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A Diablo Immortal Dungeon can be found in many World Zones as you progress through the campaign. Dungeons can be repeated solo or with a party as much as you please once you've completed them for the first time and also appear as objectives on the Bounty Board, Immortal Daily Quests and Shadow Contracts. There are 7 dungeons currently in the game, all with their own unique design and strategies. Some pay tribute to Diablo's roots with a rework of the most blood-ridden battles of the past, while others introduce monsters and lands previously unknown.

These dungeons are challenging but fitting to your power level when you get to them. If they feel too hard, check with the Blacksmith and Jeweler to see if there are any upgrades available. Once you unlock Hell difficulties, these dungeons get much harder and their difficulty scales with your party size. Hell 2-3 are always scaled to a 4-person party so you might as well grab 3 friends.

Since Experience, Gold and items are the primary rewards available for progression, doing these efficiently is greatly beneficial to your character. Let's take a look below at the Dungeons, where to find them, and how to farm them efficiently for maximum loot!

Class Strengths

All classes perform well in dungeons, each bringing different strengths in solo or group play. In solo play you want to manage your skills so that you have a mix of AOE and single target damage. In groups you can have players fill certain roles, whether that be clearing out all the enemies, running super fast to the boss or being the ultimate boss killer. The more you diversify your group the more successful your farming will be. Bring some that are fast and some that are strong, if you can. Let's take a quick look at some highlights of each class that make them great for group play. For more information on all the classes check out our in depth Class Build Guides!


Gives the group speed and damage buffs from Sprint and Demoralize. Incredibly fast with mediocre AoE and single target damage


Fastest class thanks to Draw and Quarter, gives the group 100% critical hit chance using Holy Banner + Arrowkeeper. Great Crowd Control, AoE and single target damage.

Demon Hunter

Highest AoE and single target damage in the game, but lacks the mobility other classes have.


Class consumable gives Magic Find. Provides utility by shielding teammates and grouping enemies with Cyclone Strike. Mediocre AoE and single target damage.


Coming Soon!


Great Crowd Control using Black Hole. Amazing AoE but mediocre single target.

Mad King's Breach

Mad King's Breach is the first Dungeon encountered in Diablo Immortal at the end of the second World Zone, Ashwold Cemetery. It's also one of the best places in the game to farm experience and items! You fight your way through two levels, each with their own boss before facing The Skeleton King. While going through this dungeon maintain your Massacre Bonus as this is a simple way to gain extra experience. This dungeon is a favorite for many, as it's quick to get through and quite rewarding.

Diablo Immortal Dungeon Mad King's Breach

Dungeon Overview

  • The Mad King's Breach dungeon is located along the northeast wall of Ashwold Cemetery
  • Required level 10
  • 2-3 minute runs
  • High Exp / Loot
Group Stats Per Hour (Alpha)
Experience10.7M (Best)
Scrap Materials750 (Best)
Enchanted Dust29
Glowing Shards3
Mad King's Breach Map

Solo Playthrough

1st Floor - Is small and has a treasure chest on the left wall. You must kill two waves of Wraith's that spawn in the middle hallway to spawn Sir Gorash at the end. He casts Arcane Beams and Waller but is easy to take down.

2nd Floor - Allows you to run straight to the end and fight Manoruk. He summons skeletons around you and shoots individual blasts that deal moderate damage. He also has a long attack that sends waves of skulls across the room. This can be intimidating at first but is easy to avoid once you see how it works.

3rd Floor - Has two stages of enemies you must clear before moving onto the Skeleton King. At the first landing you need to clear out all the enemies before the barrier drops. For the top you need to kill 6 enemies in the center of the room, then the 4 Skeletal Guards that spawn after they die. After all the enemies are dead, the Skeleton King spawns at the end of the room.

The Skeleton King is a pretty easy boss with 2 stages. In the first stage he'll swing his mace around and you can dodge it with ease. For the second stage he'll mount up and charge as well. If you're a melee class you can let him hit you with his charge and he'll drag you with him, increasing your DPS. When in a group save your strongest skills for his 2nd stage. The amount of damage you can do in the first stage is heavily limited by his long animation.

Group Farming

Farming this dungeon is all about taking down three bosses fast, so make sure everyone in your group is equipped to do maximum single target damage. Even with three floors and some coordination required this is a fast and rewarding dungeon. Spread out on each floor to get the most from the massacre bonuses with one person hanging back and the others always flying ahead. Another perk of farming here is the close proximity to the Haunted Carriage. Time it well for extra goodies during your runs!

1st Floor

This floor has Wraiths that must be killed to spawn Sir Gorash, it also has packs of rats on the sides which can be used to maintain the massacre bonus while you wait for Sir Gorash to spawn. Have two players take down the Wraiths quickly while the others gather the rats and this floor is over in an instant!

Player 1 - Kill the 1st wave of Wraiths and help with the 2nd wave before moving on to the boss.

Player 2 - Go straight to the 2nd wave, kill it quickly then move on to the boss.

Player 3 - Run straight left to gather the two packs of rats, but don't kill them! Bring them to Sir Gorash and only hit them to keep the massacre bonus.

Player 4 - Run to the right to gather the pack of rats and bring them to the boss. Don't kill the rats instantly, they're for keeping the massacre bonus!

Mad King Dungeon Floor 1

Tip: if you see an elite on the sides, drag them to the boss instead of killing them where they are. This allows your teammates to loot the items on top of the boss without having to walk around the room. This only saves about 10 seconds per elite pack, but if you do hundreds of runs, it adds up!

2nd Floor

For this floor have someone lag behind cleaning up most of the enemies while the others go to Manoruk right away. Make sure someone in the party is equipped to move as fast as possible to spawn Manoruk. Draw and Quarter on a Crusader and Sprint on the Barbarian are great choices for this!

Player 1 - Take your time killing as many enemies as possible, but make sure you get to the boss in time to help with the fight!

Player 2 - Go to the boss and kill the enemies at the end of the room.

Player 3 - Go to the boss and kill the enemies at the end of the room.

Player 4 - Get to the boss as fast as possible, a fast class and a fast device saves you a few seconds per run here!

Mad King Dungeon Floor 2

3rd Floor

Run to the first landing as fast as possible, clear the room and have someone prepared to start running to the next landing once the barrier drops. For the final wave kill the 6 enemies there as fast as possible then spread out to kill the 4 skeletons that spawn. Make sure to have one person move ahead so they can spawn the Skeleton King right away once your team has cleared all the enemies! On the Skeleton King save your strongest skills for his 2nd stage since the amount of damage you can do in the first stage is heavily limited by his long animation.

Player 1 - Same job for both phases, go slow and kill as many enemies as possible.

Player 2 - Get to your spot in phase 1 and kill all enemies there to open the door for phase 2. Phase 2 is the same thing, get to your spot quickly and kill all enemies there.

Player 3 - Get to your spot in phase 1 and kill all enemies there to open the door for phase 2. Phase 2 is the same thing, get to your spot quickly and kill all enemies there.

Player 4 - Run as fast as possible to your spot in both phases killing enemies near your spot while waiting for the next phase to trigger. When in phase 2 kill a few enemies at the top before moving ahead to the Skeleton King to trigger his spawn ASAP.

Mad King Dungeon Floor 3

The Skeleton King

This boss has several seconds of immunity as he transitions to his 2nd phase during the fight. When your group is powerful, have everyone save their skills with long cooldowns and big damage for his 2nd phase so they're not wasted while he's immune. If the fight takes awhile due to power level of the party or difficulty picked let everything loose right away so you get those skills back for the 2nd phase!

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Forgotten Tower

The Forgotten Tower dungeon is located in the Dark Wood and is the final area before transitioning to the Shassar Sea. A blast from the past, this rework of the Diablo 2 classic is not so forgotten after all. This dungeon is a favorite for many because it has a simple one floor layout and a lot of monsters to kill for an easy 100 Massacre Bonus (the highest possible in Diablo Immortal). The Forgotten Tower also rewards the player(s) with up to 5 bonus chests at the end of the run if you're able to kill enough enemies before the timer expires. All the more reason to group up, head in and slay this one quickly to get amazing rewards.

Diablo Immortal Dungeon Forgotten Tower

Dungeon Overview

  • The Forgotten Tower is located in the northeast corner of Dark Wood
  • Required level 20
  • 2 minute runs
  • High Exp / Loot
Group Stats Per Hour (Alpha)
Gold71k (Best)
Scrap Material680
Enchanted Dust27
Glowing Shard2
Forgotten Tower Map

Solo Playthrough

  • In the beginning you need to kill the Shaman and his Blood Clan Warriors, break the vines and get through. To the left there are a couple treasure chests but they're usually not worth going after, press forward to teh first boss.
  • Head down the path and get ready to fight Bloodsworn Priestess Innaloth. She has many enemies with her so bring some Area of Effect skills for this one. Once you've taken her down, inspect the Dying Villager, then open the gate to the left.
  • From this point on you need to defeat the Bloodsworn Army quickly, to get up to 5 bonus chests at the end. This objective happens in 5 stages that each give you over 80 seconds to complete. You have to kill 100 enemies total, with each stage requiring 10, 15, 20, 25 and 30 kills respectively. Bring enemies from previous rooms into the next area so you can keep the Massacre Bonus up!
  • Be careful of the swinging blades as you navigate this dungeon! They have a massive hit box and are annoying to get around.
  • Once you've killed the Bloodsworn Army, take on The Countess in her chamber. Half way through she'll disappear and summon several enemies you must take down before coming back for her second stage. She'll unleash bats in an area around her so don't stand too close. Getting hit by several bats at once can lead to a swift death.
  • Like most bosses. just take your time. Utilize the health globes and this shouldn't be too bad your first time through. Once you've been through a few times keeping up the 100 kill Massacre Bonus should be easy as well, especially with a full group!

Group Gameplay

This dungeon has three phases and a boss fight. Being efficient here is all about spreading out and doing your assigned duties. With a plan this can be one of the most lucrative dungeon farms in the game. It however isn't as straightforward as some others and might take a little more practice to get it feeling smooth. As always, Barbarians and Crusaders are great for getting places fast and the Demon Hunter is the best at killing bosses.

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Main Map

Phase 1

To begin, kill the Shaman and the Blood Clan Warriors to break the vines. Once the vines break, have three players run straight to the boss as fast as possible while one lingers back, killing enemies to maintain the massacre bonus. When the boss is dead it's important that an assigned person (Player 3) clicks on the Dying Villager ASAP and that another (Player 4) is ready to open the door as soon as it's available.

Player 1 - Your job is to sit back and keep hitting and killing enemies to maintain the massacre bonus.

Player 2 - Nothing special to do, just get to the boss fast and kill it!

Player 3 - You're in charge of clicking the Dying Villager to start the quest immediately once Bloodsworn Priestess Innaloth is dead.

Player 4 - After killing the boss get to the door on the left immediately so you can start unlocking it once it's available

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 1

Phase 2

After unlocking the door your team should spread out in the first room to kill all the enemies that spawn. It's important that everyone aggressively gets to their spot quickly, as the faster you kill the enemies the sooner the next ones spawn. When heading back to the previous room two waves of enemies spawn in the middle that must be cleared before you can move onto phase 3.

Player 1 - Kill all the monsters in the first corner then go straight back to the previous room to kill the new enemies that spawn there.

Player 2 - Head in about half way and clear out some of the middle. Don't worry about killing every single thing as the other two behind you will clean up.

Player 3 - Clear out the top right corner then head back to the previous room to make your way over to phase 3.

Player 4 - Go deep and as fast as you can to kill all the enemies in the top left corner. Once this is done focus on cleaning up the leftovers as you follow your team through the rest of the dungeon.

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 2

Phase 3

After killing all enemies in this area, the door to Phase 3 breaks open. Here two players burst ahead leaving the first part of this room for the other two to clear out when they catch up. Kill 100 enemies in this phase then get to the door to start the encounter with The Countess.

Player 1 - Should be the first person through the door and is tasked with going deep into this final room to clear out the enemies in the back.

Player 2 - Run to the top of the room with Player 1 and take out the all enemies on the right side.

Player 3 - You're the Clean up crew. Kill your way through the door then head to the middle of the room and finish any remaining enemies.

Player 4 - Go to the bottom right corner and kill anything left. By the time you get here the 100 kills should be reached so save a movement skill to get to The Countess fast.

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 3

The Countess

When fighting The Countess in a group save most of your big damage for phase 2 since there are several seconds of immunity between her phases. In the 2nd Alpha test a powerful group could sometimes kill her before she would transition to phase 2 but this method was unpredictable and unlikely to remain at launch. Spread out In-between phases to quickly kill the enemies she'll spawn. If the fight is going to take awhile due to power level of the party or difficulty picked let everything loose right away so you get those powerful skills back for the 2nd phase!

Forgotten Tower Dungeon Phase 4

Video Guide

Tomb of Fahir

The Tomb of Fahir dungeon is a massive dungeon that takes you on quite the adventure in the Shassar Sea. Make sure to bring a movement skill so you can get around quickly. You are going to be running all over to complete objectives while finding many Treasure Chests along the way. This dungeon brings a smile to your face with its unique encounters and boss fights, surely bringing excitement about what else is coming down the road!

Tomb of Fahir

Dungeon Overview

  • The Tomb of Fahir is located on the west side of the Shassar Sea
  • Required Level 28
  • 3-4 minute runs
  • Moderate Exp / Loot
Group Stats Per Hour (Alpha)
Scrap Material350
Enchanted Dust26
Glowing Shard2
Tomb of Fahir Map

Solo Playthrough

  • The first objective is to kill the Icon of Rebirth on the far left side, then traverse to the other side to take down the Icon of Souls. Once both of these have been eliminated King Fahir spawns in the Inner Chamber. You can take them down in either order or even split up in a group and do them at the same time!
  • On your way to these Icons there are ten chests: two in the first room on the left, three in the first room on the right and five in a room before the Icon of Rebirth. Once you click a chest, enemies spawn on the left side of the room that you must eliminate before you can claim the rewards. As of the 2nd alpha it was never worth it to open these chests.
  • When fighting King Fahir, place yourself between him and the pillars to prevent being knocked back by his AOE attack. Avoid his danger beams on the ground and take him down slowly but surely. Once he's dead go deeper into the chamber to see what other horrors await.
  • Next, take a lift down and fight off waves of enemies as well as the Colossal Tomb Borer. He's easy to defeat if you stand to the side while fighting him. Don't stand right in front of his mouth or you can be knocked back!
  • Once this is done you've reached the bottom and are ready to fight Segithis. You must take down his legs first to attack his head. After one round he'll get back up and you need to break two more legs before finishing him off.

Group Gameplay

This dungeon is quite massive and takes awhile to get through as there are 2 mini-bosses on complete opposite sides of the first floor. At first you all want to kill each of the Icons as a team and progress through the dungeon the same way you would solo. Once you have a party with enough power to make Diablo quiver, you can split up for the Icons and meet in the middle to go even faster. The final stage of efficiency, shown below, is sending 1 strong player to each Icon alone. Have the other two stay in the middle to push ahead to King Fahir as fast as possible.

1st Floor

This is the optimal setup for the first floor when you have 2 players that are strong enough to take down the Icons alone (in a reasonable amount of time). If they're not strong enough simply have players 2/3 go with 1/4 and have everyone converge back to the middle once they're dead. The only time you should send all 4 players to each Icon would be in the fetal stages of your character development, as these Icons aren't that hard and are incredibly far apart. Keeping a player in the middle is beneficial to periodically attack a few enemies to keep the massacre bonus going. Doing this on every run adds up to a lot of additional experience.

Player 1 - Run to the Icon of Rebirth on the far left side as fast as possible and take it down quickly. Bring a movement skill so you can get there and back fast.

Player 2 - If Player 1 needs help go with them, if not stay in the middle and wait for the door to open. While waiting it's important to aggro enemies but not kill them until the door is open and Player 3 has gone through to hit the new spawned enemies.

Player 3 - If Player 4 needs help go with them, if not stay in the middle and wait for the door to open. Once the door opens start hitting the first enemies that spawn to maintain the massacre bonus as you make your way to King Fahir.

Player 4 - Run to the Icon of Souls on the far right side as fast as possible and take it down quickly. Once dead get to King Fahir as quickly as you can.

Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Main


Once King Fahir is dead your team enters a lift where you fight the Colossal Tomb Borer between waves of enemies. Spread out into the 4 corners of the lift and lay into the boss when it comes up. When fighting, avoid standing right in front of its face as it can knock you back.

Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Lift


This fight is easy in a group. All you need to do is spread out in the first phase to take out his legs quickly then meet in the middle to attack his head. Rinse and repeat and this boss should go down quickly.

Tomb of Fahir Dungeon Boss

Video Guide

Destruction's End

Destruction's End is the Dungeon that finishes off Zoltun Kulle's Library before heading to Bilefen. Here you meet your old friend Baal from Diablo 2 and be tasked with trapping him in the Soul Shard. There are many stops along the way but the dungeon guides you along. As usual, drag monsters forward to keep your Massacre Bonus up. Compared to the Forgotten Tower and Mad King's Breach this one isn't optimal for grinding experience or items.

Diablo Immortal Dungeon Destruction's End

Dungeon Overview

  • Destruction's End is located in the northwest of the Library of Zultan Kulle
  • Required level 35.
  • 3-4 minute runs
  • Low Exp / Loot
Group Stats Per Hour (Alpha)
Experience4.5M (Worst)
Gold36k (Worst)
Scrap Material310
Enchanted Dust28
Glowing Shard1
Destruction's End Map

Solo Playthrough

  • In this dungeon you are fighting alongside Zoltun Kulle and Tal Rasha as you hunt down Baal. You must clear the monsters in each wave before Zoltun Kulle can clear the fire blocking the way. It's important that you stick with him and kill enemies so he can keep moving along.
  • You fight Baal in two stages with these two by your side. The first stage is quite simple and ends after taking away two of his health bars.
  • After the first stage you have 3 minutes to get to the end to gain a Bonus Chest, so get moving! From this point on enemies attack Zoltun Kulle as he removes the fire, so kill things quickly if you want to beat the clock.
  • The second stage of fighting Baal is more challenging than the first as he's more aggressive. He'll shoot AOE fireballs like the first battle, but halfway through they turn into meteors that rain down and spread. Towards the end he'll clone himself and bring twice as much fire! Pay attention when Tal Rasha calls out to get in his protection bubble and dive in for safety.

Group Gameplay

This dungeon is one stop after the next with two somewhat annoying boss fights. As far as farming goes this is one of the worst ones for experience and loot. Some dungeons have great ways to split up and increase efficiency, while this one keeps you all pinned together. If you have a group formed and are ready for some dungeons, look elsewhere, this isn't the place to be.

Phase 1

The first phase has 3 walls of fire that you must get past before fighting the first stage of Baal. As a team you need to clear out all the enemies along the way for each firewall to dissipate. Have 2 players be aggressive and kill whats near the firewall while the other 2 escort Zoltun Kulle. Leaving him behind isn't an option!

1st Wall - Kill everything on the way to the first firewall and Zoltun Kulle makes it disappear when you get there.

2nd Wall - Continue on making sure 2 players run ahead to clear out what spawns at the wall while the other 2 escort Zoltun Kulle so he can keep up.

3rd Wall - Rinse and repeat one more time then you are ready for the first encounter with Baal.

Destructions End Dungeon Floor 1

Phase 2

The 2nd phase is a repeat of the first but now you have a 3 minute timer to race against for the extra chest; luckily this is easy with a group. When Zoltun Kulle gets to firewalls in this phase he needs to channel for several seconds to make them disappear. During this time he is ambushed by enemies that try to interrupt him. Be prepared to kill the enemies that spawn before they can interrupt his casting to speed up the pace of these runs. Skills that do heavy damage or massive crowd control such as Black Hole are great for this part.

1st Wall - Someone needs to talk to Zoltun Kulle to get him to start channeling and take out the firewall.

2nd Wall - Kill everything on the way here and get ready to prevent the enemies from interrupting Zoltun Kulle once he starts Channeling.

3rd Wall - Same as the 2nd wall, kill everything and don't let Zoltun Kulle get hit!

4th Wall - Similar to the other firewalls but now the Overseer appears at the end to put up fight before moving on to Baal for one last showdown.

Destructions End Dungeon Floor 2

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Kikuras Rapids

The first dungeon encounter in Bilefen and one of the most unique Diablo experiences you'll probably ever have. Who would have thought we'd be slaying demons on a raft, yet here we are! This one is just flat out fun. You get to slay all the little shamans your heart desires, hop on a raft and clash your way down the rapids. Lookout at the end cause a barrage of fire is coming! This dungeon is quite enjoyable and unique, with the penalty of taking quite a bit longer to get through than the others.

Diablo Immortal Dungeon Kikuras Rapids

Dungeon Overview

  • The Kikuras Rapids is located in the southwest corner of Bilefen.
  • Required level 40.
  • 5 minute runs
  • Low Exp / Loot
Group Stats Per Hour (Alpha)
Scrap Material178 (Worst)
Enchanted Dust19 (Worst)
Glowing Shard2
Kikuras Rapids Map

Solo Playthrough

  • Head down the path dragging the monsters with you to get that juicy massacre bonus. Click the treasure chests as you go along until you get to the raft. Kill all Fetishes around then hop aboard and defend yourself as you make your way through the jungle.
  • The raft segment takes awhile and includes multiple ambushes from enemies. At the end you have to dodge a barrage of fireballs before taking on the final boss, Ongori. Stand at the back of the raft so you don't take too much damage and die!
  • Ongori can be a bit tricky as there are 2 pillars spewing fire at you for most of the encounter. He'll also summon Fetishes and totems that complicate things, but with some maneuvering you can get this one down. When you see a totem spawn, kill it quickly to negate its effect.
  • Remember if you're struggling head to the Blacksmith or Jeweler to see if you have any upgrades available. A few levels to your gems or gear upgrades can make quite a big difference in your damage and toughness!

Group Gameplay

This dungeon takes a long time to do compared to others and generally isn't the best option for farming sessions... unless farming quality time with your friends on a digital raft is what you're after! Coordinate with your group during farming sessions as this dungeon can be a decent way to keep getting some progress while taking quick breaks. Just get on the raft and go AFK for a bit, one person can handle that part with ease!

  • Everyone needs to get to the raft as soon as possible. Someone has to pull the lever to release the raft while the other 3 kill everything around so they don't get interrupted.
  • If you have a Barbarian in the group, have them take Sprint for the team and stick with the slowest person to get them there faster.
  • Once on the raft you can file your taxes or wash your car because there isn't much to kill on the way. A few minutes later you are dropped off at Ongori, who should go down quite easily with a group.
Kikuras Rapids Dungeon

Video Guide

Temple of Namari

The Temple of Namari is the second dungeon in Bilefen where you take on Sargoth. This dungeon is shorter than the others and getting to the end won't take long at all. The fun begins at the end as Sargoth has you face a gauntlet of bosses before taking him on. Fighting 4 bosses in a row might be intimidating, but with all the Health Globes that drop, you need not worry too much! In groups there are other dungeons that are more efficient for farming experience and loot. This one is still a great choice when the desire to destroy some bosses arises.

Diablo Immortal Dungeon Temple of Namari

Dungeon Overview

  • The Temple of Namari is located to the east of Port Justinian In Bilefen.
  • Required level 40
  • 3-4 minute runs
  • Moderate Exp / Loot
Group Stats Per Hour (Alpha)
Scrap Material530
Enchanted Dust25
Glowing Shard2
Namari Map

Solo Playthrough

  • This dungeon is quick to get through and has 3 rooms you must clear before getting to Sargoth. There is no Massacre Bonus to worry about here, get to the bosses fast and get out with the loot!
  • First room has two different treasure chests, one on the right side and one down the long corridor. Grab the first one while killing the enemies, then run to the other while Namari is opening the door. If you time it right you won't waste a single second while getting both chests!
  • Second room requires you to kill the Skeletal Mages and their summoned demon before Namari opens the door.
  • Third room has more Skeletal Mages but now they have shields. You have to kill the summoned monsters in the middle to get the Mages shields to drop. The order of their shields dropping is always: top > left > right. After this, take the portal to Sargoth's chamber and get ready for the showdown with four bosses!
  • The final room is fighting three bosses, one at a time, before facing off with Sargoth. These bosses change each time you go through, but the difficulty of the fight remains the same. Fallen War Matron, Siegebreaker, Voracity, Cold Snap, Perdition, Torrid One and Ashen Marauder's are all options you can see before facing Sargoth.
  • Sargoth attacks you with various forms of lightning, none more threatening than the others.

Group Gameplay

This dungeon is middle of the road for experience and loot, but it does have the perk of being simple. The 3 phases that need to be completed are all quick and most of the time is spent fighting the bosses at the end. What you really fight against in this one are long animations during the boss encounter. If a change of scenery is desired this one is a good choice while still having decent rewards.

Phase 1 - In the first stage 8 enemies are be summoned in a circle around Namari after speaking to her. Spread out around her to take them down fast and move onto the next stage.

Phase 2 - This room has 4 enemies in it, kill them and you can move onto the next room.

Phase 3 - Here there are 3 Skeletal mages with shields in a triangle formation, have 1 player stand in the middle to kill the enemies they spawn while the other 3 each stand near a mage to kill when their shield goes down. The order of their shields dropping is always: top > left > right. Once they're all dead Namari opens the final door to Sargoth, who falls with ease.

Temple of Namari Dungeon Map

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Cavern of Echoes

The Cavern of Echoes is the coolest dungeon and is encountered towards the end of your journey in the Frozen Tundra. In the beginning you slay a path to the first boss Blood Rime, a fun fight that combines some mechanics from Blood Maw and Rime in Diablo 3. After defeating him you fight your way through another level of the cave before taking on the challenging Glacial Colossus.

Dungeon Overview

  • The Cavern of Echoes is in the center of the Frozen Tundra.
  • Required level 50
  • 2 min runs
  • High Exp / Loot
Group Stats Per Hour (Alpha)
Scrap Material420
Enchanted Dust36 (Best)
Glowing Shard3
Cavern of Echoes Map

Solo Playthrough

  • This dungeon has two floors to navigate each with their own boss. The path through is straight forward on the 1st floor. Claw your way through Yeti's and 2 Glacial Monstrosities, before taking on Blood Rime at the end.
  • Blood Rime has two stages. In the 1st stage he is somber, but once he's angry he'll break the floor, taking you down with him. In the 2nd stage he'll do a rolling attack and icicles fall from the sky. Try your best to avoid them as they'll freeze you in place.
  • Once he's dead you have to navigate through the next floor to take on the Glacial Colossus at the end. On this floor icicles are falling from the sky constantly so continue to be careful. Kick down the ice pillar to make it into the last area, then continue straight forward to the final boss.
  • There is a path off to the left but no one knows where it might lead, perhaps a Helliquary boss or something special someday!
  • This floor has frozen enemies that you can mostly skip, but eventually they are freed by one of their friends. You need to kill all the enemies at the end before you can open the door, so don't leave any survivors.
  • Finally you've reached the Glacial Colossus! The beginning is simple, clear out the enemies in the room then start smashing his face in. After a bit he'll go underground, spawn 2 packs of enemies then start shooting out 3 ice beams. Kill all the enemies while avoiding the ice beams at all costs, they do MASSIVE damage.
  • There's a good chance that it goes underground a 2nd time towards the end of the fight, stick to the plan. Keep avoiding the ice beams, clear the trash and finish him off when he comes back up the final time.

Group Farming

This dungeon is an excellent choice for farming in a group with it' straightforward layout and quick progression. Yielding the highest Enchanted Dust per hour from our tests this one is without a contender for the best dungeon to farm in the game. The final boss fight takes a bit more coordination than some others, but after a bit of practice the loot should be raining down like it's your birthday.

Phase 1

For the first floor, have 3 players fly ahead so they can fight the 2 Glacial Monstrosities at the end and break down the door to Blood Rime. Try to kill everything on this floor as extra experience from the massacre bonus adds up! With a powerful group it is possible to kill Blood Rime before he reaches his 2nd stage so bring it right away when you engage him.

Player 1 - Stay back a bit and try to kill every enemy as you make your way through. Make sure you get to the end fast enough so you're helping with the boss.

Player 2 - Rush ahead and clear out enemies before fighting the Glacial Monstrosities with the other 2 teammates, or stick with Player 1 and help them get to the end faster.

Player 3 - Go to the end and kill the Glacial Monstrosities, focus on the one that spawns on top.

Player 4 - Go to the end and kill the Glacial Monstrosities, focus on the one that spawns below.

Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Floor 1

Phase 2

After killing Blood Rime make your way through the 2nd floor in a similar aggressive fashion. Get someone to the pillar of ice in the way as fast as possible so they can kick it over and allow the team to progress. As has been the theme in these dungeon guides most of the team should push ahead to the end of the floor so they can trigger the enemies there and open the last door to the boss, while one stays a bit behind cleaning up and enemies left behind. The path to the left is a dead end that the whole team should ignore!

Player 1 - You're on clean up duty. Stay behind the rest of the team killing all the enemies you can while making it to the boss in a reasonable amount of time.

Player 2 - Run ahead and focus on killing stuff towards the middle/end of this floor so Player 1 can catch up easier.

Player 3 - Rush to the end and kill everything close to the door so it can be opened.

Player 4 - Rush to the end and kill everything close to the door so it can be opened.

Cavern of Echoes Dungeon Floor 1

Glacial Colossus

For the Glacial Colossus make sure that the team spreads out around the boss so they can take out the enemies that spawn. Killing off the spawned enemies fast is one of the best ways to speed up this fight as he will not come back out of the ground until they are all dead. After his first round of hiding is over use all major cooldowns to kill him off fast before he goes underground again. If the Colossus is regularly going through 3 rounds during the fight, you may want to consider another dungeon as this reduces the EXP/Loot per hour significantly.

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  • Dungeons bring fun and exciting adventures to each World Zone.
  • Dungeons are a integral party of Bounties, Shadow Contracts as well as Immortal Daily Quests
  • A great way to meet up and play with new people as you adventure through Sanctuary.
  • Dungeons provide some of the best experience and rewards in the entire game.
  • Check out the other guides under the Resources tab to see how you can get the most out of Diablo Immortal!


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