Powering Up at Level 60

Powering Up


Diablo Immortal has many activities to choose from for powering up your character after you've reached Level 60 and have completed the Main Story Quest Line. This guide covers the different ways for powering up your character. You will learn the importance of prioritizing Combat Rating, completing limited activities, and progressing through the Cycle of Strife endgame activities. Armed with this information, you will destroy your foes in PvE and PvP activities!

Gaining Power In Diablo Immortal

Powering Up in Diablo Immortal focuses on a few key sources of power to make your character stronger. Let's analyze these to understand where to invest your precious time and resources.

  1. Combat Rating - Is the best attribute by a long shot for both PvE and PvP. Raising this attribute is critical to becoming a powerhouse. We gain it through:
  2. Legendary Gems - The difference between the most powerful 5 Star Legendary Gems and starter 1 Star gems is immense and completely changes your character. The only issue is they're incredibly hard to obtain because Legendary Crests are so rare. Run your crests in a party to stock up on runes for crafting for more chances at finding them.
  3. Legendary Items & Set Items - Getting the appropriate Legendary Items and Set Items for your build makes a huge difference. Finding more of these translates into higher Combat Rating and unlocks powerful effects for our abilities. Check out our Build Guides to learn which specific Legendaries and Sets you should hunt for!
  4. Cycle of Strife Activities - Moving up in the Ranks for the Shadows or the Immortals gives you perks like increased damage, rare treasure in Vaults, and other resources.
  5. Paragon Levels - The Paragon system is a great contributor to your character's power over time. Your server's paragon level limits how high you can gain paragon levels, so you don't have to rush to get to max level right away.
  6. Family Bonuses - The Family Bonus Attributes and related Family Bonus Effects are powerful. Read our Build Guides to learn about which ones we recommend for you.
  7. Normal Gems - These give you important attributes like Damage, Armor Penetration and Life, but they are a big time investment to upgrade. We upgrade these when we can, but they aren't our top priority.
  8. Legacy of the Horadrim - The attributes gained in Iben Fahd's sanctum are miniscule. It is still useful to visit the sanctum daily in the long-term, but it's not the highest priority.
  9. Charms - Charms are an endgame system that gives small bonuses to skills. These take a long time to roll correctly, so we only worry about these in the long-term.

What To Do Immediately After Reaching Level 60

  1. Do the Legacy of the Horadrim guide quest. It appears with a green background in your quest log. This quest unlocks an important daily activity that boosts your attributes!
  2. Complete the Main Story Quest Line! You must do this to unlock Hell difficulty. Learn more in our Difficulties overview.
  3. Open your map to teleport to Westmarch and change the difficulty to Hell I.
  4. Join the Shadows or Immortals! Visit the Tavern in Westmartch to enter the Shadow Lottery for a chance to earn Akeba's Signet. Or go into world chat and ask around for an invite to either the Shadows or Immortals. The benefits for joining these factions are tremendous and give you extra dailies to complete. Remaining an Adventurer is not recommended.
  5. Run Dungeons on Hell difficulty. You can finally earn powerful Set Items by running them on Hell mode!
  6. Familiarize yourself with the numerous Zone Events that take place only in the Hell Difficulties. They have a very high chance to reward you with Legendary Items.
  7. Catch up on Challenge Rifts. Complete all of them that you can until they start taking more than 5 minutes to clear. If you can skip tiers, then do so; you will find any previous tier rewards that you skipped in your mailbox! Every 5th Challenge Rift level has extra rewards, including more experience and more upgrade materials!
  8. Follow our recommended Daily Routine to Power Up efficiently.
  9. Learn about the powerful Helliquary Raid Bosses and follow our Speedrun to Lassal guide. They reward you with Combat Rating, the best attribute in the game!

The following activities offer limited progression in Powering Up, so DO NOT do them unless you've got a specific reason, like completing a Daily Quest, advancing the Battle Pass or helping a friend:

Video Guide on Powering Up

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Powering Up Summary

  • Prioritize Combat Rating as it's the strongest attribute in the game.
  • Legendary Gems are fantastic, but unfortunately aren't easy to obtain.
  • Hunt for your important Legendary Items and Sets for your character.
  • Cycle of Strife activities are the most valuable in the game. Join the Shadows or the Immortals as soon as you can!
  • Follow our Daily Routine and Speedrun to Lassal guides to Power Up quickly!
  • Remember that Diablo Immortal is a game. Prioritize fun as well!

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Apr 26th 2022
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