The Charm Inventory Slot

Charms are making a comeback in Diablo Immortal! Unlike Diablo II you can only have 1 Charm effect active at the same time as they are put into an equipment slot on the top right. Charms are used to enhance your skills even further by providing additional Skill Bonuses.

In Westmarch you'll be able to find the Charm Craftsman that upgrades your Charms up to 5 times. Each upgrade ranks the Charm and adds one additional Skill, chosen randomly from any class, to it. Therefore getting a "great charm" that provides you with a +1, +2 or even +3 for one of the five skills you have equipped will take quite some time to get and is definitely an endgame chase. Charms always drop as rank 1 with exactly one random +1 skill shown in these examples:

The Charm Craftsman in Westmarch will allow us to Salvage, Upgrade, Extract and Imbue our Charms.

Charm Craftsman

1. Salvage a Charm
Salvaging a Charm of rank 1 to 4 grants you exactly 10 Alchemical Power regardless of rank. You'll need 20 Alchemical Power to level up a charm to its next rank and add a random +1 Skill Bonus of any class to it. There is no other way to receive Alchemical Power besides salvaging Charms. Charms and Alchemical Power can not be traded; you must farm these yourself.

User Interface for salvaging Charms

2. Upgrade a Charm

  • Upgrade a Charm using Alchemical Powder to add new Skill Bonuses. They bonus is always a +1 Skill Bonus and the costs are 20 Alchemical Powder regardless of the Charm's rank.
  • These Skill Bonuses are randomly picked from all skills of all classes.
  • Charms can be upgraded to a maximum rank of 5.
User Interface for upgrading Charms (pre-upgrade)
User Interface for upgrading Charms (post-upgrade)

3. Extracting a Skill Stone

A Skill Stone allows you to "extract the abilities" of a rank 5 Charm and later on apply one of "those 5 Skill Bonuses" at random to a different rank 5 Charm, allowing you to "reroll" one specific Skill Bonus.

User Interface for Extracting Skill Stones
An Extracted Skill Stone
  • You can extract a Skill Stone from a Rank 5 Charm for 500 Platinum.
  • The Charm must be in your inventory (it can't be equipped).
  • Extraction consumes the Charm - you can no longer use it but you are granted a Skill Stone.
  • The Extracted Skill Stone is imprinted with the Skill Bonuses that were on the Charm.
  • You can trade Skill Stones at the Marketplace with Platinum.

4. Imbue a Charm

  • Rank 5 Charms can be imbued by a Skill Stone.
  • The target Charm must be in your inventory (it can't be equipped).
  • Imbuing randomly chooses one Skill Bonus from the Skills imprinted on the Skill Stone.
  • You will be able to choose to accept the new Skill Bonus or retain the existing one on your target Charm.
  • Imbued Skill Bonuses can appear as +1, +2, or +3 to a Skill.
  • Each Skill can only appear once on a Charm.
Step 1: Select a Rank 5 Charm.
Step 2: Select a Skill Bonus you wish to replace on your target Charm and the Skill Stone the new Skill Bonuses should be selected from.
Step 3: Retain the old bonus or replace with the random 1 out of 5 outcome of the Skill Stone. The outcome can be a +1, +2 or +3 bonus.