Bestiary Walkthrough


The Bestiary is a simple system that adds to the lore of Diablo Immortal and rewards you loot while doing it! It unlocks after completing an early portion of the main storyline while leveling your character in Dark Wood. Its pages depict monsters you fight in game and are separated in to three types: Unique, Rare and Common. When uncovered, you are rewarded Experience, Gold, items and Battle Points. The pages have information on each monster as well.

You have a chance at uncovering a new page by collecting and turning in Monstrous Essence. These have a chance to drop off monsters in the open world (not in Challenge Rifts or Dungeons). There is no guarantee to uncover a new page, as you can hit a known page - RNG rules us all. You have three attempts at uncovering a new page per daily. The game allows you to turn in more Monstrous Essence, but you won't discover new pages or receive more Battle Points. You can use these additional turn ins to gain more overall experience as you farm the open world, along with a chance at Legendary items.

Obtaining the Bestiary

  • The Horadric Bestiary quest line starts early while progressing through Dark Wood and are sent to Flavie.
  • You go East to the Rogue Battlecamp.
  • After defeating Fallen, Liene sends you North to defeat more Fallen.
  • Once defeated, Kashya sends you to Akara in the Rogue Battlecamp.
  • Akara gives backstory on the Bestiary, and then both of you move to the Horadric Altar in the Rogue Battlecamp.
  • Akara performs a short spell to unlock the Bestiary. Inspect it.
  • Your first Bestiary page is now discovered. You also receive Gold, Experience and items of varying rarities that can be Legendary!
  • Upon closing the Bestiary, Akara informs you that Monstrous Essence now have a chance to drop from monsters in the world. This completes the Bestiary quest line.
A Monstrous Essence that dropped in the open world and where it's seen on the third stash tab.


As previously mentioned, you get an assortment of other rewards when you turn Monstrous Essence.

  • A few items of varying quality - Common, Magic, Rare or even Legendary!
  • A small amount of Gold.
  • Approximately 300k experience at max level.
  • 40 Battle Points towards your next Battle Pass Rank (daily first three turn ins only).


  • The Bestiary is a good source of early experience and potential Legendary items, even past the first three turn ins a day. The Bestiary can be a Legendary and Warband Chest giving machine!
  • Hunting specific monsters in specific zones does not matter in collecting Monstrous Essence, nor which Bestiary you turn them into.
  • Return to any Bestiary as soon as you obtain 10 Monstrous Essence. This is critical as you can only have 10 in your inventory at any one time, and they will no longer drop. Pay attention to your Quest Feed on the left side as it alerts you as well.
  • Always turn in three rounds of 10 Monstrous Essence daily. Do not forget! It takes approximately 60 minutes while grinding activities in the open world. Just remember, there is no catch up mechanic!
  • Collect the first 9 Monstrous Essence for your next day's first turn in. This speeds up farming time for the next day after you collected the tenth Monstrous Essence to ensure you don't miss out on Battle Points too.
  • You can easily collect Monstrous Essence while doing your 8 daily Bounties, Zone Events or farming in the open world. Ashwold Cemetery, Library of Zoltun Kulle, and Frozen Tundra are great zones for this due to their monster density and spawn rate.


Written by Dredscythe
Contributions by Rob
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Apr 26th 2022
Updated for launch

Jun 12th 2022
-Updated for release, Legendary item farming.