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Helliquary Introduction

The Helliquary is a unique addition to Diablo Immortal. It is your greatest source of Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR) for your character. This is critical as ORDR are your character's most important stats! There is no limit on the amount of ORDR it provides due to no hard cap on the Helliquary level itself. It's quick to obtain and level early on, but takes longer at later stages. Leveling the Helliquary is largely soloable by doing your daily Bounties to obtain Scoria. Gaining additional Scoria (beyond just Bounties) is possible too!

Obtaining the Helliquary

First, you need to complete the main storyline in Bilefen that ends with Sandro the Mouth. He sends you to Westmarch to go to Deckard Cain's Workshop. He gives backstory on the Helliquary before going to it in a new room of the Workshop. Rayoc teaches the basics of the Helliquary itself before giving you your first demonic target to find and defeat; Chaos Herald Pyl.

You must complete Challenge Rift 8 and kill him at the end. NOTE: Only complete a Challenge Rift 8 as going above will not spawn the special Helliquary boss. Once Chaos Herald Pyl is defeated, pick up Pyl’s Flowing Chaos legendary item drop and return to Deckard Cain’s Workshop.

Rayoc further teaches about the Helliquary and sealing items. Seal your first item; Pyl’s Flowing Chaos, into the Helliquary. Next complete Challenge Rift 12. NOTE: Complete a Challenge Rift 12 as going above it will not give credit. Talking to the Bounty Quartermaster after gives a small chest reward as well as your first piece of Scoria. You now get one Scoria per completed bounty, up to twelve max a day.

Rayoc escorts you to Charsi (Blacksmith) to inform you about Scoria Refinement. Refine your singular piece of Scoria to Hellfire Scoria for a 100 Gold fee. You're able to upgrade your Helliquary from level one to level two at this point. Return to Deckard Cain’s Workshop to end the quest line and set a new demonic target, Lassal, The Flame-spun. He unlocks at Helliquary Level 10.

Continue to do your daily Bounties for Scoria to level up your Heliiquary. This provides you with extra base ORDR, which are your character's most important stats. The Helliquary unlocks an additional slot to seal new items from Helliquary bosses every 10 levels. A new Helliquary boss is available at Helliquary level 30; Vitaath, The Shivering Death.

Additional Helliquary bosses will be added monthly in accordance to past developer comments. The Helliquary level requirement structure for unlocking them is not yet known at this time. Stay tuned, we’ll cover it all when it happens!

Helliquary Progression

Helliquary Leveling

Your Helliquary can be leveled up to increase its base ORDR as previously mentioned. It will start with an initial 30 ORDR and gain an additional 16 to each per level up. The amount required to level your Helliquary starts at three Hellfire Scoria (level two to level three). This amount will steadily rise per Helliquary level and will eventually reach a point where you stop gaining levels daily. This is why it is critical to do your 12 Bounties daily to not fall potentially day(s) behind compared to other players. There is no catch up mechanic for obtaining Scoria.

Item Bonus & Special Attributes

  • Bonus Attributes are the additional amount of ORDR an item gives. You gain this amount regardless of the item being located in the top (active item slot) or in the base (passive item slots). For example, once you gain Pyl’s Flowing Chaos, you will have a total of 80 ORDR (30 from the Helliquary and 50 from the item).
  • Special Attribute gives additional Alternative Stats to your character. This bonus is only active during Challenge Rifts. You only gain the Special Attribute from an item in the active item top slot of the Helliquary. Each item gives varying percentages of different Alternative Stats. You can easily remove an item in the active top slot and replace it with a different item that works better with your build.

Helliquary Boss Strategies

Helliquary bosses use mechanics you should be aware of while fighting them. Knowing what to look out for can increase your chances of defeating them at lower than recommended ORDR. Grouping up with others is the biggest advantage you can gain, as Helliquary bosses do not scale in difficulty with party size.

Helliquary Introduction Boss: Chaos Herald Pyl

Boss Information

  • Location: Westmarch, Palace Courtyard Watpoint, Challenge Rift Entrance, Challenge Rift 8 Rift Guardian
  • Recommended ORDR: N/A
  • Special Item: Pyl’s Flowing Chaos
  • Bonus Attributes: +50 ORDR
  • Special Attribute: +10% Critical Hit Chance (Challenge Rifts only)

General Strategy

Chaos Herald Pyl is tuned to be beatable at this point in your character's leveling. There aren't any major mechanics to be overly cautious about. Make sure you have your best gear equipped with appropriate Normal Gems and Legendary Gems socketed. Make sure you are upgrading your gear at the Blacksmith to gain additional Primary Stats which increases your ORDR.

Helliquary Level 10 Boss: Lassal, The Flame-spun

Boss Information

  • Portal Location: Dark Wood, Tree of Inifuss Waypoint, South-South West.
  • Recommended ORDR: ~2,700
  • Special Item: Flame-Twisted Claws
  • Bonus Attributes: +100 ORDR
  • Special Attribute: +10% Attack Speed (Challenge Rifts only)

General Strategy

Lassal, The Flame-spun has an array of basic attacks. There is a regular single strike that travels in a straight line. Another is a quick, short ranged swipe. Lastly, there is a basic ground smash with a leaping variant that has a knock back component. These attacks are easy enough to avoid once you see the pre-attack telegraphing a few times. Learning when you can attack or need to move is dependent on your class, skills, and gear.

Six Demonic Warriors are summoned to fight you every 45 seconds. Focus them down quickly to shift your attacks back to Lassal, The Flame-spun.

After depleting his second health bar, Lassal, The Flame-spun performs two attacks that are critical to look out for. The first attack is the creation of three boulders in the air that collide together into one boulder. This boulder embeds into the ground shortly after. He typically casts this twice. The second attack is when Lassal, The Flame-spun moves to the center of the area and starts charging up. The game will also display a warning. Move your character behind a boulder to avoid taking massive damage from this ultimate attack.

Once you reach the final health bar, all attacks can be cast, creating a hectic final phase. Remember to dodge the basic attacks, especially his triple leap attack, which now leaves fire patches behind for 20 seconds each. Focus down the Demonic Warriors when summoned as quickly as possible. Lastly, take notice of where the boulders embed themselves to dodge his ultimate attack.

Helliquary Level 30 Boss: Vitaath, The Shivering Death

Boss Information

  • Portal Location: Frozen Tundra, Bitter Hearth Waypoint, East of Cavern of Echoes Entrance.
  • Recommended ORDR: ~3,400
  • Special Item: Frozen Wing of the Shivering Death
  • Bonus Attributes: +150 ORDR
  • Special Attribute: +20% Block Chance (Challenge Rifts only)

General Strategy

Vitaath, The Shivering Death has a practical armory of basic attacks. One is a short range, quick swipe. Second is a wide frontal AoE cone sword swipe with a short charge up period. A third travels in a straight line of moderate width that has a knock back component after a short charge up period. Fourth is summoning eight Chilling Constructs. The last ability is Teleport.

Starting the encounter, 14 frozen Ice Clan Goatmen break free from their ice blocks in waves. You have 25 seconds to defeat them before Vitaath, The Shivering Death appears in the center of the area. She comes after you with all attacks listed in the previous section. These attacks are easy enough to avoid once you see the pre-attack telegraphing a few times. Learning when you can attack or need to move is dependent on your class, skills, and gear.

After depleting her first health bar, she teleports to the center of the area. She rises up and summons an army of eight Chilling Constructs, four Frozen Shades, and two Ice Barriers. She is immune to attacks at this time. Defeat all the enemies as quickly as possible as more Ice Barriers will appear making movement harder. After all enemies are defeated, can be damaged again.

After depleting her second health bar, her armory of attacks grows. The first is an ice crystal appearing above her head that rapidly fires ice shards at you for a brief time. The second is a powerful but narrow straight line attack for the entire length of the area after a charge up period. The third is when she takes to the sky and a snowflake icon appears on the ground that follows you. Stay clear to avoid taking damage when she falls to it after five seconds.

After depleting her third health bar, she teleports to the center of the area again. She casts an area wide AoE attack with a knock back component that shatters all remaining Ice Barriers. Another new attack rains ice in two successive waves every eight seconds. Eight Chilling Constructs are summoned every 24 seconds. All this while performing her other attacks. Make sure to dodge as much as possible. Know when you can move in to attack. Doing so will be the ace up your sleeve in defeating her.

Helliquary Impact on Cycle of Strife Factions

I wouldn't be doing my due diligence if I didn't talk about the effect of the Helliquary on the three Cycle of Strife factions. What's in question is your choice to value more ORDR over joining the Shadows or Immortals. If you stay an Adventurer, you'll gain access to additional Scoria that the other factions cannot obtain. This can impact your character's overall power.

The Adventurer's first bonus comes from up to three Scoria bonus chests from completing 20, 40, and 60 Bounties per week. This is easy to do as you can complete 12 Bounties a day. The second bonus is being able to buy up to six Scoria daily from the Honor Merchant in Westmarch.

1st Bonus Chest9 per week
2nd Bonus Chest9 per week
3rd Bonus Chest10 per week
Honor Merchant6 per day (42 per week)
Total Scoria70 per week

Being an Adventurer can net you 10 extra a day. Compared to Shadows and Immortals only being able to obtain 12 Scoria daily, this grants a dramatic advantage. This equates to higher Challenge Rift clears, easier farming on higher difficulties, and being able to do ever harder Helliquary bosses earlier than other players.

You need to consider a few things with this knowledge. Do you want consistent personal power vs. acquiring strong temporary buffs? Do you want access to specific Shadow and Immortal activities? If you don't want to participate in the Cycle of Strife, then staying an Adventurer may be of great benefit. If you want to participate in the Cycle of Strife, you need to make do with the limited amount of obtainable Scoria.


  • The Helliquary is a simple yet powerful tool to increase your character's Offense Rating and Defense Rating (ORDR).
  • Remember to always do your 12 daily Bounties (and honor merchant purchases if you’re an adventurer) to maximize your Scoria intake and level your Helliquary as soon as possible!
  • Make sure to continuously upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith in combination with leveling your Helliquary. This will ensure you defeat Helliquary bosses as soon as you unlock them.
  • Remember to ALWAYS group up for these fights to make them easier!
  • Think about your long term goals and activities you want to participate in to see if staying an Adventurer is the right choice for you.


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