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Runes in Diablo Immortal are used to craft Legendary Gems. There are currently 15 runes in the game that can be obtained through various activities or purchased from the Fading Ember Merchant in town. Some of these runes are used to craft 2 Star Legendary Gems while others are for 3 Star Legendary Gems. 5 Star Legendary Gems can only be crafted using the random recipes at the Jeweler, may luck be on your side! Getting enough Runes and Platinum to craft a 3 Star Legendary Gem is expensive and takes quite awhile. Make sure you're using these resources wisely to rank up a powerful Legendary Gem and spend the excess on a chance at getting another 5 Star Legendary Gem.

How to Obtain Runes

Elder Rifts

Elder Rifts are the primary way to obtain Runes and Fading Ember. However in order to obtain either a Rare or Legendary Crest must be used. Each Rare Crest provides 1 random Rune and each Legendary Crest provides 3.

Elder Rift Runes

Fading Embers

Fading Embers are resources that drop when completing an Elder Rift with a Rare or Legendary Crest. Anytime anyone in your party uses one of these Crests everyone benefits from it and will receive 15 Fading Embers each. Find other players who have a stockpile and load up your Elder Rifts with them! This yields tons of Legendary Gems to the person using the Crests and Fading Embers are rewarded to everyone in the party. Use Fading Embers at the Fading Ember Merchant to buy Runes and Legendary Gems. You can also sell your unwanted Legendary Gems for Platinum on the Marketplace!

The Fading Ember Merchant sells Runes and Legendary Gems, but the Legendary Gems available change each week. Below are the costs of all the items you'll find at the Fading Ember Merchant

ItemFading Embers
ATI Rune16
FA Rune16
1 Star Rune16
2 Star Rune48
1 Star Legendary Gem352
2 Star Legendary Gem1440

Challenge Rifts

Every time you complete a Challenge Rift level for the first time it rewards you with various amounts and types of Runes. The rewards are mostly the base runes ATI and FA, but the higher levels drop others as well. This is a consistent way to bolster your Rune stash while casually progressing through Challenge Rifts.

1 Star Runes

1 Star Runes craft 1 star Legendary Gems. These are the least powerful Legendary Gems in the game and thus require the least Runes to craft. These are the most commonly found Runes as you slash through Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts and cost the least to purchase from the Fading Ember Merchant in Westmarch. For more information on Legendary Gems and what each one requires to craft check out the Legendary Gems post here.


ati runes

This is the base Rune used to craft all 1 Star Legendary Gems. An abundance of them drop from the available sources and you can spend 100 ATI Runes with 1600 Platinum at the Jeweler to craft a random 1-2 Star Legendary Gem if desired. I'd suggest saving your Platinum for crafting a more powerful 2 star Legendary Gem instead.


weh rune
Used to Craft:

Berserker's Eye (3)

The Black Rose (6)

Ca'arsen's Invigoration (3)

Everlasting Torment (3)

Respite Stone (3)


nie rune
Used to Craft:

Berserker's Eye (3)

Defiant Soul (3)

Lo's Focused Gaze (3)

Nightmare Wreath (6)

Zod Stone (3)


pyr rune
Used to Craft:

Ca'arsen's Invigoration (3)

Chained Death (6)

Lo's Focused Gaze (3)

Trickshot Gem (3)


lux rune
Used to Craft:

Everlasting Torment (3)

Mocking Laughter (6)

Pain of Subjugation (3)

Trickshot Gem (3)

Zod Stone (3)


ord rune
Used to Craft:

Defiant Soul (6)

Pain of Subjugation (3)

Respite Stone (3)

Seled's Weakening (3)

2 Star Runes

Following the same theme of 1 Star, these 3 Star Runes are used to craft all 2 Star Legendary Gems in the game. 2 Star Legendary Gems are used for quite awhile and can pack a decent punch, so finding Runes and using them to rank up the best ones is highly recommended. Crafting 5 Star Legendary Gems isn't possible so use up those resources to get the best 2 Star Legendary Gems you can. Check out our full Legendary Gems post to learn about them all and see which ones are the best options.


This Rune is very unique in that it isn't used to directly craft any specific Legendary Gem. You can spend 10 FA Runes along with 1600 Platinum at the Jeweler to craft a random 1-5 Star Legendary Gem if desired. There is no other purpose for these Runes so once you've found 10 take the gamble if you're feeling lucky!


Used to Craft:

Cutthroat's Grin (10)


urs runes
Used to Craft:

Absent in BETA


Used to Craft:

Unity Crystal (10)


Used to Craft:

Bloody Reach (10)


Used to Craft:

Power & Command (10)


Used to Craft:

The Hunger (10)


Used to Craft:

Battleguard (10)


Used to Craft:

Lightning Core (10)

Runes Summary

  • Runes craft 1 and 2 Star Legendary Gems, and have a chance to grant a 5 star Legendary Gem when using the random roll at the Jeweler.
  • They are found in Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts or bought from the Fading Ember Merchant.
  • 1 Star Runes are much more common than 2 Star Runes, with the rarest ones crafting the best 2 Star Legendary Gems.
  • Use your Fading Embers wisely to upgrade the best Legendary Gems for your class! Check out our Class Guides to see which ones we recommend.


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