Diablo Immortal Class Overview


This class overview article showcases all classes available in Diablo Immortal, providing a brief look into their identities. Every class has its own unique playstyle, strengths and weakness that cater to a wide variety of player preferences. Use this guide to help pick your class, then dive into the other class guides linked below to learn how to get the most out of them.

Barbarian Class Overview

Barbarian Class Overview

Class Identity

It is not easy to make powerful alts in Diablo Immortal, so choosing the Barbarian as your main is a big decision. Their ability to wipe out hordes of enemies with Area of Effect (AoE) attacks makes them a great choice for leveling and farming. The Barbarian is an aggressive class that is constantly getting up close and personal to deliver devastating attacks. Arguably the king of melee combat, you are in the heat of battle at most times, whether you are fighting off swarms of enemies alone or leading your team into battle. You have many different Skills that have Crowd Control effects allowing you to endlessly pin down enemies. On top of being a solo powerhouse, the Barbarian harnesses some of the best group buffs in the game once you find the correct Legendary Items, making it an essential part of any group endeavors.


Barbarians are one of the fastest characters in the game and when using the right Legendary Item (Swiftwing), they can give that speed to their teammates as well. On top of being insanely fast they are also impressively strong and rip through any content the game has to offer. Being able to deal massive AoE damage as well as the ability to put out huge damage numbers, makes them one of the most formidable characters for PvE and PvP content alike. If all this was not enough, the Barbarian gives all teammates 25% increased damage while using the Battlemaster's Helm with Demoralize, making them an excellent choice for any group activities.


All great things must have a downside and for the Barbarian it is simple, monsters and opponents in PvP can hit hard. You need to get close to them to do what the Barbarian is good at and with this can come great risk. When content gets harder as you climb the ranks of Challenge Rifts you will feel a considerable need to focus on your defense. The Barbarian can also be dependent on its ability to burst down enemies quickly, especially in PvP. Sadly these high damage and high mobility Skills have longer cooldowns. So when enemies keep trickling into the fight or try to escape, the Barbarian can run out of options quickly and not be able to close the gap with ranged characters.

High AOE Damage
Fast Melee Playstyle
Immense Threat In PvP
Many Crowd Control Options
Several Amazing Group Buffs

Takes Damage Constantly
❌ Low Single Target Damage
❌ Often Reliant on Long Cooldowns
❌ Melee Falls Off In Difficult Content
Equips Multiple Buffs for Group Play

Barbarian Guides

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Crusader Class Overview

Crusader Class Overview

Class Identity

The Crusader charges forward on their glorious celestial steed, leading your party with high Area of Effect (AoE) damage, incredible speed, and party-wide buffs. As a Crusader, you will quickly crush groups of weak enemies, as almost every skill at your disposal excels at AoE-based DPS.


Crusaders are a melee and AoE damage based class with the fastest overall movement speed in the game. Most crusader builds rely on Draw and Quarter as their main skill to move around and deal damage. The Primary Attack given by Draw and Quarter when combined with Legendary Items such as Besieger and Bladed Jambeau, enable it alone to demolish waves of enemies. If damage becomes a problem, the Crusader has defensive skills such as Punish for improved block chance, or Conjuration of Light to make you and your party invulnerable for a short duration.

In a party, Crusaders can use Holy Banner, giving all nearby party members a 100% Critical Hit Chance for a short duration. Crusaders also fill a party role as a scout, dealing AoE damage to trash monsters, triggering events, and pulling enemies together. In PvP, Crusaders have an impressive kit of stuns, interrupts, and dashes, such as Sacred Chain, Shield Charge, or Falling Sword with Little Lance. Overall, Crusaders are a top-tier choice for their high AoE damage, incredible movement speed, impressive defensive skills, effective party-wide buffs, and wide array of PvP skills.


The Crusader's reliance on Draw and Quarter exposes some weaknesses of the class. This skill is vulnerable to stuns and interrupts, causing you to immediately lose the entire duration. Most builds with Draw and Quarter rely on casting other skills before casting it, further decreasing your damage during stuns and interrupts for your entire build. Finally, using Draw and Quarter for movement means that when it is on cooldown, you have no options for escape. Since you are a melee class, relying on it for escape can make it easy to become trapped and make it difficult to dodge ranged attacks when it is on cooldown.

Crusaders have poor single target damage and high cooldown duration skills. This leads to many situations where all of your skills are on cooldown, leaving you with only your lackluster Primary Skill. As a result, certain bosses can be difficult to kill in Challenge Rifts.

Finally, as the scout for the party, you will be put in situations where you must push far ahead in order to advance a dungeon. This can mean giving up a portion of loot that drops on the ground, since you are tasked with pushing forward. This can result in a minor loss in salvage materials compared to the rest of your party (~10%).

High AoE Damage
Wide Array of PvP Skills
✔ Effective Party-wide Buffs
Impressive Defensive Skills
✔ Incredible Movement Speed

Long Skill Cooldowns
❌ Difficult to Avoid Damage

❌ Low Single Target Damage
❌ PvP Relies on One Play Style
❌ Underwhelming Primary Attacks

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Demon Hunter Class Overview

Demon Hunter Class Overview

Class Identity

The popular Demon Hunter class from Diablo 3 returns to Diablo Immortal with a devastating ranged toolkit. They can dish out insane damage to hordes of enemies while moving around the battlefield at a safe distance, making them great for leveling, farming and the end-game. They are the best class for single target damage, making you an invaluable asset to any team.


Demon Hunters can move while shooting their auto attacks (which can pierce with The Hungerer). This allows them to consistently deal damage while positioning themselves out of harm's way. The best part is Multishot can be fired while moving and auto attacking, turning you into a death machine. If this wasn't enough, you can simultaneously activate Vengeance and Rain of Vengeance with Skystriker's Pauldrons to become the highest single-target damage dealer in the game. Since most trash mobs die easily in Diablo Immortal, building toward a single target build is almost always the way to go. In short, Demon Hunters excel at PvE damage and dodging attacks from bosses, making them a top choice for farming and group play.

In PvP Demon Hunters stay back and slay. Choosing when to engage is the key to success, as we don't have many tricks to survive. Once you group up behind your tanks, which are a Demon Hunter's favorite line of defense, you can turn the battleground into a sea of corpses.


Demon Hunters lack crowd control, "annoying" abilities, and can't easily engage or disengage in PvP. The best skill in your arsenal is once again Multishot, which has great range and spread, but once that's down you're left with auto attacks and your quick wits. It also doesn't help that they're one of, if not the squishiest class in the game. You'll need good positioning and quick decision-making to win with Demon Hunters in PvP, making them non-ideal for newcomers.

Demon Hunters sport the worst movement in the game. Yes they can move while shooting, but it's at reduced speed. Daring Swing, our only movement skill, is horrible. If it collides with ANY obstacle, you move nowhere. The animation speed and distance traveled are nothing compared to the Crusader's Draw and Quarter or a Wizard's ,Teleport and can be impacted by slows against you to begin with. You need a fresh pair of tennis shoes on your Demon Hunter because you do a lot of walking.

Demon Hunters can't buff their teammates. The closest thing is using Spinning Chakram with Slayer's Breaches which gives 20% additional damage after hitting 5 times. Luckily, their unbeatable damage still gets them invited to groups.

High Single Target Damage
Rewards Tactical Play In PvP
Fights At Range While Moving
Multishot Dominates Everywhere
Use Abilities With Primary Attacks

Minimal Build Diversity
Doesn't Give Group Buffs
Takes Significant Damage
Lacks Crowd Control In PvP
Underwhelming Movement Skills

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Monk Class Overview

Monk Class Overview

Class Identity

With the power of One-Thousand-And-One gods in her fists, the Monk weaves attacks together to destroy their foes, resulting in a fast, agile melee fighting style. They can engage in and escape from combat at light-speed, group enemies, and blow them up with an impressive array of Area of Effect (AoE) abilities at their disposal. Meanwhile their presence is always welcome in groups for their ability to shield and buff party members, making them survive better in difficult fights. The combat is action-packed, and you will weave different skills together to create devastating combos while dashing around the battlefield to strike at the right targets. All this is done with the power of bare fists and sheer will a Monk is able to muster.


Monks are a melee damage class with the biggest arsenal of group support skills in the game. This does not force you to assume a dedicated support role in parties; you can carry your own weight in a group. Your support skills increase your viability and adds more exciting elements to the class. Even without going full support you can give up a skill slot for Shield of Zen or Inner Sanctuary (especially with Empathy's Blessing) to protect or buff your teammates.

Cyclone Strike is such an amazing skill to group up big packs of enemies that it is even worth using in solo play. The overall mobility of the Monk is high, with Mystic Strike being an unparalleled tool to dash around in any direction, allowing you to control the battlefield. To go even faster there are more options such as Flying Kick, Intervening Law, Reaching Rebuke, and even your Primary attack Fists of Thunder that comes with extra utility. Meanwhile, you can dish out AoE damage with little effort by playing around Exploding Palm devastating on-death explosions.

In PvP, you have the ability to quickly engage and crowd-control your enemies, taking them by surprise with Imprisoned Fist while shielding your team from incoming attacks. All in all, the Monk is a well-rounded class with a great toolkit and varying playstyles in different types of content.


While the Monk has a variety of skills available to them, most of them are situational which leads to less variety in actual builds. Especially in solo content there is little variety because the DPS options are quite limited. While Exploding Palm is a satisfying and powerful ability to use, it's a standard pick that cannot be replaced. Similarly, it's difficult to give up on the great mobility given by Mystic Strike because it enables you to continue your combos across the battlefield.

Monk's main single-target ability is Mystic Allies - a pet skill with a long cooldown that usually requires you to clean up most surrounding enemies before summoning them. If they get distracted you can easily find yourself slowly chipping away at incredibly tanky bosses.

Lastly, you are required to sequence your skills in the right order for their most effective use, which both makes the class more difficult to play and vulnerable to interrupts especially in PvP. Luckily, most Monk skills have short cooldowns so you can get back into action quickly, even if you mess up your best wombo combo.

Great Mobility ✔
High AoE Damage
Fast-Paced Combat
Party Buffs & Shields
Pulls Enemies Together

❌ Melee Range
Relies on Skill Combos
❌ Requires Constant Inputs
❌ Mediocre Single Target Damage
❌ Limited Skill Choices for Solo Play

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Necromancer Class Overview

Class Identity

Commanders of the dead and masters of bone and blight, the Necromancers of Diablo Immortal control it all. With strong Area of Effect (AoE) & Crowd Control (CC) abilities, as well as summons that both soak and deal massive amounts of damage, this class excels at nearly all roles. Its powerful summons make it far and away the best class for solo content, and while its strong support abilities provide great utility in group content. Finally, corpses provide a unique resource to Necromancers that is unavailable to any other class, offering a powerful and challenging resource to manage. Interested? Let's get into the details then.


Versatility. Necromancers have reliable options for support via Bone Armor, single target damage via Command Skeletons, AoE damage via Corpse Explosion, and CC via Bone Wall. They also excel at surviving and keeping their allies and minions alive. The Command Golem ability taunts monsters, forcing their attacks upon it for a time. Bone Armor combined with Parting Gift gives you, your party, and your minions a buff with 5 charges that can absorb 5 attacks no matter how large the damage before the shield fades. This is a must have survival ability in any Helliquary Raid group.

In PvP Necromancers have many options as well. The strongest option by far being the Bone Wall ability. This combined with the Exhumant's Backbone gives you 3 charges of a Bone Pillar that first knocks back, then stuns, and then remains on the battlefield for several seconds slowing (and potentially continually damaging via Pyre's Allure) all enemies that dare get close to it. On top of that they have Bone Spikes -- an ability with 2 charges that can stun all enemies within a 45 degree arc in front of you.


Mobility. The Necromancer's only option for mobility is Wraith Form, and the best Legendary Affixes for this ability clash with other great Legendary options. As a result, the best builds typically abandon Wraith Form in favor of higher DPS or support skills.

Range. Nearly all of the best abilities for this class are short to mid range, so you have to get up close and personal with your enemies. While this does make you more squishy, keep in mind that short ranged abilities are usually balanced around a higher risk and reward.

Strong Raid Buffs ✔
Minions For All Situations
Best Ultimate In The Game
Rewards Tactical Play In PvP
Great AoE and Single Target Damage

Lacks Mobility
Can Be Corpse Reliant
Constant Build Swapping
Many Short-Mid Range Abilities
Worst Class Consumable

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Wizard Class Overview

Class Identity

Wizards are the pure spell caster class, wielding elemental magic with high Area of Effect (AoE) and Crowd Control (CC) to stop their enemies. This class is for strategic players that enjoy spell synergy combos, control over opponents, skill shots, and devastating damage. If you decide to continue, this is your guide for learning how to become the Greatest Wizard in the WorldTM. Put on your Wizard hat and robe and let's get started!


Wizards can be played with ranged spells to deal damage from afar safely, or Battlemage style up close. Their iconic movement skill, Teleport, is used to instantly reposition during combat or traverse long distances quickly. Black Hole groups hordes of enemies together so they can all be hit with the Wizard's arsenal of AoE spells. Skill synergies increase the Wizard's capabilities. Hungering Wind (Arcane Wind) cast on burning ground creates a Firestorm that does 50% more damage. Ice Crystal reflects Ray of Frost and Disintegrate beams to every enemy nearby, increasing coverage and range.

In Player vs. Player (PvP), Wizards are a flexible class with different playstyles and skill options. Control builds turn the tides of a battlefield for victory. They have an arsenal of CC skills that stun, freeze, chill and knockback. Duration AoE skills like Meteor Shower (Meteor) and Hungering Wind (Arcane Wind) are used to zone opponents off objectives. Battlemage builds can be used to rack up the kill count if you prefer to get aggressive. Flaming Orbs (Scorch) and Ice Storm (Ice Armor) can be precasted before Teleporting on your opponent with Riftdancer's Stride to deal insane burst damage. Your opponents won't even know what killed them!


Wizard skills tend to have long cooldowns. Strategic use of these cooldowns is important, especially for skills that benefit from being used together in combination. This is an Intelligence based class so you need to play accordingly.

Wizards lack group buffs. The only benefit they can give teammates is 10% extra damage from Disintegrate. Their Scroll of Westmarch class consumable is worthless, while other class consumables provide buffs to teammates.

In PvP, Wizards are quite squishy and rely on hit-and-run tactics with Teleport to survive. The majority of their spells are skillshots (requiring precise aim). Poor aim or execution resulting in a missed attack can easily get you killed. You need to react quickly and accurately in battles to be a great Wizard.

Tons of AoE and CC
Satisfying Skill Synergies
Rewards Tactical Play in PvP
Fights at Range or Close Up
Good Movement Skills

Long Skill Cooldowns
Relies on Skill Combos
Requires Skillshot Aim
Takes Significant Damage
Lacks Group Buffs

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  • Every class in Diablo Immortal is fairly balanced and all bring great benefits to group play. Follow your heart and pick what feels right to you and you can't go wrong.
  • Barbarians are a fast and powerful melee class that dominate across all game modes. Lead your team into battle while providing amazing buffs.
  • Crusaders are a melee class with the fastest overall movement speed in the game. They are an essential part of group activities and are a terrifying threat in PvP.
  • Demon Hunters have some of the highest AoE and single target damage in the game. They lack mobility compared to other classes but make up for it with the ability to kite enemies from range.
  • Monks are a jack of all trades class that have plenty of agility, damage and utility at their disposal. They can be built to do competitive damage or focus more heavily on shielding and supporting a team.
  • Necromancers are an unstoppable force with their army or summons and various devastating skills. Their ability to sit back and punish enemies while their summons take the threat is unmatched. One of the strongest solo classes in the game there's nothing that can stop the Necromancer.
  • Wizards are another ranged class wielding powerful skill combos that can control and dissipate enemies in a flash. They manipulate enemies with ease and can be punishing behind a line of melee classes in PvP.


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May 25th 2022
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