Elder Rifts Overview


Elder Rifts allow you to quickly tear through hordes of monsters for a chance at big rewards. They are randomized dungeons that you can do anytime for free! The entrance is in the northwest corner of Westmarch between the Challenge Rift obelisk and the Bounty board. They provide a decent amount of Experience and Legendary Gear drops, and you can enhance them with Rare Crest or Legendary Crest to earn Legendary Gems and Runes. This Elder Rift guide covers when to do them, what you can earn, how to clear them efficiently, and more. Let's get started!

Elder Rift Mechanics

Elder Rift Modifiers in action
  • They're free to enter. You can complete as many as you want without restriction.
  • There is no time limit. The progress bar fills as you slay enemies and collect globes from Elites.
  • Legendary Gems, Runes, plus some gear is dropped at the end upon killing the Rift Guardian.
  • The map, mob type, Rift Guardian and pylons are randomly generated.
  • The monster's Offense and Defense Ratings (ORDR) scale with yours, giving Elder Rifts consistent difficulty as you become stronger.
  • Rare Crest and Legendary Crest add modifiers to Elder Rifts that increase (or guarantee) the chance of getting a Legendary Gem and Fading Ember.
  • You cannot get a Legendary Gem if you do not put in a crest (other players putting one in doesn't count for you).
  • You earn 1 Fading Ember for every Crest used, including those from your teammates. Limited to a maximum of 210 Fading Ember per week.
  • They take between 2 to 5 minutes to complete.
  • Daedessa's Blessing (which is earned after the Immortal's clear Kion's Ordeal) gives Immortals and Adventurers 3 chests per day for completing Elder Rifts. These chests contain Asprint Keys and a chance for a Rare Crest. The Shadows then get the buff if the Immortals do not clear Kion's Ordeal within 24 hours.
  • When a Crest is added to an Elder Rift, Beneficial or Harmful modifiers change the rift as shown below.

Beneficial Rift Modifiers

Beat The ClockBeat the clock for bonus treasure.
Extra Legendary AffixGain an extra Legendary Affix for this Rift.
Fast PlayersPlayer movement speed increased by 20%.
Find the Treasure GoblinFind the Treasure Goblin.
Hit And RunEvery 5 yards Players move without stopping increases skill damage by 10%.
Monsters Drop More Energy OrbsMonsters drop more Energy Orbs.
More ShrinesIncreased chance to find shrines.
Operation: Demon SpireDestroy the Demon Spire to earn extra rewards.
Player Attack Speed IncreasedPlayer Attack Speed increased 20%.
Player Attacks call Chain LightningPlayer attacks call Chain Lightning.
Player Attacks Sometimes Unleash Chain LightningPlayer attacks call Chain Lightning.
Player Attacks Sometimes Unleash ShockwavesPlayer attacks have a chance to trigger a shockwave.
Players Inflict BleedingPlayers inflict Bleeding after three hits.
Players Inflict Holy VengeancePlayers sometimes inflict Holy Vengeance.
Player Movement Unhindered By MonstersPlayers can move unhindered through enemies.
Players Sometimes Blind MonstersPlayers periodically Blind surrounding enemies.
Pursuit of VictoryKilling enemies grants 30% Movement and Attack Speed increase for 2 seconds.
Ultimates Charge FasterPlayer Ultimate skills gain charge faster.
Will To SurvivePlayers take 5% reduced damage for every 10% Life they have lost.

Harmful Rift Modifiers

Acid Pools Slow PlayersAcid pools slow players.
All monsters are ElitesAll monsters are elites.
Ambushing MonstersMonster attacks from behind are always critical hits.
Cruel MonstersMonster Critical Hit Chance increased by 50%.
Deadly ElitesStronger Elite monsters, but improved rewards.
Deadly HoardersStronger Elite monsters, but improved rewards.
Erratic MonstersMonsters alternate being enraged and weakened.
Fast MonstersMonster movement speed increased by 20%.
Fearful MonstersMonsters will flee in Fear when damaged below 50% health.
Frenzied MonstersMonsters deal 5% increased damage for every 10% Life they have lost.
Guardian GauntletDefeat a series of Rift Guardians.
Monster Attack Speed IncreasedMonster Attack Speed increased by 20%.
Monster Dodge Chance IncreasedMonster Dodge Chance increased by 20%.
Monsters Sometimes Explode on DeathMonsters sometimes explode on death.
Monsters Sometimes ResurrectMonsters sometimes resurrect.
Poison FogRift filled with poisonous fog. Find cures to remove it.
Sacrificial PowerSkills have reduced cooldowns but cost health.
Slippery IceThe floor freezes periodically, changing movement.
Standing ProhibitedPlayers standing still more than 1 second will be briefly immobilized.
The Floor Is LavaLava periodically erupts beneath players.
TrappedTraps immobilize players.
Treasure Chest SurpriseMonsters sometimes drop treasure chests.
Wild HuntMonsters sense players more easily.
Winds Push PlayersFierce winds push players.

Rewards in Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts are the primary way of obtaining Legendary Gems, Runes and Fading Ember. They are also a good source of XP, crafting materials, and even Legendary Gear. The power increase that the best gems give your build is colossal. If you're lucky enough to drop a Howler's Call, all of a sudden wolves erupt from your attacks, detonating everything in front of you. Or maybe you'll get a Seeping Bile, spreading deadly poison everywhere clearing entire rooms of enemies. They are absolutely worth hunting for and acquiring. Check out our Legendary Gem full guide for more details.

Rewards displayed without any Crests being used.
Rewards displayed for using three Rare Crests without Daedessa's Blessing.
Rewards displayed for using three Legendary Crests

How exactly does running Elder Rifts gain us Legendary Gems? There are several ways:

  1. They can drop if you enhance them with a Rare Crest or Legendary Crest. A Rare Crest gives approximately a 10% chance while a Legendary Crest guarantees that one drops. If you use multiple crests you get the additional rewards for them, so there's no benefit or need to stagnate using them in multiple runs.
  2. The second way is to spend Fading Ember at the Fading Ember Merchant in Westmarch to buy Legendary Gems. Remember that you receive Fading Ember for the crests that others spend, so it's worthwhile to team up and share the wealth.
  3. The final way is to obtain Runes to craft Legendary Gems. This is a longer, more tedious process, but it allows you to target a specific Legendary Gem you're after.

Legendary Crests have a unique benefit, allowing you to use 10 at a time. That does not mean that you could use 9 at a time, though. Your options are 1, 2, 3, or 10. If you take advantage of this with a full party, that means the whole party will be getting 40 Fading Ember per Elder Rift!

Rare Crests do not get this benefit. You can only use 1, 2, or a maximum of 3 per Elder Rift.

Strategies for Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts are laid back and easy to clear. Monsters are always at your ORDR and your Legendary Gems, Normal Gems, Paragon points, and intelligent gameplay guarantee victory. Still, there are strategies that help make things smoother discussed below.

  • Play in Groups Whenever Possible. Group play not only speeds up clear times, but it allows you to share Fading Ember drops. Everyone wins!
  • Split Up. Going different ways makes the progress bar fill up faster. You can also have someone leading the charge and leaving monsters partially dead as they press forward. While other classes come in from behind, clean them up, and gather the orbs. This allows you to spawn pylons quicker and find the Elites. Speaking of which...
  • Hunt Elites. You don't have to kill every living organism in Elder Rifts (and you shouldn't). Pressing forward through trash for larger density and Elites improves clear times.
  • Act Quickly, Not Tactically. Remember that teammate in video games that always charges in blindly, thirsting for blood with no preparation or consideration of the consequences? Well you want that person on your team in Elder Rifts, because there is no time for thinking. The best strategy is to click pylons instantly, have fun, and blast! Warning: This strategy does NOT work in Challenge Rift pushes as they are much more difficult and require brain power.

Bosses in Elder Rifts

Elder and Challenge Rifts share the same bosses (although the versions you fight in Challenge Rift pushes are much, much harder). Once you kill the boss a chest will drop containing any Legendary Gems, Runes, Fading Ember and items that you've obtained throughout the Elder Rift.

Video Guide

Elder Rift Summary

  • Elder Rifts are quick, laid back, easy-to-clear dungeons similar to Diablo 3 Speed Greater Rifts.
  • They are one of the few ways to acquire Legendary Gems, and offer a decent amount of Experience and Crafting Materials through salvaging gear drops.
  • Doing Elder Rifts in groups is not only faster, but more rewarding due to the increased amount of Fading Ember everyone gets (1 from every Crest). You'll get 12 Fading Ember if everyone in the party puts in 3 Rare Crest, for example.
  • Hunting Elites and moving quickly are the top priorities.
  • Have fun hunting powerful Legendary Gems and don't hesitate to show them off in chat when they drop!

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Written by Gregg2G
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Apr 26th 2022
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