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Hilts is a currency in Diablo Immortal that allows players to purchase Crests, Reforge Stones, Gems and much more at the Hilts Merchant. Hilts are stored in the third tab of your inventory and stacks indefinitely in 1 slot. You can use it to gain Gems and Crafting Materials to get even more powerful and climb the Challenge Rift Leaderboard Ranks!

Hilts in a Player's Inventory

Obtaining Hilts

There are many ways to get Hilts in Diablo Immortal:

  1. Challenge Rifts
    • Group Leaderboards (3,000 per month)
    • Solo Leaderboards (500 per week)
    • First completion of each level (up to 400 at Challenge Rift level 100)
  2. Shadows
    • Raiding the Vault (700 per week)
    • Rite of Exile (300 per week)
    • Daily quests (100 per day)
  3. Immortals
    • Defending the Vault (700 per week)
    • Rite of Exile (300 per week)
    • Crown Contribution (Several Hundred per week)
    • Weekly Participation (Several Hundred per week)
    • Daily quests (100 per day)
  4. Battlegrounds participation (140 per day)
  5. Cycle Turns Chest reward (up to 100)
  6. Battlepass (500 every 10 levels)
  7. First Kill of the Day (up to 150)
  8. Map Exploration (up to 60)

The best way to get Hilts is to always complete daily and weekly objectives, as well as pushing all the Challenge Rift Leaderboards. These reward by far the highest amount of Hilts in the entire game!

Spending Hilts

Hilts are spent at the Hilts Merchant, which is located in the top right corner in Westmarch.

HiltsMerchant in Westmarch

There are 3 different tabs to choose rewards from:

1. General

You can use Hilts to purchase limited items that refresh after a certain time limit.

ItemHilts CostPurchase Limit
Legendary Crest3,0001 per month
Mystery Legendary Item3,0001 per week
Ca'arsen's Invigoration3,0001 per month
Rare Crest5001 per week
Choice of Gems20010 per week
Scoria (Adventurer only)506 per day
Reforge Stone2008 per week
Charm10020 per week

2. Immortals

These are exclusive rewards for Immortals for the contributions they have made in protecting Sanctuary. Some items are only unlocked for purchase when Immortal Dominance reaches a specific rank.

ItemHilts costPurchase LimitDominance
to unlock
Raw Essentia502 per day-
Rare Crest5001 per week-
Mystery Legendary Item3,0001 per month-
Ca'arsen's Invigoration3,0001 per monthSilver III
Legendary Crest3,0001 per monthGold III

3. Limited Time

Random items refresh twice daily at 12:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. server time. If you are lucky, you might be able to buy some useful items! You can also tick the notify button in-game to be notified once these items are refreshed!

ItemHilts cost
Choice of Gems200
Reforge Stone200
10x Scrap Materials20
1x Enchanted Dust15

Limited Time tab at the Hilts Merchant


Check the Hilts Merchant frequently to avoid missing out on sales in the "Limited Time" tab. Generally, you should always buy up all crafting materials as well as your choice of gems to get higher ranks. Normal Reforge Stones can be skipped in the later phases of the game as they become less useful compared to the family specific Reforge Stones. Here is an overview of some strategies used in the Alpha:

  • Buying the Legendary Crests is invaluable. It could be a 5-star Gem that completely changes your build and getting those Crests is extremely rare. Get these every time.
  • Buying Enchanted Dust lets you upgrade your gear at the Blacksmith faster, giving you more of the best stats in the game, Offense & Defense Rating.
  • Choice of Gems is another great way to spend Hilts. The typical top 2 choices are Tourmaline (for more damage) and Sapphire (for more Armor Penetration = Critical Hit Chance). Remember that Armor Penetration has diminishing returns at high levels, while pure damage does not. So you can never go wrong with buying Tourmalines.
  • Adventurers have the unique ability to buy Scoria which will likely be removed from the game as it significantly boosts Offense & Defense Rating via the Helliquary. This bonus alone makes the Adventurers the strongest faction in the entire game!


  • Maximize your Hiltsby doing Challenge Rifts and Daily / Weekly Faction quests.
  • Check the Hilts Merchant often for new Limited Time sales.
  • Spend your Hilts on Legendary Crests, Gems (Tourmaline and Sapphire) and upgrading materials.
  • Take your powered up character into Battlegrounds and show 'em who's boss!

More Information is soon to come as Diablo Immortal development continues. Stay tuned!


Written by Rob
Reviewed by Lexyu, Raxxanterax