The Marketplace Explained

The Marketplace is Diablo Immortal's in-game trading feature and works similarly to auction houses in other games. There is no other way to transfer items between players or even your own characters in the game! Here you can buy and sell items for Platinum, a currency mostly purchased with real money in the game store. All items that can be traded have both a minimum and a maximum amount of Platinum they can be listed for. A small sum of Gold is used as a fee to post items and listed items will stay in the Marketplace for 2 days. To access the Marketplace, talk to Dya in Rakkis Plaza in Westmarch.

The Marketplace in Westmarch

Not all items in the game can be traded, like weapons, armor and jewelry. Only some secondary items and their connected materials can be placed as an auction, including:

Buying Items

One thing to be aware of when browsing the market is that not all items are of equal quality. While Gems and Runes are interchangeable commodities, Legendary Gems and Skill Stones can differ in their quality, rank and general usefulness for your character. Make sure to take a closer look before making a purchase!

If you are unsure or want to bid at the last moment, you can use the Watchlist feature to quickly find items again when you come back. Simply tap the little heart icon in the top right corner of your desired item. You also get a notification 3 minutes before an item on your Watchlist expires.

Buying Items at the Marketplace

Selling Items

To sell an item, simply select it in the according window and list it for the desired amount of Platinum. In the case of stackable items (Gems & Runes) you can also select a quantity to sell many at once.

As different characters and builds chase different Legendary Gems, this is the place to get rid of some of your own leftovers to acquire more Platinum and buy the ones you need for yourself. Remember, you need leftover Legendary Gems to sacrifice to upgrade the ones you're using! The same applies to Skill Stones that can be used to craft Charms. Make sure to check out your class guide to understand which you should keep! Don't sell any of the recommended top tier Legendary Gems and instead upgrade those as much as possible with others.

Listing Items at the Marketplace


  • The Marketplace is the only way to trade and uses Platinum as a currency.
  • Only Gems, Runes and Skill Stones can be traded.
  • Sell what you won't need and buy what's recommended in your class guide.
  • The Watchlist can be a great help to get notified in the last moments of an ongoing auction.


Written by Wudijo
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Apr 26th 2022
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