Essence Transfer


Essence Transfer is a system that allows you to swap legendary powers on your character. It's a convenient system to help you play the build you want or change your loadout for various activities. Let's jump into the details!

Essence Transfer Location in Westmarch

Basics of Essence Transfer

  • Unlocks once you find a second Legendary Item for the same equipment slot.
  • Essence Transfer is only available in Westmarch at a special NPC next to the Rakkis Plaza Waypoint.
  • It allows you to use any combination of Legendary Powers on your equipped items. This lets you wear your best-rolled items permanently.
  • You need to extract (destroy) one copy of each Legendary Item whose power you wish to transfer. Inheriting is free of charge and can be repeated infinitely.
  • Items that inherit (change to) a specific power also change their name & appearance while keeping all their stats & upgrades.
  • Essence Transfer is only available with Legendary Items, meaning only the right side of your inventory (armor pieces & weapons) can use the system.
  • Early on you might want to extract only the exciting powers and salvage Legendary Items you are not going to use for Glowing Shards upgrade materials (required for Rank 6 and beyond).

How to Extract Powers

Once you have acquired at least two Legendary Items of the same slot (armor or weapon), you unlock the Essence Transfer feature. Seek out Zamina in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch to start extracting. When you talk to her, the interface gives you a full overview of all available Legendary Powers for your class, so you can also check out all the possible options. If you want to learn more about their usefulness and mechanics, check out our individual class guides!

Over time you will eventually find them all, so don't worry too much about whether you should salvage or extract currently unused Legendaries. You can always save unused Legendaries in your stash until you need them.

Extracting Steps:

  • Talk to Zamina in Westmarch.
  • Navigate to the tab of the item type you want to extract.
  • Scroll until you find the right item noted with "extractable". Items in your stash won't show up here.
  • Select the power you want to extract, then open the item selection. The game will ask you to choose the exact item from your inventory for cases where you have multiple copies.
  • Choose the item (by clicking on the name, not the icon) and hit accept.
  • Now you can change any other Legendary Item in the same slot to what you just extracted at no cost!
The Essence Transfer Extraction Screen

How to Inherit Powers

Inheriting is the process of changing the Legendary Power of an item. Matching Legendary Powers with the skills you're using is a crucial step in completing a build! Make use of this system as soon as you get a Legendary with higher stats that needs a different power!

Inheriting Steps:

  • Talk to Zamina in Westmarch.
  • Navigate through your available powers to the slot and item you want.
  • Choose what you need and press Inherit.
  • The item's power, name and appearance change to the chosen outcome.
  • All stats, upgrades & sockets remain the same.
  • Inheriting overwrites your old item, so its power cannot be extracted anymore until you find another copy.
  • If you find two exciting Legendaries early on, it may be better to save them until you find a third one that's a stat upgrade so you can extract them both.
Inheriting a Power


  • Zamina in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch allows you to transfer essences.
  • Extract (destroy) a copy of the Legendary Power you wish to use. You will find everything eventually.
  • Inherit (change to) a better power with your currently best-rolled legendary in that slot to use its benefits.
  • You can change an item's power back and forth as much as you like.
  • Always choose Legendaries that synergize with your selected skills.
  • Items that have inherited a power cannot be extracted anymore, so save the strong ones early on for extraction instead of salvaging them for Glowing Shards.
  • Check out your class guide to learn which skills and powers to use!

I hope this overview helps you on your path through Sanctuary! Good luck catching them all.


Written by Wudijo
Reviewed by Lexyu, Raxxanterax


Apr 26th 2022
Guide updated for launch