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This is the overview of the perks and what it means to be an Adventurer, one of the three Factions in Diablo Immortal. As opposed to the Shadows and the Immortals, this Faction doesn't have to be chosen as this is where you start the game. It is also separated from the PvP aspects of the Cycle of Strife, which determines who becomes the reigning Immortals.

Being in any Faction does NOT lock you out from grouping up with members of any other Factions despite the rivalry between the Shadows and Immortals. Only the rewards and endgame activities have to be considered when choosing which to join.

Being an Adventurer

  • As an Adventurer, there's a dedicated tab in the hamburger menu (top right corner of the screen) that tells you about the special activities available to you. None of these are exclusive as this just has the regular endgame activities that anyone can do regardless of Faction. They're simply guidelines of what you should do. If you decide to join any other Faction, you will have a similar tab that can be helpful to find and track all the various Faction-specific activities you are able to do then.
  • While you are an Adventurer, you have access to the Rumors channel in the Adventurer chat tab after reaching level 43. This allows you to track the progress of the Shadows and Immortals in the Cycle of Strife. Other Factions have a similar Faction-specific chat channel to share important information amongst themselves.

Special Perk: Extra Scoria

While anyone can acquire Scoria by doing your daily round of Bounties, you can get even more by being an Adventurer. To compensate for the lack of extra endgame activities only available to the other Factions (e.g. Kion's Ordeal for Immortals or Contracts for Shadows), you instead have the daily option to buy extra Scoria from Lieutenant Fizriah, the Honor Merchant in Westmarch.

Adventurers also receive extra Scoria from completing Bounties. You can collect bonus Boxes you have unlocked in the Adventurer menu. Every 20 completed Bounties (so every 1.66 days) rewards you with a Box giving either 9 or 10 Scoria, up to 3 times per week.

Scoria is refined to Hellfire Scoria which is used to upgrade the Helliquary, which allows you to fight powerful endgame bosses for special rewards and even more importantly improves both your Offense Rating and Defense Rating. These stats are directly correlated to the level of content you can clear (e.g. when competing in Challenge Rifts) and the extra Scoria allows you to progress these stats faster than others, giving you a massive competitive advantage. As an Adventurer, you should save enough Honor to buy all the Scoria available and collect all the bonus Boxes.

The Adventurer Menu

Joining Another Faction

As an Adventurer you have the option to join either the Shadows or the Immortals with certain conditions.

Joining the Shadows

Anyone can join the Shadows through the Shadow Lottery that takes place Wednesday and Saturday between 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. server time. During this time, head to the Wolf City Tavern on the western side of Westmarch and make your way through the Court of Whispers until you reach the Assembly Hall far in the back. Anyone who is present has a chance to be invited to the Shadow Faction at regular intervals. It's also possible for Shadows to invite others at any time with a special item.

The perks of being a Shadow are:

  1. Dark Houses: Can be formed or joined to try and overthrow the Immortals in the Rite of Exile.
  2. Raid the Vault: Special instance that can be looted for lots of Gold and Honor (and be defended by Immortals).
  3. Contracts: Similar to Bounties but longer with multiple connected quests.
  4. Path of Blood: Short instanced challenges with increasing difficulty that give you one-time rewards.
  5. A stacking damage buff that increases over the duration of an Immortal's reign.

Joining the Immortals

There are two ways to become an Immortal:

  1. Being in the top Dark House as the Shadows overthrow the currently reigning Immortals in the Rite of Exile (together with 9 other Dark Houses).
  2. You get invited by the reigning leader or an officer of the Immortals at any point. The maximum number of Immortals on a server is 500.

In both cases it can be tough to become an Immortal and usually only the top players end up in that Faction (unless you happen to be good friends with them). The perks are that you get increasingly stronger through a stacking buff as the reign continues and their dominance increases and you have access to a special raid instance called Kion's Ordeal that drops special equipment and extra daily quests.

After a Cycle of Strife has ended in a successful Rite of Exile (Shadows overthrowing the reigning Immortals), everyone on the server besides the top Dark House reverts to being an Adventurer.

The Faction-Hopping Strategy

This was the most optimal strategy possible in the Alpha. Right now it's unclear whether it will stay in the game or be completely changed/removed. We will test it and update this section as quickly as possible in the Beta.

An extremely efficient, high-end strategy to reap the most rewards possible involves leaving and rejoining the Immortals. It can be used for getting the highest possible Hellfire Scoria to upgrade the Helliquary while also getting additional Faction-specific rewards. For this to work, you’ll need to leave your Immortal group for 24 hours at a time and get invited back. Make sure this is acceptable with your Immortal leader beforehand. Here’s the most efficient way to do this: 

  • Day 1 - As an Immortal, complete all your Immortal daily quests and collect their rewards. Then leave the Faction to buy Scoria from the Honor Merchant. Finish your daily Bounties and collect any Box of Scoria unlocked from the Adventurer menu. Note: Any Bounties done as an Immortal still count towards the Adventurer’s Box of Scoria progress.
  • Day 2 - Do your daily Bounties again and collect another round of Scoria from the Honor Merchant and Adventurer menu. You won’t be able to rejoin the Immortals until 24 hours have passed since you left them. Rejoin the Immortals as soon as you can so you can do your Immortal daily quests before the 2nd day ends.
  • Day 3 - Repeat the process. 

If done correctly, you will gain all the Immortal and Adventurer daily rewards everyday, and every Box of Scoria by the end of the week. This strategy doesn’t work with Shadows, as you can’t leave their Faction until the current Cycle of Strife ends. It also requires you to coordinate with the Immortal leaders for your daily invites, so it's naturally limited to a small share of the population on the server (they can only have a maximum of 500 members at a time).


  • Being an Adventurer is the standard way to play the game until you choose to join one of the other two Factions.
  • Becoming a Shadow is easy while becoming an Immortal is difficult.
  • There are reasons to join either Faction for endgame activities and extra rewards.
  • You can still group up and play with players in other Factions, outside of exclusive events.
  • You can only leave the Immortal Faction. Shadows remain in theirs until the current Cycle of Strife ends.
  • Faction-hopping is the most rewarding strategy if done right. Otherwise, just being an Adventurer is extremely good for the bonus Scoria.

I hope this overview helps you on your path through Sanctuary! Being part of the different Factions and experiencing their different types of endgame content & rewards can be a great way to spice up the gameplay. Good luck!


Written by wudijo

Reviewed by Lexyu, Raxxanterax