Legacy of the Horadrim


The ancient history of some of the most recognizable names in Diablo is unleashed for your benefit. The Legacy of the Horadrim is a Secondary Attribute system to further enhance your character's power. Unlocking the power of past Horadrim members requires finding their vessels scattered throughout Sanctuary and held captive by tough enemies. Once obtained, these vessels can be upgraded to further boost their power to hack and slash your enemies with ease.

Legacy of the Horadrim

Unlocking the Legacy of the Horadrim

The Legacy of the Horadrim is unlocked when you reach level 49 and complete Challenge Rift 10. You receive Caldensann's Compassion at the end of the rift. Once back in Westmarch, a small cutscene plays showing the history of the Horadrim that created it.

Go to the fountain to have a short conversation with Fellig. Afterwards, inspect the fountain and talk to the Memory of Iben Fahd. Follow the memory to the statue North of the Elder Rift and Challenge Rift platform to enter Iben Fahd's Sanctum.

Legacy of the Horadrim

You enter a new area reminiscent of the Horadrim. Talk to Iben Fahd and go through the golden portal that opens behind him.

Legacy of the Horadrim

This new area is where you visit daily to collect Aspirant's Key and Culling Stones to upgrade your Vessels, but more on that later on. Inspect the shrine to open the Legacy of the Horadrim UI.

Place your Vessel, Caldensann's Compassion, into its respective socket. The spirit of Caldensaan appears and grants you 9 Armor & Armor Penetration (Rank 1).

Move through the hallway to the Sanctum Depths. Kill all enemies along the way to collect four Aspirant's Key. They do NOT auto pick-up, so be sure to manually pick them up. Once you reach the Aspirant's Grounds, you enter the first of four rooms.

Each room contains five chests (bonus free chest in the last room) that cost an ever-increasing amount of Aspirant's Key to open. The first chest you open is always free. You must open ALL chests in a room to move to the next, so plan ahead! Let's focus small for now.

Legacy of the Horadrim

Open the first free chest for a random combination of three different Culling Stones; Beryl, Garnet, and Sapphire. Similar to the Keys, they do NOT auto pick-up and must be manually picked up. More information on the Aspirant's Key and Culling Stones is provided later. For now, enter the doorway back to the Shrine.

Inspect the shrine once again. Select Caldensann's Compassion and upgrade it to Level 2. Note that the costs to upgrade are the same for every Vessel, regardless of material it takes. Also, the increment in which Secondary Attributes of a Vessel upgrades stays consistent. After a short discussion with Iben Fhan, the quest is complete. You can now come back to this location daily to obtain:

  • Four Aspirant's Key (killing enemies in Sanctum Depths leading to Aspirant's Grounds).
  • Culling Stones from the first free chest in the Aspirant's Grounds.
  • 20 Battle Points from the Daily Activity.
Legacy of the Horadrim

Legacy of the Horadrim Vessels

Vessels provide a wide variety of stats. Some Secondary Attributes can be more beneficial to your class than others. Before you can take advantage of these Vessels, you need to find them first! Listed below is each Vessel’s location and Secondary Attribute(s).

Legacy of the Horadrim Vessels

Caldensann's Compassion

Cathan's Piety (TBD)

Guilt of the Nameless

Iben Fahds's Tenacity

Jered Cain's Vision

Nilfur's Precision

Nor Tiraj's Knowledge

Tal Rasha's Authority

Zoltun Kulle's Ingenuity

Caldensann's Compassion

AttributeBaseUpgrade Per Level
Armor Penetration9+9

Complete Challenge Rift 10 for the first Vessel. It unlocks the Legacy of the Horadrim system.

Vessel Upgrade Costs

Compared to other systems in DIablo Immortal, upgrading your Vessels is relatively straightforward. However, there is always a catch. We need to talk about Aspirant's Key and how we open chests first.

Aspirant's Keys

Compared to other methods of opening chests, Aspirant's Key are the best. They are the easiest to obtain on a daily basis and more efficient than the real money alternatives. Platinum and Eternal Orbs costs are shown, but It is heavily advised NOT to use either.

Aspirant's Key can be obtained by:

  • Daily purchase from the Hilt Merchant.
  • Completing First Kill of the Day (when Aspirant's Key are the reward).
  • Reaching certain Ranks of the Battle Pass.
  • Reaching a new Rank in PvP.
  • Opening a Blessed Chest from completing Elder Rifts when you have Daedessa's Blessing.
  • Completing The Assembly for the Shadows.
  • Completing Kion's Ordeal for the Immortals.
  • Purchased from one Supplies Bundle and one Trove Bundle from the in-game shop.

There are plenty of ways to obtain keys for free, so don't stress over it. With all of this out of the way, let's see the cost to open each chest in all the rooms.

Room 1
ChestKeysPlatinumEternal Orbs
Room 2
ChestKeysPlatinumEternal Orbs
Room 3
ChestKeysPlatinumEternal Orbs
Room 4
ChestKeysPlatinumEternal Orbs

Note: The Hidden Bonus Chest opens in the middle of the fourth room only when all chests have been opened. While this chest gives more Culling Stones, opening all chests to get to it is an inefficient use of Aspirant's Key.

As seen in the totals table, it takes a lot of Aspirant's Key to fully open all four rooms. The Platinum cost is too high to justify using, considering other parts of the game give better value. Eternal Orbs, being a real money currency, is heavily discouraged as well. Getting 11 Legendary Crest for the same amount of Eternal Orbs is a better deal, even if it's just for the Gem Power! Only open the chests in the first room, every daily reset. This is the best use of your keys. Don't make a costly mistake!

Item / CurrencyTotals
Aspirant's Key377
Eternal Orbs1,885

Vessel Upgrading

Culling stones are used to upgrade Vessels. Each stone dropped randomly rolls from three different types. The following list details which Culling Stones you need for each Vessel:

  • Beryl - Guilt of the Nameless, Jered Cain's Vision, and Nor Tiraj's Knowledge.
  • Garnet - Nilfur's Precision, Tal Rasha's Authority, and Zoltun Kulle's Ingenuity.
  • Sapphire - Caldensann's Compassion and Iben Fahds's Tenacity.

The amount you get per chest is outlined in the following tables:

Room 1
ChestCulling Stones
Room 2
ChestCulling Stones
Room 3
ChestCulling Stones
Room 4
ChestCulling Stones

As stated in the previous section, you only want to open all the chests in the first room to maximizes your Aspirant's Key usage. While opening a chest, there is a chance of hitting a jackpot! This gives nearly three times the amount of Culling Stones than a chest would normally drop. With all this knowledge at your fingertips, let's look at the cost of upgrading any Vessel:

Material cost are the same for all Vessels
Material cost are the same for all Vessels

Note: The Vessels can be upgraded further, but information was not obtainable during Close Beta.

As you can see, the early levels are cheap but get expensive quickly. If multiple Vessels require the same Culling Stone, upgrade ones that give Life or Damage first before others. Prioritize upgrades on your lowest level Culling Stones first to be material efficient. This ensures you get the most out of this system for your character's power!

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  • Run through the Sanctum Depths to get your four Aspirant's Key from enemies on your way to the Aspirant's Grounds daily!
  • Open the free chest in the first room of the Aspirant's Grounds. Open all chests in the first room once you have enough keys to do so.
  • Do as many game activities as you want to gather additional Aspirant's Key.
  • Focus on which Vessels you want to upgrade and make a plan of action.
  • Keep track of the specific Culling Stones you need to obtain and upgrade.


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