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The Bestiary is a simple system that gives your character incremental amounts of Life and Damage. It unlocks after completing an early portion of the main storyline while leveling. It levels up by collecting and turning in Monster Essences, which have a chance to drop off monsters in the open world (not in any instance based zones/modes). Only uncovering new pages will grant experience to possibly level the Bestiary and grant these additional stats. It is possible to discover the same page multiple times. These pages depict monsters you fight in game and are separated in to three types: Unique, Rare and Common. Each type when uncovered rewards a different amount of experience. Unique monsters the most, Common monsters the least. The pages have information to better fight them as well. You have three attempts at uncovering new pages per day. The game allows you to turn in more, but it would be a waste of Monster Essences!

Obtaining the Bestiary

  • Defeat Lakrii in Darkwood for the main storyline.
  • The Horadric Bestiary quest line now starts by talking to Flavie, which sends you East to the Rogue Battlecamp.
  • After defeating Fallen, Liene sends you North to defeat more Fallen.
  • Once defeated, Kashya sends you to Akara in the Rogue Battlecamp.
  • Akara gives backstory on the Bestiary, and then both of you move to the Horadric Altar in the Rogue Battlecamp.
  • Akara performs a short spell to unlock the Bestiary. Inspect it.
  • Your first Bestiary page is uncovered and gains a level. This grants +100 Life and +10 Damage to your character.
  • Upon closing the Bestiary, Akara informs you that Monster Essences now have a chance to drop from monsters in the world. This completes the Bestiary quest line.


As previously mentioned, you gain Life and Damage when leveling your Bestiary. You get an assortment of other rewards when you turn Monster Essences.

  • A few items of varying quality - Common, Magic or Rare.
  • A small amount of Gold.
  • Your class specific Consumable item. This is one of your main ways to obtain these.
  • BattlePass Points towards your next BattlePass level.
  • Specifically, when you uncover a new page (dependent on the monster type) your character receives experience.


  • The Bestiary is a good source of early player power.
  • Hunting specific monsters in specific zones does not matter in collecting Monster Essences. Nor does the Bestiary you turn them into.
  • Return to any Bestiary as soon as you obtain 10 Monster Essences. This is critical as you can only have 10 in your inventory at any one time, and they will no longer drop. Pay attention to your Quest Feed on the left side as it alerts you as well.
  • Always turn in three rounds of 10 Monster Essences daily. Do not forget! This maximizes your chances at getting new pages and keeps you from falling behind, as you can get duplicate pages and there is no catch up mechanic!
  • Only the first three turn ins have a chance at uncovering a new page. Any further turn ins would be a waste of time and Monster Essences.
  • You can collect the next day's first 10 Monster Essences. This is great when short on farming time!
  • You can easily collect Monster Essences while doing your 12 daily Bounties, Zone Events or farming in the open world. Ashwold Cemetery, Library of Zoltun Kulle, and Frozen Tundra are great zones for this due to their monster density and spawn rate.


Written by Dredscythe
Contributions by Rob
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