big hell-shattering news. Blizzard will have an official PC client for Diablo Immortal that will be available for release on June 2nd. You can launch the PC client from the launcher just like any other Blizzard PC game. The PC client itself will be in an open beta, meaning that you may encounter bugs or other technical problems, but it still will connect to the live game servers. That means you'll be able to play Immortal on your phone and then continue your progress with the same account on your PC or vice versa. The PC client will also support a smaller UI better suited for PC screens, and will be the first Diablo game ever to support WASD movement. Keyboard and Mouse will be supported. You can also bind force move to a key as well, making keyboard and mouse controls a viable option.

Watch the official Blizzard announcement here.

Maxroll Immortal Guides Release

The Immortal Maxroll team has been here since the beginning, blasting the game and learning everything we can. We already have 1.5 years of work completed on Immortal. Not only are our guides up to the level of Maxroll quality you've come to love from all our ARPGs, but we've leveled up the entire experience to bring you our best content yet. We've been working tirelessly to update our guides with even more content. In the coming days before Immortal release, you can expect the full release of our Diablo Immortal branch, including brand new guides covering every aspect of the game. If you're new to Immortal, we will have you covered as well with our all-new leveling class guides. And if you're planning to go all the way to the top and become The Immortal, we are divulging all our secrets and high level strategies across our guides. Across our Immortal Maxroll team we already have thousands of hours of gametime and we're prepared to guide you on your journey through Sanctuary.

Prepare yourself mortal and mark your calendar! On June 2nd, hell is coming!

The Di Maxroll Team