Clans, Warbands & Party Systems


Diablo Immortal is a social game where you encounter other players in the open world, fight them in Battlegrounds, or group up to kill tough Helliquary bosses. In this post, we cover the in-game social systems like Clans and Warbands to help you to team up with your friends and slay the Minions of Hell together!


A Clan can have up to 150 members and joining one makes it easier to find groups and make friends. To find a Clan use the hamburger icon on the top left of your screen and tap on Clans. There you can search for, create or browse Clans that have spots open. You can join any Clan for free or create one using 100k Gold.

Find a Clan

This is the full Clan overview that shows every member, their level and a unique Clan-ID. You can filter each column to find players around your same Paragon Level or ones that aren't currently with a group or in a game. This is a fantastic way to expand your friends. There’s also a Clan chat where you can talk to everyone at once!

Clan Overview

To leave a Clan, tap on your in-game portrait in the Guild roster and select "Leave Clan."

Dark Clan & Immortal Clan

Clans have the ability to become a Dark Clan, where players will join the Shadows together to compete with other Dark Clans for the chance to become the Immortal Clan. Players in an Immortal Clan stay together as a unit and can invite up to two other Dark Clans to become Immortal Allied Clans. When the Immortals’ reign ends, as all reigns must, the Immortal Clan returns to being a normal Clan as the Cycle restarts.

Clan Achievements

For the first time ever in a Diablo game, there are Clan Achievements like: "Defeat 5,000 Undead Creatures" together with all of your Clan members! There are no known in-game rewards yet besides the prestige of the Achievement.

Clan Achievements Overview

Here are some Clan Achievements from the Alpha:


Warbands are meant for small, semi-permanent groups that play together regularly. They are a great way to find players focused on specific goals. Players can browse all available Warbands and apply for ones that meet their interests. Running content with your Warband yields extra rewards, incentivizing you to make a strong group of up to 8 Friends to slay demons with.

Creating and leading a Warband allows players to choose who can join. There is also a create post feature which allows a player to specify their own interests without creating or leading a Warband. Warband Leaders can browse all posts and invite players when they find a good match!

Warband Overview

Warband Chests

Players of the same Warband can find bonus Warband Chests when farming Dungeons unlocking extra rewards for the entire Warband. These rewards can be shared one time to any player within the Warbanrd and are stored in a separate Warband stash.
Once a player leaves a Warband all originally found loot from that player will be gone from the Warband stash.

Warband Leaderboards

There are Warband Leadboards with weekly rewards for completing Helliquary Raids. Rewards include Scoria and more.

Warband Hangout

There will be Warband Hangouts like campfires where you can chill out with your friends.

Party Finder

In Westmarch there is also a Party Finder NPC near the Rift Obelisks where you can make recruitment posts to find people to play with. Every time you make a post here it is sent to the Clan, Recruitment and Faction channels for everyone to see. On top of this the NPC has a great menu that players can browse to see all the current posts, which is divided into several categories to make searching easier.

Proximity Approach

While the game provides several great ways to make new friends and find teammates, there is another way that also works very well. Simply go out to the area or activity you're wanting to do and look for people to play with. If you're wanting to farm some Dungeons for Set Items, go stand outside the Dungeon on the difficulty you want to play on. You'll find many players already standing around there looking for teammates, as well as tons of other players as they come and go to do their daily activities.

You're looking for a team to do Challenge Rifts or Elder Rifts with? Head over to the Obelisk in Westmarch and see who's hanging out, tap on them and see if they're in a party or simply start inviting people to your party! Remember that this is a social game and many activities are more rewarding when in a group, don't be shy when you see people around you, try to get them into your party and find a mutual goal that you can strive towards!


  • Use Clans, Warbands and the Party Finder in Westmarch to keep your party full for maximum fun, efficiency and rewards.
  • Turn your Clan into a Dark Clan to join the Shadows Together and compete with other Dark Clans to become the Immortal Clan.
  • Don't be shy when you see other players, send them an invite and try to make a new friend!
  • Be social early on and you'll find yourself surrounded with like-minded players that can enhance your experience in Diablo Immortal.


Written by Rob
Contributions by Facefoot
Reviewed by Lexyu, Raxxanterax


Apr 26th 2022
Article updated for launch