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The Shadows are one of three factions available in Diablo Immortal and can be joined by all Adventurers through the Shadow Lottery or a direct invite from a current Shadow. Serving as the eyes in the dark, the watchers ensure the Immortals are still worthy of their station as the defenders of Sanctuary. Unlike Immortals the Shadows can have unlimited members to help in their cause. Shadows gain strength and obtain Marks by completing various activities that are exclusive to the Faction. Once enough Marks have been obtained, Dark Clans may enter the Rite of Exile to challenge the Immortals. Below we go over everything about the Shadows and what's available in this Faction!

Shadow Flag

Becoming a Shadow

There are two ways to become a Shadow and when used together, the Shadows become a real threat to the Immortals. Every time the Immortals are overthrown all Shadows outside of the top Dark Clan become Adventurers again and must start from scratch, so the first step is always getting into the Shadow Lottery.

Minimum Requirements - You must have completed the Bilefen quest line and reached level 43 to join the Shadows.

Shadow Lottery

In order to become a Shadow you must enter into the Shadow Lottery for a chance to be recruited to the Faction. This lottery occurs every day at 12pm, 6pm and 9pm server time and lasts for 60 minutes. Visit the Mysterious Patron at the Tavern in Westmarch to enter the Shadow Lottery, then wait and see if you're selected once the 60 minutes has elapsed. Once invited the Mysterious Patron directs you to a room behind him where you'll prove your might against 3 guardians before learning about all the activities available to the Shadows.

Welcome to the Court of Whispers, Shadow.

Shadow Lottery

Shadow Invitation - Akeba's Signet

The other way to become a Shadow is to get an invite from someone who already is one. Shadows can re-enter the Shadow Lottery every day in order to obtain an Akeba's Signet, which they can use to recruit a new member who is level 43 or higher. Recruiting a new member rewards 20 Hilts and some Experience each time. It's important to obtain these in order to recruit new members. The more Shadows, the better. With more members comes more power in the Rite of Exile.

Being a Shadow

Joining this Faction opens the doors for PvP against the Immortals and taking them down is your main Objective. You also gain access to several rewarding activities that test your power and ability to coordinate with others. Completing these daily activities rewards Marks which improve your own strength as well as the power of the entire Faction. It's important to participate in these activities since total participation boosts the Damage and Defense bonus of the whole Faction.

Daily and Challenge Quests

In the menu there are many Daily and Challenge Quests you can complete to gain Marks. These quests always involve participating in Shadow activities and will be an important of part of your personal and Dark Clan rank. Examples of some quests include:

  • Complete a Contract
  • Clear a floor in Path of Blood
  • Participate in Battlegrounds
  • Raid the Vault
  • Share Akeba's Blessing
  • And many more..

Shadow Ranks

There are 8 major ranks a Shadow can earn, each containing 4 minor ranks. The major ranks are: Initiate, Apprentice, Watcher, Hunter, Blade, Phantom, Unseen and Whisper. Progressing through the ranks grants further Damage and Defense bonuses up to a maximum of 32% at the final rank, Whisper IV. Enter the Path of Blood to obtain Marks and progress through Initiate ranks before unlocking Contracts, The Vault and the Rite of Exile. These 3 activities unlock at Initiate II, III and IV respectively.


RankDamage & Defense
Initiate I+1%
Initiate II (Contracts Unlocked)+2%
Initiate III (The Vault Unlocked)+3%
Initiate IV (Rite of Exile Unlocked)+4%
Apprentice IV+5%
Apprentice II+6%
Apprentice III+7%
Apprentice IV+8%
Watcher I+9%
Watcher II+10%
Watcher III+11%
Watcher IV+12%
Hunter I+13%
Hunter II+14%
Hunter III+15%
Hunter IV+16%
Blade I+17%
Blade II+18%
Blade III+19%
Blade IV+20%
Phantom I+21%
Phantom II+22%
Phantom III+23%
Phantom IV+24%
Unseen I+25%
Unseen II+26%
Unseen III+27%
Unseen IV+28%
Whisper I+29%
Whisper II+30%
Whisper III+31%
Whisper IV+32%

Shadow Stages

The feud between the Shadows and Immortals occurs during the Cycle of Strife and only ends once the Immortals are defeated. Every time the Cycle Turns, there is a week-long rest period, known as Cycle's End. After that, Shadow Recruitment begins, starting the Cycle over once again. After the initial week, the Shadows go through the stages: Planning, Gathering, Showdown and Reckoning. Progressing through the stages grants more Damage and Defense during the Rite of Exile. The last stage, Reckoning can continually progress as more Marks are obtained!

Cycle of Strife - Shadow Stages


Planning starts the Shadows off with a small group of members through the Shadow Lottery and recruitment from current Shadows. Once 200 Shadows are recruited, Gathering Begins. Keep entering the Shadow Lottery during this stage to receive an Akeba's Signet when you win so you can keep recruiting more members, getting to the further stages quickly is important!


In gathering, the Shadows need to obtain 23,000 Marks in order to advance to the Showdown stage where they can challenge the Immortals in the Rite of Exile. Dark Clans are competing for the top spots as their members try to Obtain as many Marks as possible. The top Dark Clans coming out of this stage are in the best position to take the throne from the Immortals. Slacking during this stage won't be accepted by any Dark Clan leadership that plans on being in the Rite of Exile. If you don't do your daily activities you can expect to be kicked form your Clan!


Starting with Showdown, the Shadows can challenge the Immortals in the Rite of Exile. If the Rite of Exile is won by the Shadows this is the final stage before the cycle turns and the new Immortals are crowned. If the Shadows lose, they continue gaining Marks and move onto the Reckoning Stage, where their power continues to grow until the Immortals fall.


In Reckoning the Shadow Lottery becomes irrelevant and any Adventurer can join the Shadows if they please. As more Marks come in the Damage and Defense bonuses continue to rise. The Immortals' reign will cease as long as the Shadows keep pushing and obtaining those Marks! This stage has at least 10 tiers and provides incredible bonuses as you keep progressing. Immortals beware, your Reign shall end soon enough.

Path of Blood

The Path of Blood is where Shadows test their power against increasingly difficult enemies and bosses to obtain Marks towards their Shadow Rank. Located on the west side of the Court of Whispers, speak with Nuon to enter this arena that is like a mini Challenge Rift in a single room. Further progress through the Shadows stages (Planning, Gathering, Showdown, and Reckoning) unlocks 5 additional levels of the Path of Blood for each stage achieved. Every floor must be completed in succession and every 5th floor hosts a boss that is significantly harder than previous levels!

Path of Blood Menu

The Path of Blood is a great way to test the limits of your character. Try out different gear and skill combinations as you climb into more challenging levels. Each class guide has Boss Killing Build so make sure to check those out to dominate the Path of Blood.

Path of Blood Rewards

Each completed stage rewards 200 Marks. When you become a Shadow, do this activity right away to gain some quick Marks, allowing you to move through the Initiate Rank quickly to unlock Contracts and The Vault.


Contract NPC

Contracts are daily quests available to the Shadows that can be picked up from Bartender Bailey at the Tavern in Westmarch. They are similar to Bounties and often have overlap with them as well. These Contracts take longer to complete than a Bounty have 3 stages, and often include a visit to a Dungeon. Make sure to pick up your daily Contract first so that you can overlap the objectives with your Bounties them if possible.

Bartender Bailey starts you off with 3 Contracts and gives 1 more every day. Dark Clan advantages discussed later on can also increase the number of Contracts available. Warning, Bartender Bailey can only hold 5 Contracts at a time so don't let any go to waste! There are many different contracts to choose from with an in game guide to each one. They all have the same rewards and require a similar amount of time and effort to complete. Always keep up on your Contracts as they have great rewards!

Contract Steps


Each Contract completed has a chance to drop a Legendary Item on top of the guaranteed Gold and Experience. Every week there are also 3 bonus Shadow Chests available for completing 3 Contracts that awards 700 Marks.

The Vault

The best Legendary Items in the game are available in the Immortal's Vault. As a Shadow you are incentivized to raid the Vault to claim these for yourself along with Marks, Hilts, and Gold. While raiding the Vault, you steal valuable Essentia from the Immortals by slashing your way through the Vault Guardians and taking down the Treasury Guard at the end. Raiding The Vault however is not an easy task and requires a party of 4 players to even enter. The Wardens can alert the Immortals to defend the Vault, cutting short the raid unless you can defeat them in PvP combat. You can also decide to leave the Vault early through the previous door if you don't want to risk losing your precious loot! Coordination is key. Make sure you're reaching out to other Shadows to make the strongest party possible before going in.

Raid the Vault Menu

Raiding The Vault

The Vault is open daily from 12:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. server time. Watch the Shadow and Dark Clan channels to see if anyone is looking to group up. Going in with a full party is required and gives you a fighting chance against the Immortals.

Take note of the Vault Rank before going in, Immortals can Bolster the Vault making it quite challenging. Become familiar with what level you and your team can clear. Once inside the Vault there are 4 floors that must be cleared before reaching the Treasury Guard and final chest at the end. On each floor there are many strong enemies guarding the chests filled with Essentia, Hilts and Gold. It's important to kill everything and loot every chest so nothing is left behind. Double check how much Essentia is remaining on each floor before proceeding to the next to make sure you don't leave any behind! Keep in mind it doesn't matter who picks up the Essentia, it all goes into the same pool since it's a team activity!

Essentia Remaining
Floor 182%
Floor 260%
Floor 330%
Floor 40%

Kill Wardens as fast as possible because they alert the Immortals and enable them to come kill you in the Vault! Wardens can only alert the Immortals 1 time, so killing them off guarantees your victory (unless you somehow can't finish the raid). Bringing a powerful team is important as the Wardens are hard to kill quickly and the Immortals will arrive with a vengeance. When the Immortals enter the Vault, they do so at the beginning, so the faster you progress through the harder it is for them to catch you.

Another tricky tactic is to wait at a previous doorway with your entire team and ambush the Immortals when they come in. No one said the Shadows have to play nice - be dirty and get the job done!

The riches are yours!

Vault Rewards

The Vault appears as a Daily and Challenge quest often, granting Marks for completion. Inside the Vault one can expect to gain Hilts and Gold from the Treasure Chests with a chance at looting a Legendary Item from the final Vault Chest. Every week a Shadow is able to obtain 40 chests from the Vault and up to 350 Hilts . The ultimate reward however comes from the final chest, which drops better loot based on how much Essentia is collected during the raid.


Battlegrounds are an 8 vs 8 timed PvP (Player versus Player) that mimic the Rite of Exile in every way and is a great way to practice with your team for the main event. You can find the Battlegrounds next to the Hilts Merchant in the top right corner of Westmarch. Queue up by talking to the Battleground Captain. You must be at least level 55 to participate. Currently, players do not have a matchmaking rating (MMR), so they are randomly placed on a team. You can, however, form a party of up to 4 players before queuing up to be on the same team.

Menu for Battlegrounds

They show up regularly in the Daily and Challenge Quest section. Try to find a time with other people in your Dark Clan so you can practice strategies for when the Rite of Exile happens. For a more detailed guide including maps and strategies check out our full Battlegrounds guide here.

Battleground Rewards

Competing in Battlegrounds grants 70 Hilts per match (up to 140 Hilts per day). Hilts are limited resource so try to get in at least 2 Battlegrounds matches a day.

The Assembly

The Assembly is a social event available to the Shadows and occurs every Wednesday and Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. server time. During this time Shadows may form and join Dark Clans and share Akeba's Blessings with each other. Every 2 minutes, random players are given a blessing which they can share with their fellow Shadows. Make sure you acquire all 4 blessings: Strength, Vision, Sacrifice and Cunning before leaving. Use the down time while waiting for your blessings to scope out the fiercest Shadows you can find for your Dark Clan.

Akeba's Blessings

The Assembly Rewards

Each blessing grants 250 Marks and a Treasure Chest. Each Treasure Chest contains: Experience, Gold, Scrap Material, and 3 random items, including Legendary items. Getting all these rewards takes about 10 minutes, but the real reward is the new friends you make along the way. 🙂

Dark Clans

A Clan has the option to turn into a Dark Clan and join the Shadow together. In the Rite of Exile you compete with other Dark Clans for the chance to overthrow the Immortals and become the Immortal Clan. Leading a successful Dark Clan is no easy task and taking it to the Top 10 requires a team of coordinated and dedicated players. Being successful is all about putting the time into Shadow activities while helping others in your Dark Clan get theirs done too. If you want to be in a top Dark Clan, you need to earn as many Marks as possible.

Top 10 Dark Clans

Forming a Dark Clan

You can only form a Dark Clan during the Assembly. Speak with The Unspoken in the Court of Whispers, spend 250 Platinum then choose a name and symbol to represent you and your fellow Shadows. While you only have 20 members to begin with, you want to fill up the Dark Clan fast with like-minded individuals because rankings are based completely off the cumulative Rank of its members.

Dark Clan Focus

A Clan Focus is a weekly goal set by their Leader for the members to work towards. Completing the weekly focus grants more Marks to your Dark Clan, boosting its place on the leaderboard. Picking a Clan Focus that your Dark Clan can complete is important, so choose wisely based on how far the Shadows are in the Stages and how strong your members are. A Clan Focus like completing 160 contracts is going to require many active members to get done in a week, while stealing 40 Vault chests can be done easily by just a handful of Shadows. The Clan Focus demands increase as a Dark Clan reaches higher ranks.

A Dark Clan Leader can Set a House Focus

Clan Advantage

A Dark Clan comes with Clan Advantages. These are unlocked as the Dark Clan goes up in rank, totaling 8 Clan Advantages at the maximum rank of 16. Consider prioritizing advantages that lead to faster accumulation of Marks; this helps the Dark Clan reach higher ranks faster, thus leading to more unlocked Advantages. A high rank Dark Clan is vastly more powerful than a low ranked one.

Dark Clan Advantage Overview

Each time a new Clan Advantage is unlocked the Dark Clan Leader can choose 1 of 3 options. Many of these options have yet to be seen, but it's important to read through the ones available and make the best decision possible for the Dark Clan. In the example below the "Freedom" Advantage might be great to take at high rank as one of your final Advantages, but early on taking one like "Conspiracy Masters" or "Dark Conspiracy" helps the Dark Clan accumulate Marks faster.

Dark Clan Advantages

The Rite of Exile

The Rite of Exile is an 80 person battle between the Shadows and Immortals. Sunday at 8:00 p.m. server time, 10 teams of 8 players head into a Battlegrounds style battle. All 10 battles commence simultaneously and if the Shadows win 6 of the battles, the Immortals Reign ends. If the Immortals are victorious in 5 of them they shall remain as the defenders of Sanctuary and the Shadows continue progressing through the Reckoning stage.

If the Shadows are the winners, the #1 Dark Clan becomes a Immortal Clan and the new Immortals, with the Dark Clan Leader becoming The Immortal. The new Immortal Clan can also invite two other Dark Clans to become Immortal Allied Clans. Before taking over, all Shadows receive a Ranking and Hilts based on their final ranking.


The Leaders of the top 10 Dark Clans need to fill their Rite of Exile roster prior to going into battle. Officers can adjust the members as well, but it's important to have active players who are there for the event. Anyone not present when the event starts cannot be replaced any longer, so make changes before the fight begins! Keep in mind that a Shadow's Rank impacts their strength in battle. A strong player who is new to the Shadows might not be as powerful as a Whisper IV Shadow with less desirable gear or stats. Also make sure to have members of your Dark Clan on standby in case someone can't make it. The Rite of Exile is the most important activity to be present for, Leaders and Officers must prioritize filling this roster every Sunday. It only happens once a week!

Rite of Exile Roster

The Battle

When teams enter the Rite of Exile they experience the exact same map as in the Battlegrounds. Make sure your team is in 2 parties and that everyone is sharing their Class Consumable buff with each other. Strategies for these battles will emerge but with the constantly changing PvP environment it's hard to decide what class comps and methods are going to be the best. One thing is for sure, bring the 10 strongest people you have available regardless of what class they are. The more coordinated your team is the better chance you have of winning and moving on to the next stage. Sticking together and working towards common goals in these battles is key to victory!

Challenge of the Immortal

If the Shadows win 6 of the 10 battles they move on to the next stage. Here 3 Shadows from all 10 Dark Clans combine to fight The Immortal in a 1 vs 30 Battle. This battle is a group effort to take down the existing Immortal as they are Empowered by the Eternal Crown giving them massive power.

Gregg preparing his Team Roster

If victorious against The Immortal, the Shadows turn on each other and fight to the death. In this final battle all 10 Dark Clans are pinned against each other in a Battle Royale where only one team can come out alive and claim the Crown. The Dark Clan Leader of the victorious team will become the new Immortal and their Dark Clan Will become an Immortal Clan.

Dark Clan Ascending

Cycle's End

The Shadows win but now, what happens? The members of the top Dark Clan receive a buff for the next 4 hours before being able to start on their new Immortal Daily quests. Head over to our Full Immortals Walkthrough to learn more about that journey.

At Cycle's End Sanctuary has 1 week of peace before the Shadows start forming again. During this time there are daily rewards available as the new Immortals are reigned in and celebrated throughout Westmarch. Many Shadows will return to the Shadows for another Cycle of Strife and some will even join the Immortals to help defend the Reign. Regardless the Cycle of Strife always goes on and the ones at the top are always being challenged and replaced.

Deeds of Valor

Deeds of Valor are rewarded every time the Cycle Turns to all players who participate with a Faction. You receive a badge based off your performance that gives you a Damage and Life buff starting at 2% each and going all the way to 12% at the highest Badge. As a Shadow there are 5 different badges available with each one requiring a more dominant performance to obtain. Every time the Cycle Turns and a new Immortal is crowned you are rewarded a badge based off 4 categories.

Loyalty - Looks at how long you were a member of your Faction, the more days you were a member the higher the score.

Activity - Judges your overall daily interaction with the game. The more you play, the higher the score.

Participation - Considers how much you actively worked to grow your Faction. As a Shadow the higher your individual Rank the higher your score.

Impact - Is calculated by your placement within a Faction when the Reign ended. For Shadows, Impact Looks at your role within a Dark Clan and how long you held that position.

Within each category you obtain one of 4 ranks: Average, Good, Very Good or Exceptional. The Rank you achieve in each category will determine which of the 5 badges you obtain. This is based on your score compared to all other Shadows and is broken down into the following ranges.

AverageGoodVery GoodExceptional

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  • The Shadows fight against the Immortals to overthrow their Reign as the defenders of Sanctuary.
  • Joining the Shadows unlocks many exclusive activities that are very rewarding.
  • Completing Daily and Challenge Shadow activities grant Marks which increase your individual power, Dark Clan rank, and progress of the entire Faction.
  • The Vault, Battlegrounds and Rite of Exile provide a space to test the might of your character against some of the strongest players in the game.
  • Being a Shadow is a shot at becoming one of Immortals or even The Immortal some day. Lead your Dark Clan to the top and take what's rightfully yours in the Rite of Exile!
  • Check out our full guide on the Immortals Faction here!


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