Normal Monsters


The World in Diablo Immortal is an Open World filled with different and unique Monsters. The Monster density overall is high, especially in Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts. There are a total of 7 known Zones with different Waypoints and Monsters each. Every Zone also has its own Monster Level depending on the the Difficulty the Player has set. Below you can find an overview:

You Character Levels up by fighting stronger and stronger Monsters. The Zones have certain Level requirements the Player has to match in order to progress further.

Known Monsters

The Bestiary is a system in Technical Alpha of Diablo Immortal that allows you to collect knowledge about monsters as you kill them. When you kill any monster, there's a chance they drop Monster Essence that can be used to unlock new entries in the Bestiary and get to know more about the different Monsters in the game.

This is how the Monster pages look when they are not unlocked yet:

Screenshots & Density

Here some in-game Screenshots of different Monster - More is coming soon!