Challenge Rifts


Challenge Rifts in Diablo Immortal are unlocked once you reach Westmarch and are accessed from an obelisk in the Palace Courtyard. The campaign gives you a tutorial on Challenge Rift basics early on. These are not to be confused with Challenge Rifts in Diablo 3, where you use a premade character with set items and skills. Instead, you clear levels with increasing difficulty similar to Greater Rifts. Pushing up levels is fun and challenging, with valuable rewards making it worthwhile. Leaderboards rank the top clears and determine reward payouts, adding a competitive feature to the game. The Multiplayer Leaderboard is the most rewarding, so gather your friends!


  • There are a total of 100 levels, each increasing by 30 Monster Combat Rating. The difficulty of each level largely depends on the player's own ratings compared with the monster's ratings. Each level has fixed monster ratings, unlike Elder Rifts that have no difficulty setting and scale with your rating.
  • They can be done solo or in a group with up to 4 players.
  • Each run has a random zone type, layout and enemy type.
  • A progress bar is filled by killing enemies or picking up progress globes that drop from Elite Monsters. When the progress bar is full, all remaining enemies disappear and a random Rift Guardian spawns. The entire run must be finished in 10 minutes for a successful clear.
  • Leaderboards display the top Solo and Multiplayer clears. Inspect the competition to see their builds and get an idea of what you're up against.
  • The first player on the server to complete every level increment of 10 (20, 30, 40, etc.) is displayed for everyone to see. They also receive additional honor for the clear.
  • Do not use Challenge Rifts to level or gain paragon, as they offer no experience.

Monster Combat Ratings

Challenge Rift LevelMonster Rating
Challenge Rift LevelMonster Rating


Pylons appear when pre-determined progress points are reached. The progress points are chosen randomly at the beginning of the run, and can't been seen. Once you have enough progress, a random pylon will spawn at the next available spawn point you reveal. Memorize the spawn points and make sure you uncover them for potential pylons. They give powerful buffs that can dramatically change the outcome of a run.

  • Conduit - Periodically release lightning strikes from your body, dealing high damage to a limited number of enemies at a time. This is useful for finishing hard to kill elites. Gather a group of elites for more progression. Kill trash mobs before activating the pylon to ensure lightning strikes elites.
  • Frenzied - Critical Hit Chance greatly increased. Best used at the Rift Guardian, but also good if you have a big group of enemies.
  • Empowered - Cooldowns reduced and Attack Speed increased. Best used at the Rift Guardian, but also good if you have a big group of enemies.
  • Fleeting - Movement Speed increased. Somewhat useful in getting around quickly, but not needed if dragging enemies.
  • Alchemical - Attacks freeze enemies. This isn't always a useful buff. It can help prevent enemies from attacking you, but also makes it harder to drag them.


Every level you complete for the first time rewards Crafting Materials, Runes and Hilts. First completion rewards are granted whether you clear solo or in a group. Complete any easy levels you can do in under 3 minutes for quick equipment upgrades. Don't waste time trying to clear difficult levels early on, you can always come back when you have more power. Gold, Hilts and Enigmatic Crystal are rewarded for placements on the leaderboards.

Solo Leaderboard

The top 1,000 individual clears place on the solo leaderboards. Only a player's highest solo clear appears, allowing one placement slot per player. The leaderboard contains 6 brackets that reward different amounts of gold and honor.

Solo Challenge Rift ranks reset every Monday at 3 AM server time, and the rewards are mailed to the top 1,000 players. These reward amounts are quite sizable, making them worthwhile if you can get a fast placement.

Weekly Solo Leaderboard Rewards

Multiplayer Leaderboards

The top 10 team clears place on the multiplayer leaderboards, split up into 2-player, 3-player and 4-player rankings. Each unique team can take a placement. Players can appear on the same leaderboard multiple times if at least one team member is changed, but they will only receive rewards for their highest clear.

Multiplayer Challenge Rift ranks reset on the first day of every month at 3 AM server time, and rewards are mailed to the top 10 teams of each group leaderboard.

Multiplayer rewards are much more valuable than solo rewards, due to the Enigmatic Crystal. This is the most abundant source of these limited upgrade materials, making them the biggest incentive to compete on the Multiplayer Leaderboards.

It's possible to be carried by more powerful players for a placement to get rewards.

Monthly Multiplayer Leaderboard Rewards


Offense Rating and Defense Rating

Climbing up levels in Challenge Rifts is easy until the Monster Combat Rating becomes higher than the player's. A red warning message appears in the middle of the screen when this occurs, and the player receives a penalty to damage and toughness.

If you're still missing any potential power from Helliquary or Equipment upgrades, you should farm them first. Return to the Challenge Rift level when you have an appropriate amount of Combat Rating to make it easier to complete. An exception to this rule would be pushing for a higher ranking right before the leaderboards reset for more rewards.

Warning: Monster Difficulty Very High!


Opening and leaving Challenge Rifts until desired conditions are met is commonly referred to as "Fishing". You shouldn't need to start fishing until the Monster Combat Rating is around 300 higher than your own. Fishing for the perfect conditions can take a long time, so only attempt it right before a leaderboard reset. Here are some conditions that can be fished for:

  • Zones - Avoid cave zones due to limited space to fight and drag enemies. Both the zone type and layout is random, so look for ideal spaces.
  • Monsters - The ideal monster type depends on a player's build, so try them out to get a sense of what you have an easier time completing. Fish for a monster type that is dense, easy to kill and gives good progression. Some ranged enemies, like dart-shooting fetishes, become too difficult to survive against and need to be avoided.
  • Elite Affixes - Some of these elite powers become too difficult for certain builds to handle. Waller affix should be avoided by builds with limited mobility. Jailer affix should be avoided by builds that can't break out of it. Understanding your build's weaknesses is important. You can also attempt to run past and skip an elite with bad affixes.
  • Rift Guardians - The time required to kill each boss can vary. Many builds have trouble with Rift Guardians that spawn too many additional enemies. You won't know which Rift Guardian will appear until you fill the progress bar, making this harder to fish for. Rift Guardians at high levels can take multiple minutes to kill, so make sure your build has good enough single target damage.
  • Pylons - Certain pylons may need to appear at a specific time. A conduit pylon can quickly kill elites and fill the progression bar. Conduit is so overpowered that it's required for your highest clear. Make sure you gather elites and kill trash mobs before activating Conduit for max efficiency. A frenzy or empowered pylon can be saved for the Rift Guardian to drastically shorten the time to kill it.

Rift Guardians

Bosses can take multiple minutes to kill at high levels. You need enough single target damage to kill them in time. Primary attacks are important for dealing additional damage while your other skills are on cooldown, so choose them wisely. Fervant Fang is one of the best Legendary Gems for single target damage.

Class Specific Builds

Use a build for Challenge Rifts that specializes in clearing groups of enemies and killing Rift Guardians. Check our build sections in the individual class guides for more details!

Demon Hunter


  • Challenge Rifts offer essential crafting rewards making them worth doing. Multiplayer leaderboards reward Enigmatic Crystal which are otherwise difficult to come by.
  • A high difficulty climb to the top makes them an exciting challenge, but don't waste time pushing early on.
  • Optimize your Combat Rating, Legendary Items, Gems, Skills and fishing to climb higher.
  • Have fun playing! While being on the leaderboards gives notoriety, it's ultra competitive. It's almost impossible to beat other players with higher Combat Rating.


Written by Lexyu
Contributions by Rob
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Apr 26th 2022
Update for launch