Legendary Gems


Legendary Gems provide powerful bonuses to Primary Equipment Slots. They can only be inserted into Legendary Sockets in the aforementioned equipment slots, and like normal gems they can be removed and replaced at any time. You can craft, upgrade and manipulate your gems at the Apprentice Jeweler.

You can craft Legendary Gems using Runes and Platinum. Some of the Legendary Gem attributes will be randomly determined when crafted.

Crafting Legendary Gems at the Apprentice Jeweler

Legendary Gems can be upgraded by combining multiple Legendary Gems of the same name.

Upgrading a Legendary Gem (ranking it) at the Apprentice Jeweler

List of Legendary Gems

There's a total of 23 different Legendary Gems in the Technical Alpha of Diablo Immortal.


Berserker's Eye

Bloody Reach

Chained Death

Chip of Stoned Flesh

Cutthroat's Grin

Echoing Shade

Fervent Fang

Howler's Call

Lightning Core

Lo's Focused Gaze

Mocking Laughter

Nightmare Wreath

Pain of Subjugation

Phoenix Ashes

Power & Command

Respite Stone

Seeping Bile

Seled's Weakening

The Black Rose

The Hunger

Trickshot Gem

Unity Crystal