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Getting Started

Battlegrounds are 8 vs 8 timed PvP (Player versus Player) events available every day for 1 hour at 12:30 PM and 6:30 PM server time in the top right corner of Westmarch. Queue up by talking to the Battleground Captain. You must be at least level 55 to participate. Currently, players do not have a match making rating (MMR), so they are randomly placed on a team. You can, however, form a party of up to 4 players before queuing up to be on the same team.

Battlegrounds Queue up screen

Players are distributed into 2 teams: Attackers and Defenders. You can queue for either faction or choose to be randomly assigned. Once in the Battleground players have 60 seconds before they can move out of the base to plan a strategy and check the Scoreboard for the ally and enemy roster. Furthermore, you can party up with up to 4 people and use the class consumable buffs.

Battleground Map

Battleground Map

Battlegrounds are played on a map with choke points and 3 different Objectives to complete. The Defenders start on the bottom left, while the Attackers start on the top right on the map above. Every player, no matter which team they are on, plays from bottom left to top right on their screens in-game. This makes the battle fair for both teams, removing any advantages caused by the isometric view.
Each team has fixed spawning points where they heal a percentage of their maximum Life every second, but are not invincible to damage.


Stats are reduced in PvP to lower damage output and prevent instant kills. This did not work well during the Alpha as everyone got 1-shot.
Your Offense and Defense Rating (ORDR) are scaled down to 10% of their original value. Block Chance is reduced to 20% while Critical Hit Chance is a flat 10%. Harmful effect durations, like freeze and stun, are reduced by 50% on players. This does not apply to knockback effects, allowing players to chain knockbacks to permanently control opponents.
Players with high Offense Rating can still instantly kill opponents with far less Defense Rating. The damage scaling and unlimited knockbacks are likely to be changed as Diablo Immortal development continues!

More Facts

  • Enemies are shown as red dots on the mini-map.
  • Allies are shown as blue dots on the mini-map.
  • There is no way to teleport back to your base. Defenders can have trouble retreating to objectives if Attackers sneak past.
  • Health Potions are replaced with a 20-second cooldown Bandage. You must remain still for 5 seconds to be healed for about 75% of your life.
  • Immortal Crown buffs can be used.
  • You benefit from all Faction bonuses.
  • Legendary Gems are an important piece to succeed. Check out the individual class guides for more information!
  • Players do not count as Elites, so increased damage to Elites doesn't work.
Enemies and Allies on the in-game Mini-map


Attackers must complete 3 consecutive objectives to win the Battleground. Each objective has its own time limit. Defenders win if they prevent any of the objectives from being completed within the time limit or kill 80 Attackers.

Step 1 - Sacred Guardians

  • Time limit: 7 minutes
  • A Sacred Guardian spawns in 3 different lanes in the first area next to the Attacker’s base.
  • Sacred Guardians move and attack when engaged by Attackers, but deal insignificant damage.
  • Attackers need to kill all 3 Sacred Guardians to complete this objective.
  • The blue arrow indicates the Defender spawn location
  • The red arrow indicates the Attacker spawn location
Sacred Guardians

Attacker Strategy

Sacred Guardians are much closer to the Attacker's base, giving you the advantage. Rush to a guardian and start doing damage before Defenders can arrive. Tankier classes like Barbarians and Crusaders can push back Defenders, while ranged classes like Wizards and Demon Hunters can deal damage to Sacred Guardians. Focus damage from multiple players to destroy them in about 20 seconds. Retreat to your base to heal if needed. Don't feed Defenders kills, they win if they get 80.
Once the Defenders arrive, they are the priority kill targets! If you just mindlessly DPS the Sacred Guardians, you're going to get killed and potentially farmed at your starting base.

Defender Strategy

Use the portal outside the Defender's base to teleport to the Sacred Guardian area. Rush to the Guardians being attacked. Be careful not to run straight into spells being pre-casted.
As you're approaching the 3 Sacred Guardians, take note on the mini map on how the Attackers have chosen to spread out. Keep in mind: Charging into a full team alone is suicide, but overrunning a few stragglers is usually guaranteed victory and allows you to flank the other Sacred Guardians.

Step 2 - Zealous Idols

  • Time limit: 7 minutes
  • There is a Zealous Idol located on each side of the middle Battleground area.
  • The Attacker's spawn point changes to the room right before the Idols.
  • Attacker's need to escort the Zealous Idols to the other side of the area. They move faster when more Attackers are in range. If there are more Defenders than Attackers nearby, the Idols will move back slowly to their starting positions. Only 1 Zealous Idol needs to reach the end to complete this objective.
  • The blue arrow indicates the Defender spawn location
  • The Defenders can also enter the objective area through the blue portal
  • The red arrow indicates the Attacker spawn location
Zealous Idols Destination

Attacker Strategy

Kill Defenders in your way, but don't forget to go back to the Zealous Idols to advance them. Staying near the Idols is more helpful than rushing ahead for kills. Defenders can portal to the middle bridge, so watch out for flanks. If you die, consider switching your focus to the other Idol. Sometimes they can be snuck through while Defenders aren't looking. You can guard their teleport zone to sometimes instantly kill them, forcing them to take the long route to defend the Zealous Idols and buying you valuable time!

Defender Strategy

Group up with your team before engaging. The portal outside the Defender's base teleports you to the center bridge. Allow tank characters to enter the portal first if Attackers are camping the other side. You can also ignore the portal and run the entire way. Area of Effect spells with duration, like Twisters, can prevent Attackers from progressing when cast on Zealous Idols. You can camp the Attacker's spawn point, making it difficult for them to recover. Pay attention to both Idols, so they don't get snuck through.

Step 3 - Ancient Heart

  • Time limit: 6 minutes
  • This is the final objective. Attackers need to destroy the Ancient Heart to win the game!
  • The Attacker's spawn point changes to the room right before the area.
  • It takes a full 8-Player group of Attackers around 30 seconds to kill the Ancient Heart if uninterrupted.
  • The blue arrow indicates the Defender spawn location
  • The red arrow indicates the Attacker spawn location
Ancient Heart

Attacker Strategy

Immediately after a Zealous Idol reaches its destination in the previous objective, rush the Ancient Heart. Defenders still in the previous area won't be able to catch up for a while, exposing the heart to damage. Group up with your team before engaging after the first rush. Push Defenders back with tank characters to allow damage dealers to hit the Ancient Heart.

Defender Strategy

Get to the Ancient Heart immediately. It's best to defend the area just to the right of the heart. Crossing a bridge can expose the heart to flanks. Hold your ground, this is the last line of defense!

General Strategy

  • Use a build that specializes in PvP.
  • Group up with strong players before queuing up.
  • Knockback is the strongest crowd control. It isn’t diminished and prevents opponents from doing anything for a moment. Stun, freeze and chill are also worth using.
  • Ranged characters are needed to deliver high damage from a safe distance. 
  • Tank characters are needed to initiate fights and disrupt formations. They can soak up a lot of damage, causing opponents to waste their cooldown skills.

Keep in mind that these strategies shared from the Alpha are not sophisticated yet! So far the Battlegrounds have been more like brawls than coordinated PvP Events due to lack of matchmaking rating etc. We will have a lot more to share on this as testing continues!

Class Roles

All 6 classes have different strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield. Some are tanky and are suited to initiate a fight, some can control objectives with large AoE effects, and others can deal tremendous damage at range. Here is a short overview of them:



Being able to deal massive AoE damage as well as the ability to put out huge numbers rapidly, makes the Barbarian one of the most formidable characters for PvP content. The Barbarian also has another massive group buff while using the Battlemaster's Helm Inscription with Demoralize, making them a sure choice for any serious group activities.


All great things must have a downside and for the Barbarian it's simple opponents in PvP can hit hard. You will need to get close to them to do what the Barbarian is good at, slashing enemies to pieces and with this can come great risk. While often the best defense is a strong offense, sometimes this isn't enough to stay alive and get the job done. The Barbarian can also be somewhat dependent on its ability to burst down enemies quickly, such as in PvP, where most 1v1 situations can be easy to win. Sadly these high damage and high mobility skills have longer cooldowns. So when enemies keep trickling into the fight or try to escape, the Barbarian can run out of options quickly and not be able to close the gap with ranged characters.

PvP Build Concept

There will certainly be multiple builds that can thrive in PvP game modes as that landscape develops further and there are many skills that can be useful in certain situations. For this section we'll cover what we consider to be a competitive and fast-paced build, that is quite destructive if used properly! You can read the in-depth Barbarian Guide here.

Skills & Inscriptions

Furious Charge - use this to open up on your target(s) with massive damage as well as a knock up from the Screaming Fury Inscription.

Lacerate - Great for finishing off anyone who's still alive after you've run dry on Whirlwind, or when in 1v1 combat. This will hit hard on a single target and heal you a bit as well.

Sprint - Combining this with 2 different Inscriptions will give you speed, insane dodge and immunity to crowd control all in one skill. This skill is an essential part of being unstoppable as a Barbarian.

Undying Rage - Once this pops you know you have a limited amount of time to finish your slaying or get out of there before it wears off. If enough enemies are around, you can likely heal to full health while this is up making you hard to deal with.

Whirlwind - Your primary source of damage, especially when there are multiple enemies around. The Gathering Inscription is without a doubt one of the most annoying skills for your opponents to deal with in the entire game. It will constantly pull them in and cc them briefly, never underestimate its power.

SlotLegendary Item Inscriptions
Main-HandThe Tempest: Whirlwind radius increased, but Whirlwind movement speed reduced.
Off-HandAny Off-Hand
HelmSecond Breath: Sprint duration increased by 30%.
ShoulderBroken Grasp: Sprint also increases your dodge chance by 20%.
ChestThe Gathering: Whirlwind pulls in all enemies it damages.
PantsScreaming Fury: Furious Charge now charges to a location, damaging all nearby enemies and knocking them into the air.


The process here is simple and extremely fun to play around with, you'll truly never have a dull moment and will be a constant threat in PvP. You'll be tempted to push into battle non-stop as your thirst for blood can't possibly be quenched, but try to contain yourself and leave the battle when the time is right. You can be back in a few seconds as strong as you were at the start!

  1. Cast Sprint before you dive into battle, this will make you faster while you're casting Whirlwind as well as make you hard to hit and immune to seemingly all Crowd Control in the game.
  2. Now you charge in with Furious Charge, this will knock them up for a second giving you time to do some more damage.
  3. Use Whirlwind or Lacerate to do heavy damage depending on if you're fighting 1 or multiple enemies.

If the fight is fierce, Undying Rage will pop, giving you a limited amount of time to finish the job or get out of there alive. Either way keep on swinging and giving them hell until your last moments, you may be able to leech back most of your life and feel more confident finishing up a fight. If things are going poorly during your last stand use your final Furious Charge to attempt to escape back behind friendly lines. Once you use a Bandage and get your bearings straight, you'll have all your cooldowns back and can go right back to giving them hell!

Other Setups

  • In the current state of the game, Sprint and Undying Rage are almost mandatory so I wouldn't recommend removing either of those Skills from a PvP setup.
  • Furious Charge and Whirlwind are used primarily for damage and can be changed out for many others depending on what you want to bring to the battle.
    • For huge damage Cleave is a great alternative to Whirlwind, and Chained Spear with Crusher Rig can replace Furious Charge.
    • If you want to try to bring more Crowd Control try using Demoralize with Bestial Threat or Ground Stomp to pin down enemies.
  • Mix it up and be unpredictable, the Barbarian is strong and has many weapons at its disposal. If your enemies can't predict what's coming the next time they see you, they'll stand no chance!



Crusaders are a melee and AoE damage based class with the fastest overall movement speed in the game. Most crusader builds rely on Draw and Quarter as their main skill to move around and deal damage. The Primary Attack given by Draw and Quarter when combined with Legendary Items such as Besieger and Bladed Jambeau, enable Draw and Quarter alone to demolish waves of enemies. If damage becomes a problem, the Crusader has defensive skills such as Punish for improved block chance, or Conjuration of Light to make you and your party invulnerable for a short duration. In a party, Crusaders can use Holy Banner, giving all nearby party members a 100% Critical Hit Chance for a short duration. Crusaders also fill a party role as a scout, dealing AoE damage to trash monsters, triggering events, and pulling enemies together. In PvP, Crusaders have an impressive kit of stuns, interrupts, and dashes, such as Sacred Chain, Shield Charge, or Falling Sword with Little Lance. Overall, Crusaders are a top-tier choice for their high AoE damage, incredible movement speed, impressive defensive skills, effective party-wide buffs, and wide array of PvP skills.


The Crusader's reliance on Draw and Quarter exposes some weaknesses of the class. Draw and Quarter is vulnerable to stuns and interrupts, causing you to immediately lose the entire duration. Most builds with Draw and Quarter rely on casting other skills before casting Draw and Quarter, further decreasing your damage during stuns and interrupts for your entire build. Finally, using Draw and Quarter for movement means that when it is on cooldown, you have no options for escape. Since you are a melee class, relying only on Draw and Quarter for escape can make it easy to become trapped and make it difficult to dodge ranged attacks.

Draw and Quarter Condemn | Best for PvP

The Condemn variant is an strong PvP build that centers around using all of your cooldowns before an engagement, using Draw and Quarter relentlessly to stun, and using Condemn to interrupt other players. While it has incredible burst damage, if you are knocked out of Draw and Quarter, your opponent gains a significant advantage. It also suffers after an engagement, as you will have no other escapes or mobility. This build must be played aggressively or ranged characters will pick you off before you can get close enough. You can read the in-depth Crusader Guide here.

Skills & Inscriptions

Sacred Fire (Primary Attack) - Use for filler damage when all other skills are on cooldown.

Draw and Quarter - This build's main damage dealer and movement skill. Use Consecrate and Spinning Shield before charging into combat. Hold down your Primary Attack while moving to deal extra damage and trigger Primary Attack secondaries and family bonuses. Charge in melee with enemies to stun them continuously.

Condemn - This is your primary interrupt for this build. Use this to close out a successfully engagement if your enemy needs just a bit more stun to kill. If another enemy has a long cooldown skill or charge skill, use this to interrupt them before quickly engaging them with stuns from Draw and Quarter.

Consecrate - Does extra damage in an AoE centered on you, even while moving with Draw and Quarter. Use this before combat to deal damage to anyone unlucky enough to engage with you.

Spinning Shield - Use this large AoE damage when moving with Draw and Quarter to hit enemies as you close the distance with them. It can also be used as a way to zone enemies away from you when you are standing on objectives.

SlotLegendary Item
Main-Hand This build can use any main hand.
Off-HandPavise of Ten Wings - Spinning Shield instead spirals out from your character covering the entire screen for large-ranged AoE damage.
HelmMany-Eyed Aegis - Consecrate now moves with your character.
ShoulderSivket's Advantage - Draw and Quarter duration is increased by 20%. Important because it (in effect) increases the duration of other Draw and Quarter powers.
ChestIron Suzerain - Condemn will now pull enemies towards you.
Pants(name?) - Draw and Quarter will now stun enemies when you charge into them. This can continuously stun an enemy if correctly positioned.

Demon Hunter


In PvP Demon Hunters stay back and slay. Choosing when to engage is the key to success, as we don't have many tricks to survive. Once you group up behind your tanks, which are a Demon Hunter's favorite line of defense, you can turn the battleground into a sea of corpses.


Demon Hunters lack crowd control, "annoying" abilities, and can't easily engage or disengage in PvP. The best skill in your arsenal is once again Multishot, which has great range and spread, but once that's down you're left with auto attacks and your quick wits. It also doesn't help that they're one of, if not the squishiest class in the game. You'll need good positioning and careful decision-making to win with Demon Hunters in PvP, making them non-ideal for newcomers.

Demon Hunters sport the worst movement in the game. Yes they can move while shooting, but it's at reduced speed. Daring Swing, our only movement skill, is horrible. If it collides with ANY obstacle, you move nowhere. The animation speed and distance traveled are nothing compared to the Crusader's Draw and Quarter or a Wizard's Teleport, and can be impacted by slows against you to begin with. You need a fresh pair of tennis shoes on your Demon Hunter because you do a lot of walking.

Finally, other than the Tracking Kit which provides movement speed, Demon Hunters can't buff their teammates. The closest thing is using Chakram with Slayer's Breeches which gives 20% additional damage after hitting 5 times. Luckily, their unbeatable damage still gets them invited to groups.

PvP Build Concept

While the gameplay here varies based upon the situation, the setup we use is identical to the Solo Farming Build, except we take the frost Multishot instead of the fire one. This gives us mobility, ranged damage, and a tiny bit of crowd control. It's pretty simple here: we usually either 1 shot the enemy, or they crowd control and/or 1 shot us. Let's focus on making the former happen more often than not. You can read the in-depth Demon Hunter Guide here.

Skills & Items

Vengeance - This buff helps give extra damage while fighting elites and bosses.

Sentry - Provides heavy damage which we can place tactically and forget.

Multishot - This skill mows down everything in Diablo Immortal. The funniest part is you can fire these while moving, while auto attacking, and while your Sentries are blasting. This is hands down one of the best skills in the game.

Daring Swing - Helps with mobility some of the time if you can avoid running into things.

Crossbow Shot - Clears out any remaining enemies that Multishot and Sentry don't finish. Hold this down while moving to maximize efficiently. Feel free to run past monsters toward your next destination, and they will follow you to their death.

SlotLegendary Items
Main-HandBreath of Winter: Multishot now fires frost arrows that damage and Chill enemies.
Off-HandThe Hungerer: Crossbow Shot will now pierce through enemies and strike additional enemies behind.
HelmVision of the Lost: During Vengeance, each defeated enemy increases its remaining duration by 0.2 seconds, up to a maximum of 2.4 seconds.
ShoulderCowl of Absolute Punishment: Multishot damage increased by 10%.
ChestHeart of Vengeance: Vengeance cooldown reduced by 15%.
PantsHailfire: Multishot also launches 2 homing rockets, each dealing additional damage.


Demon Hunters have to balance surviving with sneaking in their damage. They are very squishy and susceptible to crowd control, so one stun could be the end. We use Sentries to protect ourselves from charging attackers, and pepper them down with max range Multishots. If done correctly, you can perform very well if your Offensive Rating is powered up!

  1. Activate Vengeance just before jumping into battle.
  2. Drop Sentries in corners and against walls where oncoming enemies are approaching. Force them to make the decision to either kill your Sentries and get blasted by Multishot, or attempt to charge through them to one shot you. Either choice should be bad for them, which is a win/win for us!
  3. Use Multishot often while at max range. It deals tremendous damage and can hit an entire lane of enemies. If you're out of Multishots and they're still coming for you, Daring Swing backwards until they're back up. It's not the bravest tactic, but we die in 1 hit and have minimal crowd control... so it's our only choice. If your teammates are winning a group fight and the enemies are retreating, you can be brave and Daring Swing forward into them and blast the Multishots that way. If they're hurt and running, they won't be able to survive.
  4. Hold down Crossbow Shot while moving for extra damage, but remember it makes you move slower. If they're getting too close, either run or swing away.
  5. Don't forget that all of your teammates are just there to be meat shields for you. Get behind someone who can distract and take the damage for you!

Other Setups

  • If you want to deal even more damage and don't care about Chilling enemies, change your rune on Multishot from Breath of Winter to Flamespite.
  • If you want to add crowd control to the build, drop Sentry for Knockback Shot.
  • Smoke Screen appears to be a skill designed for PvP, but it never seems to come in handy. Similar story with Escape, once they're that close to you, you're already dead even if you get the move off. Let's see how Diablo Immortal evolves and what PvP builds emerge for the Demon Hunter in the future.



In PvP Monks have the ability to quickly engage and crowd-control your enemies, taking them by surprise with Imprisoned Fist while shielding your team from incoming attacks. All in all, the Monk is a well-rounded class with a great toolkit and varying playstyles in different types of content.


The main single-target ability is Mystic Allies - a pet skill with a long cooldown that usually requires you to clean up most surrounding enemies before summoning them. If they get distracted or you can't even fit in the skill you can easily find yourself slowly chipping away at incredibly tanky enemies.

Lastly, you are required to sequence your skills in the right order for their most effective use, which both makes the class a bit more difficult to play and vulnerable to interrupts (especially in PvP). Luckily, most Monk skills have a rather short cooldown so you can get back into action quickly, nevertheless it's something to be aware about.

PvP Build Concept

Due to the nature of PvP there will certainly be multiple builds that can thrive and be successful. In general, it's always useful to have a lot of mobility, crowd control and the ability to do quick bursts or react to incoming attacks with defensive tools. Maximizing speed or DPS is not nearly as important as it is for PvE content and the following setup can definitely be adjusted in many ways. You can read the in-depth Monk Guide here.

Important: Even though for PvE content stacking Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR) is the number one priority as these stats directly limited you in the content you are able to clear, they are not nearly as important in PvP (see our post on stats here). This means that you can and should collect items that have more favorable magic affixes and stat distribution and don't necessarily have to follow the rule that "more equals better" as is usually the case, given the choices are reasonably close in their overall power. For example, since defense is more important here and you will be taken to the brink of death regularly, Vitality has a much bigger value than usual while Fortitude is almost useless due to the Critical Hit Chance cap in PvP.

Skills & Items

Mystic Strike - An indispensable movement skill that also deals damage and can charge up for multiple uses.

Imprisoned Fist - Especially in team combat and against ranged classes, landing a successful 5 second immobilize can be a death sentence. Likewise, it's great to make an escape or heal up with bandages against a melee opponent.

Seven-Sided Strike - Has great damage while also making you invincible for its duration. This will be your main nuke ability.

Wave Strike - While generally not great in PvE, here it can be used as a ranged attack while staying out of range or waiting for cooldowns. The knockback is helpful to disperse the enemy team, too. More advanced players should use Shield of Zen (especially when combined with Purity's Thought).

Fists of Thunder (Primary) - The standard primary attack skill. It allows you to do a short-range teleport, saving valuable cooldowns for that purpose while adding a bit of DPS.

SlotLegendary Items
Main-HandIce Upon the Blossom - Seven-Sided Strike turns to Ice damage with Chilling effect.
Off-HandAny Off-Hand
HelmPurity's Thought - Shield of Zen now also dispels a harmful effect from the target.
ShoulderThe First Wind - Each hit of Seven-sided Strike also temporarily reduces all damage you take.
ChestAny Chest
PantsIsolation's Path - Imprisoned Fist maximum charges increased by 1.


Avoid jumping into the middle without thought. You are a Monk and relying on your swiftness and your team is the key to success! The following is not a rotation or order of priority, rather use your abilities as necessary. Be aware of whom and what you're fighting, what their own abilities are, when they have used and whether you have to play around some of their cooldowns.

  1. Use Mystic Strike for mobility and to engage, dodge attacks and disengage again. Your enemy is most likely counting your uses and will know when you are slow and vulnerable, so don't waste your charges! If you are confident in a fast victory, you can also dash in with multiple charges to take them by surprise.
  2. Use Wave Strike when you are not ready for melee combat yet or to knock the enemies in opposite directions to give your team an opening. Be aware that your enemy might expect this to come their way and it might be dodged, so try to surprise them!
  3. Use Imprisoned Fist to get a hold on a target and unleash your (and your team's) attacks on it. This should be your opener after you managed to close the gap to your target. Be aware that this is not incapacitating your enemy, so they can still strike back during this effect! Defensively, it can be a great tool to make an escape and heal up.
  4. Use Seven-Sided Strike to deal damage. If you can predict an enemy attack, you can even avoid it entirely with its immunity phase, and your enemy will most likely more freely use their own abilities when they know it's on cooldown. Timing is everything!
  5. Use Fists of Thunder to deal extra damage and for more short-range teleports. This isn't a high priority as you generally want to play around your cooldowns.

Especially in team combat there is a lot more going and a lot more strategy involved than in a simple 1v1. Make sure you understand what you're up against and use your abilities with the greatest effect and in the right moment instead of whenever you can. You have amazing tools at your disposal to dictate the pace of the fight, use them to your advantage and retreat when necessary to heal up!

Other Setups

  • Wave Strike can easily be replaced with another skill if the ranged playstyle is impractical. Cyclone Strike can be great to gather the enemy team before an Imprisoned Fist, Flying Kick is another tool for mobility and to engage, Mystic Allies can be added to cause more chaos on the battlefield.
  • Another replacement is Shield of Zen, an incredible defensive tool in PvP. When combined with Purity's Thought to remove harmful effects this skill alone can turn a whole fight around when used in the right moment. It can be used for your own benefit or to save a teammate. For more advanced players, this should definitely be included.
  • Legendary items with slow effects such as Solace of the Peaks and Ice Upon the Blossom can be great to keep your opponent from escaping even without the use of Imprisoned Fist.
  • Tranquility's Gaze and Storm Spirit allow you to create powerful area-denial combos to force the enemy into specific locations or keep them at a distance.
  • With Freedom's Gaze you are able to stun nearby enemies instead of simply immobilizing them with Imprisoned Fist.


Will follow soon! Stay tuned.



Wizards are a flexible class with different playstyles and skill options. Control builds turn the tides of a battlefield for victory. They have an arsenal of CC skills that stun, freeze, chill and knockback. Duration AoE skills like Meteor Shower (Meteor) and Hungering Wind (Arcane Wind) are used to zone opponents off objectives. Battlemage builds can be used to rack up the kill count if you prefer to get aggressive. Flaming Orbs (Scorch) and Ice Storm (Ice Armor) can be precasted before Teleporting on your opponent with Riftdancer's Stride to deal insane burst damage. Your opponents won't even know what killed them!


Wizard skills tend to have long cooldowns. Strategic use of these cooldowns is important, especially for skills that benefit from being used together in combination. This is an Intelligence based class so you need to play accordingly.

Wizards lack group buffs. The only benefit they can give teammates is 10% extra damage from Disintegrate. Their class consumable Scroll of Westmarch is worthless, while the other class consumables provide buffs to teammates.

In PvP, Wizards are quite squishy and rely on hit-and-run tactics with Teleport to survive. The majority of their spells are skillshots (requiring precise aim). Poor aim or execution resulting in a missed attack can easily get you killed. You need to react quickly and accurately in battles to be a great Wizard.

Battlemage - PvP Build

- created by Lexyu

This is the most aggressive Wizard build in PvP, designed to rack up the kill count. It focuses on jumping into the fray and dealing damage up close. Multiple knockbacks are chained together to lock down opponents, while damaging skills rapidly hit at once. Your damage can melt opponents instantly, but you're also squishy. Fast reactions are needed. This build won't work well if your Offense Rating and Defense Rating (OR&DR) are considerably lower than your opponents. You can read the in-depth Wizard Guide here.

Skills & Items

Scorch - All four flaming orbs from Memory of Xiaoyu cause knockback when combined with Angmar's Repulsive Burden. Knockback is the most powerful crowd control mechanic in PvP. Learn to move around opponents to hit them with the flaming orbs.

Ice Storm - Passive damage that can be precasted before engagements. Also chills nearby opponents.

Teleport - Our strongest movement skill that can jump over obstacles. Teleport on top of opponents to engage and instantly deal high damage. Manage your charges well, allowing them to recharge before jumping into battle.

Lightning Nova - Can be precasted before Teleporting on top of opponents. The balls will hit them as they follow you to the new location.

Magic Missile (Primary) - The extra single target damage is spammed while your other skills are passively dealing damage.

SlotLegendary Items
Main-HandForce of Harakas - Increases Magic Missile damage by 10%.
Off-HandWinter's Eye - Ice Armor no longer absorbs damage, instead conjuring an Ice Storm around you that continually damages and Chills nearby enemies.
HelmMemory of Xiaoyu - Scorch now conjures four flaming orbs that orbit around you and explode when they strike enemies, damaging and Burning all nearby enemies.
ShoulderAngmar's Repulsive Burden - Scorch will now knock enemies away.
ChestRegalia of the Archmage - Lightning Nova now hurls balls of Immobilizing arcane energy.
PantsRiftdancer's Stride - Teleport now targets a location where it also damages all nearby enemies.


Battlemage playstyle involves using Teleport offensively to jump right on top of your opponents while quickly firing off all your skills. Mechanics to manage:

  1. Make sure you have 3 Teleport charges before fighting.
  2. Precast Flaming Orbs, Ice Storm, and Lightning Nova when it's time to engage. These skills will deal damage passively while you're in combat. Learn to use good situational awareness to gauge the proper time to jump in.
  3. Teleport on opponents to engage and deal damage. Don't use excessively. Save some charges for chasing or disengaging.
  4. Stay on top of your opponents to allow your passive damage to hit, while casting Magic Missiles. Legendary Gems like Howler's Call and Lightning Core can proc off your Magic Missiles for extra damage. Flaming Orbs can be casted again after the first 4 knockbacks are used. Use additional Teleports if they get away from you.

Other Setups

  • Lightning Nova can be replaced with Black Hole or Ray of Frost with Kyn's Cryomantle for more control.
  • Storm Armor with Heart of the Storm has more range than Ice Storm, but no chill. Zann Esu Elemental Weave can be used to provide chill with Lightning Nova instead.


You can check the scoreboard by clicking on the 3 vertical bar graph icon. It will also pop up after the battle ends. Here you can see the following stats of every participant:

  1. Player Kills
  2. Deaths
  3. Assists
  4. An overall Score. The player with the highest Score on each team receives MVP.
Scoreboard at the end of a Battleground


Next to all the fun of fighting against other players, you get additional rewards for participating (in the Alpha you got the same reward for winning and losing):

Keep in mind Diablo Immortal is still in Alpha; things will change! Blizzard is revamping matchmaking, rankings, class balance, time to kill, and other elements as stated in a recent blog article!

We’ll cover all updates as Diablo Immortal development continues. Stay tuned!


Written by Rob
Contributions by Dredscythe
Reviewed by Lexyu, Raxxanterax