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Progression in Diablo Immortal is deeply tied to the game's different crafting materials and currencies. This guide explains each of these, how you can get them, and which ones are rare, purchasable in the Store, or farmable. We also link to in-depth guides so you can explore strategies for farming each currency. Sometimes currencies and crafting materials are also available in the Battle Pass for a limited time, so we denote this as well. Understanding how to acquire and how to spend your currencies is critical to ensuring you maximize your character's power, so let us get started!


Gold is the most common, farmable currency in Diablo Immortal. You are rewarded with Gold from monster drops, dungeons, bounties, and many other tasks. Spend Gold on Blacksmith Upgrades first; if you have an enormous amount of extra Gold spend some (not all!) at the Rarities and Antiquities Merchant.

How to Get Gold

  1. Killing monsters | Best Method
  2. Bounties
  3. Completing Dungeons
  4. Weekly Immortals Rewards
  5. Many other insignificant sources

Where to Spend Gold

  1. Blacksmith Upgrades | Highest Priority
  2. Rarities and Antiquities (Gambling)
  3. Many other insignificant locations


Hilts are a non-farmable currency that is earned by completing activities for the Shadows or the Immortals. You can also gain Hilts from Bounties, and some competitive events, such as the monthly Challenge Rift rewards. You can use your Hilts at the Hilts Trader in Westmarch to purchase a wealth of difficult to find items, currencies, and crafting materials. Hilts is extremely limited, so be careful what you purchase!

Some items at the Hilts Trader are a complete waste of your Hilts. In general, any farmable item is not worth spending Hilts, such as Legendary Items or Normal Gems. On the other hand, other items are completely unavailable to farm, such as Legendary Crests, Rare Crests, and Reforge Stones. Save your Hilts and buy ONLY what you need! Don't be afraid to float a large balance of Hilts, especially on a new character -- you WILL spend them, and if you're careful to spend them on the right items, you'll be better off in the long run. We recommend focusing only on Crests, and avoiding nearly everything else!


Platinum is a non-farmable currency that is used for buying items from other players on the Marketplace, and crafting. You can earn Platinum by selling items on the Marketplace, by completing your Daily Activity Reward, or by purchasing it from the Store.

Where to Spend Platinum

  1. Buy Echo Crystals for crafting Normal Gems from the Crystal Merchant
  2. Buy Legendary Gems at the Marketplace
  3. Extract a Skill Stone from a Charm at the Charm Craftsman

Platinum is an extremely limited currency for free to play players, so make sure you complete your daily activity rewards and sell unnecessary items on the Marketplace to earn as much as possible. Be extremely careful spending your Platinum, as it is a limited currency and is difficult to acquire.

Eternal Orbs

Eternal Orbs are a non-farmable, paid ONLY currency that can be bought with real money. By themselves, Eternal Orbs don't do anything, but instead are used to purchase other currencies and items from the Store.

How to Get Eternal Orbs

  1. Buy in the Store using real money | ONLY Method

Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards

Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards, and Enigmatic Crystals are crafting materials used for blacksmith upgrades and are the most important crafting materials for character progression. You can obtain these crafting materials by salvaging items of different rarities at the blacksmith. Enigmatic Crystals can only be obtained from Challenge Rift activities.

How to Get Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards

  1. Killing monsters | Best Method Overall
  2. Zone Events, Tasks, and Cursed Chests | Best Method for Enchanted Dust
  3. Complete Shadows and Immortals events
  4. Many other insignificant sources

Where to Spend Scrap Materials,Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards

  1. Blacksmith Upgrades

Autopickup - Turn on Autopickup for Magic Items and Rare Items in settings! You may also consider Common Items when you are first leveling a character, or when you reach the EXP cap.

Zone Events and Tasks are an important source of Enchanted Dust. Each completed Zone Event awards 6 Enchanted Dust, and each completed Normal Event awards 3 Enchanted Dust.

Legendary Crestand Rare Crests

Legendary Crest and Rare Crests are currencies used to enhance your Elder Rifts with extra rewards. You automatically receive one Legendary Gem per Legendary Crest used upon completion of an Elder Rift. Rare Crests give you a small chance for a 1 Star Legendary Gem as well. Both Legendary Crests and Rare Crests also give you a Runes, another crafting material. Importantly, ALL party members receive 1 Fading Ember for each crest you use to enhance an Elder Rift. Legendary Crests and Rare Crests are extremely limited for free to play players, so get as many as you possibly can!

How to Get Legendary Crest and Rare Crests

  1. Buy from the Hilts Trader | Best Method
  2. Get 1 per Week from Shadow War or Kion's Ordeal
  3. Buy from the Store with Eternal Orbs | Paid ONLY
  4. Complete the Battle Pass

Where to Spend Legendary Crest and Rare Crests

  1. Elder Rifts

Save your crests and spend them in a full party! This is critical especially for free to play players, to maximize the amount of Fading Ember you receive, allowing you to buy extra Runes and Legendary Gems from the Fading Ember Merchant. Extra Legendary Gems are ALWAYS valuable for crafting!

Forming a Party - It is easy to find others to join your party when spending crests in Elder Rifts. Simply ask for "Crest for Crest" in chat. For example, if you need two members in your group, you can ask "Looking For 2 Members, 3 Crest run", or more commonly "LF2M 3x Crest run".

Legendary Crest Cost Breakdown

Where To BuyCostLimits
Store300 Eternal OrbsNo Limit
Hilts Trader1600 Hilts1 Monthly
Hilts Trader (Immortals Only)1600 Hilts1 Monthly
Battle PassFree3 per Month

Fading Ember

Fading Ember is a crafting material that is only rewarded by spending crests to enhance Elder Rifts. Use Fading Ember at the Fading Ember Trader to buy additional Legendary Gems or Runes. Even if you are completely loaded with some of the best Legendary Gems in the game, you can still use the Legendary Gems offered by the Fading Ember Trader as fuel to further craft and enhance your existing Legendary Gems.

How to Get Fading Ember

  1. Spend Crests to enhance Elder Rifts

Where to Spend Fading Ember

  1. Fading Ember Trader

Legendary Gems

Legendary Gems can be used to enhance your equipment, but they also can be used as a crafting material to upgrade other Legendary Gems. The requirements for upgrading a Legendary Gem includes other copies of the same Legendary Gem, but also can include a generic pool of ANY other Legendary Gems. This generic pool is called Gem Power and is a complicated equation combining the gem's star level and rank. Because Gem Power takes into account any previous upgrades as well, you can always extract value from Legendary Gems you do not want anymore. This system is quite elegant and means that you should never be too worried about making mistakes when choosing which Legendary Gems to craft or upgrade.

Legendary Gems are always valuable because they can be used as crafting materials for upgrades via Gem Power.

How to Get Legendary Gems

  1. Spend Crests to enhance Elder Rifts | Best Method
  2. Earn from the Battle Pass
  3. Buy at the Hilts Trader
  4. Craft using Runes at the Apprentice Jewelcrafter
  5. Buy at the Marketplace


Runes are a crafting material that allow you to craft Legendary Gems at the Apprentice Jewelcrafter. You can gain Runes by enhancing and completing an Elder Rift with Legendary Crest and Rare CrestCrests. Some Runes are extremely rare drops, making these crafting materials highly sought after!

How to Get Runes

  1. Spend Crests to enhance Elder Rifts | Best Method
  2. Fading Ember Trader


Scoria is a crafting material that allows you to upgrade new levels of the Helliquary and unlock new Helliquary raid bosses. Before it can be useful though, Scoria must be refined at the blacksmith into a specialized form. Currently there is only Hellfire Scoria, but we expect other kinds of refined Scoria to be available in the future.

How to Get Scoria

  1. Complete 2 Weekly Helliquary Boss Raids | Best Method
  2. Advance the Battle Pass
  3. Buy the Empowered Battle Pass

Where to Spend Scoria

  1. Refine at the Blacksmith

If you want to maximize your Scoria gain, it is important to complete your Weekly Helliquary Boss kills, or else you can fall behind. This is important for end game progression, because the Helliquary is dependent on Scoria for unlocking additional Helliquary bosses.

Reforge Stones

Reforge Stones are a crafting material that allows you to reroll the random bonus your equipment receives when upgrading at the Blacksmith at certain milestone levels. These are useful because having all three bonuses of the same family type provides an additional family bonus, while also allowing you to min/max your character's equipment. Pay close attention because some family bonuses are much better than others, and this can change depending on your character's class!

How to Get Reforge Stones

  1. Buy at the Hilts Trader | Best Method
  2. Advance the Battle Pass
  3. Buy from the Store | Paid ONLY
  4. Rank in the Battlegrounds | Competitive / P2W

Where to Spend Reforge Stones

  1. Reforge at the Blacksmith

Alchemical Powder and Charms

Alchemical Powder is a crafting material received when you salvage a Charm. Each Charm salvaged gives 10 Alchemical Powder per rank. You can spend Alchemical Powder on adding additional skills to an existing Charm. Since Alchemical Powder always comes from salvaging Charms, the real question is: how do you get more Charms?

How to Get Charms

  1. Buy from the Hilts Trader | Best Method
  2. Complete your Daily Activity Reward
  3. Advance the Battle Pass

Where to Spend Alchemical Powder

  1. Craft Charms at the Charms Craftsman


Essentia is a currency for the Immortals that is used to buy keys to Kion's Ordeal. The Immortals gain Essentia by having players complete daily Immortal quests. Essentia can be stolen by the Shadows when they raid the Vault, making it more difficult for the Immortals to earn enough to enter Kion's Ordeal. Shadows cannot spend Essentia on anything, even though they can steal it from the Vault. Kion's Ordeal can only be unlocked by The Immortal or one of their four Lieutenants.

How to Get Essentia

  1. Complete Daily Quests for the Immortals
  2. Steal it from the Immortals by Raiding the Vault

Where to Spend Essentia

  1. Unlock Kion's Ordeal

Sigil of Dominance

Sigil of Dominance, is a currency awarded for completing daily quests for the Immortals and also purchasable at the Hilts Trader by the Immortals after achieving Immortal Age Bronze IV. Sigil of Dominance can be contributed to the Immortals, giving the Immortals more, Dominance, and also awarding you with Immortal Contribution. Contributing Sigil of Dominance is the main method of progressing the Immortals, so contribute the maximum amount that you can!

How to Get Sigil of Dominance

  1. Complete daily Immortals Quests | Best Method
  2. Buy it from the Hilts Trader

Where to Spend Sigil of Dominance

  1. Contribute it to the Immortals

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  • Farm Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, and Glowing Shards to complete your blacksmith upgrades! This is a huge source of character power.
  • Don't spend all your Gold on gambling alone. You will need it for blacksmith upgrades!
  • Spend Hilts wisely! Prioritize Legendary Crest and Rare Crests first.
  • Complete BOTH of your Weekly Helliquary Raids so you don't fall behind on Scoria progression!
  • Spend your crests in a full party so you can get the maximum amount of Fading Ember possible.


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Apr 26th 2022
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