In the Diablo universe "Elites" is a collective term for monster types that are way above the average power level. Different Elite types appear with different random Affixes and an increased health pool in Diablo Immortal. Their appearance is indicated on the Minimap as a skull shaped marker that is easy to distinguish from surrounding normal monsters or terrain. This marker shows the location as well as the Elite color indicating their type and power.

Minimap Marker

There are item effects like Legendary Gem Seled's Weakening that increase damage against Elites by x%. In Diablo III Goblins and other players are considered as Elites, but however we don't know if that is the case for Diablo Immortal.

Elite Types

Blues Elites

Spawn in packs of 3 with one Affix. They always drop 3 Experience Globes and have higher chances for Magic, Rare and Legendary drop. During Challenge and Elder Rifts they also drop 3 Progression Globes!

Yellow Elites

One powerful Elite with 2 Affixes. They always drop 3 Experience Globes and have higher chances for Magic, Rare and Legendary items to drop. During Challenge and Elder Rifts they s also drop 4 Progression Globes!

Purple Elites

Spawn with multiple health bars and no Affixes. They usually appear as the final task in Bounties, Lairs or Quests in the open world. These Elites can't spawn in Challenge and Elder Rifts! They have a high chance to drop Crafting Materials like Enchanted Dust during Quests or Legendary and normal Gems in Lairs.

Orange Elites

Have a very low spawn rate anywhere in the open world with 3 Affixes! When killed they have a very high chance to drop a Legendary item. These Elites can't spawn in Challenge and Elder Rifts!

Elite Affixes

Elites are empowered by a wide variety of different Affixes with unique mechanics and effects. Here is a list of known affixes in the technical Alpha (the names are chosen by us as the official ones are not out yet):

  • Arcane - Spawns a rotating beam that spins 360 degrees before disappearing. It deals very high damage, but be easily avoided
  • Frozen - Freezes nearby players for a few seconds
  • Gust of Wind - Pulls the player towards the Elite
  • Icy - Freezes a large section of the floor, causing players to slide on the slippery surface
  • Illusionist - Creates duplicates of itself
  • Jailer - Jails the player making them unable to move for a few seconds
  • Laser - Shoots a long-ranged beam towards the player
  • Molten - Elite explode on death causing massive damage in a small area
  • Mortar - Lobs fireballs in the air that fall down in a small area
  • Nightmarish - Occasionally fears the player when hit
  • Orbiter - Spawns lightning orbs in the air that move and deal damage in a small area of effect
  • Reflect Damage - (Unsure on this one) When struck the Elite reflects some of the damage back to the player
  • Serpent Totem - Summons Serpent Totems that attack the player
  • Slime Summoners - Summons Slime Minions that attack the player
  • Teleporter - Every few seconds the Elites will randomly teleport to another nearby location
  • Thunderstorm - Spawns a thunderstorm on the player
  • Vampiric - Regenerates life by attacking the player
  • Waller - Casts unbreakable Walls that players can't shoot or walk through

Here are some screenshots of the visual Affix effects:

Not much is known about the specific mechanics or cooldowns of each Affix. Some are similar to what we have in Diablo 3 while others are completely new. Stay tuned for information!

Overview by Rob