Chat and Guilds


The In-Game Chat System is separated into 10 sections in Diablo Immortal:

  1. World - this Chat is used for Global Rank Announcements
  2. Zone - chat with all Players in your current map Zone
  3. LFG - a looking for Group Chat
  4. Party - for the current Party you are a Part of. For example in a Challenge or Elder Rift
  5. Guild - where you can chat with all Guild members
  6. Unknown for now
  7. Unknown for now
  8. Friends - where you can chat with all the Players in your friendliest
  9. Players - chat with recent Players
  10. My Log - where you can see a log of all messages you sent

In the Chat you can use Emojis and even link In-Game Items like Legendary including all their Affixes and Rolls.


Guilds are a part of the Social System in Diablo Immortal. You may join any Guild for free or create one using Gold. Guilds can have up to 150 members. To leave a Guild, tab on your in-game portrait in the Guild roster (Tap) and select (Leave Guide).

Guild Achievements

For the first time ever in a Diablo game there are Guild Achievements. For example "Defeat 5000 Undead Creatures" together with your Guild members!