The Codex is an important menu that tracks your progress on goals and rewards you for completing activities. Battle Points, Hilts and Crafting Materials can be collected from this menu. It also notifies new players on how to improve their character. Learning how to navigate the Codex menu is essential to progression in Diablo Immortal. Let’s jump in and learn all about it!

Battle Pass

The Battle Pass section contains objectives that can be completed for Battle Points. Gaining enough points for a new Battle Pass rank rewards valuable items, including some that are normally time or money-gated. New ranks also reward a sizable amount of experience, making it a good source of levels for campaign progression. This section of the Codex is divided into Guide, Activities and Quests.

Battle Pass Sections


  • The Guide contains objectives for individual Zones and Hell Difficulties. The objectives for each zone are easily completed as the campaign guides you through the areas. Make sure you check your guide in case something is incomplete. The Hell Difficulty objectives take longer to complete with their Paragon requirements.
  • Make sure you collect the Battle Points for experience while leveling, especially when you get level-gated to enter a new zone.


  • Activities include all the content that can be repeated multiple times for Battle Points. All the Dungeons, Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts, Bounties and Bestiary are listed here.
  • The featured activity of the day gives 2x Battle Points, making it worth prioritizing.
  • 2 Dungeons are also selected each week that have increased Legendary and Set drop rates in Hell Difficulties. This bonus is extremely important for the endgame as they offer more efficient farming.
  • A convenient auto-navigation button is unlocked upon finishing the zone's campaign to make your life easier.
The Featured Activity gives 2x Battle Points


  • Quests offer random objectives that can be completed for Battle Points. Some of these are completed in passing from just playing the game, like killing a certain amount of monsters. Be sure to check which objectives you have, so you can progress them while doing your usual farming.
  • New quests get added every day, so check them every time you log in.
  • A special quest is offered every day that rewards 300 Platinum, along with a Gem, Rare Crest and Scoria. Platinum is a currency rarely seen as a reward and is usually obtained by spending real money or selling items in the Marketplace. It's an easy objective to complete, so make sure you do it! Up to 3 days worth of rewards stack up in case you can't log in everyday.
The Platinum Reward Quest stacks up to 3 times

Conquest: World & PvP

  • These 2 menus serve as a guide to powering up your character. The World section tracks your Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR), along with Challenge Rift and Helliquary Boss progress. The PvP section tracks your Life and Damage Attributes, Build Progress and Battleground Rating.
  • Hilts are rewarded upon reaching each benchmark for the tracked stats.
  • Notifications appear when you have upgrades available, so check it periodically for updates. A convenient auto-navigation button is provided to make your life easier.
Conquest Progress


The Achievements section tracks your progress throughout the game. The rewards here are not as valuable as the ones offered in the Battle Pass, but they are still worth doing on the side. This section of the Codex is divided into Exploration and Player Achievements.


Exploration contains achievements for every zone in the game except Wortham and Westmarch. Objectives include tasks such as killing uniquely named Elites and interacting with objects. These offer a one-time reward of a small amount of Hilts. Check these objectives while farming in a zone and complete them on the side.

Exploration Progress

Player Achievements

Player Achievements track your character progress much like the Conquest sections. You should already be doing these objectives to power up your character. Collect the free crafting mats as you progress throughout the game.

codex achievements
Player Achievement Objectives


  • Learning how to navigate the Codex menu is essential to progression in Diablo Immortal.
  • Take advantage of the featured activity and dungeons for additional bonuses.
  • Check your quests daily for objectives you can complete easily. Make sure you complete the special quest rewarding Platinum and Scoria.
  • Collect rewards when available, especially Battle Points when experience is needed for leveling.


Written by Lexyu
Reviewed by Raxxanterax, wudijo


Apr 26th 2022
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