Path of Blood


The Path of Blood is where Shadows test their power against increasingly difficult enemies and bosses to obtain Marks towards their Shadow Rank. Located on the west side of the Court of Whispers, speak with Nuon to enter this arena that is like a mini Challenge Rift in a single room. Further progress through the Shadows stages (Planning, Gathering, Showdown, and Reckoning) unlocks 5 additional levels of the Path of Blood for each stage achieved. Every floor must be completed in succession and every 5th floor hosts a boss that is significantly harder than previous levels!

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Path of Blood Menu

The Path of Blood is a great way to test the limits of your character. Try out different gear and skill combinations as you climb into more challenging levels. Each class guide has Boss Killing Build so make sure to check those out to dominate the Path of Blood.

Note: If you are struggling to clear a Path of Blood floor farm more Combat Rating by doing daily activities.

Path of Blood Rewards

Each completed stage rewards 200 Marks. When you become a Shadow, do this activity right away to gain some quick Marks, allowing you to move through the Initiate Rank quickly to unlock Contracts and The Vault.

Barbarian Build

The Barbarian can crush monster waves in the Path of Blood with big AoE damage from Whirlwind and stuns from Hammer of the Ancients + The Remembered (early Battle Pass reward). On top of that, the Spirit of the Ancients constantly tanks hits for you and allow for easy survivability when combined with Undying Rage.

Use the Whirlwind Barbarian Solo Guide to complete the monster floors. Change Sprint to Undying Rage to get a cheat death for every floor.

Use the Frenzy Barbarian Raid Guide for more single target damage to complete the boss floors.

AoE Skill Build

Crusader Build

Crusader faces a tough challenge in Path of Blood and needs some significant skill and Combat Rating due to the class's lack of minion-type play and nearly complete lack of ranged DPS. Don't try to push Path of Blood too hard as Crusader, because there just isn't the kit there for you to overcome certain mechanics without completely overpowering them with Combat Rating.

Use Draw and Quarter for mobility and Bladed Jambeau to damage monsters as they approach you. Bigger monsters will need to be felled with Spinning Shield and Sinkhole Cross, because Crusader's single target damage is absolutely terrible with nearly any other skill at range.

Demon Hunter Build

Demon Hunters have a natural advantage in the Path of Blood, being a ranged damaged class. We use our skills from a distance to stay safe, or if they get too close to stop them in their tracks.

Use Crossbow Shot in between skill cooldowns to kill left over enemies. Knockback Shot and Multishot (used with Breath of WInter) help you maintain control of the area. On top of that, Sentry allows you to taunt enemies away and get more damage output. Lastly, Rain of Vengeance is a big AoE damage skill to take down big packs of enemies quickly.

The final tip is to use barriers and obstacles to your advantage. Run around them, kiting enemies while picking them apart.

Max Control Skill Build

Monk Build

The Monk has plenty of ways to deal damage while remaining defensive and mobile in the Path of Blood. Mystic Allies deal great damage and act as a distraction. Use Seven-Sided Strike, Wave of Light and Wave Strike whenever they're available and spend any down time preserving your Life.

The idea remains the same for every floor, deal as much damage as possible while taking as little damage as possible. Play around with different skills to find what works well for you. When you get further in the game use your Monk Raid Build to deal massive single target damage.

Big Damage Skill Setup

Necromancer Build

The Necromancer has, arguably, the easiest time in the Path of Blood. By summoning Command Skeletons, Command Golem, and Skeletal Mage you are able to maintain a safe distance while your minions both deal and absorb damage for you. As a bonus, when your summons perish, they will also leave a corpse behind which you will use as ammunition for Corpse Lance.

Summon your minions, but be particularly careful about positioning your Skeletal Mage outside the line of fire. They are squishy. Order your Command Skeletons to charge and your Command Golem to leap on the most problematic enemies, while maintaining safe distance. You may even be too far out of range to be using Soulfire, that's okay. Your minions will not judge you. Take advantage of the massive range that Corpse Lance has to offer.

If you have Guided by Maggots use Dark Curse instead of Corpse Lance.

Summon Minions and Throw Their Corpses at Your Enemies.

Wizard Build

The Wizard can easily complete Path of Blood floors if you are good with skillshots. Black Hole groups up enemies and Meteor stuns to prevent enemies from retaliating. Arcane Wind is the finishing move to deal high Firestorm damage. The arsenal of high AoE damage with crowd control makes clearing floors with high density a breeze.

Firestorm still deals decent single target damage for boss fights. Spam Magic Missile when your other skills are on cooldown to supplement damage against bosses.

Teleport can be swapped to another damage dealing skill since you don't need to travel long distances. Although, it's still useful to have for repositioning during fights to avoid taking damage.

Black Hole Firestorm Build



Written by Rob
Contributions by Dredscythe, echohack, Raxxanterax, Lexyu, Facefoot


May 28th 2022
Updated for launch