Gambling Rarities & Antiquities


In Rakkiz Plaza in Westmarch exists an NPC named Yakin (indicated by the mystery armor icon on the map) who allows you to gamble randomized items. This feature becomes available at level 35 and serves as an early Gold-sink to allow you to upgrade your gear at a faster pace. It's one of the few ways to target-farm specific equipment and will help you tremendously while powering up for endgame. Learn here all about how to get the biggest bang for the buck!

The Rarities & Antiquities NPC in Westmarch

What to Gamble for

What you want to gamble depends on your current progress. It's best to categorize this in three different stages:

  1. Campaign Playthrough
  2. Early Endgame
  3. Lategame Progression

Depending on how far you are, your priorities shift as you unlock better gear from drops or simply don't care about rare-quality items at all anymore.

1. Campaign Playthrough

As soon as you unlock the Rarities & Antiquities vendor at level 35, you can start using your Gold to acquire better loot that speeds up your progress. Your most important goal is to fill up empty slots and then focus on having decent rare items in every single slot as soon as possible before you start acquiring a range of legendary items. Your income won't sustain you easily so don't try too hard to replace an item, just take what you can get and move on. Focus on replacing particularly low level items that have outdated stats first! Be aware that gambled items scale to your current level, so the longer you wait, the better the stats will be.

Rarities & Antiquities Merchant Interface (Gambling)

2. Early Endgame

Once you approach the end of the Campaign, you can work on jewelry and secondary armor (amulets, rings, belts, boots, gloves - the left side of your character's equipment slots when viewed in the profile). This is because gambling Legendaries is quite rare and you better focus on getting important attribute upgrades on these slots first. On the other hand, the amount of jewelry you find is quite limited and the RNG range is massive with the amount of stats and number of sockets they can roll.

Before you dive deep into farming set items (which can't be gambled) for these slots, you can use well-rolled rare jewelry as a stepping stone until then. The stats are very valuable due to the Offense Rating and Defense Rating they provide, which directly limits you in the level of content you can do. The sockets are a great boost when filled with the right gems. Regardless, don't waste too much at this step as you will acquire your first set items rather quickly and they will most likely roll better than rare items.

How to prioritize Jewelry
  1. Combined total of primary attributes (Offense and Defense Rating are by far the most important)
  2. Number of sockets (only prioritize an extra socket if the difference in primary attributes is marginal)
  3. Powerful extra magic affixes (some of them can be a great boost, e.g. Critical Strike Chance, Movement Speed, Extra Damage, Beneficial Effect Duration, ...)
  4. Color of sockets (red & blue are great, yellow is negligible)
  5. Preferential attribute distribution (typically Willpower & Vitality are less preferred than others but check your class guide for details)

Typically you will almost entirely care about point 1) in the list above. Everything else is luxury until way later, but the same guidelines apply for higher quality loot, too.

3. Lategame Progression

Lastly, once you are in endgame and have acquired some Paragon levels, set items, a good amount of legendaries etc. you can focus on two different tasks:

  1. Gathering more and improving your legendary items
  2. Stacking up crafting materials for upgrading at the blacksmith

Since set items will generally outperform rare jewelry and secondary armor pieces, it's no use to gamble these anymore after a certain point. Instead, you now want to gamble weapons and primary armor (helms, shoulders, chest, pants, mainhand, offhand - the right side of your character's equipment slots), which can actually roll with legendary quality! When doing a little gambling session of e.g. 10 of each slot, you have a good chance to get one or two.

In general, you can't expect too much here, but you can get a lucky stat roll or potentially acquire a great build-defining legendary for the first time to then use in Essence Transfer. The great part is that nothing goes to waste, as the Enchanted Dust you get from salvaging the useless items can go straight into your next item upgrade!

How to Gamble Efficiently

Recognize that you can't force a good outcome and your Gold income is limited, so you need to always gamble efficiently. You should not waste too much gold here before you have reached max level. This is where quality and level of your equipment starts mattering and before that you will replace your items quickly.

As you gamble for items, penalties are implemented that increase the cost of the next items as shown below.

Daily Gamble Item CountGold Cost of Base
  • The gambling daily limit per item slot is 25. Since your gold income is nowhere near enough to cover the outrageous costs at the later steps, you should avoid overpaying. Always gamble at normal cost at all times.
  • Early on you can change which item slot you are gambling for, as the daily limit and cost increase is separated by type. Keep in mind that upgrading your items at the Blacksmith also costs Gold (as well as various other things such as creating a Clan) so it's always good to keep some in the pocket and not throw it all at Yakin.


  • Find Yakin in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch to start gambling away your Gold. The rewards scale with your level.
  • During the Campaign, fill up empty equipment slots or acquire rare items for all of them.
  • When you hit max. level, prioritize jewelry and secondary armor to get a quick boost in stats again.
  • Once you are farming set items, focus on weapons and primary armor for better legendaries and crafting materials.
  • Gamble responsibly! Don't pay penalties or spend more Gold than needed to force an outcome.
  • Always save a bit of Gold for other uses!

I hope this guide helps you on your path through Sanctuary. May RNGsus be with you!


Written by wudijo
Reviewed by echohack, Raxxanterax, Rob


Apr 26th 2022
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