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Dawn of Damnation - Event


The Dawn of Damnation is a limited time event that lasts for 2 weeks. When it may come around is unknown but if the day comes this guide will show you what to expect. The main objective is to complete 6 daily Quests (completed one at a time) to obtain Obols of the Damned. The Quests you get are random and can all be completed in a group. Any unfinished quests roll over to the next day, so they are not lost. You can complete a total of 42 quests during the event.

War Effort

The Event begins by sending you to defend the Wolf Gate in Westmarch from Skarn and his Demons. Once finished, go through your 6 daily quests to gather Obols of the Damned for the War Effort against Skarn. This is a running total of all completed quests on the server. Every 10k quests completed unlocks a chest, rewarding you with more Obols of the Damned. The chests give 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 Obols of the Damned, for a grand total of 200 extra.

Event Shop

Obols of the Damned are exchanged in the Event Shop for various goods. This shop is found within the Events menu, doesn't reset during the event and presents the same rewards to all players. The actual rewards available may be different and values may change. Completing the entire event rewards 1,040 Obols of the Damned, sadly this isn't enough to buy everything in the shop, spend them wisely! The best rewards here are the Legendary Crests, Rare Crests and Scoria so prioritize those first with your Obols of the Damned.

  • Legendary Crests (2 Available) - 300 Obols
  • Legendary Item - 250 Obols
  • Rare Crest (8 Available) - 30 Obols
  • Scoria (6 Available) - 50 Obols
  • Normal Gem (1 Available) - 40 Obols
  • Sapphire (10 Available) - 20 Obols
  • Enchanted Dust (1 Available) - 15 Obols
Dawn of Damnation Event Shop

Dawn of Damnation Quests

The Event Quests send you to any Zone or Dungeon in the game. They are all simple with the exception of Dungeon Quests which must be done on Hell 1 Difficulty or higher and require you to be in a group. Infernal Berserkers are in this event and can be found throughout all Zones with ease while questing. Every quest completed grants you 20 Obols of the Damned and completing all 42 quests yields 840 total. Make sure to pick up your Bounties and other daily quests before starting these so you can be efficient in your adventures. Possible Quest types are as follows:

  • Kill 100 enemies (in a specific zone)
  • Kill 20 Rare Elites (anywhere)
  • Find and kill 3 Infernal Berserkers (in a specific zone)
  • Complete a Dungeon on at least Hell 1 Difficulty (requires a group)


  • You only have 2 weeks from the start to obtain Obols of the Damned before Event ends.
  • The quests you obtain are random and must be done one at a time.
  • You can complete 6 quests per day and do 42 total during the event; unfinished quests will roll over to the following days.
  • The War Effort rewards players with additional Obols of the Damned for the total amount of quests completed by all players on the server.
  • Completing all 42 quests and obtaining all 5 War Effort Chests grants 1,040 Obols of the Damned.
  • Use your Obols of the Damned in the Event Shop to buy additional Resources and Items.


Written by Facefoot
Contributions by Dredscythe
Reviewed by Dredscythe, Wudijo