Speedrun to Lassal


Reaching Diablo Immortal Hell 2 / Lassal fast is essential for the Rite of Exile and first Immortal Reign. In this guide we'll cover the different ways you can power up and plan the best way to become a part of THE IMMORTALS. You will learn about the importance of prioritizing Combat Rating and where to get it fast. Armed with this information, you will destroy your foes and reach Hell 2 in no time! This guide ties in right after our Post Level 60 Guide. Let's Speedrun to Lassal!

Our Goal: Lassal Difficulty 2

The goal of this guide is to be Hell 2 ready and prepare to fight Lassal. Reaching this content as soon as possible yields many advantages over other players:

Lassal, The Flame-spun
  • Easy access to Hell 2 (Combat Rating recommendation: 1,220) Zone Events
    • Ancient Arena to get level 30 legendary items
    • Additional Haunted Carriage and Ancient Nightmare Events to farm more Enchanted Dust to upgrade your gear
    • Library of Zoltun Kulle Lost Pages
  • Early access to additional Set Items by running Hell 2 Dungeons to complete powerful set bonuses like Grace of the Flagellant or Vithu's Urges
  • Early access to Lassal, The Flame-spun (Combat Rating recommendation: 1,250) Helliquary Raid (unlocks at Helliquary level 7):
    • Additional 20 Scoria weekly
    • Additional guaranteed legendary items
    • Additional Helliquary Trohpy Flame-Twisted Claws giving additional 30 Combat Rating rating as well as 10% additional Attack Speed (Challenge Rifts only)

How to get there as fast as possible

To reach this goal early on, focus on gaining Combat Rating as fast as possible. Without a group average of ATLEAST 1,000-1,100 Combat Rating you won't be able to beat Lassal. 1,100 group average while he is at 1,250 will already be super taff and requires a good setup and coordination. Check out our Powering up after 60 Guide to see all Combat Rating and Power sources. I will just list the most effective gains here:

Two random Dungeons provide bonus Set and Legendary Drop rates each week
  1. By far the best free to play way to gain Combat Rating early on is to grind Dungeons fast and efficient in a group. You can get triple primary attributes and triple secondary attributes on each Set Item. On top of that, you can get matching Set Items to unlock the powerful (2), (4) and (6) piece set bonuses. Focus on the Dungeon with weekly increased drop chances.
  2. Obtain Rare Crest and Legendary Crest from the Battle Pass, Hilts Trader and your dailys to run Elder Rifts to get Legendary Gems.
  3. Farm for triple primary attribute and triple secondary attributes legendary items in the Ancient Arena. Just like Set Items these will give you tremendous power boosts.
  4. Get all possible Scoria and level up your Helliquary even further than level 7.
  5. Get Scrap Material, Enigmatic Crystal and Enchanted Dust to upgrade your gear to rank 11 and unlock additional stats by:
    • Unlocking Challenge Rift until Level ~25 (Combat Rating recommendation: 1,130) to gain additional Scrap Material and Enigmatic Crystal.
    • Farming Zone Event to get Enchanted Dust.

Don't focus too much on Paragon levels, Normal Gems, Legacy of the Horadrim and Charms. While all these can make you slightly stronger they don't boost your Combat Rating at this point. Still try to attend to all daily caps on these systems as they don't take long to complete but don't go out of your way buying or grinding more.

The Lassal Fight

Grind hard together with your Wardband and follow the activities above. Lassal is an 8 Player Raid so bring your best! It is essential to have a good Combat Rating balance and a lot of different classes during the first Lassal fight. Demon Hunters deal insane single target DPS, Crusaders and Monks can buff the group while Barbarians fight in the front line and tanks.

Check out or Lassal Raid Guide - Here are some core takeaways:

Phase 2: Lassal, The Flame-spun in the middle with Slagspitters spawned in the four corners.
  • First Health Bar (Phase 1): Dodge the cone attacks. Safe your Health Potion charges.
  • Second Health Bar (Phase 2): Kill the Slagspitters immediately. Coordinate with your team! Ideally no player should die during this phase / safe your Ressurection Stone charge. Manually resurrect any player that died.
  • Third Health Bar (Phase 3): Interrupt the 3 boulders. Dodge the center boulder attack by moving behind the rocks!
  • Final Health Bar (Phase 4): He can now perform all his mechanics. Be careful and keep DPSing to bring him down!

Congratulations, you beat Lassal, The Flame-spun! Collect your Flame-Twisted Claws and slot it into your Helliquary.
You will now wipe the floor with Hell 2 content!

My guess is the first players will be able to beat Lassal 5-7 days into the game. Maybe some whales will do it sooner. For the majority of the playerbase beating him during week 2 is a good goal and you won't miss out on the weekly rewards. By that time Server Paragon level will be around 20-25 providing additional benefits and giving you more time to farm up your Combat Rating.

From here on out you will be well prepare for the trials to come in the faction war, the Rite of Exile or to climb the Challenge Rift or Battlegrounds Leaderboards. Enjoy!


  • Offense and Defense Rating (Combat Rating) are the best stats by a mile because they allow you to clear harder difficulties.
  • Grind Dungeons to get Set Items, Zone Events and Challenge Rifts to get crafting materials.
  • Never miss an Ancient Arena to get legendary items.
  • Never miss any Crest rewards and run Elder Rifts to get Legendary Gems.
  • Beat Lassal early on and get a huge head start into becoming the first IMMORTALS.


Written by Rob
Reviewed by Facefoot


May 20th 2022
Article published for launch

Jun 15th 2022
Updated new Combat Rating Numbers