Bounties Overview


Bounties are some of the most rewarding activities in Diablo Immortal. Similar to Diablo 3, they are short quests completed in open world areas or dungeons. Immortal bounties are a good source of experience, Gold and Battle Pass points. The daily limit of 8 can be done in 30-45 minutes, and is a breeze to do with Immortal's auto navigation feature. Bounty quests can be accepted at the Bounty Board in Westmarch's Palace Courtyard.

The Bounty Board and Quartermaster in Westmarch's Palace Courtyard.


  • Up to 4 bounties can be accepted at a time. The bounty limit increases by 8 per day (up to a maximum of 24), but resets every Monday morning.
  • Unwanted bounties can be replaced with the reroll icon, up to 3 times per day.
  • Tapping on your Bounty Quest in the preview window on the left side of the screen auto navigates you to the quest location. Use this all the time!
  • Before reaching max level, bounties are only done in normal difficulty. After reaching max level, they must be done in Hell 1 difficulty or higher. Completing bounties in a higher difficulty doesn't increase their rewards.
  • Bounties can be done in a party. When a party leader accepts a bounty it is shared with the group. A party leader can also tap the portrait of a party member to share them.
Bounties can be accepted at the board.


  • Bounty experience is worthwhile compared to the time they take to complete. Always do them if you need experience, especially when level gated during the campaign.
  • A substantial amount of Gold is rewarded. It can be used for gambling items to salvage for upgrade materials.
  • Every bounty completed rewards 8 Battle Points.
  • Every 4 bounties completed rewards a bounty chest from Derek the Bounty Quartermaster, containing gold.

Group Split Bounties Strategy

The most efficient way to complete daily bounties involves a group of 4 players. Quest objectives are completed for everyone in a party in the same zone. The party leader can share their quests to the rest of the party when accepted, or by tapping another player's portrait.

  1. Group up into a party of 4 at the bounty board. Make sure everyone has abandoned any previously accepted bounties. Give party lead to any player that has 4 bounties in the same zone. The party leader accepts all the bounties and everyone else accepts the shared bounties when prompted.
  2. Choose the same difficulty and head out to the quest zone. Split up with each player picking a different bounty to complete. Make sure everyone remains in the same open world zone and difficulty to receive all the quest completions. Don't leave the zone until all 4 bounties are done.
  3. Repeat the process for all remaining sets of 4 bounties.


  • Bounties are a good source of Experience, Gold and Battle Pass points.
  • Group split bounties are the fastest completion. Team up and blast them down!
  • Have fun playing! These strategies are optimized for efficiency, but not necessary to enjoy the game. There is nothing wrong with playing solo and doing whatever bounties you feel like if you can't find a group.

More Info soon to come as Diablo Immortal development continues. Stay tuned!


Written by Lexyu
Reviewed by Raxxanterax, Rob


Apr 26th 2022
Updated for launch