Helliquary Walkthrough

Helliquary Introduction

The Helliquary is a unique addition to Diablo Immortal.  It is a great source of Combat Rating, which is the most important attribute for your character! It's quick to obtain and level early on, but becomes harder to progress at later stages. Leveling the Helliquary is done by completing ever harder 8-player raids to obtain Scoria.

Obtaining the Helliquary

At level 36, you receive the quest, "Opening the Helliquary," that guides you to Westmarch and talk to Deckard Cain. Go to the tree, located in the Central Square, and talk to Rayek. Pick up the Helliquary, which teleports you to a solo instance scenario.

Fight your way through, killing demonic enemies until you reach Rakkis Plaza. Destroy the three Death Spires that protect Chaos Herald Pyl. Defeat Chaos Herald Pyl and move to the Einfrinn Tree. Once there, defeat Lassal, The Flame-spun. Once completed, your character wakes up in a daze from the experience. After talking to Rayek, complete Challenge Rift 1 and defeat Chaos Herald Pyl for good this time.

You receive Pyl’s Flowing Chaos after killing him - the first Helliquary Trophy! Talk to Rayek once again to seal the trophy into the Helliquary.

Talk to Charsi (Blacksmith) to refine your Scoria into Hellfire Scoria (for a 100 Gold fee each) used to upgrade the Helliquary itself. After a few more back and forth discussions with Cain and Rayek, Lassal, The Flame-spun is set as your next demonic target, and you complete the Helliquary quest line.

Helliquary Difficulty

Each Helliquary boss has three difficulty levels you can attempt, with increasing rewards when they are defeated. The main thing that changes with each difficulty jump is the health and damage of the boss and their minions. No additional mechanics unlock or special abilities. With this knowledge, you just need to get to the recommended Combat Rating and slay the demons.

There are a few things to keep in mind when setting up a raid along with the rewards given:

  • Your raid team can do the raid twice a week (resetting every Monday and Thursday) for obtaining Scoria.
  • Always do the highest difficulty your raid team can do, as that determines how much Scoria you receive after defeating the boss. This can be a big difference, for example, 10 Scoria Difficulty 1 vs. 20 Scoria Difficulty 3.
  • The Warband raid bonus Scoria is a one-shot deal! It does not reset weekly.
  • The Warband raid has a leaderboard that is organized by difficulty cleared, then by time. There is a small reward for being at the top of the leaderboard with the standard weekly rest.
  • There is a Chest of Glory that is rewarded to the top three DPS of the group. It gives 5 Enchanted Dust. You can run the raid multiple times to get everyone on the raid team their chest for the materials.

Helliquary Progression

Helliquary Leveling

Your Helliquary can be leveled up to increase the Combat Rating it provides. It starts with an initial 2 Combat Rating and gains additional Combat Rating at an increasing rate at higher levels. The Helliquary requires 1 Hellfire Scoria to level at first, but the cost increases steadily. You receive Scoria[/di-item from the Battle Pass Activity (10 per boss) along with getting a varied amount from re-killing the Helliquary bosses on the hardest difficulty you can (twice a week). Make sure to keep up on your Helliquary raids, there is no catch up mechanic for [di-item id=scoria]Scoria in the game.

Battle Pass Raid Activity that nets you 10 Scoria per Helliquary boss you have unlocked and killed.

Helliquary Leveling Costs

Helliquary LevelHellfire Scoria RequiredBonus Attributes (per level)Item Slot Unlock
332First Slot
694Second Slot
9154Third Slot
12216Fourth Slot

NOTE: The table above is based on data we are actively gathering. As more levels are gained, this table will be updated and expanded.

The Helliquary unlocks an additional slot to seal new items from Helliquary bosses as it levels. Additional Helliquary bosses will be added monthly.

Item Bonus & Special Attributes

  • Bonus Attributes are the additional amount of Combat Rating an item gives. You gain this amount regardless of the item being located in the top (active item slot) or in the base (passive item slots). For example, once you gain Pyl’s Flowing Chaos, you have a total of 12 Combat Rating (2 from the Helliquary and 10 from the item).
  • Special Attributes gives additional power to your character. This bonus is only active during Challenge Rifts. You only gain the Special Attribute from an item in the active item top slot of the Helliquary. Each item gives varying percentages of different Special Attributes. You can easily remove an item in the active top slot and replace it with a different item that works better with your build.

Bonus Attributes gained per level and from sealed items are cumulative. For example, at level 10, you'll have 30 Combat Rating from the Helliquary itself plus any sealed items Combat Rating. Settle into the grind and make sure not to lose out on a day's worth of Scoria!

Helliquary Boss Strategies

The Helliquary bosses are tough 8-player raids with many unique abilities that need to be understood to properly fight them. Knowing what to look out for can increase your chances of defeating them at lower than recommended Combat Rating. Whether it's Lassal's boulder attack or Vitaath's all out assault of ice attacks, get the low down on each boss's strategy with our Helliquary Boss Raid Guides to bring your raid team success!


  • The Helliquary is a simple yet powerful tool to increase your character's Combat Rating.
  • Remember to do the Helliquary raid twice a week on the hardest difficulty your raid team can do along with the Battle Pass Activity to maximize your Scoria intake and level your Helliquary ASAP!
  • Make sure to continuously upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith in combination with leveling your Helliquary. This ensures you defeat Helliquary bosses as soon as you unlock them.


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Apr 26th 2022
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