Immortals Walkthrough


Fame, Wealth, Power. The Immortals represent the most powerful players in Diablo Immortal. The ruler of all of them is known as The Immortal and has the power to appoint four Lieutenants along with control of the entire faction. If you are one of the lucky few to call yourself Immortal, you gain access to the game's biggest challenges, best loot, and wealth beyond measure. But the Immortals cannot hold their crowns forever, and inevitably, the Shadows will take control of the crowns and become the new Immortals. How long can you hold on? And while you reign as an Immortal, can you take advantage of your position to strengthen your character? This walkthrough ensures that you optimize your rewards during your limited time as an Immortal. Who knows, maybe one day you will become The Immortal?

Being an Immortal

Not everyone can be an Immortal. There are a limited number of slots available, and you can only join by being a part of one of three Immortal clans. If you can't get an invite, then you and your clan need to join the Shadows to fight the Immortals for their position of power. If you join or lead the top Dark Clan and overthrow their reign by defeating them in the Rite of Exile and Challenge of The Immortal, you will take their crowns and become the new Immortals. Completing this triggers all of the events in Cycle's End.

Even if you are lucky enough to join the Immortals, The Immortal and their Lieutenants have a strong incentive to require players to maximize their Sigil of Dominance contributions. If you are a more casual player and do not contribute, you may find yourself kicked out of the Immortals for a player more worthy of your slot. In other words, joining the Immortals is a gameplay commitment, so make sure you are ready to play at least ~1 hour per day and maximize your contributions!

Minimum Requirements - You must have completed the Bilefen questline and reached level 43 to receive an invite to the Immortals.

Immortal Leadership

The Immortal controls the entire Immortals faction through leadership and management of different roles. There are only four Lieutenants, each able to govern the Immortals, including accepting applications and designating Elites. Elites are effectively a "raid slot" for Kion's Ordeal, allowing them to enter the raid when it is opened by a Lieutenant or The Immortal. Plus, you get these snazzy portrait frames, which your party members can see!

Cycle's End

The Shadows, led by the winning Dark Clan, have become the new Immortals. This is a critical moment for you and everyone in your Dark Clan, because you receive a one-time temporary buff granting you incredible amounts of magic find, movement speed, and attack speed for 4 hours! You need to gather your former Dark Clan and farm as hard as possible to take advantage. Founders of the Immortals are not able to do any Immortal quests or tasks until 3:00 a.m. server time after the Rite of Exile and Challenge of The Immortal.

Founder's Buff

We expect the Founder's Buff to change significantly. In theory this could be an insane buff, but more information on how Magic Find functions needs to be gathered.

Founder's Buff - Founders of the new Immortals are granted a limited, 4 hour buff upon successful completion of the Rite of Exile. This buff grants a stackable and shareable +50% Magic Find bonus within a 10 yard range. This means 4 players in a party can gain up to +200% Magic Find if they stack on top of each other! Compared to what is offered by equipment, this is INSANE!

Improved Founder's Buff - The Dark Clan leader is granted an improved version of the Founder's Buff, increasing the bonuses to +100% Magic Find, +30% Attack Speed, and +30% Movement Speed!

The distance between echohack and Rob is 10 yards, or the exact range of the Founder's Buff

True Immortal Questline

When you join the Immortals, you do not have immediate access to all the powers granted to a True Immortal. First, you need to complete the True Immortal questline. You can only complete one step of the questline per day, so stay on it, or else you will fall behind! Even falling behind one day can ruin your progression, so it is critical that this becomes your #1 priority until the questline is complete.

This questline is completed during the time that the Cycle of Strife turns, meaning that there are no Shadows to challenge the Immortals' reign. Use this first week of downtime wisely and get ahead of the Shadows, because they are coming for you soon!

Complete the True Immortal Questline!

Daily Goals

Complete ALL Daily Goals to maximize your progress!

Daily Goals are absolutely essential for you to complete as an Immortal. These are random quests given each day and are similar to Bounties, but should take higher priority as they ultimately determine your standing within the Immortals. Sometimes Bounties and Daily Goals overlap, so it is possible to do both at the same time. Check both your Daily Goals and the Bounty Board before setting out. The Immortal leadership will likely make it a hard requirement to complete your daily goals in order to maximize the progress the Immortals as a whole make each day. If you neglect to complete these daily, you might find yourself kicked out of the Immortals! If for some reason you can't play for a day or two, we recommend communicating ahead of time with the Immortal leadership so you can ensure your spot is kept. Remember that Diablo Immortal is an ARPG with social MMO elements, so it's important to establish solid communication with your teammates to ensure your success at the highest level.

Daily GoalPoints
Inspect The Immortal Statue in Westmarch10
Contribute Sigil of Dominance to the Eternal Crown10
Inspect The Wall of Honor10
Complete a Challenge Rift20
Participate in a Battleground20
Win a Battleground20
Complete The Dungeon: (Random Dungeon)25
Complete 2 Bounties50

Immortal Rewards

We're gonna be rich!

The Immortals receive unique rewards during their Reign, giving them bonuses that are not available to any other players on the server.

Crown Abilities

The Immortal leadership receives a total of FIVE crowns, each with their own unique abilities. The Immortal can assign the Crown of Agony, Crown of the Wind, Crown of Protection, and Crown of Restoration to four chosen Lieutenants. The Eternal Crown is particularly important because it provides buffs to ALL Immortals.

Each crown is associated with a Lieutenant.

The Eternal Crown

Core to the Immortals is the progression of the Eternal Crown. In stark contrast to the Shadows, the Immortals are tied together as a group. You can progress the Eternal Crown by gaining Dominance through completing daily Immortal quests, contributing Sigil of Dominance, conquering Kion's Ordeal, and winning the Rite of Exile. Leveling up the Eternal Crown as fast as possible is important to stay ahead of the Shadows, who are rapidly progressing their own objectives. Gotta go fast!

Rank Up The Eternal Crown!
Eternal Crown RankImmortal AgeCharacter SlotsDamage & DefenseOther Benefits
1Bronze I100+2%Immortal Cloaks
2Bronze II150+4%Kion's Ordeal 1
3Bronze III180+6%Hilts Trader 1, Elite Cloaks
4Bronze IV200+8%Statue of The Immortal
5Iron I210+10%
6Iron II220+12%Lieutenant Cloaks, Kion's Ordeal 2
7Iron III230+14%
8Iron IV240+16%Hilts Trader 2, Kion's Ordeal 3
9Silver I250+18%The Immortal Cloak
10Silver II260+20%Kion's Ordeal 4
11Silver III270+22%Hilts Trader 3
12Silver IV280+24%Kion's Ordeal 5
13Gold I300+26%Kion's Ordeal 6
14Gold II350?+28%
15Gold III400?+30%Hilts Trader 4
16Gold IV 500?+32%

Crown Powers

Each crown provides an activated, limited buff to anyone in your party that is in range. Owners of the crowns will see a new button next to their potion button to activate the crown. These buffs last ~10s-30s with a LONG 30 minute cooldown, so use them wisely! The range is 10 yards which is about half-a-screen distance. The crowns can be used anywhere in the game, but are especially useful for Kion's Ordeal, the Rite of Exile, and Helliquary bosses. You can even use the crowns in PvP, including the Rite of Exile, Battlegrounds, or the Vault.

The Eternal Crown

Crown Power | Cooldown - 30 min
The Immortal's crown has an extra power. Activate: Grant all allies within 10 yards X% cooldown reduction and X% increased Attack Speed for 10 seconds.

Crown of Agony (Shadowbreaker)

Crown Power | Cooldown - 30 min
Activate: All allies within 10 yards X% increased Critical Hit Chance for 10 seconds.

Crown of the Wind (Pathfinder)

Crown Power | Cooldown - 30 min
Activate: All allies within 10 yards X% increased Evasion Rating for 10 seconds.

Crown of Protection (Hand of Iron)

Crown Power | Cooldown - 30 min
Activate: All allies within 10 yards take X% reduced damage for 10 seconds.

Crown of Restoration (Hope's Dawn)

Crown Power | Cooldown - 30 min
Activate: All allies within 10 yards heal for X% of maximum Life every 5 seconds for 10 seconds.


Commendations are weekly rewards based on your Prestige and requested items from the Vault. The Commendations Officer distributes these rewards each week on Monday, starting at 3:00 a.m. server time.

Immortal Contribution allow you to increase your Prestige rank and also provide a competitive ranking system within the Immortals for purposes of distributing loot from the Vault. Your Prestige rank increases the Commendations you receive every week, increasing the rewards you receive from the Immortal's cache of Gold and Hilts. Even if you don't rank highly on Immortal Contribution, Prestige still offers you a measurable increase in rewards each week!

The main Immortals menu has a summary of your Prestige rank and your overall Immortal Contribution rank for determining Vault rewards, which can include triple stat Legendaries. Keep a close eye on your rank here if you're vying for the top spot!

Your weekly status displays your current Prestige, Rank, and weekly rewards.

Immortal Cloaks

All Immortals receive a cloak for the duration of their Reign. This is purely a cosmetic feature with no additional benefits, other than styling on your friends who aren't part of it. As the Immortal Age is ranked up, the Immortal leadership receives improved cloaks that look more and more impressive. The Immortal eventually receives the most impressive cloak of all!

The Vault

The Vault offers Gold, Hilts, and incredible loot

Some of the best loot in the game is available in the Immortal's Vault. The Vault can even drop triple stat Legendaries which are unavailable from nearly anywhere else in the game and give you a significant boost in ORDR. As an Immortal you have a chance of receiving this loot, and if you are the top contributor, you receive first pick. In addition to Contributions, it is your job to defend the Vault from raids by the Shadows. Successfully defending the Vault also nets you some precious Hilts!

Contribution Points

Tap on your character in the member list to see Immortal Contribution details.

As an Immortal, your Contributions are tracked via the Immortal Contributionsystem. This system measures all of your contributions to the Immortals and gives you a score, ranking you amongst all of the other Immortals. At the end of each week, the Immortals with the top Immortal Contribution receive their requested loot from the Vault. There is a theoretical maximum number of Immortal Contribution each week, so if you want the best loot from the Vault, you need to maximize your contributions!

Contribution Point SourceTotal Points
Daily GoalsDaily ?
Sigil of Dominance ContributionWeekly ?
Defend the VaultWeekly ?
Invite Adventurers to ImmortalsWeekly 500/500

First Week Limitations - During the first week as Immortals, you won't have everything unlocked because the True Immortal Questline is time-gated. During this first week, your Immortal Contribution cap is limited compared to other weeks. During the alpha, the first week had a Contribution Point limit of 1,780 points.

First Wins Ties - At the end of the week, if there is a tie for Immortal Contribution, then the person who reached the maximum number of points first is considered rank 1, the next rank 2, etc. You can check your specific rank on the weekly rewards summary, and also by sorting by the column of Contribution Points in the Immortals menu. This reflects the actual expected order of loot distribution. If the top players collaborate, you can use this behavior to manipulate the loot distribution in your favor!

Similarity to Other Loot Distribution Systems - If you have raided in other MMORPGs before, you might be familiar with DKP, EPGP, Loot Council, or other loot distribution systems. Immortal Contribution is a sort of DKP-based system that resets week to week. DKP (Dragon Kill Points) is a classic loot distribution system that originally was started by players in classic MMOs like Everquest. This system does suffer from some of the same winner-take-all problems present with DKP-based systems (i.e. One player can be top of Contributions Points each week if they play enough).

Vault Loot Distribution and Contribution Point Reset

Similar to other server events, Vault loot distribution and Immortal Contribution are reset every week on Monday, 3:00 a.m. server time. Due to how Immortal Contribution ties work, this means that the top contributors are rushing to be first to max out their Immortal Contribution on Sunday, 3:00 a.m. server time in order to be top on Immortal Contribution. If you want to be a top player, I hope you like staying up late or waking up early! Keep in mind that Immortal Contribution reset every week, so if you miss a day and fall behind, you have a shot at the top spot next week.

Requesting Loot from the Vault

Before Vault loot is distributed, you need to view the available items and request which ones you want. You can request up to three items from the Vault. These items are in ranked-choice order; in other words, your first choice will be given to you if you are the highest bidder on that item, otherwise it will go to your second choice, and so on. You only receive one item as a result of your ranked-choices. You can always go back and cancel your request and request a different item if you so choose. At the end of the week, if you are the player with the highest amount of Immortal Contribution for a particular item you requested, you will receive that item during loot distribution. Make sure you take time to review and request the loot you want, because this loot can be some of the best in the entire game! If you forget to request specific loot from the Vault, you will receive random, garbage-tier unclaimed loot, so always remember to request your three items!

Filtering Loot - In the bottom right of the Vault window is the settings button. This button allows you to filter the loot you see in the Vault! There's a mountain of loot in the Vault, so use this filter to quickly find exactly what you are looking for.

Distribution Optimization - If the top contributors collaborate, you can pre-determine who gets which loot. Let's dive into a specific example because the loot distribution can get confusing.

Let's say the top three Demon Hunter contributors are looking to pre-determine who gets which loot. It is Sunday night and all three have completed the maximum number of Immortal Contribution for the week.

  1. echohack - 1700 points, rank 1
  2. Facefoot - 1700 points, rank 2
  3. Raxxanterax - 1700 points, rank 3

These three players are looking at three items in the Vault, in this order:

  1. Main Hand - 100 Strength, 100 Willpower, 100 Vitality
  2. Chest - 90 Strength, 90 Willpower, 90 Vitality
  3. Helm - 80 Strength, 80 Willpower, 80 Vitality

In order to ensure loot is distributed appropriately, echohack makes the Main Hand their #1 choice, Facefoot makes the Chest their #1 choice, and Raxxanterax makes the Helm their #1 choice.

Remember that even though you have three choices, you only receive one item out of these three! This is what we mean when we say that this is a ranked-choice.

Requesting Off-Class Loot - During the alpha it was possible to request loot that belongs to another class, making it automatic vendor trash. If this is still in the game, don't do this. It's extremely bad manner AND you'll lose out on your own loot for that week. The Immortal leadership will also likely kick you out of the Immortals.

Defending the Vault

Stop the Shadows, do whatever it takes!

Located on the left side of the Hall of Ascension is the entrance to the Vault. The Vault is open from 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. server time, allowing the Shadows to raid and steal your valuable treasures! When the Shadows are detected in the Vault, ALL Immortals receive an in-game notification indicating that the Vault is under attack.

Defending the Vault gives 30 Hilts per player killed, up to a maximum of 700 Hilts per week. Since Hilts are such a limited currency, make sure to Defend the Vault and reach your 700 Hilts maximum each week! Make sure you allow others to Defend the Vault because they also need to fulfill their cap too.

When you are done defending the Vault, you receive a Defense Report highlighting your exploits.

In practice, to properly defend the Vault, you need to be already partied up and waiting in-game next to the Vault entrance. Be ready to zone in and destroy the Shadows!

Adding Loot to the Vault

Completing Elder Rifts with crests seems to give additional rewards to the Vault...?
  • Every hour, items and Gold are automatically added to the Vault. This does not appear to be influenced by player actions.
  • When completing Elder Rifts enhanced with crests, Gold and items are added to the Vault.
  • There is a limit of 200(?) items in the Vault per week.

When do rewards precisely get added to the Vault? This is a question we have yet to answer, but we do know a few things. Come back to this section when we learn more!

Kion's Ordeal

Boss Rush? Boss Rush.

Kion's Ordeal is a 48 player mini-raid that pits the Immortals against four bosses in one fight. By ranking up the Eternal Crown, you can do more and more difficult levels of Kion's Ordeal, offering better loot and a more difficult challenge.

Entering Kion's Ordeal

Kion's Ordeal must be unlocked by spending Essentia. The Immortal or one of the four Lieutenants can spend the Essentia required to unlock the raid. Not just any Immortal can enter Kion's Ordeal, however. You must be an Elite, Lieutenant, or The Immortal to enter. Only The Immortal and the four Lieutenants can manage this status, and it's a headache!

When you enter Kion's Ordeal, your group enters a large room with four portals. Each portal goes to a different Tormentor, allowing up to 12 players to fight them each at a time. Organize 3 parties of 4 per Tormentor, buff up, and get ready for combat!

Selecting the Correct Difficulty - The most important reward to optimize for is Dominance, since it is essential for progressing the Eternal Crown. In general, select the highest difficulty your raid can complete. Higher difficulties allow you to complete the raid multiple times per day, increasing your total Dominance rewards each time. Each difficulty has a different Essentia cost and a different amount of Dominance received. We don't know if each higher difficulty of Kion’s Ordeal offers relatively more Dominance per Essentia spent. We can refer to this as the D/E ratio, and each higher rank should have a D/E ratio that is greater than the previous level. The actual values for D/E are currently unknown for each difficulty, but you should always do the difficulty that offers the highest D/E. We expect this to change before release. We will update this as soon as we know more.

Boss Strategy

Each Tormentor has different abilities for you to deal with.

  • Voracity - ?
  • Moloch - ?
  • Siegebreaker - ?
  • Zolthrax - ?
  • Coldsnap - ?

When you kill one Tormentor, the rest of the Tormentors do more damage. Watch the HP of all Tormentors closely and kill them simultaneously! If your group is significantly ahead, slow down your DPS so the other groups can catch up. Communication is key!

During the beta these bosses were severely undertuned and extremely easy. At one point we were able to 4-man the entire raid. We expect strategies for killing these bosses to develop.

4 Tormentors, 1 Boss Fight.

Loot Distribution

You can only roll Need.

After completing the raid, return to the main room to begin the loot distribution process. Tap on the crystal in the middle, and once enough players have done so, loot distribution begins. Loot is distributed by standing in a circle around the piece of loot you want to roll on. You can inspect the loot by walking near it and tapping the magnifying glass. Standing in the circle is the equivalent to rolling Need in other games (there is no Greed option), or you can pass on all of the loot for that round by not standing in any circles. After the timer reaches zero, you will see all of the rolls for the item you were rolling for and who won the item. Loot in Kion's Ordeal can be some of the best in the game, so prepare yourself for some nail-biting rolloffs!

The Immortal

The Immortal is the leader of the Immortals and has a tremendous amount of power and responsibility. This section gives you deep insight into our experience as The Immortal.

Being The Immortal

Being The Immortal is a bit like being the President of Diablo Immortal. It bears the same weight of responsibility of leading a large guild in any MMO. Additional pressure and harassment can come from players in the Shadows and Adventurers who want nothing more than to take your spot and spoil your Reign. You need thick skin and the ability to ignore the trolls, at a minimum. Establishing clear communication, set raid times, and set membership policies will allow all Immortals to be successful. More than anything, as The Immortal you need to create an environment so ALL players can have fun, and ensure that the rivalry between the Shadows and Immortals is friendly and respectful for everyone. Be mindful that your behavior as The Immortal sets the tone for the entire server for the duration of your Reign.

Name Your Reign - When you first establish your reign at the Historian, you need to give a name to your Reign. This is the name visible on the Wall of Honor and in the main Immortals menu. It should go without saying, but make sure this name is NOT toxic or hate speech, as this is highly visible on the server, and Blizzard will likely deliver a swift ban for poor behavior. Maxroll officially recommends putting the word "Pizza" somewhere in the name of your Reign. We like pizza.

Statue of The Immortal - At Immortal Age Bronze IV, you unlock the Statue of the Immortal in Westmarch. A giant statue of your character is present near the Hilts Trader. Bask in your glory!

Immortals Strategy

As The Immortal, you are the only one who can change the strategy by which the Immortals accrue Dominance and Essentia. Each strategy has certain advantages. The best overall strategy is to use Concentrate Power until you reach the maximum rank of the Eternal Crown, but you might not be able to use this strategy for long! Before you make any decisions, bring together your chosen four Lieutenants and discuss together.

Concentrate Power - Focus on gaining Dominance quickly. Increases all Dominance gained by 1.2x.

Bolster The Vault - Make it harder for Shadows to raid the Vault. In theory, reduces the amount of Essentia lost and makes it harder to bypass alerts to the Immortals.

Reward Loyalty - Increase weekly rewards for all Immortals. This is a sound strategy if you think that you only have one or two weeks left in your Reign in order to maximize your rewards.

Optimal Immortal Strategy - Burst Dominance

An extremely coordinated Immortal reign can push the game's limits by turning in Sigil of Dominance at designated times, optimizing the Vault early in the reign, and optimizing Kion's runs. Doing this gives ALL Immortals nearly double the Hilt rewards as other strategies, and gives you a much better chance of unlocking the high tier Immortal cosmetics. This requires at a minimum a Discord, kicking inactive Immortals, and constantly recruiting new players. The core reason this works is because you can hold any Sigil of Dominance turn ins until one day, meaning you can spend the remaining 6 days each week on a different strategy. This is A TON of work to get right, so prepare yourself if you are going down this route. Link your players directly to this step-by-step guide below so they will understand what to do. We expect some things to change here at release, and will update this strategy as soon as we know more!

  1. CONCENTRATE POWER. At the beginning of the reign until after the first Friday reset, stay on Concentrate Power strategy. You need the initial boost to get as many high ranked players into Immortals before the Shadows opens on Thursday ASAP. Players should do all turn ins immediately until the first Sunday reset.
  2. KION'S ORDEAL. Kion's also benefits from Concentrate Power, but it's impossible to run it exclusively on Saturdays because you can only open one tier of Kion's per day. Instead, try to run Kion's whenever you can, and include Saturday on your schedule as one of the days you plan to open Kion's. Keep in mind that higher tier Kion's require you to split your group across multiple instances, and because there is a daily lock-out, you want to keep the earlier instances to a smaller group. We recommend about 9-12 players for every early instance, and then max out the final one.
  3. BOLSTER THE VAULT. On Saturday, before the Sunday reset, change strategies to Bolster the Vault. Pumping your Vault early is going to be important much later on. This strategy recommends 1 week of Bolster the Vault, but you can optionally Bolster the Vault for 2 weeks instead.
  4. HOLD ALL SIGIL OF DOMINANCE. All Immortals will need to HOLD all Sigil of Dominance until a mass turn in on Saturday. DO NOT TURN IN ANY Sigil of Dominance UNTIL SATURDAY. Anytime during Saturday works after the server reset. Saturday is the perfect day because it is before the Rite of Exile on Sunday, and it is usually the day when people have the most free time.
  5. CONCENTRATE POWER. On Friday, before the Saturday reset, change to Concentrate Power. Do not forget to swap strategies or else you will lose the extra 20% Dominance bonus!
  6. TURN IN ON SATURDAY. Once Saturday reset hits, all Immortals turn in their Sigil of Dominance. This can be done anytime during Saturday, before the Sunday reset. You can easily gain several Immortal tiers in a single day this way.
  7. REWARD LOYALTY. Now here's where the Burst Dominance strategy starts to shine. Instead of Bolster the Vault, you can Reward Loyalty, which will nearly double the amount of Hilts all Immortals earn over the course of the week.
  8. REPEAT. If you manage to win the Rite of Exile, repeat steps 3-6.

The Wall of Honor

The Maxroll team as the Immortal leaders!

The Wall of Honor is a permanent fixture in Westmarch that shows The Immortal and four Lieutenants for the current Reign, the Founders of the current Reign, and also allows you to view previous Reigns and their histories through the Chronicle. When you become the Immortals, you and your Dark House become a permanent part of the history of the server. There's no mechanical benefit from the Wall of Honor, but it provides fame and glory for your accomplishments.

Immortal Status (MOTD)

As The Immortal, communication is key. You can set the Immortal Status to whatever message you want. We recommend setting this to include a link to your Discord and manage all other communication there. Keep a copy of different texts in another notes app so you can easily copy and paste messages as you need them!

Membership Applications

One of the management tasks that The Immortal and the four Lieutenants are tasked with is approving or declining applications to the Immortals. Tap on New membership application to start the review process. Unfortunately you can't click on player profiles from the review process. This can make it difficult to accept applications at a glance. Due to how time-gated Daily Goals and Dominance mechanics work, it is to your advantage to accept applications as soon as you can so players can maximize progression ASAP. We recommend establishing a lightweight interview process through Discord, if possible. Not only will you get to meet the players, but you can also establish strong communication with those players, and help them understand the importance of doing Daily Goals and leveling up for future events like Kion's Ordeal!

The Immortal can customize the banner in the Hall of Ascension

Located in the Hall of Ascension, the Banner allows you to customize your own design that will be displayed around Westmarch, in the Hall of Ascension, and on the Wall of Honor. Pick your shape, banner color, and insignia and bask in your glory!

Video Guide


  • Join the Immortals if you can! Prepare for a time commitment if you join.
  • Do your Daily Goals every day to maximize your Immortal Contribution and Dominance.
  • Maximize your Immortal Contribution in order to have first dibs on loot from the Vault.
  • Don't forget to request loot from the Vault or else you will receive garbage at the end of the week!
  • Defend the Vault from the Shadows. Max out your Hilts earned per week!
  • If you are an Elite, prepare yourself for Kion's Ordeal! Be on time for raids so everything goes smoothly.
  • If you are The Immortal, use the Immortal Status to establish raid times for Kion's Ordeal and remind players of the Rite of Exile.
  • Read the Shadow's Walkthrough, which is essential for understanding your competition!


Written by echohack
Reviewed by Facefoot, Raxxanterax, Gregg2G


Apr 26th 2022
Article updated for launch