Player vs Player


Diablo Immortal reintroduced a popular concept in ARPG's a Player vs Player combat. You can fight in teams up to 4 against each other for epic loot! In this post we will cover how to fight other players, the rewards for winning and a brief first look into the mechanics and strategies.

Player vs Player Arena

A dedicated Player vs Player Arena called "Proving Grounds" can be found in Bilefen. This is an open space with monsters to fight on each side. The Ancient Area battle event takes place here every 3 hours at 11pm, 2am, 5am 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm and 8pm CET! There are different instances for each difficulty and server.
When the event starts, everyone is locked into the arena. You cannot damage your teammates. Whoever opens the chest wins, but there are guardians protecting it you must kill first, you can't just "ninja" it. There is no way to heal yourself other than your own abilities once it starts. If you die, you are ported outside of the arena and cannot re-enter the battle. If your team wins when you're dead, you do not get the reward.


All Party members of the winning Team get to open the Nephalem Cache Chest together (if you die during the fight and your team still wins you get no reward for now). This chest drops a guaranteed random Legendary in Hell 1 and Hell 2 difficulty as well as a bunch of Enchanted Dust used to Reforge items at the Blacksmith Vendor.


Will follow soon!


An early Alpha strategy is to equip and skills swap specifically for this PvP event. Players also tend to group up very early on with other high Paragon Players and preferably play ranged builds to kite and kill other Players without taking any significant damage. In general it is always best to team up rather than be alone, just show up and party with whoever is there and fight together until the end!