Charms Overview


A Charm is a Rare equippable Item that provides a 2, 4, 6, 8 or 10% damage bonus to Skills. Each Character can only have 1 Charm equipped so finding one with the right Skills is important. They can roll any Skill from any class in the game, making it difficult to get one that buffs the Skills you're interested in. You can purchase them from the Hilts Merchant and they are also rewarded for completing Bounties. Charms always drop at Rank 1 and can be Upgraded to Rank 5, unlocking 5 total Skill Bonuses at max Rank. Luckily there are other mechanisms that allow you to create a useful Charm. Let's dive into the various ways you can manipulate Charms and how to make one worth showing off to your friends.

Disclaimer: Charms are currently an insignificant part of your character's power. Investing resources into them isn't advised in their current state, instead check out our Powering Up Guide to see how to best use your time and resources.

Salvaging & Upgrading

Salvaging a Charm grants 10 Alchemical Powder for every Rank it has. Most Rank 1 Charms have a Skill you don't want and are quickly turned into Alchemical Powder for Upgrading. You need 20 Alchemical Powder to upgrade a Charm or 80 total to take one all the way to Rank 5. Every time you Upgrade it rolls a random Skill with a random value. Make sure to start with a Skill you want in hopes of getting a few more for your class as you rank it up. Sometimes this goes very poorly and you end up with a Rank 5 Charm that only has 1 relevant Skill on it, which provokes a few questions:

Does the Skill you want have a high roll on it?
If yes, you may want to keep this Charm as your main one for future Imbuing.

Does the Charm have a high roll for another Class or multiple Skills for a single Class?
If yes, Extract it into a Skill Stone and put it on the Marketplace. (More on this below)

Does the Charm have low rolls for 5 different classes?
Either Salvage it for 50 Alchemical Powder or Extract into a Skill Stone and put it on the Marketplace.

The Upgrading process really doesn't deserve that name at all and instead is more of a gambling process where you are hunting for high Skill bonuses. Once you find one you either use that Charm as your base or you Extract it into a Skill Stone. Whichever you choose you return to Upgrading other Charms so you can combine them with the Imbuing process explained below.

Extracting & Imbuing Skill Stones

When you come across powerful rolls on otherwise bad Charms, Extracting allows you to turn that bad Charm into a useful Skill Stone for the cost of 500 Platinum. When a Skill Stone is extracted it is imprinted with the Skills that were on the Charm and can be used to imbue a Skill onto another Charm. This process replaces a specific Skill with a random one from the Skill Stone. With only a 20% chance to get the Skill you want to transfer, try to find Skill Stones that have multiple Skills you're interested in on the Marketplace to increase your chances of getting something desirable! When imbuing you can't combine the same skills twice and instead have the option to replace the current one. Example: if you had Bone Spear 2% on your Charm and rolled Bone Spear 8% on your Skill Stone, you can exchange the 2% for the 8% but can't combine them into 10%.

Imbuing a Skill Stone

In the image above 3 Demon Hunter Skills are highlighted as the desirable outcomes when Imbuing with that Skill Stone. The Skill Stone picks one of those 5 options randomly and replaces Soulfire on the existing Charm. This Imbuing process is what allows you to eventually craft a Charm that has a Bonus to all 5 Skills you use in your build. You are always able to pick which skill you replace, so with enough Skills Stones and a bit of luck you can get a Charm with 5 of the correct Skills. Keep in mind that Charms, Alchemical Powder and Platinum are all scarce, so use these items and resources wisely as you try to craft a powerful Charm. Turning every underwhelming Charm into a Skill Stone can become quite costly.


Skill Stones are one of the few things in Diablo Immortal that can be traded on the Marketplace. Everyone will have Charms that end up as useless for their Class, but beneficial for other classes. This can lead to some powerful Skill Stones being sold regularly on the Marketplace. Again be aware that investing highly into Charms hasn't proven to be useful, but it is a relevant part of end game progression that shouldn't be ignored completely. Browse the Marketplace from time to time and hope for some amazing finds!

Marketplace Skill Stones


  • Charms are equippable items that provide damage bonuses to your Skills.
  • Charms can be salvaged into Alchemical Powder, which is used to upgrade other Charms up to Rank 5.
  • The Skill rolls are completely random and pull from all Classes in the game.
  • Skill Stones are essential for crafting the most powerful Charms possible.
  • Sell undesired Charms on the Marketplace and keep an eye out for Skill Stones that are to your liking.
  • Don't prioritize Charms early on but keep an eye out for interesting ones as you enter end game progression


Written by Facefoot
Reviewed by Wudijo, Raxxanterax


Apr 3rd 2022
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