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Diablo Immortal has many activities to choose from for powering up your characters, but they are not equal in rewards or required completion time. Since everyone has different amounts of playtime, understanding the path to success is invaluable. In this guide we'll cover the different ways you can power up and plan the optimal way to spend your day. Armed with this information, who knows, you might be the next Immortal!

Powering Up

Gaining Power In Diablo Immortal

Before we make a daily plan we need to analyze how our characters get stronger. Here are the ways to gain power:

  1. Offense and Defense Rating (ORDR). These are best stats by a long shot for both PvE and PvP. If you have a lot of these, but none of everything else, you can still be a powerhouse. We do anything and everything to increase these. We gain these stats through:
  2. Legendary Gems. The difference between the most powerful Legendary Gems and the starters is immense and can completely change your character. The only issue is they're incredibly hard to obtain because Legendary Crests are so rare. Time invested is also a big factor here, and something we have to consider in making our daily plan. Spoiler Alert: We won't be spending much time hunting for these despite their power.
  3. Legendary Items. Getting the appropriate Legendary Powers for your build makes a huge difference. We prioritize activities that have a high Legendary drop rate to ensure we have them all. In addition, finding more Legendaries translates into higher ORDR, our beloved stat in the #1 spot.
  4. Faction Climbing. Moving up in the Ranks for the Shadows or the Immortals gives you a lot of perks from increased damage, rare treasure in vaults, and other resources. It pays to be a contributing member of your faction, and you should make this part of your daily routine.
  5. Paragon Levels. Although Diablo Immortal's Paragon system is a lot weaker than Diablo 3's, Paragon Levels do contribute to your character's power over time. Blizzard has announced there will be global caps on how high you can climb though, so we don't have to rush to get to max level.
  6. Normal Gems. These do give you important stats like Damage, Armor Penetration and Life, but they are a big time investment to upgrade. We take the upgrades here when we can get them, but they aren't our top priority.
  7. Bestiary Bonuses. These bonuses are decent in the early game, but fairly meaningless at the end. Unless Blizzard gives them a buff, they aren't heavily prioritized. The only reason we put them on our daily routine is they are gated at 3 upgrades per day with no catch up mechanic.
  8. Charms. The black sheep of all power increases. Charms are currently an incomplete system that should be ignored entirely. We will update this guide when/if they rise to power.

Diablo Immortal Daily Routine

Powering Up

Now that we know what's important for powering up, we can formulate a daily routine to maximize our characters. Here are the rankings for each activity based on the rewards given and whether they're gated / capped.

1. Bounties

Time to Complete: 30-60 min.

Gated: Yes, 12 per day.

Rewards: Charms, Gold, Monster Essence, Normal Gems, Scoria

Bounties are the most rewarding activity in Diablo Immortal. They're fast to complete and can be done in short bursts if you have limited play time throughout the day. They also synergize with many other activities (Faction Events, Zone Events, and the Bestiary), and they reward you with the best thing in the game: ORDR through the Helliquary. Do all of your Bounties every day before you do anything else. They're the G.O.A.T.!

2. Faction Events

Time to Complete: 30-60 min.

Gated: Yes, limited number per day or week.

Rewards: Faction Advancement, Gold, Honor, Legendaries.

Climbing up your respective Faction has major rewards. For Shadows reaching Whisper 4 gives you a tremendous power boost, and for Immortals you can get first pick in the vault to get the elusive Triple Stat Legendaries. Prioritize these events every day, especially if you don't want to get kicked out of your Dark House or the Immortals!

Defending the VaultGathering Event
Kion's OrdealRaiding the Vault
Rite of ExileRite of Exile

3. Gated Zone Events

Time to Complete: <5 minutes per event (if you're on time!)

Gated: Yes, only available at certain times per day.

Rewards: Enchanted Dust, Legendaries.

Not all Zone Events are created equal, BUT throughout your day you should stop whatever you're doing to complete three of them: the Bilefen Arena every 3 hours, the Haunted Carriage in Ashwold Cemetery every 30 minutes, and the Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain every hour. They each drop 6 Enchanted Dust, with the Arena rewarding a guaranteed Legendary Item if you win. Whenever these come up, do them. PS: There's no shame in setting alarms for these on your phones, we do that too.

4. Finish Bestiary Turn Ins

Time to Complete: <10 min after completing Bounties, Faction Events and Gated Zone Events.

Gated: Yes, 3 per day to unlock new pages.

Rewards: Damage and Life upgrades.

We need to complete 3 Bestiary Turn Ins per day otherwise we forfeit potential Damage and Life upgrades. Do not start your day by doing the Bestiary, instead complete the 3 activities above which give you most of the Monster Essences you need. To finish the 3rd turn in, go farm in zones like the Zoltun Kulle Archives or the Frozen Tundra. This allows you to simultaneously advance in those respective Zone Events. Hint: If you have extra time, bank up an extra stack of 10 Monster Essences to turn in immediately the next day. Do not turn in more than 3 per day unless you're endlessly blasting as they reward little!

5. New Helliquary Bosses

Time to Complete: <10 min

Gated: Yes, Scoria are required to unlock.

Rewards: Trophies.

If you've got a new Helliquary Boss to kill, head on over and get that done. It'll give you a new Trophy and an ORDR boost - the best stats in the game! If you don't have a new one up, keep doing your Bounties every day to unlock them.

6. Crested Elder Rifts

Time to Complete: 2 min per Elder Rift.

Gated: Yes, Legendary Crests are extremely rare.

Rewards: Fading Embers, Legendary Gems, Runes.

Elder Rifts are not worth doing by themselves for any reason, but throw in a Rare Crest or Legendary Crest and we're talking about something completely different. Rare Crests give you a better chance to get a Legendary Gem, while a Legendary Crest guarantees that one drops. If you have these available use them immediately as finding a top tier Legendary Gem can completely transform your character!

7. Lair Hunting

Time to Complete: 3 min per Lair.

Gated: No, but they're hard to find. (Use our Map)

Rewards: Normal Gems.

Lairs are the best way to get Normal Gems, which increase important stats like Critical Hit Chance, Damage and Life. They aren't the most rewarding activity, but because they are rare to find, you should take the few minutes to dip into the ones you find and clear them out. Important: Make sure you clear floor 2 if it spawns as a second gem will drop from the second boss!

8. New Challenge Rift Levels

Time to Complete: <15 min

Gated: No, but progress is limited by your ORDR.

Rewards: Honor, Runes, Gold, Legendary Gems, Legendary Crests, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust.

Clearing new Challenge Rift levels gives you rewards and moves you up in the leaderboards for extra goodies. You shouldn't spend too much time here though as it's much better to power up and come back the next day than to struggle to get a tough clear. In general, once you hit the "Warning: High Monster Difficulty" message, you should stop. Remember that you get a reward for clearing every Challenge Rift level, so DO NOT skip any of them. (i.e. don't clear Challenge Rift 20 followed by Challenge Rift 25 just because you're strong enough. Clear 20, 21, 22, etc. in order.)

9. Dungeons

Time to Complete: <5 min per Dungeon.

Gated: Only by campaign progression.

Rewards: Experience, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards, Legendary Items.

Once you've got all the above done, it's time to spam Dungeons. These are the best way to gain Paragon Levels and materials to upgrade your Equipment, which are critical for powering up your characters. You'll also find quite a few Legendary Items if you play long enough. Most players spam Dungeons after getting their Bounties and Faction Events are over, so team up with others to get them done faster. Warning: not all Dungeons are equal in rewards! Check out our full write up here to see which ones are in the current META!

10. Battlegrounds

Time to Complete: 10 min per Battleground.

Gated: No.

Rewards: Honor.

Battlegrounds are extremely fun to play if you enjoy PvP, but they really aren't worth your time when it comes to powering up. Play them whenever they're a part of your daily quests or when you have the thirst to beat up on other players, but prioritize the other activities to get stronger.

Other Daily Tips

  • There are fantastic bonuses for getting a single kill every day No matter what, log into Diablo Immortal and kill one monster to gain this bonus!
  • Check the Honor merchant multiple times a day for their limited time offers. Adventurers can buy Scoria which converts into Offense and Defense Rating (ORDR)!

Do not do the following activities unless you've got a specific reason, like completing the Battlepass or helping a friend:

Video Guide on Powering Up

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Powering Up Summary

  • Offense and Defense Rating (ORDR) are the best stats by a mile because they allow you to clear harder difficulties.
  • Prioritize Gated activities because there aren't many catch-up mechanics.
  • Bounties and Faction Events are the most valuable activities and should be completed every day.
  • Remember that Diablo Immortal is a game. If you're not having fun with the setup we laid out, change it up!

The most efficient way to play Diablo Immortal will certainly change as development continues. This guide will be constantly updated with the optimal strategies, so stay tuned!

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