Daily Routine In Diablo Immortal


Diablo Immortal has many activities to choose from for powering up your characters. Since everyone has different amounts of playtime, following a daily routine is invaluable. In this guide we'll cover the different ways you can power up and plan the best way to power up your character. You will learn about the importance of prioritizing Offense and Defense Rating (ORDR), completing limited activities, and progressing endgame Cycle of Strife activities. Armed with this information, you will destroy your foes in PvE and PvP activities.

Powering Up

Gaining Power In Diablo Immortal

For your daily routine you'll focus on a few key sources of power to make your character stronger. Let's analyze these to understand where to invest your precious time and resources.

  1. Offense and Defense Rating (ORDR) - These are best stats by a long shot for both PvE and PvP. If you have a lot of these, you will become a powerhouse. We gain these stats through:
  2. Legendary Gems - The difference between the most powerful 5 Star Legendary Gems and starter 1 Star gems is immense and completely changes your character. The only issue is they're incredibly hard to obtain because Legendary Crests are so rare. Spoiler Alert: We won't be spending much time hunting for these despite their power.
  3. Legendary Items - Getting the appropriate Legendary Items for your build makes a huge difference. Finding more Legendaries translates into higher ORDR and unlocks power effects for our abilities.
  4. Cycle of Strife Activities - Moving up in the Ranks for the Shadows or the Immortals gives you perks from increased damage, rare treasure in Vaults, and other resources.
  5. Paragon Levels - Paragon levels contribute to your character's power over time. Your server's paragon level will limit how high you can gain paragon levels, so you don't have to rush to get to max level right away.
  6. Normal Gems - These give you important stats like Damage, Armor Penetration and Life, but they are a big time investment to upgrade. We upgrade these when we can, but they aren't our top priority.
  7. Legacy of the Horadrim - These stats are useful to get everyday. While they are smaller bonuses than other systems, it is still useful to progress them in the long-term.
  8. Charms - Charms are an endgame system that gives small bonuses to skills. These take a long time to roll to your preferred skills, so we only worry about these in the long-term.

Diablo Immortal Daily Routine

Powering Up

The best way to power up is to complete all of the daily quests to maximize your character. Here are the rankings for each activity based on the rewards and daily limitations.

1. First Kill of The Day & Free Daily Reward

Time to Complete: ~1 min

Limited: Yes, once per day each.

Rewards: Gold, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards, Normal Gems, Legendary Gems, Legendary Equipment.

Open the Shop menu and claim the Free Daily Reward in the Bundles section, then kill one monster and claim your First Kill of the Day Reward. Quick and easy.

2. Weekly Helliquary Bosses

Time to Complete: ~15 min

Limited: Yes, locked behind quest progression and you can only collect rewards twice per week per boss.

Rewards: Scoria

Kill ALL of the Helliquary Bosses that you are able to at least twice per week. If it's a first time kill it'll give you a new Trophy and an ORDR boost - the best stats in the game!

3. Daily Activity Rewards

Time to Complete: 30-60 min. PASSIVELY

Limited: Yes, once per day. If forgotten, it will stack up to three days, allowing you to do it up to three times in one day.

Rewards: Charms, Platinum, Scoria

The Daily Activity Rewards are THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your daily routine, and it requires that you earn 120 Battle Points before you can receive your rewards in the Codex. The rewards are 1 Charm, 1 Scoria, and 300 Platinum. You can passively complete this task as you work on the other tasks below. If you're short on time and unable to work on the tasks below, go and solo run the fastest dungeon you can until you receive enough Battle Points to get this done!

4. Cycle of Strife Activities

Time to Complete: 30-60 min.

Limited: Yes, limited number per day or week.

Possible Rewards: Faction Advancement, Experience, Gold, Hilts, Scrap Materials, Glowing Shards, Legendary Equipment.

Climbing up your respective Faction has major rewards. For Shadows reaching Whisper 4 gives you a tremendous power boost, and for Immortals you can get first pick in the vault to get the elusive Triple Stat Legendaries. Prioritize these events every day to push your Dark Clan or the Immortals to the very top!

Defending the VaultAssembly
Kion's OrdealRaiding the Vault
Rite of ExileRite of Exile

5. Zone Events

Time to Complete: <5 minutes per event (if you're on time!)

Limited: Yes, only available at certain times per day. From 08:00 - 24:00 (8am to midnight) server time.

Possible Rewards: Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards, Legendary Equipment.

Not all Zone Events are created equal, but during your daily routine you should stop whatever you're doing to complete three of the timed events: PvP Arena in Bilefen, Haunted Carriage in Ashwold Cemetery, and Ancient Nightmare in Mount Zavain every 2 hours. They each drop 6 Enchanted Dust, with the PvP Arena rewarding a guaranteed Legendary Item if you win. Whenever these come up, do them. There's no shame in setting alarms for these on your phones, we do that too.

Zone Event Schedule

Server TimeZone Event
8:00 AMAncient Nightmare
9:00 AMHaunted Carriage
10:00 AMAncient Nightmare
10:30 AMBilefen Arena
11:00 AMHaunted Carriage
12:00 PMAncient Nightmare
1:00 PMHaunted Carriage
1:30 PMBilefen Arena
2:00 PMAncient Nightmare
3:00 PMHaunted Carriage
4:00 PMAncient Nightmare
4:30 PMBilefen Arena
5:00 PMHaunted Carriage
6:00 PMAncient Nightmare
7:00 PMHaunted Carriage
7:30 PMBilefen Arena
8:00 PMAncient Nightmare
9:00 PMHaunted Carriage
10:00 PMAncient Nightmare
10:30 PMBilefen Arena
11:00 PMHaunted Carriage
12:00 AMAncient Nightmare

6. Kulle's Hidden Chambers

Time to Complete: 30-60 min.

Limited: Yes, limited to 10 events per day, including Portal Tomes and bosses.

Possible Rewards: Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards, Legendary Equipment.

This daily Zone Event takes place in the Library of Zoltun Kulle. Search the Library for Lost Pages. Once you collect 5, it will form into a Portal Tome that opens portal to one of Kulle's Hidden Chambers. Inside you face a challenge that can earn you a chest containing Enchanted Dust and equipment drops. Use the map provided and run to each potential Portal Tome spawn location.

Upon opening a Portal Tome there is a chance that Kulle's Hydra or Sandstone Golem will be summoned! You have 3 minutes to reach its spawn location. These are World Bosses that are open to the public, so keep an eye on public chat channels to participate in killing them whenever possible!

Lost Page Locations

7. Legacy of the Horadrim

Time to Complete: ~10 min.

Limited: Yes, limited to opening 1 free chest per day, up to 21 chests if you have enough Aspirant's Keys and/or Platinum.

Rewards: Beryl, Garnet, Sapphire

Check the total amount of Aspirant's Keys you have first. Enter Iben Fahd's Sanctum, and kill everything you see in order to collect your 4 free Aspirant's Key drops. WARNING! These are not auto-looted! Pick them up manually and continue until you reach the first chest room. Open every chest in this room if you have enough keys, and manually loot all of the Culling Stones. The most efficient thing to do is open every chest in the first room every day, and save your keys for only opening these chests. If you eventually save up an enormous amount of keys and just need to burn them, you can use 373 keys to open the entire Sanctum for some additional rewards. For more info check out our Legacy of the Horadrim Guide.

8. Bounties

Time to Complete: 30-60 min.

Limited: Yes, 8 bounties per day, stacking up to 24 when they are not completed.

Rewards: Experience, Gold

You can complete up to 8 Bounties per day. The rewards for doing so are nothing special, but it will net you a decent amount of gold and experience. Make sure you're picking up Monstrous Essence while you are completing bounties for extra Battle Points.

9. Finish Bestiary Turn Ins

Time to Complete: ~20 min.

Limited: Yes, 3 per day to unlock new pages.

Possible Rewards: Gold, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Class Items, Glowing Shards, Legendary Equipment.

Do not start your day by doing the Bestiary, instead complete the activities above which give you most of the Monstrous Essence you need. To finish the 3rd turn in, go farm in zones like the Frozen Tundra, Darkwood, or Zoltun Kulle's Library if you haven't finished your tomes yet. This allows you to simultaneously advance in those respective Zone Events.

10. Battlegrounds

Time to Complete: 10 min per Battleground.

Limited: Yes. Battlegrounds are only open at 8am, 12pm, 6pm, and 10pm server time for 2 hours.

Possible Rewards: Experience, Scrap Materials, Reforge Stones, Aspirant's Key, Glowing Shards, Legendary Equipment.

Battlegrounds are extremely fun to play if you enjoy PvP, and are the best source of free Reforge Stones. Try to reach the rank of Legend to receive up to 100 Reforge Stone at the end of the Season!

11. Crested Elder Rifts

Time to Complete: 2 min per Elder Rift.

Limited: Yes, Legendary Crests are extremely rare.

Possible Rewards: Fading Embers, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Glowing Shards, Runes, Legendary Gems, Legendary Equipment.

If you haven't bought your Rare Crests from the Hilts Trader today yet, do so and use them while you run your 3 Elder Rifts if you have Daedessa's Blessing, otherwise just run the Rifts until you are out of Crests. Rare Crests give you a 10% chance to get a Legendary Gem, while a Legendary Crest guarantees that one drops. If you have these available use them immediately as finding a top tier Legendary Gem can completely transform your character!

12. Dungeons

Time to Complete: <5 min per Dungeon.

Limited: Only by campaign progression.

Possible Rewards: Experience, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Normal Gems, Glowing Shards, Set Items, Legendary Equipment.

Once you've got all the above done, it's time to spam Dungeons. These are the best way to gain Paragon Levels and materials to upgrade your Equipment, which are critical for powering up your characters. You'll also find quite a few Legendary Items if you play long enough. Most players spam Dungeons after finishing their Bounties and Faction Events, so team up with others to get them done faster. Warning: not all Dungeons are equal in rewards! Check out our full write up here to see which ones are in the current META!

13. Lair Hunting

Time to Complete: 3 min per Lair.

Limited: No, but they're hard to find. (Use our Map)

Possible Rewards: Tourmaline, Ruby, Aquamarine, Sapphire, Topaz, Citrine, Legendary Equipment

Lairs are a good way to get Normal Gems, which increase important stats like Damage and Life. They aren't the most rewarding activity, but because they are rare to find, you should take the few minutes to dip into the ones you find and clear them out. Important: Make sure you clear floor 2 if it spawns as a second gem will drop from the second boss!

14. New Challenge Rift Levels

Time to Complete: <15 min

Limited: No, but progress is limited by your ORDR.

Rewards: Experience, Hilts, Scrap Materials, Enchanted Dust, Enigmatic Crystals, Glowing Shards, Legendary Equipment.

Clearing new Challenge Rift levels gives you rewards and moves you up in the leaderboards for extra goodies. This shouldn't be a part of your daily routine unless you have a quest specifically for it, as it's much better to power up and come back the next day than to struggle to get a tough clear. If you do have a quest to do one, make it easy on yourself and enter one you can clear quickly. In general, once you hit the "Warning: High Monster Difficulty" message, you should stop. Remember that you get a reward for clearing every Challenge Rift level, so DO NOT skip any of them. (i.e. don't clear Challenge Rift 20 followed by Challenge Rift 25 just because you're strong enough. Clear 20, 21, 22, etc. in order.)

Other Tips for your Daily Routine

  • There are fantastic bonuses for getting a single kill every day No matter what, log into Diablo Immortal and kill one monster to gain this bonus!
  • Check the Hilts Trader multiple times a day for their limited time offers. We recommend ONLY spending Hilts on Rare Crests!

Do not do the following activities unless you've got a specific reason, like completing the Battlepass or helping a friend:

Video Guide on the Daily Routine

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Powering Up Summary

  • Your full Daily Routine will take around 1.5 to 2 hours if you only PvE, or 3 hours if you add in PvP.
  • Offense and Defense Rating (ORDR) are the best stats by a mile because they allow you to clear harder difficulties.
  • Prioritize Gated activities because there aren't many catch-up mechanics.
  • Cycle of Strife activities are the most valuable in the game and should be completed every day.
  • Remember that Diablo Immortal is a game. If you're not having fun with the setup we laid out, change it up!

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