Complete Leveling Guide - Game Walkthrough


This leveling guide is your handbook to get through the entire campaign and understand the basics of how to control, gear, and level your character. We also prepare you for endgame activities. To dive deeper into your chosen class and game features/mechanics, check out our more specific guides and resources.

One of the most important steps in the campaign is unlocking the Helliquary. The Helliquary provides a powerful boost to your Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR), the most important character attributes in Diablo Immortal. It is only after this step that you are able to acquire Scoria, a valuable resource mostly gated by a daily Battle Pass quest, in order to further upgrade your character. Unlock the Helliquary as quickly as possible or else you will be lagging behind other players on progression. To reach this point in the campaign, you must finish the first 6 Zones (including Bilefen), 6 Dungeons, and a small questline after reaching level 40.

We also have helpful Tips & Tricks and additional information for new features so you can learn more about the game's mechanics. Use the links in the Table of Contents above to jump to any point of the leveling guide as you progress.

Start of the Game

  1. Choose your class. This is your single most important and long-lasting decision, so take some time to think about what you want to play. Creating secondary characters (alts) and progressing on different characters at the same time is difficult because there is absolutely no loot sharing in this game. All classes are pretty balanced and are viable for all endgame activities. Choose what you will find most fun! Our individual class guides explain their playstyles and can help you make an informed decision. Read through their introduction, strengths, and weaknesses: Barbarian, Crusader, Monk, Demon Hunter, Necromancer, Wizard.
  2. Enter game and play the intro.
Welcome to Sanctuary. Evil awaits!

Gameplay Basics

  • Move your character using your left hand and attack using your right hand.
  • Primary Attacks can be held down or tapped continuously.
  • Skills work in different ways. Some have cooldowns and are tapped, some are aimed skill shots, and others are charged or channeled by holding down the button.
  • Your quests are displayed in the top left corner right under your character's portrait. Watch them to understand your objective! The path of your selected quest is highlighted on the minimap.
  • Your target is highlighted by a red border. You will see its name, elite affixes and health bar at the top of the screen.
  • Most submenus, social features, and activities are located in the hamburger menu (the icon with three horizontal lines) in the top right corner. This is where you choose your skills and Paragon points.
  • Go to the settings in the top right corner and turn on Auto Pick Up of ALL rarities. Even when you don't need an item, it is valuable for salvaging and upgrading your gear later on.
Make sure to turn on Auto Pick Up of all rarities in the settings.

General Progression Tips

  • Follow the objectives of your quests but also go out and explore interesting looking areas. At later steps in the campaign you need to grind up levels anyway.
  • Use your cooldowns when they are ready. Your Primary Attack is quite weak but you can obliterate enemies with your Skills.
  • Look for big packs of enemies and elites on your path. Always kill elites you find; they are indicated with skull icons on the minimap.
  • Check your inventory for upgrades, especially after boss fights or Dungeons. At the beginning even single item upgrades are massive and happen frequently. Later on, only check for upgrades once you reach an outpost and do not waste time deciding on minor upgrades in the middle of questing.
  • Use your health potions. Health potions are the main source of healing aside from health globes. Your health potions recharge when you kill enemies or loot objects such as chests.
The Basic Interface.

Wortham Zone

This is the first zone in the game. It's the only instanced outdoor zone because it acts as a tutorial for the game. You will not find any other players here during the tutorial.

  1. Exit the boat and go to the destroyed house to the north. Defeat the zombie.
  2. Make your way up the end of the path to the northeast. Defeat the Putrid Desecrator boss. This boss is simply a punching bag. Collect all loot and experience globes. From this point on, make sure to always collect all of them as they provide a significant share of your total experience gains. Fill your empty skill slots with what you have available.
  3. Talk to the guard up north to continue the main story quest.
  4. Defeat the Acolyte of Damnation boss. Ignore his images unless you take too much damage. Free Korrin the Blacksmith and take the portal to Wortham.
  1. Head north into the Chapel and speak to Deckard Cain. Check your inventory for upgrades (indicated by green arrows) and salvage the rest at the Blacksmith.
  2. Head out of Wortham to the northwest and follow the path to the Unseen Lair. Defeat Eskara while dodging the exploding minions. Then defeat Ifriss the Destroyer while dodging its special abilities. Take the portal back to Wortham and speak to Deckard Cain (5) again.
  3. Make your way to Ashwold Cemetery. Congratulations! You have finished the first zone, which also doubles as the tutorial for the game. You can now party up with other players, add friends in, and use Auto Navigation. This feature allows you to select any point on the map of a zone where you completed the storyline and let your character walk there without additional input! You unlock this for every zone in the game as you progress.

General Tips for Boss Fights

  • Most bosses have multiple phases, indicated by one (or multiple) small red square icon(s) to the right of their health bar. For example, a boss with 3 of these squares has 4 phases at 25% intervals. After you have depleted the full health bar once, one of these is emptied and a new phase with full health bar begins.
  • Multi-stage bosses become more dangerous with each phase, gaining more abilities or summoning minions.
  • Every time you enter a new phase, a boss drops health globes. In case you are struggling to survive and are out of potions, you can dodge while using your heavy-hitting long cooldown abilities to bring it to the next phase safely. Primary Attacks are good to maximize DPS when it is safe to use them but overall weak compared to your other skills. Dying is much worse than fighting a little longer.
  • When you pick up health globes, only take as many as you need and save some for later.

New Game Feature: Guide & Codex

  • This feature can be accessed from the Codex (from the main menu in the top right corner). It provides long-term quests and achievements for your character progression.
  • Each zone has various objectives such as reaching a certain level, defeating bosses, completing Zone Events, clearing a Dungeon, equipping, or upgrading items.
  • Over time you accumulate many completed objectives. It is time-consuming to open the Guide at every step to collect their rewards. Instead, leave it as it is until a later point (when you have reached roughly level 30) to collect everything at once. Ignore the flashy red dots that tell you to open them at once!
  • You shouldn't worry much about hunting for these objectives as you complete almost all of them naturally throughout the campaign. In some rare cases you might want to hunt their completion as they can be an easy source of Hilts and Battle Points to complete Battle Pass levels.
  • Check out the full Codex Guide to learn more!

First Kill of the Day Rewards

  • You receive a special reward for your "First Kill of the Day".
  • Rewards change on a weekly basis (only if you complete them) and are generally valuable currency or items. In some cases even legendary items and gems.
  • You should ALWAYS make sure to complete this step even if you don't have time for anything else. It only takes a few seconds but is by far the most-rewards-per-time-spent-activity in the game!

Ashwold Cemetery Zone

While in this zone, gather experience by farming every elite pack and big monster density you encounter on your path to the next objective. If you happen to find tasks (indicated by a blue exclamation mark), you should always complete them. This applies to all future quest zones, as these events are valuable and you will be starved for experience (and Enchanted Dust) later in the campaign.

  1. Make your way north and defend Samina.
  2. Move on to the Groundskeeper's Home and speak to Ulric.
  3. Head east to the Crypt of the Honored Dead. On the bridge, listen to Lethes' dialogue and defeat the undead (focus down the Enraged Phantom in the back first). Then talk to Xul.
  4. Make your way west to the Guard's Watch outpost. Defeat the undead wave and talk to NPCs. Upgrade your gear at the blacksmith and salvage the leftovers. Remember to keep doing this every time when you reach an outpost.

Selecting Items to Wear vs. Which to Salvage

  • The game indicates which items are an upgrade for you by marking them with a green up arrow when you open your inventory. This works well early in the game, but there are some nuances that the game doesn't calculate later on. Once you're max level, review your gear manually instead of relying on the arrow.
  • The most important attribute in this game is Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR) which is a sum of your combined primary attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Fortitude, Willpower, Vitality). This directly impacts which level of content you can clear because you get huge damage penalties if your ORDR does not match or exceed the target's ORDR. Campaign content scales to your level (within a certain range) so it is a bit less important for the start of the game.
  • Specific item slots have specific base attributes: Damage (weapon, offhand, gloves, shoulders, helm), Life (chest, pants, belt, boots) & Armor (amulet, rings). This is fixed per slot and only scales with the item level.
  • As a general rule for PvE content you want to maximize your DPS. This means you usually choose the highest item level loot that gives you the most Damage and worry about survival later. In cases where the combined total ORDR is similar, you may want to choose a slightly lower value if it has a more preferential distribution of attributes(e.g. Willpower & Vitality don't contribute to your DPS besides Offense Rating scaling but Fortitude and Strength/Intelligence are great DPS attributes).
  • Some attributes are hidden in the details when you open your inventory. You have to manually open that tab on the bottom side of the screen to see more.
  • Magic, Rare, and Legendary items can come with random magic bonus affixes that might make them more desirable. Most affixes are useless, but a few can speed up your progression (e.g. Movement Speed, Attack Speed, Critical Strike Chance, etc.).
  • Make sure to check out your class guide for your stat priorities and take a look at the Equipment post to learn more!

Upgrading Gear at the Blacksmith

  • As you salvage more items or complete events and other objectives, you start racking up a large number of Scrap Material and Enchanted Dust. These can be used to upgrade rare and legendary items with extra primary attributes.
  • Magic and Rare Items can be upgraded to a maximum of 5 whereas Set and Legendary Items can be upgraded to a maximum of 20.
  • Each upgrade adds a minimal amount of attributes but has increasing costs, which makes upgrading them at a similar rate the most cost-effective strategy.
  • Starting at rank 6 and beyond, you also require Glowing Shard which can be acquired from salvaging legendary items. While they don't drop very often, the real bottleneck will be the other materials as eventually you require hundreds and thousands of them.
  • At certain intervals (ranks 6, 11 and 16) you gain a special extra attribute that gives you a small power spike.
  • Upgrade-ranks will be transferred from one item to the next whenever you find a new one to wear. There is no downside to start upgrading as soon as possible!
  • Learn more details in our full guide about Upgrading & Reforging!
  1. Make your way north to the Handmaiden's Cottage and defeat the undead there. Enter the house and talk to Xul and The Handmaiden in the back.
  2. Enter the Queen's Tomb. Ignore the first pack of spiders (they give no exp.) and run straight for the main room. Open the tomb and fight the Skeletal Mage. Dodge his channeled beam and floating projectile summons. Then take the portal out.
  3. Head northeast to Ashwold Manor to meet with Xul. Defeat the Bone Golem and destroy the Death Ritual. Stay back during the golem's Bone Storm ability to avoid being damaged.
  4. Go to the second Death Ritual and defeat the Blood Golem. This mini-boss has a huge AoE attack that is not actually dangerous so just keep smacking it.
  5. Go to the opposite side of the manor for the last Death Ritual. The Decay Golem is the easiest of the three.
  6. Join Xul in the center of the manor to fight Lethes. Beware of her channeled Blood Skulls ability and stay at distance if necessary.
  7. Make sure to grab the Ashwold Waypoint to the north, then complete the Mad King's Breach dungeon (guide below).
  8. After exiting the dungeon, talk to Xul. Follow the road northwest to Lord's Rest to confront Lethes. Her abilities are similar to last time, except she also summons golems. They can be ignored as long as you don't take too much damage from her attacks. Pick up the Worldstone Shard and finish speaking to Xul. Enter the portal to Westmarch.

New Game Feature: Battle Pass

  • The Battle Pass is a system with fixed rewards after certain steps of progression. While playing, you earn Battle Points and unlock ranks on your pass.
  • Not only do you get special loot like Gems, Legendary Gems, or Legendary items at certain steps, but you also gain a sizable chunk of bonus experience at every rank-up. This is extremely helpful for your campaign playthrough and should be used as late as possible when you are at a step where you need to grind EXP to access the next zone. The experience gain is slightly higher then.
  • For this reason, hold off on turning in your Codex and Battle Pass objectives as long as possible (first turn in around level 28-29) unless you are right at the point where you can get a special reward that can boost your speed.
  • Check out our overview of the Battle Pass to learn more!

Dungeons in Diablo Immortal

  • Dungeons are tied into the campaign and later become a great place to farm upgrade materials, experience and set items. Revisit them to level up quickly.
  • Dungeons are instanced content, so no one outside of your party can enter.
  • The most efficient way to run a Dungeon is to play with a full party, as this gives you a massive EXP bonus and group synergies. You don't need to do this for a single run for the campaign or a quest, but for repeatedly farming the same dungeons it is 100% recommended.
  • If you group up with others for longer sessions, make sure to coordinate with them about when to return to an outpost for salvaging.
  • When in a group, everyone must be in the same zone as the dungeon entrance. A run that is already in progress can be joined by teleporting to a party member from the party UI and entering the dungeon.
  • The starting prompt promises great rewards in the form of EXP and "Mystery Items". They are nothing special and most of the EXP and loot comes from drops, experience globes, and massacre bonuses, so focus on those! Similarly, small loot chests located in a hidden room or even just in a corner off the main path are generally not worth opening.
  • Check out our full Dungeon Guide to learn more about all of them!

Dungeon: Mad King's Breach

  1. This is the first Dungeon in the campaign! It has three rooms with one boss each.
  2. Enter the main room and clear both waves of ghosts. Clearing all enemies spawns Sir Gorash. Dodge his triple-smash and beware of his wall + arcane beam combo.
  3. Pick up loot and globes and enter the Grand Hall. If you feel comfortable fighting many enemies at once, run straight to the end and kill the last pack of enemies there in order to spawn and engage Manoruk immediately. Clean up some of the surrounding enemies and then finish the boss. This guy hurts so make sure to get out of the big AoE-attacks and focus on dodging during the skull waves.
  4. Enter the Throne Room and run about half way up the stairs. Stop and deal some damage to the Gargoyles and anything else nearby to keep them from resetting. Continue to the barrier that blocks you from entering the next room and kill everything. Enter the next room and clear everything in order to open access to the next flight of stairs. You have to defeat every enemy here to continue. The only dangerous enemies are Gargoyles which stun you, so focus on these first.
  5. Clear the room and make your way up to the final landing. Two waves of 4 skeletons each spawn that need to be defeated before you can engage the final boss.
  6. Defeat the Skeleton King. He has a variety of hard-hitting but slow and telegraphed abilities. Make sure to move out of danger as they not only hurt but also stun you. After the first phase, he summons his undead mount and gains an extra charging attack that should be avoided, too.
  7. Check out our Mad King's Breach Dungeon Guide to learn more details!


Westmarch is the main city hub in the game. It is a neutral city that serves as the starting point for your endgame adventures and your main resting area. The lower area around Rakkis Plaza has artisans like the Blacksmith, the Jewelcrafter, Charms Craftsman, Essence Transfer Vendor, and your stash. The upper area around the Palace Courtyard has a lot of the activity-based features such as Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts, Bounty Board, and more.

  1. Follow the NPCs that show you around town.
  2. Take the introductory bounty from the Bounty Board but ignore the rifts for now, you can run them later.
  3. Complete the quests with Deckard Cain and Charsi and finally take the portal to Dark Wood.

New Game Feature: Clans

  • At this point you should be level 20 or above, which unlocks clan membership.
  • Clans are a feature to permanently stay in touch with other players through its own member list and chat.
  • You can make your own for 100,000 Gold (which might seem a lot now but is not much later on) or join one for free with up to 150 members at a time.

Elder Rifts

  • Elder Rifts are randomly generated maps that are designed as a repeatable, farmable endgame activity. They can be started from the Palace Courtyard in Westmarch.
  • Elder Rifts difficulty scales with your level. Each time you complete one you obtain a few items and have a small chance for Runes and Legendary Gems.
  • By using Rare Crests (up to 3 at a time) or Legendary Crests (up to 10 at a time), the run has extra modifiers and guarantees special drops. This is also the only way to obtain Fading Ember (which also drop for your party members), which can be used at the Cellik, the Fading Ember Trader to obtain Runes.
  • Crests can be acquired from Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant. Both NPCs are below the entrance to Elder Rifts.
  • While the randomly generated content can be refreshing and fun, doing Elder Rifts without any Crests is not a high priority as you have more important things to do for now. Just use your Crests and move on.
  • Check out our full guide about Elder Rifts to learn more!

Challenge Rifts

  • Challenge Rifts are similar to Elder Rifts in that they are randomly generated but they do not scale with your character's power. Instead, they have fixed difficulties and allow you to choose which one to run.
  • Run each difficulty level once for their one-time rewards (usually materials and Runes). Repeating a cleared level offers no additional rewards and is not worth it.
  • Challenge Rifts are one of the main reasons why Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR) is your highest stat priority. The level which you can clear is strongly correlated to this stat.
  • Do not waste your time pushing difficult content unless it is for leaderboard placements right before a reset. You can always come back later with more ORDR to blast through it easily.
  • Check out our full guide about Challenge Rifts to learn more!


  • After the initial Bounty intro, you can do 8 Bounties (2 sets of 4 each) per day. This limit can be increased up to a maximum of 24 from unused Bounties from previous days.
  • They don't play a huge role in endgame progression but they reward you with a good chunk of Gold (used for gambling) and experience.
  • If you are planning to do a long play session, Bounties are a great pass-time while playing solo and waiting for a farming group to assemble.
  • At this point in the campaign you should only do the first introductory Bounty and save the rest for the time when you need to grind more levels to unlock the next zone (which will happen after the Shassar Sea zone before you enter the Library of Zoltun Kulle).
  • Check out our full guide about Bounties to learn more!


  • Runes are a special resource that comes from Elder Rifts.
  • Their main purpose is to craft Legendary Gems. The crafting cost is high and many runs are needed.
  • While Legendary Gems can be a massive upgrade to your character's power, Runes are not worth farming on purpose due to how long it takes to acquire enough of them.
  • Check out our full post about Runes to learn more!

Dark Wood Zone

There are many large monster packs here so do not hesitate to farm for some extra EXP. Keep an eye out for Bloodsworn to finish your Bounty along the way.

  1. Head north into the Blackstone Village. Talk to Lucian and take his letter.
  2. Follow the navigation to investigate 3 points of interest. Free Alyssa at the final house.
  3. Escort Alyssa to Kashya further up the road.
  4. Go west into the Bloodsworn Den. Defeat Kayla the Nightshade and free Hemlir. Defeat Lakrii. Avoid her AoE abilities as this is a long fight with two phases. Take the portal back to Dark Wood and talk to Flavie.
  5. Follow the path northeast to the Rogue Battlecamp, killing quest marked enemies on the way. Complete the Horadric Bestiary quest and talk to NPCs at the camp.

New Game Feature: Horadric Bestiary

  • The Bestiary is another great source of loot and experience. It also has a fancy little book with pictures and some lore for various enemies you encounter.
  • Unlocking a new page is random and you may hit the same one again. Regardless, the Bestiary has limited pages and eventually you catch them all.
  • As you defeat enemies out in the wild (not instanced content like Dungeons and Rifts), you find Monstrous Essence. A counter is displayed in the top-right corner of the screen when you collect one, otherwise you can also find it in the materials tab of your inventory to track your progress.
  • Once you have gathered the limit of 10, you can visit a Horadric Altar and turn them in for your chance to unlock a new page. This can be done up to 3 times per day. You can only hold 10 Monstrous Essence at a time, so you should visit a camp soon once full. It's also possible to pre-farm another stack to immediately turn in the next day if you want.
  • Farming for the Bestiary is usually best combined with other outdoor activities such as farming Zone Events or Bounties.
  • Check out our full guide on the Bestiary to learn more!
Monstrous Essence - Turn them in at the Horadric Bestiary every time you collect 10 of them.

How to Farm Enemies While Exploring

  • As you roam around the zones of Sanctuary either for the campaign, Bounties or any other objectives later on, it's important to prioritize the right targets. Elites and bonus events are always worth finishing.
  • Trash monsters can still be worth fighting when there are many of them. When your cooldowns are ready, unleash a quick combo that obliterates a dense pack and move on. Instead of fighting enemies one by one and waiting, drag them together to blast them all.
  • Be careful when dragging enemies for too long: Eventually they will lose interest, turn around and reset. Learn how far you can stretch it to create the biggest pulls possible.
  1. Head out of camp to the North and defeat the Crimson Arach. Take the Crimson Arach's Eye.
  2. Go northwest to the Fetid Swamp and fight Priestess Vassarici. She has a nasty channeled blood bats ability that can shotgun you at close range with all projectiles at once, so avoid it at all costs! Take the Blood Flower's Thorns.
  3. Go south to the Fallen Village. Defeat the Fallen Matriarch and take the Blackened Branch, then TP back to the Rogue Battlecamp (5). Salvage and deliver the quest items to Hemlir. Talk to the NPCs.
  4. Head North to the Cult of Damnation's Camp. Defeat the Cultists and grab the Ember of Dark Magic.
  5. Keep going North to the Inifuss Tree. Make sure to activate the Waypoint. Speak to Hemlir, defend him during the event, and fight off his Shadow Clone. Speak to Hemlir & Flavie.
  6. Head west to the Sanguine Ruins, activating the Cursed Grove Waypoint. Find Liene and fight the Blood Rose. You have to defeat her twice, first in the easy form, then powered up by Lakrii's sacrifice. This is a dangerous and long fight, so preserve your health potions as much as possible! Dodge all ground effects, avoid the channeled beam by standing at the left-most spot of the area, and run far away during her suck-in ability, as she heals by consuming your health!
  7. Leave the Blood Rose area and speak to Akara for her quest. Complete the Forgotten Tower dungeon (guide below).
  8. After finishing the dungeon, speak to Kashya outside. Walk (don't TP) to Westmarch, else the quest won't complete. This unlocks auto-navigation for Dark Wood!

Zone Event Bosses

  • Some zones have boss spawns similar to Blood Rose. Even though part of the campaign, this is one of the bosses you can farm for Guide completion, Battle Points and the chance for great loot.
  • Some of these bosses spawn periodically while others have to be triggered from certain events or by collecting certain amounts of zone-specific items.
  • They have fixed locations and appear on the map. Whenever you enter a zone, it's worth taking a look to see if one is around.
  • Zone bosses are a great source of legendary items!
  • Check out our full guide on Zone Events to learn more!

Dungeon: Forgotten Tower

  1. This Dungeon has 3 parts with a miniboss and the final boss. There is a little outdoor area at the beginning and a square layout at the end.
  2. Rush in until the blocked gate and defeat all surrounding enemies to open it.
  3. Ignore other enemies and run straight down the stairs to the northwest. Once down the stairs, kill all of the present Bloodsworn to spawn and confront Blood Priestess Innaloth. She's mostly a punching bag but if you run into trouble, make sure to clean up the surrounding Bloodsworn to lower incoming damage.
  4. Talk to the Dying Villager, then open the door to the southwest.
  5. You have to defeat enough enemies to proceed. Clear the bulk of enemies on the left side, then return back to the first boss room and open the other door. Finish killing enough enemies to complete the quest. Beating the time limits will spawn extra loot chests at the end of the run, so try to be quick! Be wary of the swinging blades which deal massive damage and stun you, their hitbox is much larger than it seems.
  6. Move into the final room and engage The Countess. She has a charged-up cone-shaped swipe ability you should dodge, spawns a bunch of easy adds and disappears for a while after the first phase. Her return is marked by a blood circle on the ground - move out of it to avoid taking unnecessary damage. Most importantly, dodge her channeled blood bats ability she starts using in phase 2.
  7. Check out our Forgotten Tower Dungeon Guide to learn more details!

Westmarch Visit #2

  1. Head to Cain's Workshop and give him the Worldstone Shard.
  2. Wait for the event to complete and fight off all spawned demons and Ventar the Unholy.
  3. Gather the notes and find Jondo Mouren, the Crest Merchant in the Palace Courtyard. He gives you a Legendary Crest. Aside from rare occasions (mostly through the Battle Pass or winning Challenge Rift competitions), you can only buy them with Eternal Orbs.
  4. Open an Elder Rift and use the Crest to get your first Legendary Gem! Socket it into one of your weapons or primary armor pieces. After the run you receive 6 Rare Crest. You can use them now (two runs using 3 each) or continue to progress the main story questline.
  5. Find Charsi and follow her. Save Vic from the Brigands, then find Seril, the Apprentice Jeweler in Rakkis Plaza.
  6. Talk to the NPCs. Find the armor rack behind Charsi's smithy and take it to Dya. Finish the dialogues and find Deckard Cain again.
  7. Enter the Wolf City Tavern and find Bartender Bailey. Fight off the pirates and speak to Captaim Rehm. He sends you to the Docks that take you to the next zone.

New Game Feature: Marketplace

  • At this point you should be around level 25 or above, which unlocks the Marketplace.
  • Dya can be found in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch. She allows you to list items for auction and buy them from other players.
  • This is the only way in the game to transfer items between players.
  • Gold is used as a fee to list items and Platinum is the currency used for pricing them.
  • Equippable weapons & armor pieces are untradeable. You can trade Runes, Legendary Gems and Skill Stones.
  • It will most likely take a while until you find something worth selling so don't bother much until you are in the endgame.
  • Check out our full guide on the Marketplace to learn more!

Hilts Merchant

  • One of the NPCs you spoke to is Lieutenant Fizriah, the Hilts Trader. He can be found on the far North-Eastern corner of Westmarch, near the entrance to the domain of the Immortals.
  • Hilts are a resource you acquire mainly from PvP-related activities and Battlegrounds. You gain more of them after joining the Shadows or Immortals through various activities.
  • The most important items to acquire here are Legendary and Rare Crests, used to empower Elder Rifts to give you a chance of finding legendary gems! He also sells certain legendary gems directly. Make sure you always max out the purchase limit for these.
  • The Hilts Trader also offers other valuable rare drops such as Gems, Charms and sometimes even special timed offers so it's worth checking in once in a while. Avoid wasting your Hilts for simple-to-find resources such as Scrap Material, Enchanted Dust, etc.
  • Check out our full post on Hilts to learn more!
Hilts Trader Offers

Regular & Legendary Gems

  • Gems have two categories: Regular & Legendary.
  • Regular Gems can be socketed into secondary armor & jewelry (left side of your equipment slots, up to three Gems per item). Legendary Gems can be socketed into primary armor & weapons (right side of your equipment slots, one per item).
  • Regular Gems have three colors: red, blue and yellow. They can only be inserted into sockets of the same color. They are upgraded at a Jeweler by combining three of the same rank and color. Each additional rank multiplies the base value given by a Rank 1 Gem.
  • At the beginning, don't upgrade every available gem. Save some extra gems to socket into new gear you acquire.
  • Legendary Gems are limited rewards from Elder Rifts and the Battle pass. They can also be bought with Platinum in the Marketplace.
  • Legendary Gems have special effects such as conditional damage bonuses, damage procs, defensive and crowd control effects. They are an integral part in your character's build and can change the way you play. Make sure to read your class guide to learn which ones are valuable! For now, just fill up all your slots with any you find.
  • Check out our full guide on Gems and Legendary Gems to learn more!

Shassar Sea Zone

  1. Follow the path north and fight Thiago the Bloodthirsty and his bandits. Take the key from his corpse and free Zov.
  2. Follow Zov to Tabri's Encampment and speak to the Injured Lookout.
  3. Head out to the southwest, and fight Lacuni. Talk to Tabri and Zov.
  4. Go south to find and defeat Alvas. Take his skin, TP back to camp (2) and talk to the NPCs again. Speak to Emigne followed by Peth and take the first map piece.
  1. Go west to the Chamber of Wisdom. Defend from the undead and inspect all the Mummified Corpses to spawn Watep the Sacrificed. Take the soul and open the two mechanisms guarding the door. Once inside, defeat Corphet the Venomwing and grab Fahir's Command. It's a fairly easy boss, just beware of the poisonous ground effects.
  2. Move out to the northeast to find Zov for the second map piece.
  3. Follow the path northwest and give Fahir's Command to Tabri.
  4. Complete the Tomb of Fahir dungeon.

Dungeon: Tomb of Fahir

  1. This is a fairly big and long Dungeon, mostly due to timed events and many boss encounters. You can choose to explore around and find a few small chests but usually it's better to cut it as short as possible.
  2. Once inside, head straight north and ignore most enemies unless you find elites or a big pack. Find and defeat the Icon of Rebirth. If you're taking too much damage, prioritize finishing the adds before the miniboss.
  3. Backtrack near the entrance and go south, then northeast to find the Icon of Souls. The fight is similar to the previous one but also has a channeled beam attack you should avoid.
  4. Go back to the central chamber, then northeast. Open the door and engage King Fahir. Avoid taking damage from his dangerous ground effects and adds, because this is a long fight. Most importantly, run far away when he charges his big sand-circle on the ground.
  5. Enter the next floor and activate the elevator. Fight off all monsters on your descent. Defeat the Colossal Tomb Borer in both phases.
  6. In the final chamber, defeat Segithis. Destroy two of his legs at a time, then burst his main body down. Make sure to move far away from the ground effects as his abilities hurt and stun you for a while.
  7. Take Fahir's Visage and leave back to Shassar Sea.
  8. Check out our Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Guide to learn more details!

Shassar Sea Zone (continued)

  1. Walk up the path and give Fahir's Visage to Tabri. Take the third map piece from her.
  2. Head North-East to the Chamber of Truth. Inside, activate the Stone Mechanism and enter the Prison of the Scorpion. Defeat Skorspine the Marrowrot. Make sure to stay inside the circular arena and avoid the long charge-up breath ability. Once he is taken care of, take the Fahir's Light and deliver it to Tabri, then follow Peth out to the Waypoint.
  3. TP to Sereth Outpost and free Peth who managed to immediately get himself caught by Jarsem the Tracker and his fellow Sand Scorpions.
  4. Head West to the Library of Zoltun Kulle. This concludes the Shassar Sea zone and unlocks auto-navigation.

Mysterious Scrolls & Other Zone Events

  • During your adventures in Shassar Sea a Mysterious Scroll may drop fron enemies you defeat. When you pick it up it activates a special event. They drop with blue text, and they are not auto-looted so pay close attention!
  • Your priority is the main story questline so it's not worth hunting for them specifically just yet. Just it them up and complete the event if you happen to find one.
  • Check out our full guide on Zone Events to learn more!

Treasure Goblins

  • In outdoor content, you may find our dear old friends from Diablo 3 - Treasure Goblins! In Diablo Immortal they behave in a similar way. Once you attack them, they try to run away and eventually escape through a portal. Make sure to finish them off quickly for rewards!
  • They are a valuable source of Gold and items, so prepare to hunt them down when you find one!
A Treasure Goblin - Hunt Him Down!


  • There are different globes that can drop from defeated enemies to help you out. The types of globes are:
  • Health Globe: Heal you. They drop regularly when a boss enters a new phase.
  • Experience Globe: Give a portion of the defeated enemy as bonus XP.
  • Conduit Globe: Zaps surrounding enemies 3 times.
  • Quickening Globe: Improves Attack and Movement Speed for a short time.
  • Energy Globe: Resets all cooldowns.
Leveling Guide
Quickening Globe


  • There are a variety of different shrines in the game that give you a timed power-up when activated. They give a boost when farming outdoor zones, but are more useful in Challenge Rifts. Saving them for the right moment can mean the difference between success and failure. The types of shrines are:
  • Frenzied Shrine: Critical Hit Chance greatly increased.
  • Conduit Shrine: Zap surrounding enemies.
  • Alchemical Shrine: Freeze attacked enemies.
  • Empowered Shrine: Cooldowns reduced and Attack Speed increased.
  • Fleeting Shrine: Movement Speed increased.
  • Pool of Reflection: Spawn Experience Globes from defeated enemies (technically not a shrine but similar behavior).

Library of Zoltun Kulle Zone

You need to be at least level 35 to continue the campaign in this zone. This is the first point in the campaign where you likely need to grind more experience before you can proceed and it happens again in every zone from now.

This is the time to open your Codex and collect all the Battle Points from completed objectives. Claiming enough Battle Points levels the Battle Pass, which gives you a massive amount of experience. The amount of experience rewarded increases with your character level.

The quickest way to gather the remaining experience is running the Mad King's Breach dungeon in a group. Head to Ashwold Cemetery and start blasting! Farming in a 4 player group gives extra gems and should allow for faster clears if the other players are competent enough. If you are more interested in outdoor content, head to Westmarch and start a round of Bounties - they also offer great XP rewards and some Gold! You can also gain experience in Elder Rifts and use any Rare Crests you received earlier.

Get to level 35 before heading to the Library of Zoltun Kulle and continuing this guide. This should take somewhere between 30-90 minutes, depending on how much EXP was missing and your farming speed.

  1. Defeat the Mysterious Phantoms and The Curator. Talk to The Curator to accept his quest.
  2. Kill the quest marked enemies and reach the statue to the northwest. You have to activate three different Runes in order to proceed from here. There are many events in this zone so it's worth walking around instead of teleporting.
  3. Follow the path to the west and find the riddle with the 9 lamps. To solve it, simply activate every corner once, then activate the middle one. Take the rune and place it at the statue (2).
  4. The second rune is near the statue (2) and can be picked up after defeating Grimaldi the Flaming Soul. Place it in the statue.
Leveling Guide
  1. The third rune is northeast and requires a puzzle of mirrors to be solved (solution in image). Defeat the Hungering Echoes and take the third rune. Place it in the statue (2).
  2. Head northwest to the Central Core. Defend The Curator from the Core's Guardians.
  3. Make your way to the far western side of the zone to acquire the Master's Journal after defeating the Arcane Thralls. Deliver the journal to The Curator back at the Central Core (6).
Leveling Guide
The Mirror Puzzle Unlocking the Third Rune - Library of Zoltun Kulle
  1. Follow the path to the northeast. Help the friendly golems, unlocking the Hidden Alcove outpost. Be nice to those golems, they're helpful and cute! Talk to the NPCs at the outpost.
  2. Head out east, towards the northern tip of the zone. Fight off all enemies at the bridge and activate it. Defeat The Eternal Guardian on the other side. This guy looks more menacing than he really is, but it's a long and annoying fight. Take the Guardian's Remains. Use the Portal Device to the northwest to teleport to the Chaos Engine.
  3. Insert the Guardian's Remains into the Chaos Engine. On both sides there are orbs you need to activate. Protect them from the incoming Burning Dead and Vulkrek the Chaos Smith. Take the All Spark Spark of Life from the central device and deliver it to The Curator at the Central Core (6). He teleports after you're done talking to him.
  4. Run around to the Archive of Secrets in the northwest. Complete the event there and follow The Curator.
  5. The Curator leads you to the alcove. Complete the Destruction's End dungeon (guide below).
  6. Exit the dungeon and talk to The Curator back at the entrance. He teleports you to the Terminus, the exit leading to the next zone, Bilefen. This unlocks auto-navigation. You need to reach level 40 to continue. Back to the EXP grind, see you in Mad King's Breach!

Dungeon: Destruction's End

  1. This Dungeon is a vision from the past featuring Baal, Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha. It has only one straight path through the entire zone with several blockades in between where you have to fight off waves of enemies.
  2. Fight alongside your two allies and defeat all waves. Move on when a blockade falls. Engage Baal halfway in, who has similar abilities as in Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction. His most dangerous ability is a channeled AoE that shoots off projectiles in all directions, which can also be used by his clone. Avoid them and the fight will be easy. Tal Rasha also casts a protective barrier that you can hide behind.
  3. At 50% HP Baal teleports away and you have to chase him through another gauntlet of blockades. Finish before the timer is up for a bonus loot chest at the end.
  4. Check out our Destruction's End Dungeon Guide to learn more details!

Essence Transfer

  • At this point in the campaign you most likely acquired a few legendary items already. They are usually a massive stat improvement on top of adding extra effects to your skills. They drop unidentified and need to be brought to an Identifier NPC at any outpost to become usable.
Leveling Guide
  • Once you acquire your first duplicate legendary item, you unlock the Essence Transfer feature. This feature allows you to extract a legendary item's power to permanently unlock it. You can convert any other legendary item of the same slot to inheriting the power. This allows you to always use your best legendary item with your chosen power.
  • Essence Transfers can be done free of charge when talking to Zamina in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch.
  • Check out our full post on Essence Transfer to learn more!


  • In Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch you find Yakin, who offers you "Mystery Items" for Gold. This is the Gambling feature that allows you to target specific items with a chance to get an upgrade.
  • After finishing the Library of Zoltun Kulle main story questline you unlock all item gambles, including jewelry. It's a good idea to spend some of your Gold there to acquire some rings and an amulet for a significant boost in damage early on.
Leveling Guide
  • Once you have done so, you want to preserve your Gold until you have reached max level and then come back regularly mostly for primary armor and weapons.
  • Check out our full guide on Gambling to learn more!

Legendary & Unique Elite Monsters

  • While you are outdoors in the campaign zones, you might come across legendary elite monsters, marked by an orange skull icon on the minimap. These are rare spawns that behave similar to elite monsters, except they're more dangerous.
  • These monsters have a small chance to replace regular elite monsters in fixed spawn points. It's possible to memorize their locations and check for them.
  • Whenever you see them, prepare for a tough fight and definitely go for it. They have a high chance to drop a legendary item!
  • You can also find unique elites, marked by a purple skull on the minimap. They are more common and act like a mini zone event. They are also always worth finishing for their loot chests for Enchanted Dust.
Leveling Guide
Legendary Elite Monster - ALWAYS Kill them!

Bilefen Zone

Bilefen is first accessed from The Curator at the Terminus (end of the Library of Zoltun Kulle questline). You need to be at least level 40 to enter this zone. This is the second point in the campaign where you likely need to grind more experience before you can proceed. Check the beginning of the Library of Zoltun Kulle section for the strategy on grinding the remaining EXP.

  1. Once you enter Bilefen, make your way north to Port Justinian. Make sure to grab the Waypoint there and talk to the NPCs in town.
  2. Head out east and find the Temple of Namari. Once there, defend yourself from the ambush of Temple Guardians. Talk to Jin and Namari and walk back to Port Justinian (1) to find Jin there. Defeat the ambushing fetishes and Soul Killer Shaman. Be on your guard, this is a dangerous enemy because his fireball salvo can shotgun and kill you easily! Stay away if possible.
  3. Move through the northern gate and find Cadeus. Escort him until you find the Bloated Corpse.
  4. Follow the trail of corpses until you find the Maggot Brood and defeat it.
Leveling Guide
  1. Talk to Cadeus, then go into the Abandoned Village and find Elder Owens. Defeat him and take the Nephalem Beacon. Finish talking to Cadeus.
  2. Go southeast to the Fetish Village and talk to Watts. Rescue the survivors, including Geli. Talk to him for the dungeon quest.
  3. Complete the Kikuras Rapids dungeon.

Dungeon: Kikuras Rapids

  1. This Dungeon is straightforward. There is only one path and it has a long ride on a raft before the final boss fight.
  2. Head north while fighting off big packs. There's no need to clean up every stray monster. Find the ramp and lower it so you can cross and jump on the raft.
  3. During the ride, hordes of fetishes engage you from all directions. Be on your guard and defend yourself while dodging incoming projectiles. Hilariously enough, you don't even have to dodge the fire to pass through. How easy!
  4. Halfway through the ride you will reach a blockade of three fetish shamans shooting fireballs at you. You can't fight these, simply avoid their flames until the timer runs out and the problem will solve itself!
  5. Finish the ride and engage Ongori. This boss summons more totems as the fight progresses, with every phase adding one more turning flame-throwing totem that denies part of the arena. Don't catch too many of these flames or you will be toast! Additionally, the boss summons a healing totem from time to time, so make sure to deal with them quickly.
  6. Check out our Kikuras Rapids Dungeon Guide to learn more details!

Bilefen Zone (continued)

  1. Once you exit the Kikuras Rapids dungeon, go west to Crimsonblade Haven to find Jin.
  2. Talk to Jin and follow him up to Rhodri's Ship. Search the cabin and defeat Rhodri the Red. Open the Iron Cage in the room to the left by turning the two wheels simultaneously. Take the beacon and finish talking to Jin before leaving the ship.
    Return to the Temple of Namari (2), making sure to activate the Southern Wetlands Waypoint on the way. Place the beacons to summon Namari. Speak to her and complete the Temple of Namari dungeon (guide below). Make sure to talk to her first or it won't count for the quest!
    After exiting the dungeon, talk to Jin. Then TP back to Port Justinian (1) and speak to Sandro the Mouth for the Timeworn Letter.
  3. Take the Kikuras Rapids Waypoint and head north from there to the Ancient Arena. Defeat the undead, then talk to The Unspoken. This is the introduction to the Cycle of Strife with info about the different Factions. Afterwards, return to Westmarch.

Dungeon: Temple of Namari

  1. This Dungeon has a simple layout of 4 rooms connected by a straight path. Make your way to the end by going northwest. Defeat the enemies to proceed in each room.
  2. In the final room, fight off three random bosses. The options available are: Fallen War Matron, Siegebreaker, Voracity, Cold Snap, Perdition, Torrid One and Ashen Marauders. Some can be tough so beware of all their different special abilities and preserve your health potions!
  3. Finally finish off Sargoth. He's not a tough guy, but has an annoying forward charge that should be avoided.
  4. Check out our Temple of Namari Dungeon Guide to learn more details!

The Ancient Arena in Bilefen

  • You may have noticed the Ancient Arena during your adventures in Bilefen. This is a PvP event that becomes active every 3 hours during daytime, but only once you reach max. level and switch to Hell difficulty. There is a Nephalem Cache inside and the first player or team to open it wins the event. It drops a guaranteed Legendary Item.
  • You only get one life in the battle. Once you die, you're out.
  • Your potions are replaced by a less useful bandage.
  • Group up with powerful players to increase your chances of winning!
  • Check out our full post on the Ancient Arena to learn more!

Factions in Diablo Immortal

  • There are a total of three Factions: Adventurers, Shadows and Immortals. Each faction has their own perks and endgame activities.
  • You start as an Adventurer, it's the default faction. If you join the Shadows, you stay as one until the current Cycle of Strife concludes. Immortals can revert back to being an Adventurer at any time. Adventurers are locked out of any special endgame activity available to the other Factions and don't have any noteworthy bonus rewards.
  • Shadows are a bigger faction than the Immortals. Anyone can become a Shadow through the Shadow Lottery, taking place each Wednesday and Saturday at 12 p.m., 6 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. server time in the Assembly Hall (inside the Court of Whispers, accessed from the Wolf City Tavern in Westmarch). You can also be invited to the faction through another Shadow. There are special endgame activities available to Shadows.
  • Immortals are the smallest faction, with a limit of 500 members per server. They are the rulers of Sanctuary and have special perks and endgame activities. Becoming an Immortal is highly competitive and usually only available to the top players.
  • While you are an Adventurer, you have access to the Rumors channel in the Adventurer chat tab after reaching level 43. This allows you to track the progress of the Shadows and Immortals in the Cycle of Strife. Other Factions have a similar Faction-specific chat channel to share important information amongst themselves.
  • Check out more about the three Factions in our dedicated posts:

The Cycle of Strife

  • The Cycle of Strife is the eternal rivalry between the Shadows and the Immortals.
  • Every week after the Shadows have unlocked specific requirements, 10 Dark Clans can attempt to overthrow the Immortals in the Rite of Exile. If the Immortals are defeated, the top Dark Clans face off in an epic 30v1 battle against The Immortal. If The Immortal is defeated, the 30 members of the Shadows then fight amongst themselves to see who becomes the new reigning Immortals.
  • This feature (along with the ability to join other Factions) becomes available at level 43. At this point you can also start their individual endgame activities.

Westmarch Visit #3

  1. After the Bilefen main story questline, make your way back to Westmarch and seek out Deckard Cain. Follow him through a secret passage to the back of his workshop, where Rayoc explains the Helliquary to you.
  2. To unlock the Helliquary, complete a level 6 Challenge Rift (don't choose another difficulty even if it's too easy). Enter through the Palace Courtyard, fill the progress bar to 100% and defeat Chaos Herald Pyl. Pick up Pyl's Flowing Chaos and bring it back to Rayoc and Deckard Cain.
  3. Activate the Helliquary, then go to Derek, the Bounty Quartermaster. Complete a level 9 Challenge Rift (you might have to complete the previous levels first). If you have already done so, proceed with #4.
  4. Talk to the Quartermaster again, who rewards you with a loot chest and Scoria. Follow Rayoc to Charsi.
  5. Speak with Charsi and let her refine the Scoria into Hellfire Scoria. Every time you acquire more Scoria in the future, go to a Blacksmith and repeat the procedure. Bring it back to Rayoc in Cain's Workshop to upgrade the Helliquary.
  6. After reaching level 46, head to the Docks in Westmarch and travel to Mount Zavain by speaking to Captain Rehm.

Congratulations, you have finished the most important step of the entire campaign! From now on, make sure to maximize your Scoria income by doing your daily Battle Pass quest (which is highlighted to you as soon as you log in each day). Once you get your daily Scoria, there is no rush to complete the main story questline. You can jump into other endgame activities if you like and proceed at your own pace. Regardless, finishing the storyline is important to unlock all Zones, Waypoints and Auto-Navigation as you will be sent to any of them for various objectives.

You have to reach level 46 to continue the campaign in Mount Zavain. Go back to the Dungeon grind or try out other various activities: Finish Battle Pass Objectives, Zone Events, Zone Bosses such as Blood Rose, Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts and (after reaching level 43) Shadow activities. Make sure to open your Codex and turn in all completed objectives.

Once you reach level 43, you are tasked to visit Westmarch to learn more about the Cycle of Strife from The Unspoken. Go to the Shadow hideout in the back of the Wolf City Tavern. Speak to Akeba and hand her the Timeworn Scroll you got in Bilefen. Completing this quest unlocks Rumors and the Adventurer chat channel.


  • The Helliquary is a permanent buff to your character, providing valuable Offense Rating & Defense Rating (ORDR) as well as additional perks activated in Challenge Rifts to help you push higher.
  • Boosting the Helliquary is a primary objective for powering up in the endgame. ORDR directly limits you in the level of content you can do. This is why maximizing your income of Scoria is so valuable.
  • Additionally, you unlock special boss fights at various steps along the way. These bosses are designed to be tough challenges to be taken down by a group of 8 players. They drop great loot and additional upgrades for your Helliquary. It takes a while to unlock them, so start grinding!
  • Check out our full Helliquary guide to learn more!

Mount Zavain Zone

Mount Zavain is first accessed by speaking to Captain Rehm at the Docks in Westmarch (after Bilefen and Westmarch Visit #3 questlines are done). You need to be at least level 46 to enter this zone. This is the third point in the campaign where you likely need to grind more experience before you can proceed. Check the beginning of the Library of Zoltun Kulle section for the strategy on grinding the remaining EXP.

  1. After sailing to Mount Zavain, Follow Oza to Sentinel's Watch. Speak to Captain Vereks at the outpost.
  2. Follow Lieutenant Ralvar out to the southwest. Defeat the Khazra, then talk to Guard Parker.
  3. Go west to the Razed Village and rescue Guard Krynn. Free Guard Weirr and fight off the intruding Khazra. Return to Captain Vereks back at the camp (1).
  4. Talk to Oza to the northwest.
  5. Follow the path northeast into the Khazra Den. Make your way to the end of the cave and talk to the Mysterious Stranger. Defeat the Roiling Horror. This guy is super dangerous but doesn't last long. Make sure to avoid all the special attacks and his fire breath! Exit the cave and return to Oza (4).
Leveling Guide
  1. Active the altar to the northwest and defend Oza against the waves of spawning demons. Careful, you fail the quest if she dies!
  2. Follow the Spirit Orb and defend Oza until you reach the cave. Search inside for clues about the traitor.
  3. Head out northeast towards the Zakarum Chapel. Make sure to activate the Misty Valley Waypoint on the way. Defeat the Cultist Flamebearer. Extinguish the flames, search for more clues, and talk to Oza.
  4. Follow Oza to the Eastern Shrine and complete the vision.
  5. Continue east to the Cultist Shrine and defeat the High Priest of Damnation. Kill his mirror images if they pose a threat. Examine the map.
  6. Go northwest to the Profane Ritual. Kill the emerging demons and free the captives.
  7. Follow the path out northwest to the Sanctified Earth Monastery. Fight your way in towards the shrine and speak to Oza.
  8. Continue northwest on the path and talk to Oza again. Kill the demons summoned by Dravec.
  9. Follow Oza into the solo story dungeon. Defeat Agronix. He has slow, telegraphed attacks that you should dodge, especially his fiery ground effects and jump.
  10. Go north to the Summit and watch the duel between Dravec and Oza. This concludes the zone and unlocks auto-navigation.
  11. You need to be level 51 to continue to the Frozen Tundra! The entrance is just north of the Frozen Descent Waypoint. Just as before - you have unlocked most of the endgame activities by now and can choose to take it slow for the rest of the campaign.

The Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain

  • During your adventures in Mount Zavain on Hell difficulty, an event called "Ancient Nightmare" shows up in the objective tracker. This is a zone event that occurs at the start of every hour between 8am until 12am server time and is a reliable way of acquiring Enchanted Dust and other materials.
  • This massive demon (nicknamed Big Guy) roams the central circle of the zone and is passive until his shield is broken. If you want to fight him, activate the altars in his path (similar to those from the questline earlier). They allow you to damage its shield and eventually defeat him. Watch out for its AoE damage that pulses with each step.
  • Activating an altar on cooldown requires a Zakarum Sigil dropped from Lord Martanos (nicknamed Little Guy or Marty), located in Martanos' Tomb to the west of the Frozen Descent Waypoint. He can be fought every 30 minutes.
  • There are also events in other zones, so make sure to take a look at our dedicated Zone Events Guide for details. These events are the main source of your Class Consumable.
Leveling Guide
The Ancient Nightmare - Attack Him Near an Activated Altar!

Hidden Lairs

  • On your adventures outdoors, you might come across Hidden Lairs. These are small side-dungeons that can appear in fixed spots of each zone at specific intervals. A portal icon appears on the minimap when nearby.
  • If you find one randomly on your way, they are ALWAYS worth doing as they are one of the few sources of Gems. Typically you want to do either one or two a day to maximize your gem acquisition.
  • Each Hidden Lair spawn can only be entered by one player or group. Enter without your teammates to claim it before anyone else does. Then call them to join you inside.
  • Memorize their locations or check out our Lairs Guide to see them all.
Leveling Guide
Entrance to a Hidden Lair

Frozen Tundra Zone

Frozen Tundra is first accessed from Mount Zavain just north of the Frozen Descent Waypoint (after the Mount Zavain main story questline is done). You need to be at least level 51 to enter this zone. This is the fourth point in the campaign where you likely need to grind more experience before you can proceed. Check the beginning of the Library of Zoltun Kulle section for the strategy on grinding the remaining EXP.

  1. Once you enter Frozen Tundra, talk to Ull to the northeast.
  2. Follow the path northeast until you reach the Ruins of Sescheron. Defend against the attacking demons and talk to Devra.
  3. Continue northeast along the path. Defeat the summoned demons. Talk to Dravec and Ghirn.
  4. Take the portal to Bitter Hearth. Speak to Chief Kientarc followed by Tassi and Devra.
  5. Head east, then north to the Cavern of Echoes dungeon and complete it (guide below). Afterwards, return to Tassi in the outpost (4).
  6. After talking to Tassi, head out north to the Ice Clan Village. Defeat Zagraal. Destroy the Khazra Shrine, collect the Ice Clan Banner, and gather the Barbarians' Weapons.
Leveling Guide
  1. Go northeast to the Ancient Grave and place all the items. Talk to Ronkosh, then Devra. Take the portal to the Plains of Blood.
  2. Bury the first Barbarian.
  3. Bury the second Barbarian.
  4. Bury the final Barbarian and talk to the Clan Elder.
  5. Examine Torr's corpse to the northeast. Defeat Feram Icejaw. Bury Torr's corpse and deliver the Sigil of the Ancients to him. Return to the Ruins of Sescheron (3) to the north, and examine Devra's corpse. Talk to Chief Kientarc and Tassi.
  6. Fight through the Spirit Realm until you get to the final room. Defeat both Dravec and Tayev. This fight has three phases. Dodge the telegraphed cone-shaped AoE and channeled projectiles by doing small circles around them. In the last phase they summon spirits that come in from all angles and swirling bolts. Movement is everything in this fight! After they are defeated, use the Iceburn Tear to return to the living world. Speak to Tassi and Chief Kientarc. This concludes the zone's questline and unlocks auto-navigation.

Dungeon: Cavern of Echoes

  1. This is one of the toughest Dungeons, due to its difficult multi-stage final boss fight and dangerous enemies.
  2. Follow the path until you reach the ice wall. Defeat all enemies around, then Bloodrime on the other side. This guy hurts, so make sure to avoid his dangerous telegraphed attacks.
  3. At half HP, Bloodrime breaks the floor and the fight continues below. Dodge the falling icicles!
  4. Keep following the path northeast to the final room. Along the way are frozen enemies that can be ignored until you reach the giant double doors. You must defeat all enemies in this room before engaging with the final boss.
  5. The Glacial Colossus is a rough one. Make sure to preserve your health and potions as much as possible. Try to nuke him down fast, as he periodically goes underground and initiates an add-phase. Avoid the spinning beam as it can instantly kill you. You can hide behind the ice mounds to avoid the beam. When the fight is over, take the Iceburn Tear and head out.
  6. Check out our Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Guide to learn more details!

Reforge Stones & Family Bonuses

  • This feature unlocks once you upgrade your first equipment piece to rank 6. At this point in the campaign, you might have your first piece already or should be getting close to unlocking it.
  • At rank 6, 11 and 16, your equipment will receive a bonus stat from an extensive list of attributes, which can be changed with Reforge Stones. Additionally, there are Family Reforge Stones that give attributes from a specific family group. Combine three attributes of the same family on an item (at rank 16) for a bonus. In the late game, you definitely want to make sure to combine the right bonuses on each of your items.
  • While you typically want to upgrade all items equally, at certain ranks (4 to 6, 9 to 11, 14 to 16) you can consider boosting one item at a time to get the extra attribute a bit earlier.
  • Check out our Upgrading & Reforging guide for more details!
Leveling Guide

Legacy of the Horadrim

  • The Legacy of the Horadrim is a small endgame character progression tool that unlocks at level 49 and after clearing Challenge Rift level 10. At this point in the campaign you should be around ready for it.
  • It doesn't tie in directly with your playthrough but it's worth doing regularly. The entrance can be found in Westmarch.
  • Check out our full Legacy of the Horadrim guide for more details!

Burning Hells Zone

  1. This zone was not part of the Beta - Details coming soon!

Charms & Skill Stones

  • At this point you should have come across Charms. They are an endgame chase progression system that gives extra levels to skills.
  • You can equip one of them at a time in a dedicated slot and upgrade your Charm by visiting the Charm Craftsman in Westmarch. You need to salvage other Charms and use their Alchemical Powder to improve its rank.
  • Every upgrade adds a random skill (even from other classes) to your Charm. Once you reach rank 5, you can extract a Skill Stones from the Charm, destroying it. Skill Stones can be used to replace a random skill on another Charm. The process of crafting a good Charm takes a loooong time so it's a good idea to acquire some Platinum to trade for Skill Stones in the Marketplace!
  • Check out our Charms guide for more details!

Paragon Levels

  • Experience gain doesn't stop after you reach max level. Instead you unlock Paragon levels.
  • This is an endgame progression path designed to last for a long time. By leveling up you unlock points to spend on different Paragon trees. As you progress, you unlock additional trees.
  • The game asks you to activate one tree at a time. Passive points (attributes) are always going to give you their bonuses, even if their tree isn't active. Special perks and procs (1 point nodes) of each tree only apply when the tree is active. You can switch your activated tree while in town.
  • Paragon levels are mostly determined by the so-called Server Paragon Level (SPL) which effectively represents a soft-cap for how much you can farm. This cap is raised by 2 every day and allows easy catching-up.
  • Check out the Paragon overview and your class guide to learn how to farm EXP efficiently and where to spend your points!

Difficulty Settings

  • After you completing the story and reaching max. level, you unlock different difficulty settings. They can be changed whenever you visit Westmarch.
  • Difficulty settings affect all outdoor content and Dungeons but not most other instanced content such as Elder Rifts, Challenge Rifts, the Path of Blood, Kion's Ordeal or Helliquary bosses.
  • The standard difficulty during the campaign playthrough is Normal. After finishing the campaign you can access Hell I. From this point on, increasing your Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR) (through stacking primary attributes and upgrading the Helliquary) becomes mandatory to progress to higher difficulties, which yield more rewards.
  • It's worth highlighting that each difficulty setting has its own outdoor world. Each difficulty has its own Zone Events & Bosses (such as the Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain) and Hidden Lairs and can potentially be farmed repeatedly one after another. Powering up quickly early on has great value because it opens up more difficulties to jump between. Reaching higher difficulties also unlocks more powerful loot.
  • Check out our full post on Difficulties to learn more!

Campaign Completed - What Now?

Congratulations! You have made it through the entire game and learned and seen many of the different features the game has to offer for long-term progression. From here on, you are free to pursue anything you wish. Now it's all about your own goals and preferences. Here is some further recommended reading:


Wheeeew! I'm glad you made it this far and hope you enjoyed this guide. Leveling in Diablo Immortal is quite a journey and you have already achieved the most important part of it. I wish you good luck on your future adventures in the world of Sanctuary!


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Apr 26th 2022
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