Difficulties Overview


The minions of hell grow stronger with each increasing Difficulty, providing greater challenges for endgame content. Cranking up the Hell Difficulty rewards equipment with higher attributes, increasing your Combat Rating. High Paragon level equipment is the biggest source of Combat Rating and is necessary for increasing your power.

The Difficulty Menu is accessed from the Map in Westmarch


  • Diablo Immortal starts on Normal Difficulty. Hell Difficulties with increasing monster Combat Rating unlock upon reaching max character level (60). Once unlocked, you may enter any Hell Difficulty (1-5) without restriction. The greater challenges in these Difficulties reward higher attribute values on loot. Difficulties can only be changed while in Westmarch.
  • Each Difficulty has its own separate instances for public zones (except Westmarch). Monster spawns and events occur independently in each instance. Players can only see each other if they are in the same instance.
  • Normal Difficulty drops equipment for character levels 1-60. Each Hell Difficulty drops equipment for a specific range of Paragon levels. You can't equip items received in a Hell Difficulty with a higher Paragon range than your own until you reach the minimum requirement.
  • Set Items can only drop in Hell Difficulty Dungeons.
  • Hell Difficulty 1 requires a party of at least 2 players to enter Dungeons (includes Hidden Lairs), while Hell Difficulty 2 and above require a full party of 4.
  • Experience and rewards are reduced in Difficulties too low for your Paragon level.
  • Bounties and daily quests cannot be done in Normal Difficulty once you reach max level (60).

Game Difficulty Information

Game DifficultyEquipment LevelMonster Combat Rating
NormalCharacter Level 1-60N/A
Hell 1Paragon 1-60520
Hell 2Paragon 30-1301220
Hell 3Paragon 80-2102120
Hell 4Paragon 150-3003250
Hell 5Paragon 240-6005025


In general, you should play in a Difficulty that is appropriate to your Paragon and Combat Rating. If your Paragon overlaps in 2 different Difficulties, choose the lower one for faster killing efficiency. There are some advantages to going into a Difficulty with a Paragon range higher than your own:

  • Farming a public zone in a higher Difficulty can be more efficient if less populated by other players. More monsters become available to group and kill. It's also easier to complete specific Zone Events, such as gathering Lost Pages in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. This strategy is especially useful for players at the top of the server in Paragon.
  • You can participate in public Zone Events in higher difficulties for extra rewards even if you don't have enough Combat Rating to fight. Tag Zone Events Bosses such as the Tax Collector and Ancient Nightmare, and allow more powerful players to kill them. Use this strategy to complete more than 1 scheduled Zone Event consecutively; do the event in the easier Difficulty first, before catching the harder Difficulty.
  • You can pre-farm higher level equipment if you have enough Combat Rating for a higher Difficulty. Run dungeons or complete events in the higher Difficulty when you are close to its minimum Paragon. Save any equipment upgrades in your stash, and equip them when you meet the requirements.

If you are frustrated by the restriction in Hell Difficulties requiring a full party to enter a dungeon, go to Hell 1 with 2 players instead. Once you enter, the other player can leave if desired. Try grouping with players outside the entrance of the dungeon or posting in chat channels (Zone, Clan, Dark House or Immortal).


  • Changing the Difficulty setting is essential to progression upon unlocking it at max level.
  • Farm on your most efficient Difficulty and increase it for access to more Zone Events or stronger gear.
  • Good Luck and Have Fun!


Written by Lexyu
Reviewed by Echohack


Apr 26th 2022
Article published for launch.

Jun 20th 2022
Updated new Hell Difficulty Paragon and Combat Rating values for release.