Lairs Guide


Lairs are mini-dungeons found in Zones out in Sanctuary that reward you with Normal Gems such as Aquamarine, Citrine, Ruby, Sapphire, Topaz, or Tourmaline. Find Lairs, complete Tasks, and defeat the boss at the end each day in order to maximize your Normal Gem gains with this guide!

Finding Lairs

The hardest part of getting the rewards from Lairs is finding them in the first place. The spawn points for Lairs are rare and difficult to find, especially if you don't know where to look. Thankfully, the entrances to Lairs themselves are not completely random locations, but instead spawn in specific locations around the world. Click here and use our World Map to find every Lair location in the game!

While leveling, you can enter any Lair you want solo or with a group without restrictions. However, four players are required to enter a Lair on Hell 1 difficulty and higher. If you're lucky enough to find a Lair in these difficulties, make sure you invite other players from your Clan or Warband quickly so you can secure the Lair before another group steals it out from under you!

A Lair entrance in Dark Wood

Lairs can spawn up to 3 at a time in one Zone. Once a Lair is spawned, it takes 10 minutes to despawn. Any despawned Lair will respawn at a different location in the same zone. So if you can't find a Lair, don't give up! Keep searching and one will eventually respawn!

Lair Tasks

Each Lair has several Tasks to complete. Always stop for these Tasks and complete them because they give you a Rank 1 Normal Gem! These tasks are never difficult to deal with, and do a good job of breaking up the dungeon so you are not just rushing to the end to kill the boss. You can't find higher Rank Normal Gems 1 from these Tasks.

Lair Boss

A Lair boss awaits at the end of a floor. These are mini bosses with a ton of health that reward you with a Rank1 Normal Gem. You can't find higher Rank Normal Gems than from these Bosses. Once you defeat the boss, there is a 50% chance for a Red Portal to spawn. Don't take the Blue Portal -- Take the Red Portal! If you are lucky enough to get this Red Portal, it gives you an ENTIRE SECOND FLOOR of a Lair!

Lair Second Floor

A Blacksmith is conveniently place at the start of the second floor. Stop and salvage your items, even if your inventory is not full! This is one of the best ways to salvage your items without interrupting the flow of your quests in the entire game. Otherwise, this second floor functions the same as the first floor with Lair Tasks and the Lair Boss. Unfortunately, there isn't a chance for a third floor to spawn.

Lair Normal Gem Limits Per Day

You can gain up to 6 total Normal Gems each day after the daily server reset at 3:00am server time. Typically, you can get 3 Normal Gems per floor you complete. If you get lucky with a Red Portal to the second floor, you can get your maximum daily allowance of Normal Gems in a single Lair. Else, you need to find 2 Lairs to complete. You can still enter Lairs after reaching the daily Normal Gem limit to help out your friends, Warband, or Clan, but you will not receive anymore rewards. Move on to other daily activities at this point.

You might need to find a second lair to reach your daily gem limit.



Written By Echohack
Reviewed By Lexyu