The Marketplace in Diablo Immortal allows players to buy and sell specific items. The common Currencies used here are Gold and Platinum.


  • Items are bought and sold using Platinum
  • Items are listed for 48 hours and will be returned to seller if not sold
  • When selling, there is a recommended price based on recent market activity
  • You adjust an item's price above or below the recommended price
  • When an item sells, 15% of the sale price is charged as a fee

Scarce Items

  • Legendary Gems and Skill Stones are considered scarce items, and have additional rules
  • Scarce items have a wider range of value, and are on public display for 12 hours before they can be purchased
  • Buying and selling scarce items is subject to manual review

Taxes and Fees

  • A small Gold fee is charged to list items
  • Sold items are subject to a 15% fee


Here a a few in-game images showcasing these processes:

Sell & Buy Normal Gems
Sell & Buy Legendary Gems
Sell & Buy Runes
Sell & Buy Skill Stones
List Items to Sell
Set Price
Item is Listed and can be bought by other Players
Completed Sales
Completed Purchases
Market Notification
Sold Item
Trade Freeze for 7 Days after Auction