Battle Pass & Shop Overview


Diablo Immortal, like many modern games, has a Battle Pass and in game Shop where players can receive various rewards to enhance their gaming experience. The Standard Battle Pass is free to all players, while the Empowered Battle Pass and Shop require spending real Money to obtain their rewards. The Battle Pass and Shop have rotating rewards and items that may not exactly match the examples provided below. With this in mind this article will focus on the general format of both instead of specific items available.

Before moving on, keep in mind that spending money in Diablo Immortal is not necessary to reach end game content, the game is free to download and play in its entirety. If you do choose to spend money in game there are a few ways to do it that can get you the most bang for your buck early on. I will touch on this briefly, but how you spend your money is up to you in the end. This article is to inform you on what spending money can grant you.

Disclaimer: Maxroll does not, and will never recommend that you spend money in any game!

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass is an amazing source of various materials and resources that can boost the power of your character in many different ways. Along with this, each rank rewards you with an immense amount of experience. This is very useful as you progress through the Campaign and level up your character. The free version of the Battle Pass is available once you reach level 10 and complete the tutorial, an Empowered version of it is also available to purchase with real Money. By purchasing the Empowered Battle Pass you unlock another row of rewards that are available at each rank reached, giving you double the bonus of the standard Battle Pass. Interestingly the Crests available in the Empowered Battle Pass can only be obtained on one character per account. Purchasing it on multiple characters provides reduced rewards overall because of this.

The Battle Pass has 40 ranks that provide unique rewards for completing various tasks throughout Sanctuary. These are broken down into three different categories within the Codex: Guide, Activities and Quests. Completing objectives in any of these 3 categories rewards you with Battle Points, which progress your Battle Pass and unlock each rank. The first 9 ranks require fewer Battle Points to reach and are obtained quite easily, at Rank 10 each one requires 180 Battle Points to progress. Once rank 40 is reached, you receive a Gift of the Renown for every 180 Battle Points earned, with a maximum of 20 Gifts of the Renown available for each cycle. You can also purchase individual ranks of Battle Pass for 150 Eternal Orbs each.

Rank 10 Legendary Off-Hand

At Rank 10 every class is presented with 6 Legendary Items choices, check out our class leveling guides to see which one is the best option!


The Guide section of the Battle Pass rewards you Battle Points for hitting key points in your progression through the Campaign and Hell difficulties. Each World Zone has its own section containing 12 different goals, with each objective granting 10 Battle Points each as well as Experience. Doing these should happen naturally as you go through the game, but check this tab often to make sure you're not missing out! Progressing your Battle Pass as much as possible early on is a priority so don't ignore these easy to complete objectives.


Activities are always available to obtain Battle Points and include:: Battlegrounds, Bestiary Pages, Bounties, Challenge Rifts, Elder Rifts, Dungeons and The Legacy of the Horadrim. Each one rewards a different amount of Battle Points per activity. Every day there is a Featured Activity that rewards double Battle Points. Make sure to check the Featured Activity each day to not miss out on this extra bonus! As a tip, the auto-navigation for each activity is unlocked once you complete each zone.


Quests are another way to accumulate Battle Points. Some of these quests can be completed almost instantly and others will require a bit more play time to finish. Check the Codex daily to see what Quests you have and work them into your routine.

Daily Battle Pass Quest

The main Quest to never miss out on is the Daily Quest for accumulating 120 Battle Points. This Quest has several rewards that are quite rare elsewhere in the game. Every day you are able to obtain 300 Platinum, a Normal Gem, 1 Charm and 1 Scoria. Luckily if you miss a day you are able to do it 2 times the following day. You can stack up to 3 of these Daily Quests before you start losing them, so don't slack on completing this quest!


The shop allows you the option to purchase Crests, Materials, Bundles, Services and Currencies using real money. Many of these items in the Shop can be purchased directly using Money. Several others require you to buy Eternal Orbs first, then use those in the shop.

Utilizing the shop is a way to increase the resources you have to progress your character and allows you to receive greater rewards from various content in game. Examples of this are buying Crests to use in Elder Rifts, Buying the Empowered Battle Pass to get extra rewards at each Rank, or purchasing the Boon of Plenty for a daily Rare Crest.

The featured section of the shop has rotating deals offering various resources. These can allow you to focus on purchasing specific things you are looking for such as Normal Gems, Crests or Aspirant's Key, for a typically low price. The value of these featured deals is debatable, regardless of the flashy 5-20% off that is commonly applied.


Crests modify Elder Rifts so you can obtain Fading Ember, Runes and Legendary Gems. Rare Crest give 1 Rune each while Legendary Crest give 3 Runes and a guaranteed Legendary Gem. Both grant 1 Eternal Orbs for each Crest used. Crests in this section are only purchasable with Eternal Orbs, use the currency tab first to obtain some if needed. Purchasing Legendary Crest is the most spammable thing in the shop. Many players will focus on these to obtain Legendary Gems.

Rare Crest
Legendary Crest


This section contains Family Reforge Stones which allow you to change a specific Bonus Attribute on a piece of Primary Gear. The Dawning Echo also resides here and is used when Awakening Gear. Eternal Orbs are needed to buy items in this tab.


Different bundles appear in the shop as you reach different milestones throughout the game. Each bundle can only be purchased once per account and the value of them is generally quite high compared to other things. New bundles are added periodically so check back to see if anything peaks your interest. Everyday a free bundle is available that randomly gives either Gold, Scrap Material, Enchanted Dust or a Glowing Shard.

Free Daily Reward Bundle


Services currently include the Empowered Battle Pass and the Boon of the Plenty. The Empowered Battle Pass as discussed above is generally a good value purchase for those wanting to spend money in the shop. You can also purchase a boost that takes your Battle Pass up by multiple ranks right away. The Boon of the Plenty instantly gives you 300 Eternal Orbs, extra Market trading slots and additional Stash Storage. Keep in mind the extra stash storage goes away when the buff runs out. You won't lose items in this stash but you can only remove them once you lost the buff. On top of this it gives you 1 Rare Crest each day for 30 days. You can purchase this up to 3 times to stack 90 days of rewards if you wish.

Extra Rewards from Empowered Battle Pass


This is where you can buy Eternal Orbs and Platinum using real Money. Eternal Orbs are used as the primary currency in the shop as well as various merchants throughout Sanctuary. Platinum is used at the Marketplace to purchase items, it is scarcely available through the daily Battle Pass activity.

Use Platinum at the Marketplace
Use Eternal Orbs in the Shop


  • The Free Battle Pass is available to all players and is a great source of Items, Materials and Experience.
  • The Empowered Battle Pass is the most valuable thing you can spend Money on.
  • The Shop contains various ways to spend Money in exchange for resources, materials and currencies.
  • Check out the available "Bundles" if you already have the Empowered Battle Pass and want to spend more.
  • Avoid buying Eternal Orbs and Platinum directly, this is by far the worst use of your Money.
  • Don't be mad at others for spending Money, it's their money and they can spend it how they want. Instead, naturally beat them and their credit cards for extra joy and glory! 🙂


Written by Facefoot
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Apr 26th 2022
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